Saturday, March 8, 2014

Customized stuff

When the boss told me that we should get customized plastic bags and super cute fylers for the restaurant, I was all excited because I got this trade wholesale printing at gift card that can finally be put to used. I've been telling them about customized stuff because in a way, it will boost the the resto, a personal touch is always good for any business. Anyway, since tomorrow is my day off, might as well work on it. But that is after our family bonding of course! Happy weekend ya'all, spend it good and right! Winks!

Riverside Park & Trail


I make sure i'm spending my time as much as possible to my precious kids during my day/days off at work. So we always take to the parks, beaches, malls and anywhere possible. Last week we headed up to one of some relaxing and beautiful places in our place the riverside park and trail. People come here fishing, walking on the trails, swimming and just have fun. It's a pretty good size place with kids play ground areas, grilling stations with picnic bars and cottages. After we took for a fun ride going home by hopping those mansions beach houses around the neighborhood. Wink!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

In searching of

Since I'm in search for my kid's new past time and is considering music and musical instruments as my top choice, I have thought of giving my boy a little guitar. It is often good to start teaching and training children a certain hobby or skill as early as their in their toddler years. Children's minds have always been compared to a sponge, they are fast learners and easy to grasp almost everything. Ok, back to the guitar, children's toy guitars are a lot cheaper than the true professional guitars. Most toy guitars are made of plastic and does not require guitar strings, strings like the ernie ball 9s. Since I have mentioned it already, these guitar strings are truly reliable for professional guitars. As my boy ages, I might need to learn about these in time.

It's a date

I can't believe it's the first of March already! Awesome because we have so many plans ahead of us and one main thing i am excited about is we are officially taking kids to Legoland, FL. My boys who loves Legos would be tickled to the deepest level when he finds out the surprise for him and his lil sis. I got the e-tickets scheduled already so just waiting on that day to come! lol, Can't get enough of the excitement sure we'll having so much fun on one of the famous theme park in the state of Florida and of course across the country. Wink!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On digital recorder

Just a thought, it would be great having a music room or studio at home. The husband has been planning about it for the longest time but yours truly is kind of hesitant cause I really think an additional room means additional chores and maintenance. On a second note, I would like the kids learn to play instruments and somehow be musically inclined so a separate room to do the learning and practice is a good idea. Perhaps we'll start by figuring out what we need, like a good audio system and a couple of instruments, a guitar and flute maybe to start with. Then some sort of digital recorder as an addition because i want to record everything about my kids as they get older so memories wont never fades you know. Getting started and I hope this type of plans will push through.

The Mall at Millenia, Orlando, Florida


~ The main lobby on the bottom right with amazing tower~

We all know what Orlando, Florida has to offer to all the people living here and of course vacationers so to speak. Just to name a few of the famous attractions The city have are of course the theme parks such as World Disney, Seaworld, Epcot, Universal Studio so and so fort! So most likely tourist coming there back and fort because of those exciting activities that those attractions are having. Another exciting places to go over there are the malls, don't you know Orlando has this mall at Millenia that is so prestige and stunning.

~ Several lobbies here and there~

One reason we celebrated our anniversary there is because i love malling and when i discover about this mall on facebook one thing i wanted to do was go their! haha. So a day after our anniversary we head up and spent few hours touring inside the humongous mall I've ever been so far. You would be impress as you enter the main lobby entrance. If you love the cheesecake factory you might as well visit this beautiful mall at Orlando, FL. Another thing, every brand names store are present, wink. So i will be back there to go shopping of my life when i get rich huh, lol.

One of the best and memorable experience of our lives as family for 2014 journey. Winkz!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Behind those Jewelry

I read an article about Hollywood personalities and other famous persons and their kinds of jewelry. One brand is a favorite out of all the bunch and that is LeVian jewelry. Why? Well it's not only because if the beautiful and intricate designs but LeVian jewelers has a rich and interesting history. Its roots takes us back in the 15th century when the Shah of Persia conquered India and took with them the world's biggest ruby and othet gems.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Six Boutique Hotel Must-haves: Learn more about your hotel when staying in Hong Kong

Just like resorts, boutique hotels offer a more close-knit setup. It’s where you can experience an intimate setting where the facilities are cutting-edge, the rooms are contemporary, and the services are personalized. Now, to stay in a dedicated inn that has refined interiors can be a plus. But it’s the tailor-made service that makes it stand out from all the other hotels. Truly, this type of guesthouse is a cut above the rest.

What’s a boutique accommodation?

While some may declare their accommodations to be of boutique level, it stillwouldn’t hurt to know more about the hotel that you want to stay in. Although therearen’t any concrete definitions as to how a boutique inn should be. But there are a few features that a hotel in Wan Chai should at least, be able to offer.

What to look forward to in a boutique lodging?

When it comes to boutique lodgings, plenty of people are already seeking a more personalized lodging experience. It’s the call of the times, especially in this fast paced world where comfort and relaxation is constantly being sought after. That’s why boutique inns are perfect getaways.

(1) Boutique lodgings are usually known for having just a few rooms (houses only 25 to 150 rooms).

(2) But other than that, most specialty inns only allow a limited number of events to be held in the hotel. They make sure that this is followed to help preserve the overall character of the guesthouse.

(3) Dedicated inns are also known for having the most intimate receptions. Their lobbies are also created in that manner to help display a more welcoming and warmer ambiance.

(4) Most specialty inns also stand out for their contemporary interiors, modern facilities, and themed rooms. It’s what usually attracts the market, regardless of the location.

(5) If there’s one thing that makes a boutique inn stand out, it would have to be the kind of service that it provides, which is the individualized type. Not many large-scale hotels get to focus on all of their clients’ needs (in a more prompt manner),but boutique lodgings can. Hotel staff members are actually the backbone of the business and they will always be there to give immediate and round-the-clock assistance to each and every guest.

(6) Boutique accommodations are also known to be advance, technology-wise. So you can expect to find a dedicated inn that already comes fully equipped with the latest devices and services (i.e. Wi-Fi and Broadband connection, flat screen TVs,DVD players).

Where to find the best boutique accommodation in Causeway Bay?

Look no further, as V Causeway Bay is just around the corner! The renowned V hotel by Yee Wo Street offers over 40 layouts, which ranges from cosy studios to lofty penthouses. But that’s not all. The 53-room inn also provides a roomy space that already includes a bedroom, en suite bathroom and kitchen. Each luxurious guestroom is also furnished with a 42” Plasma TV, DVD/CD player, Wi-Fi connection,and HQ audio system.

Furthermore, the V hotel affords their guest’s with daily housekeeping, 24-hour concierge assistance, and 24-hour security service. But on top of these conveniences, V Causeway Bay also allows access to their business centre and self-service laundry facilities some of the amenities that will truly make ones stay stress-free.