Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Instant phone number search

Since we got a telephone line its always been normal to me to receive a call anywhere across the country. Although I am aware already that now a days number one crime in America is people who likes to scam people, do prank callings and such. I am just glad that are telephone has an ID caller. So, if I want to search telephone numbers from people I wanted to know their where abouts, I can do it by the assistant of They have all the source for us to search USA Phone Lookup database. You have the option of searching for numbers by state, area code, city, or simply search by inserting the full phone number into the search box provided. So if i were you guys, perform a reverse phone lookup so you can start feeling comfortable about answering the phone when it rings. Get the results you need today!

New Year Shopping!

Holiday shopping is overwhelming now a days! Every shopping store is giving away massive discounts just to get people's attention because competition is getting higher and higher. So they are trying hard to keep the business alive so they come up with great deals and more clearance sales and everything! Some well known malls even giving additional percent off more just to sell the merchandise. Can you imagine that? I learned that one item the price was from 80$ down to $24.99 and right now it was sales for 1.97!!! Good gracious! What a shocked for me to know! LOL. Well, anyway for those costumers like to shop for less this is our opportunity to go shopping and join bunch of people digging stuff hehe. I will try to go tomorrow to the mall and start hunting bargain stuff uh huh!

Brigade Quartermasters

In the Philippines there's this restaurant that's owned by a group of celebrity friends and they named their restaurant "The Barracks". It seems like you're in a real military camp when you dine there. With all the tanks, guns, machines, gears, even the waiters wears military suit. Of course, the guns are just artificial, still they make it look so real,lol! Places like this are becoming so popular these days. People admires the military and they just love to support them and make them part of their lives. There are also companies that provides military equipments and facilities, one of them is BrigadeQM. Their 30 years of service provided military, professional, and outdoor gear and clothing to consumers, government and institutional through retail, catalogue, contract sales and more!

They offer over 25,000 military products from clothing, footwear, knives and tools, field gear, electronics, name it, BrigadeQM have it! Tapco products like tapco sling system, vertical grips, and cleaning swabs are also available at low cost. These high quality products are available online today. Whether you use it for fun or your life depends on these products, BrigadeQM is the right place to get them. Check out the site now and avail their holiday sale!

Last day of year '08

Well obviously this is the last day of 2008! Some countries are already celebrating right this moment the coming of New Year but here... people still have to wait until later tonight to celebrate the new year's eve. I am chatting with my family right now in the Philippines not our usual schedule but they said they can't sleep anyway because of the fireworks going here and there. We this neighbor that they don't even care at all if it's too much fireworks they do. They are loud and the kids are throwing firecrackers and stuff like that. I know we can't say anything in this time of the year but sometimes they are so annoying. Poor people that doesn't really into this thing. I used to recall when i was still there when new year comes me and my sissy put a cotton buds to our ear so less noise we will hear! lol. I'm glad here in the states those things are not really very common to neighborhood, they just done it in particular places that open for the public to witness the fireworks! So, eventually tomorrow will be the first day of year 2009! farewell 08 and welcome 09! winksz..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Florida's Top Beaches!

I was watching travel channel several months ago and they featured the best beaches to go for a nice vacation in the summer season! I bet most of us are already thinking and planning ahead of time where to take a summer vacation after this cold winter! right? Well, i can help you guys look where is the perfect place especially when you are headed to Florida next year! Here are the top beaches that the sunshine state has to offer to all vacationers...

~ Siesta Key beach- It was recognized as having the 'whitest and finest sand in the world'. According, the result is that even on the hottest days, the sand is so reflective that it wont' burn your feet. The waters near the shore are shallow and there is year round lifeguard protection. This makes Siesta Key Beach a safe beach for small children.

~ West Palm Beach- White sand and has small attractive downtown where all the historical building situated. This place offers wide range of restaurants, boutiques, shopping malls and entertainment and the lively nightlife is in here with music, dances and fabulous food awaits.

~ Lovers Key Beach- For those who love to be in a excluded beach and have some privacy with your love ones this is the best hide away you can go. With white sand and very quite ambiance. Perfect to unwind with your sweetheart.

~ Clear Water Beach- The picture speak for it self! My husband mentioned me about this place which is totally gorgeous to go with the beautiful scenery and the water is as clear as crystal. I bet you will enjoy staying here! He promised me when we go to Florida one of these days he will take me there because he used to live here.
PS: That's all for now I still have 5 more to go! I'll be posting it shortly guys!

So tempted to get it!

Last night husband and I were browsing the net just looking for a wide and big TV screen. It's been awhile he was thinking of getting a 50inch. TV for our bedroom. But we haven't seen any good deals yet not until last night we fall in love with this 50'plasma TV along with its own TV stand already, and the price is not bad for that big screen. He was so tempted to get it actually but I said we should think a million times first before deciding because we already have a television in the living room and bedroom that i use as my computer monitor also. Anyway, I don't know what he will do yet but whatever it is i will support his decision.

Got a noticed from USCIS

Yesterday when husband got home he had a big smile approaching me. I know something is exciting going on. He just checked our mail box and along with is a letter notice of action from USCIS that they got my application of my conditional permanent status. They gave me an extended period of one year to travel and stay here in the US. Wouldn't have thought that they will sent me the notice really quick, just sent it a week ago and thought i was a little late for my application but thankful they really do their job quickly. Now just waiting for my biometric appointment to get my finger print done and picture then after that the final thing my green card releasing.

Bag Lady

I am one of those so called a bag lady! yes, I do collect any kind of bags. Same thing with my foster grandma here in the States she's fond of keeping bags especially when its kinda cute you know. One time i went to her house and i saw all kinds of bags one thing it got to my attention are the neat one I'm talking about the reusable bags. Actually, I noticed a lot of people already are using reusable bags for grocery shopping, or in grocery store, even student use for their carry on books or whatever. I myself sometimes when we go out for shopping i always bring a poly bag with me or just keep it in my trunk.

Take note reusable poly bags are Eco-friendly unlike those plastic ones that is not good for environment. If all people use recyclable bags I'm sure we can make a big difference to our environment you know what i mean. Well, if we want to help our earth the is the premier headquarters for custom non-woven polypropylene Eco friendly bags. Whether you need a large for a grocery store they have the bag available, or a corporation looking for a nice trade show bag, they are here and ready to help you. For those of people simply looking to put down the paper and plastic as well they have it. IT safe to reused over and over again as long it is not torn out because they are '100% Recycled' bags. They are made from '100% Recyclable materials. And in addition, they have the costum bags for you with best pricing. Check it out now!

10 Best Moments of the Year

This is kinda tough to gather.... hmmmm let me remember!

1. Another year of our wedding anniversary
2. I got into blogging world and earned something
3. Surprised pregnancy yet grateful to have another one!
4. Got my wish that my baby to be is a girl!
5. Purchased a new automobile
6. Went to Washington DC for the first time!
7. Got my renewal of Green Card
8. Oh... another wish granted I got my laptop! lol
9. Just being with my son and seeing him growing and he's learning fast.
10. My online shopping which is fun! haha.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dining sets online!

This is really almost the same of what we have right now a wood thing round Dining Table set, mine has 6 sitters. I love it look so durable and in good quality. Actually, we got this in our wedding. My father in law was the one gave us the dining table set right after we got married because that time husband had only a single size table in his dining room. He mentioned us he got it from online store way back. Anyway since i have my beautiful Dining Room Tables already, i really wanted to get a matching China Cabinets where i can display my glass collection you know what i mean womanly stuff! i adored my mother in law's china cabinet as well my sister, that's why i told husband that i want one like those.

Gladly i found an online store that sells wide selection of Dining Tables and china cabinets! here i can find my choice of cabinets that maybe husband will build for me because not to mention he can build something like this! LOL. Either way though build or get someday, as long i know where to buy online now. It's easy! So if you are fond of getting your new contemporary or casual dining tables or even formal dining sets with matching gorgeous china cabinets? Well, you know where to get them all. Visit the website now they have the holiday offer and FREE shipping included. Check for details!

Kurdapya Meets Washington DC


This was taken last October '08, exactly 2months ago. We went to Washington for business and vacation at same time. It's just a short 5days family vaca away from home and work. It was tiring yet fun; we really took our time to just drive around. We had a long road trip back and fort but we indeed well rested every pit stop. These photos are just few i took at downtown Washington, (was inside the car while taking photos) not bad huh! but as you noticed i missed something... taking the picture of the White House it self! hayy! well, i sorry because that time it was freaking cold and i am too lazy to ask husband to stop and take for a walk going to the white house it's kinda far to walk from the parking area actually and the traffic was so horrendous. At least i could say that i went to DC! ha-ha.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Incorporate a Business

The best way to make sure that your business is well taken care of and in well secure hand is by incorporating it. Why? Because there are two reasons to incorporating your business; a well-incorporated and well run business is advantage, can limit the personal liability of its shareholders and assets. More over corporate assets may be at risk, but personal assets will generally be treated as separate. Incorporation can help limit your personal liability as a business owner. There's a lot of advantages and benefits if you incorporate a business including the greater tax deductions for health insurance and medical expenses; lower payments for social security and Medicare taxes; and greater opportunity to raise capital for the business through the issuance of stock.

Anyway, if you are a businessmen or just planning to have a business ventures, you should think of this relevant information about incorporating your small business. Anywhere you are across the country you can find the best consultant of this matter. Just a click away, it's at Click&, they started since 2000, and already helped thousands of small business owners, independent entrepreneurs and artists (musicians, writers, etc) to find new ways to market and promote their businesses and creative works. Know more about LLC vs. SCorporation what is the difference between these two and more facts that only this group of professional can answer your question and giving your needs in you business. So, visit them now and you can get your own quotes.

PhotoHunt: Squeaky


This week's photohunt theme is about 'squeaky' thing. After a long search in my photos what i could display to represent the theme... well, this is what i can think of that i have, none other than my squeaky shoes ever! uh huh when ever i wear this on without stockings... my goodness entire people will noticed me because of being so squeaky of it. It's annoying but i still loved the shoes, just wearing it occasionally of course with a big support(insoles) you know so no noises going on! lol.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Commercial space finder

A new year is about to begin. Many individuals plan to start the year with a bang! They are hoping for a fruitful, better year for them and their family. Some might even want to start a business. A good business means good location, a place where costumers looks forward to go and visit more often. I remember before when my brother opened his own art studio where he displays all his paintings and drawings, it was located in the heart of the city. It was just a small and simple studio but very accessible to people. A good location is really a factor for your business to success.

Are you looking for office spaces, industrial and warehouse space and such? Ask assistance from Don Cox, a company that specializes in finding industrial warehouse, office space and Austin commercial spaces with the right combination of location, image, rate, expandability and the most important-flexibility. They also offer the lowest rental rates for leases, renewals and expansions. Visit their website now for a free customized search of Austin Commercial Space in less than 24 hours! You see, finding the perfect location for your company need not be hard and daunting, with the help of Don Cox Company you will surely find the one that will stand out above the rest.

Bro goes to Cebu

I just chatted my kuya about him going to be Cebu i mean he will stay there for good. The big boss assigned him there as an area manager and Cebu is his main office. Meaning to say he got promoted to higher position, I am happy for him... did a good job! company gave him a personal laptop and a company car! it is really a nice offer for him. So by the beginning of the year he'll be flying and start a new independent life by him self away from our parents and family. But he can go back and fort though and can bring my family with him sometimes. Well, i am confident he can manage everything there. Even this place has a lot of challenges to face and peers you know.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Super-duty Furnitures...

Don't you know where most of 80% of clients like fortune 500 and most of national labs rely when it comes to services? Well, I tell you they just relying to the best industry leader of manufacturing of custom technical furniture, accessories, and services such as Workbenches, workstations furniture and things like that. is what I'm talking about. They develop elegant, practical, flexible solutions for customers in laboratory, technical, drafting, material handling, and industrial environments. It's made to order and factory direct workmanship, heavy duty benches not to mention. You can customize as well, plus the price is directly from the factory which means it's in reasonable price compare to retail store. So better check now!

Did shopping online...

Yes! I do my shopping just online all year round but most often right now, because the husband doesn't really want to go out with crowded malls and stores with me being pregnant. I understand his concern so i just done my shopping in my computer. Which is enjoyable thing to do actually, i have several online stores here and there, and one particular is what i usually get my best deal! I always have free shipping from them because of being a valued costumer... they send me an email alert and big percent discounts every week. I found my self hooked to online shopping already, because of me being lazy going to certain malls. So far so good i am satisfied with what i received; several items were nicer than in the screen though. Just giving a tip how to find good quality products... is by looking the reviews first of people who bought the merchandise then see the ratings if it's poor well i really won't get it. Honestly, half of my clothing is from online stores, some of husband and son also. The other day just got on the mail the stuff i ordered... a shrugs and pants for hubby. Another thing is i won't shop when it is not FREE shipping you know. LOL! Fortunate they send me frequent newsletters and such. So i won't say i didn't shop on the holiday because i did through online. Take note: use the safer and secure way to pay you know.

Rush Trophies Delivery!!

Hey looking for trophies that so quick, fast, and unique? an online store that delivers you wide selection of trophies, plaques from particular field of sports you we're in. They have creative kinds of trophies, such as basketball trophies, baseball trophies, academic, bass and more name it they have it! One thing they are ahead of all is they can shipped out to you with in 24hours! so nothing to worry about they will take care of you! So, check out for more store wide selection!

A week more to go!

I can't believe we are approaching 2009 a week from now! can't imagine time flown by so fast. But this year is a memorable one for me, one thing is i found out that i can write anything and everything and as well expressed my self through blogging which never in my mind i have patient to do such thing! haha but honestly, what motivates me most was i can earn money for this so i need to do it! even if sometimes you don't know what you are talking about just like right now! I am all impressed to all bloggers around the world, i think we all be commended of what we are doing right? This is not an easy job to write and write and write... my goodness sometimes i just wanted to stop but i can't because blogging is already a part of my life! Well, i hope this coming year of '09 will be as prosperous or even more fruitful for all of us fellow bloggers. I am grateful i joined blogespere honestly! I become more confident of my self and ofcourse i earn a lot of bucks haha can do shopping and sharing anytime i want! winks! I bet you too!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

mountain bike school

Ever since I was a child, I've always dreamed of learning to drive a bike. My parents and my brother knows how to drive it, unfortunately, me and my sister don't know how. I can't help not to feel frustrated every time I see someone ride a bike. Many times I've asked my brother to teach me, he says I'm too old to learn. He told me I'm too clumsy and scared, of course that's not true! LOL! If only I could learn the basics, I'm sure I'll be skilled later on, lol!

Did you know that there is a mountain bike school that trains their students to be the best bikers they can possibly be. At BetterRide Mountain Bike School, they help their students reach their full potential and master their mountain bike skills. Gene Hamilton, the most experience mountain bike couch will be training you personally. Imagine with his 17 years of experience, you will no doubt to have the best ride of your life! Different courses are offered depending on which one you want to master, from beginners lessons to expert riders. I know it's so mush fun being able to ride a mountain bike..What an adrenalin rush!

A Work of Art


Got this from email, lots of unique and imaginative paintings actually. Just few among the bunch. Who ever the artists was, you did a great job! I am impressed!

Black Chat City

Are you fond of surfing the net to meet and chat new friends? if so a forum that allows individuals to find what they really looking for. Like if you just want to meet and chat with same background and race, for instance a black chat forum. Well, at, you can have Free Black Chat worldwide and meet new people. This site is really dedicated to providing the perfect forum for blacks to meet and chat. The Signup is 100% free! So, if interested just visit the site and start surf around.

One Foggy Morning

This was one foggy morning i was telling about, that was last week. It's so foggy and i managed to took some shots here and there. Everything look so died and boring don't it? and was sooooo freaking cold too! But i still wish to seeing some snow this winter season that's it other than that i don't like nasty and wet weather. Just that it's really pretty to see the forest blanketed with snow.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Looking Forward for Superbowl game!

In a month or so we are having a get together party with friends along with my sister and brother in law. I'm sure all of us knew what's coming right? husband and his brother inlaw is a big football fans! And every year they invited us to go to thier house with several friends to watch together this excitement and thrilling games in the year, the Super Bowl! I am not that die hard fan but i am a supportive wife willing to be with her dearest husband, of course i don't wanna be the kill joy of that night. I can't wait because sissy and i will going to prepare some fabolous food while watching. She mentioned me about what to bring or fix in our get together. We usually had a table of appetizers or goodie treats. Well, now i am confident to share some new ideas to her! i found a site that help me create about super bowl parties ideas, some decorations, and of course about superbowl recipes to serve, plus things to do while half time still. I am excited now and can't wait to tell her what's in my mind.

So guys out there if you are a die-hard fan of the big game and tired of having the same boring party, why not make change and be creative so not just you enjoy the game yet as well the ambiance and fun that friends and family shares with you. Visit now and prepare your party ahead of time, get plenty of new ideas, theme parties and fabulous recipes from them and make your celebration worth while.

Coldest morning!

This is the coldest morning so far here in my place, I'm sure there are more chilly, freezy and cold days approaching! yikes i can't imagine the winter weather right now compare last year it was not that bad. But this time i am always complaining to the husband how much i don't like it! whenever we go out we should wear thick layered clothing right? but as for me can't stand it, makes my shoulders and back hurts carrying all the accessories and everything! (sigh). I always wish that summer is coming because i love this season as much as i love spring! i feel so light this time of the year i don't know why others hate summer time maybe because it's hot! but it doesn't bother to me at all. I lived in a tropical place so i am used to. I woke up this morning the temperature says it's 11degrees F! and by now it's in the 30F. Ohhh! meaning to say, i have no reason to go out and that's boring! Ok, enough complaining now.... just wanna say ahve a chilly and wet morning everyone!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cheap eyeglasses

I am thinking of getting a protection eyeglasses for me and the husband since we both working in the computer a lot. I really noticed that my vision is getting blurry whenever i get too long infront of the screen. Before I was single i have a 20/20 vision but i noticed that isn't as good as used to be. And likewise my husband has same complaint with me, his eyes become more sensitive. So it's my job to find online eyeglasses that is affordable and good quality.

Good for me i found exactly where to get prescription glasses for both of us. It's at, their products doesn't cost a fortune unlike when you go to the local ophthalmologist and way expensive, now you can buy it online. They offers high quality eyeglasses with trendy, fashion and stylish frames and designs with decent prices it starts at $15! They have all types of eyeglasses you wanted from tinted sunglasses, to bifocal reading glasses, progressive reading eyeglasses, photochromic sunglasses and the Anti-reflective coating. What i like from them is when you buy more than 1 pair you could avail their FREE shipping with fast delivery will just arrive with in the week of purchase. So if you are looking for cheaper eyeglasses online? This is the better store to check out! i am looking forward for our selves to purchase one of these days!

A spectacular Caldera

~ in the uzon caldera~

Uzon Caldera, the basin of an ancient volcano, is about six miles across. Its steep walls embrace a "collection of everything that Kamchatka is famous for." The basin boast hot and cold springs, cauldrons of bubbling mud, mud volcanoes, pristine lakes alive with fish and swans, and abundant vegetation.

The book Miracles of Kamchatka Land says that "there is hardly another place on Earth" where autumn is as beautiful as it is short. The scarlet tundra contrasts with the rich yellows and golds of the birch trees, while here and there the boiling earth emits pillars of white vapor that stand out against the deep blue sky. And in the morning, the forest "sings as countless millions of hoarfrosted leaves fall to the ground with a tinkle, gently announcing winter's imminence.Full article in Awake! magazine

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Online check you may need!

I'm not an economist but the situations that are happening now shows a crystal clear reality, that the world is experiencing financial downfall. Locally speaking, there are so many stores closing and businesses declares bankruptcy. Imagine you have your own business, you'll have to take care of everything from your employees to your funds, sure it's hard! Sometimes I think it would be scary to invest money or even spend it. But it wouldn't do any help I know, we just have to spend money more wisely these days.

Anyway, to avoid financial downturn, there are solutions the experts are willing to give. One way is by being able to process and accept credit cards since more and more people are using it. You may also need more funds to support your growing business, a working capital perhaps. If that's the case, allow Merchant Advisors to help you. They provide faster approval, less requirements, no closing fees, and lower interest rates. This means you can get the needed cash without the unnesccessary hassle!

Whatever it is, Merchant Advisors gives the needed support for your business. Check out their website now!

A Majestic Monolith

For centuries, fishermen and navigators have used it as trusted landmark. Poets, writers, and artists have immortalized it. One source describes this monolith as "enigmatic and fascinating." At the eastern tip of the Gaspe Peninsula in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Perce Rock stands majestically in the shimmering blue water of the Atlantic Ocean. The rock is some 1,420 feet long, about 300 feet wide, and over 290 feet high.

Some claim that long ago Perce Rock was attached to the mainland and that it may have had as many as four arches. Today, though, only one arch exist-over 90 feet wide-in the seaward end of the rock. At low tide a sandbar connects the rock to the mainland. During an interval of about four hours, the courageous at heart can walk right up to the base of the rock and then grope and splash their way along it for about 15 minutes to reach the arch.

Perce Rock boasts a beauty that is breathtaking. Yet, it is only a sample of the many splendid sights that our fascinating earth offers. How varied and numerous they are!

Full article in Awake! magazine

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pepperjam Mobile

I've receive a text message just recently about the latest promotion of a certain company. No doubt, mobile marketing is probably the fastest-growing direct marketing channel today. When a company uses mobile marketing, it allows them to reach their clients directly. No need of big time publicity that consumes a lot of money. I bet you too received a couple of text messages regarding products, promos and services. It is a part of a Mobile Marketing campaign the company uses to advertise.

You may want to try it also for your business. In this regard, let the experts help you to take all advantage of using mobile marketing. Pepperjam Full-Service Internet Marketing Agency is the answer to your mobile marketing needs. It builds, manages and deploys campaigns that's perfect to your business. Pepperjam's full-service program includes list building, creative design, management and deployment. Did you know that giant companies like ebay, netshops, DKNY, Sesame Street, Roca wear, Vanity Fair, cartoon network, Countrywide and others are Pepperjam's clients! Don't be surprise when you receive messages from them!

You've got to try it to believe it! Launch your very own mobile campaign and be amaze! Visit them online now for a free analysis and proposal.

Hubby Lists

Jerla and Beth tagged me this cool hubby listing thing. I think this tag is really sweet! flash back of us together. Here's what i got, these photos are one of our favorites among the bunch! A stolen shot in the beach when his first visit to the Philippines. The second was during our honeymoon, we both tired looking! LOL winks!.

  • Can you remember the day you first met your hubby? - Definitely YES!
  • When was that? (5:00 pm at ZC airport) - November 27 2004
  • First impression. - He is soo handsome with his long eye lashes! (hehehhe)
  • Were you attracted to him? - of course YES! and excited being with him!
  • Were you friends before he became your bf? YES! for months.
  • What was the sweetest thing he did for you? - When he cried proposing at me infront of my family. When he buying boquet of roses when i'm feeling blue. When he does the cooking in the kitchen for me. He surprises me in many ways. And the man who gave me such wonderful kids!
  • What are the things about him that you are thankful for? - That he understand me more than anybody else, Loves me unconditionally despite my actions sometimes. Taking care of me and our family. Thankful for him that he has a family who loves me and treated me great. And being the man of my dreams!

*Now the rules are simple.
I don't have to tell you guys to link it back to me cause it's automatic of course because the questions were from me hehehe.
1. Pick your sweetest picture when you were still friends and post it on top of the questions and answers.
2. Another pic now that you are together post it after the questions.
3. Share to how many friends you like.
4. Enjoy doing it c:
5. Let your hubby read it too!
Now im passing this along to resebel, anagore and saves.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

South Padre Island Condo Rentals in Texas

It's the end of the year and people are preparing how to spend it with their loved ones. I think the best way to end this year is to have a vacation. You know, breathing a new air and being able to relax and take a break. But no matter how we want to just pack our bags and travel, there's one reality we first need to tackle, that is our budget. Good thing there are vacation rentals that provides the most beautiful vacation spots and amenities and yet very affordable and budget friendly.

South Padre Island Condo Rentals in Texas Gulf coast for instance. You and your family can listen to the sound of the waves hushing right from your rented house. There are also beautiful, fully furnish condo units, cottages, villas and inns. You can also choose how many bedrooms and other features like pools, bars, spa and other amenities your loved ones will truly enjoy. When you plan to have a vacation, it's really better to choose one from the many vacation rentals has to offer. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! A moment to bond with those we love is priceless, and we do need to take a break and treat ourselves. Why not travel and explore, visit the site now and search for the destination you like best!

She hates PINK!


This is my sissy anniniput, actually it's not her body haha! Obvious naman! I asked my Friend to make a face of her with different body of course wearing PINK something because my sister can't and never stand the ultimate color pink at all! I think she feels if she's wearing this color she's not in her comfort zone as if somewhere out there you know! Well, i don't blame her some women doesn't like this kind of girly color. She rather loves brownish, blackish as long not PENK! Ok!!! Enough said! Pinag tripan ko lng siya... to see how she look in a pink dress. Actually she looks like a princess! LOL! I know she will hate me after posting this here! winks tita!

Pickard landlord in Leeds, UK

A survey conducted to determine who provides the best student-landlord relationship in West Yorkshire. The students ranked Pickard as the top provider of landlords among the rest. For 40 years, Pickard gives the most excellent service, best accommodation, 24-hour maintenance, therefore students well being is guaranteed. Pickard has a large portfolio of student properties, in fact, there are over 130 properties in Hyde Park, Headingley, Burley, Woodhouse and Horsforth from single rooms, 1 to 9 bedroom flats and houses.

So if you are still looking for somewhere to rent, search no more for the no. 1 landlord, Pickard is here to help you. For more information about student accommodation in leeds , visit Pickard now and find your home away from home.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


What a foggy day today, it is cold too! as if we have some kinda smoke going on here, almost can't see the near by establishments. We are so close to downtown area and the McDonald sign is the first thing i can view in my kitchen window but right now can't barely see anything. This because of frequent rain we got lately and last night we had bad weather very windy and nasty! I took several shots of outside and will post here later on to see how foggy i am talking about!

Environment Friendly

To help save and protect our environment, we should use products that are safe and hazard free. Led light bulbs is highly recommended to use for home, office, and other establishments for lightening. Using led light bulbs helps save money and energy. Depending on usage, it can last for 11 to 34 years! There are different kinds of led light bulbs available, you can find the one that suits your taste. So if you want to go green, save money and yet have that nice bright light, go for led light bulbs!

Nice Morning...

I thought i don't get enough sleep last night because my son has colds, surprisingly he slept all night without whining and waking. I guess my massage helps him to be calm, and breathe good as well, didn't ask milk either. I'm glad us 3 had a fair sleep especially hubby, I feel bad if he can't rest well at night because he is working. I don't care about me, we are just at home so anytime we could catch up our sleep. And i have the energy to do chores that what matters to me. Yesterday i was almost exhausted so when Dada came home i took my rest for 2 hours to regain my energy back. This is my life! lol...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Disposable Diapers!

There's one thing me and my baby could not lived without, diapers! Well, as a toddler he is now so active and playful, happy all the time. But he completely changes his mood every time he's diaper is wet. Josh looks funny every time he takes off that wet diaper all by himself. I guess we still must have a continues supply of disposable diapers, specially now Josh is soon to be a big brother.

Bukhara Restaurant- INDIA

I was watching travel channel awhile ago, the bizarre food with Andrew Zimmern and it featured INDIA. Oh I enjoyed viewing all those food he ates although most of them are exotic kinda food but seems look so good when Andrew Zimmern slowly chewing and feeling every taste of it. It doesn't bother me watching at him eating all those weird food in the world because i myself loves mild exotic food but if given me a chance why not try the extreme one huh!
Anyway, I learned that you can find one of the best restaurant in the 'WORLD' in India. The BUKHARA restaurant is known to be the Best Asian restaurant and 37th best in the world. It is considered to be one of the best Indian cuisine. Visitors like kings and queens, royal blood and as well famous celebrities, even the former president dined on this restaurant. They are famous for its kebabs and its signature dishes. And another interesting thing you know... you can savor the food by using with your hands, cutlery is withheld and aprons are provided. Really feels like home. So if you are planning to visit INDIA, don't miss to go to Bukhara's restaurant and enjoy every delicacies there!

Sold the House!

I congratulate my father in law just several days ago because finally he got rid one of the 3 rental house he owned. He decided to sell it instead of continuing looking for tenants to rent, because you know some tenants are good bad mostly just don't care about messing up the place. Anyway, the house looks good, husband was the one supervised the renovation before hand. They replaced everything from interior trims, wall paints, some vinyl to exterior shutters. They changed the old ordinary shutters to premium quality exterior wood shutters, so that it will add value to the house you know. Plus they put some railings and deck. So in no time someone bought it! The other rental house is the one they working on it right now and soon it's gonna be sold also.
Actually you can shop it online at, they provides a large selection of all exterior shutters for your home with easy, safe and secure shopping of course and at affordable pricing. I should mention this to my husband because they have free shipping when you place now up to the end of the year.

Oh man!

My sissy told me last night that another cp was lost! Oh man! It happened last Monday morning when she running out of time going to attend burial of my mom's friend. Anyway, I know it was accident and so quick but she was so upset losing the expensive cp (Nokia5700) lng naman! That my brother owned. Since bro have multiple cp he offered to let the cellphone use by my sissy. And that's it in just a click of a clock the phone disappeared, actually she's hastily running out to go to our uncle's house not so far from our house 3minutes walk maybe, and she noticed her cp wasn't with her so she went back and fort then she realized it was lost... We are pretty sure that one of our lucky neighbors found it and decided not to bring it back to her! We'll who ever he or she is.. you are one of a **** lucky person! haha enjoy the cp man!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crazy about Sunglasses!

Sunglasses, one of the things I'm guilty. I just love collecting different kinds of sunglasses. From sporty, cute, girlie, rugged, whatever caught my taste. I also like sunglasses with different colors that compliment my attire, lol! My favorite now are over-sized sunglasses, it's very pretty and classy. I found gorgeous Wayfarer sunglasses, just click on the links to see. Actually, there's so much variety! Vintage, aviators, beach styles, ski/racer styles, and so much more! I bet you'll find one for you. Check out the site now!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Then and Now


It is really a great feeling to reminisce your past, the experienced and moments. I chatted my childhood friend analou( middle ate) 2 days ago and she shared me this picture of us. I enjoyed viewing it honestly, and thankful that she gave me a copy of it because i don't have any pictures of my childhood years with me, other than my sissy sent me a couple but i still missed my collections of photos that i left behind to my family in pinas. What she did was... edit our old picture along our latest features haha! ain't look cute! look the kids before compare the guys now! they're all big individuals with different walks of life! But, as for now i am the only one got married yet though (ako ray nag una-una)! hmmm i wonder you guys when??? we'll let see... haha!

From left to right and top to bottom:
Kurdapya, Lalung, and Pepe
Memet, Veniz, and Anniniput

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ovation Credit Services

Having a bad credit report has so many disadvantages specially here in the U.S. That is a hard reality I've realized. Before we were able to settle our loans, we had a hard time applying for insurances. Good thing we own the house we are living, if in case we are renting, then I bet it will be hard for us to find a place to live. Why? Because companies, governments, and others always checks your credit history and financial background. It just feels better being able to be free from all the credit anxiety. But I know many others still suffer from the effects of having a bad credit. I suggest they should ask help from the experts. Ovation Credit offers one of the best credit repair programs. Attorneys and experts are the ones that will fix credit in your behalf. They will deal and work directly with credit bureaus and creditors to settle financial issues relating to their clients. The transaction they do and the services they offer are 100% legal, clients interest are their priority. Not just that, Ovation is managed and developed by the exact same lawyers who establish the this company, an expertise you really can count on!

If you want to break free from credit anxieties, visit the site now and let the experts help you!


It is really windy right now i can hear our wind chime noise! sometimes it annoys me hearing it! I always ask hubby to pull it down because i can not stand the bling bling bling! Ever since this morning it was windy already and very cold, i really wanted to visit next door Bebe's grandmas but i am so lazy too get out. I hope tomorrow will be fine and sunny! Well, I am so ready to have my beauty rest now... So long and thank you all for visiting me today!

Holiday Promotion for hunters!

NIKON, the world's leader in hunting optics invites you to to increase your hunting skills with the ultimate hunting package by Nikon. This is such a good news for all the hunters out there! Nikon Hunting Christmas Promotion is an offer you should not miss! The package includes something special from Lee and Tiffany Lakosky. Get your ProStaff rifle scope, ProStaff 550, Rangefinder, and a DVD with great hints and techniques for mastering the Nikon BDC reticle. Not just that, when you purchase any of their products like monarch binoculars, trailblazer binoculars, riflescopes and other gears, you'll get a free Nikon Pro gift certificate worth $25 and $50 value! All these from Nikon. Visit the site now and enjoy the season with Nikon. Happy hunting!



SHY tagged me this funny taggy tag! I grabbed this tag yesterday but haven't get a chance to post it right away because hubby came home and hurrying to go and get some lunch! So anyway, the instruction are (stated below)... so i took a snap shot on the spot of me haha! this is just right now while chatting with my family in pinas...LOL! Thanks a lot SHY for passing me this i really had fun!

Time for me to pass this to my fellow bloggers: JERLA, ANNINIPUT, SAVES, ANALIZA, RESEBEL, COOKIE, SHIMUMSY, NOVA AND CLAIRE.


1. Take a picture right NOW!!!

2. DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture.

3. Post that picture with NO editing.

4. Post these instruction with your picture.

5. Tag to your friends.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trade Show Displays

One of my favorite events to go once in awhile are exhibits and trade shows, where in you can roam around every booths you wanted and take a look every stuffs and fun looking things around. My husband and I just went to food exhibits not long ago, I was so amazed by their setup. I am sure they hired a group professional to take care of everything. Like at, they provides custom displays featuring ALL trade show displays, trade show booths, trade show exhibits, pop up displays, portable displays and accessories. So if you having a hard time looking for best guaranteed and price wise trade shows displays and such. Take a visit them and see for your self! Make your shows stands out!

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Snowing!!

Wow! we are definitely get some snow today, i hope in no time it will be all white here hehe. Can't wait to go out with my son i want him to play in the snow... it is so cool! This is the only thing i love winter but other than that i hate cold and freezy feeling. Winter will start on December 21 right? but we are early this time to get some snow! I just like seeing whitey pretty snow, last year I've experienced 1-2 inches of snow but that's not enough though! We're all not satisfied, hubby loves snow a lot because they were from Indiana which snow is pretty thick all winter. Then they move to Florida when his 7 years old then here at 17, obviously he missed it so much ! So we are all looking forward of snow. Anyway, Bebe and I will fixing our self to go out later on, making sure we are warm enough! winkz..

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I hate fried chicken..

I don't know why i hate chicken lately especially when it cooked to a fried chicken! grrrr... i can't even stand the smell of it, to think before crispy fried chicken is my favorite food of all time. Gusshhh! i used to pick it to the bones but suddenly i woke up i hate chicken! I hope this will be over after my pregnancy because i couldn't accept i will not be eating my fave food anymore! I missed it though but i just can't look and stand the smell! sigh... buhay!

About Acai berry

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The Myth of Hair Growth

Cutting or shaving your hair will not affect its rate of growth, texture or thickness," states a health-and-fitness article in The New York Times. The myth that hair will grow back faster and thicker if cut or shaved has been around for many years. However, repeated studies since the 1920’s have shown that "the length, texture and coarseness of your hair are determined by genetics and hormone levels, not by how often you shave," says the article. Why does the myth persist? It may be because many people start shaving early in life, when hair growth has not reached its highest rate and the hair is of lighter color. Also, "hair is darker and rougher at its roots, so removing the tips gives the appearance of coarser hair," states the Times. "The bristly stubble that emerges after shaving may also be more noticeable than the same amount of growth in hair that is already long.


This week's theme of PhotoHunt is about 'Metal'. I don't have any pictures that represents metal except this bridge i took 2weeks ago when we we're headed home from our trip. Thought its kinda neat to take photo of the bridge, this is a newly built bridge actually. And was perfect timing glad i took it! hehe!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Neck ties are Mens bestfriend!

I think men are more vain than woman. Why? Because they are so meticulous even with the most simple things, their neck ties for example. Well, to them it's really big deal. Neck ties and silk ties are important part of men's lives. Every suit needs to have a perfect match neck tie, good thing an online site has them all! From stripped ties, patterned ties, colored, company ties, and so much more! Men will definitely love it. Click on the links and find the ties you like most!

Boring Day

Today was definitely a boring day for me and son, although it's a holiday still... yet husband is working. He choose not to have a rest days because he needs to patch up some times that he always with me. We went twice to my OBGYN last week and he just excused from his work that time. So Bebe and I just stuck at home all day, my sissy invites me to have lunch but I need to get done my chores, and also trying wait for some opps but i think the advertisers are having their break also!

That's why we called several times to Dada even though he was so busy fixing the rental house. We just miss him badly because supposed to be we will spend our time together! I really need to go out tomorrow so i will feel better! hmmmm...

Memory Cards to sissy...

I'm now starting to gather stuffs to send to family early next year. I'm thinking if I should send some memory cards to sister. She told me that her cellphone needs to have a higher gig mini SD memory card. Higher gig means she can store more pictures, videos, and applications. I really think I should send some memory cards, specially now that father lost his cellphone. He needs a new one, and in case he's already got a new cellphone, then the memory card will not be a problem anymore.

Lemonade Award

Mommy jerla tagged me this nice and refreshing award thing. The fact is I do loved lemonade i usually get at sonic you know ur familiar with that haha with extra fresh strawberries of course! Anyway thank thank you for sharing me the drinks gurl!

The Rules of this award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received thi

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5. Share the love and link to this post andto the person from whom you received your award.

Time to tag all of you guys who visited me here!! just grab it if you can...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There is always more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. It does not matter if the thing you give is extravagant or simple, when or why, what's important is that it comes from within. I truly admire those charitable institutions and individuals who are doing noble deeds to help their fellowmen. But all of us has the power to bring smiles to other peoples hearts. We can do this by lending a hand or by sharing an inspiring note through simple yet special cards.

I found very special cards at They have a wide selection of beautiful cards for all occasions. Anniversaries, weddings, thank you cards, etc. If you have a business and you want to thank your avid costumers for their support, specially this season, then this is the perfect place to order all those Business Holiday Cards.

Also, wants to share the blessings for they donate 4000 personalized holiday cards to Texas Children's Pediatric Associates Project Medical Home®. This is part of's "Show me a Smile" greeting card gift giving program dedicated for children living with and being treated for serious illnesses.

How about you? How can you make other people smile? Visit the site to order your cards.

So tempting!!

~ peanut butter cheesecake~
~milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts~
~macadamia nut chocolates~
Don't they look soo yummy mouth watering sweets!! I just got a catalog from this store and i wish i didn't open and look all the stuff inside truly you will get drooled as you open each pages... my goodness!! so tempting as in.. I said i got to taste this! and this! and this! and so on fort... They give especial offer for the holiday! here's the link guys... if you are chocolate lovers like me!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Diet Solution

There are so many diet drugs in the market, it's wise to know which one is the most effective and safest way. Fenterdren is probably on top of the list. How does this drug works? Ferderdren is a combination of 3 very effective fat burners, synephrine hcl, dicaffeine malate, and PEA. These drugs boost energy, burns fat and increases metobolism in higher rates.
Consumers have rated Ferderdren as the number 1 diet lost pill! So if you want to shed-off those extra pounds, go and grab a bottle of Ferderdren.

Sissy's Request..

Sissy requested me to get a hair dryer for her, I told her why not just buy one.. i'll just send her a money for it, but mom said it's nicer here because of quality and durability of stuff which i agree. So anyway, while we we're chatting the other day I share her a website to see what she likes for her hair dryer... well then this is her choice, I bet it's her color and style no wonder haha! I guess i will get this blower along with the other stuff i will be sending soon. winkz!

Red Hot Franchises

I was surfing the net checking what's the latest and hottest buzz in the planet. I hopped into this site that really caught my attention. A site about all the latest, most in demand business opportunities we could possibly have. I'm talking about Here you can browse whatever business you like from fashion, food and restaurants, computer and internet franchises, mobile, fitness and gyms, plus so much more! You can find out all about franchise fees, royalty and earnings claims, and start-up cost.

Interesting right? Indeed! Through, you can start your dream business now, actually it's just clicks away! Visit the links for more details.

Awesome Sculptures!


Isn't it cool?? i was enjoying viewing all these sculptures.. really a work of art. Got this from a friend of mine, Thanks girl for sharing me this! And thought it would be nice to share it with you too!

What's the best host?

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No more cp!

I am chatting right now with family in pinas, and sissy told me a shocking news!! my dad's cellphone was lost in the wind yesterday. Seriously though, he accidentally dropped it somewhere when he just arrived from manila for business trip. Sad to say because everything the numbers, i mean all of my father's connection was in that cutie CP =(( and also that cp was a memorable one it used to be mine that hubby gave to me, then i sent it to pinas when i got here!! nothing we can do but to chill out and accept the fact that the cellphone was gone. I hope someone who found it, have a kind heart to give it back... even just the simcard only haha! the cellphone is yours na dong or day! Anyway, i guess it's about time to change my dad's CP after all and this is it!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

grow your business fast..

There's a lot of businesses now a days that is growing tremendously, you have to be smart and have the strategy on how to maintain your business in good standing. Like what i learned about one of my closest person here, a very successful businessman. He has the financial back ups for his business finances, like applying for Merchant Cash Advance, a loan that will assist your business transaction. A website like, they offers a "Fast Business Loan", unlike traditional bank loans, has less stringent requirements, faster approval, and no closing cost or fees. With low rate you can get the cash you need quickly without the paperwork hassle. Check it out if you are ready to grow your business!

I's kinda fun...

Five names you go by:
1. Shela
2. Babe
3. Inday teng
4. Ate
5. Kurdapya

Three things you are wearing right now:
1. Cargo pants
2. Red long Sleeve Shirt
3. Socks

Two things you want very badly at the moment
1. Want to go shopping
2. Nothing

Two people who will probably grab this out:
1. Not sure
2. Don't know

Two things you did last night:

1. Chatting in pinas
2. Went to walmart

Two things you ate today:
1. krispy kreme domut
2. suite veges with rice and fried fish

Two people you last talked to on the phone:
1. Husband
2. Family

Two things you are going to do tomorrow:
1. Laundry
2. Blog

Two longest car rides:
1. From Tennessee to Washington DC
2. Tennessee to Virginia

I want to pass this along to anniniput, anagore, jerla, resebel. Grab it guyz wink!

Security Camera in the Kingdomhall

I heard my husband and our elders in the congregation talking about something our kingdom hall's security system, that isn't working good at the back of our hall where usually they noticed some mark that some body trying to get in. Husband once found out that the door knob was loss and almost to pop out. Right away they decided to put a Surveillance Camera which is very secure way to monitor who's coming in and out in the vicinity not just the hall they wanted to get in also the parking cars. Since husband knows everything about electronics stuff he volunteer to install it. I'm glad he knows anything and everything!!

Epidemic of Shyness

Email, text messaging and iPods are causing a global epidemic of shyness, reports from Australia's Sunday telegraph. According to phychologist and researcher Robin Abrahams, shyness in social situations now affects about half the population, which represents a significant rise over past levels. Technology is enabling us to opt out difficult situations and causing people to become more insular, Abraham says. People emails or text one another rather than talk.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meet the Dog!

What exactly is Lead Dog? It is a lead development company that is serious in helping their clients get outstanding sales results through Business to Business Telemarketing . The Lead dogs offers their clients great services and strategies including account development, campaign reporting, lead management, distribution,lead nurturing, all all that's needed for a business success! Let's just put it this way, "If your marketing needs more bite, maybe you need a bigger dogs." The Lead Dog is the answer. For more details, check out the site now!


Turkey is very popular here in the states and i was watching pinoy show last night that... cooking turkey is what Filipino family practicing already. Especially roast turkey. Here turkey are just overwhelming right now because thanks giving is fast approaching! this is the main dish that American cook along with mash potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallow, and the cranberries gelatin and more! So anyway, since this birdy is common right now we got a whole pack of turkey earlier when we got some groceries, it is in sales so why not grabbed one. I am going to roast this anytime soon, by the way the meat of the turkey can be lasted for months in the fridge so no matter how big it is, nothing to worry about to getting spoil. My husband loves the legs, and I love the dark meat! It's my first time to cook my own because my mother in law does the cooking all the time. hehe!

Friday, November 21, 2008

What's a good business?

I was thinking if we could venture on a business someday soon. It will be a great idea to have our own business. You know, being able to manage time, finances, obligations in our own way. It will be a challenge, a big one but with the foundation and dedication, it will succeed!I believed that buying a franchise is one of the best ventures we could have. But how can we find the perfect franchise for us? The answer- franchise consultation . Match Point Franchise Consulting Network matches franchise buyers with the right franchise opportunities for them. They help you find the business that suits you best, and they do this for free! Isn't it great?I got to try their service, you too can! Check out the site now!

Home Alone...

I was home alone most of the day, sissy took Bebe with them to just hang on around and play. So while he's out i took advantage to really made my chores that i always left behind because of hectic schedule. Glad I accomplished most of the stuff i needed to do. She just brought Bebe home and as I open the door... man! was freaking soo cold outside! feels like i am inside the fridge. Oh isn't winter yet but the temperature is always way down. Not even 6pm yet but its been on the 30's already. I heard on the weekend it will drop more! yikes! I am already super duper freezing here!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Action Stars!

I've always loved action films. I get so struck and amaze by all those action moves and martial arts the actors do. I remember during my younger years, I even dreamed of becoming a martial artist one day, lol! Well, just one of my many frustrations I guess. I'm such a fan of martial artists specially when they are using their martial arts gears. I wonder where they get it? Out of curiosity, I check where can these gears be found. is an online store that sells a huge variety of Martial Arts Equipment, gears and supplies. They are the leading distributor of exercise equipments, everything you need is here! Visit the site now and get to feel like a real action star!

Can't take off of THIS!

Here i am again... I really loved this shoe!! I have to get it before i'm going nuts haha kidding aside. But honestly I'm trying my best to not be tempted to buy this because i really don't need it, yet i sooo fell in love with the style! wedges is one of my shoe type and this is the one i was looking for right now, kinda gladiator style. Ohhhh! what will i do?? my mind keep saying don't buy it but my heart says... wow get it girl!! LOL...

I gain 9lbs!

I went to my doctor's appointment earlier and so far i gained 9 lbs for my half way of pregnancy, I'll be 19weeks pregnant next week and still long way to go until my due date. Which means i am still gaining pregnancy weight. I know after my delivery... it will be awhile to get back to my normal body. That's why i decided after i fully recovered, i am going to take some kinda diet pills so that I'll be sexy again haha! i swear really miss my slim body i used to have and i wanted to get it back again!

I found her!

I've finally found one of my long lost best friends way back in high school. Thanks a lot for friendster i got her profile! It's been quite awhile already that i am trying to search 3 of my closest friends in trade school. I still remember our fun time together before i moved to other school to continue my fourth year in HS. It's really a long story but when we saw each other any where in my hometown we all get excited asking each others life and stuff like that. But since we all graduated in college we totally parted ways and didn't hear from them at all. Not until today i tried to search and shocking i found one of them!!! hehe can't believed for such a long time, she changed a lot! the lady like friend i had became a police woman... wow! but I'm happy for her, saw her family and 3 sons. I hope she will pm me anytime soon and start communicating again.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A friend...

A friend of mine is so excited for the coming holiday you know what i mean. And she mentioned every year, her one and only daughter, always get a lot of gifts from friends and family. According to her, her daughter will do some kinda letter to santa clause. At first i don't believed at her on how they do that, sounds like impossible that santa will got the mail, haha! But she said easy, because she's with this online provider of Letters From Santa that will do everything for your kids and so on so fort! Well, I don't know about this actually because I'm not into this thing. Just check it out for your self!


Finally the awaits was over, tonight was the finale of ANTM! and i am happy that she won because Mckey is my bet. She really deserved to won the title. Every photos taken from her was just fantastic and she's just giving her best and also they like her a lot because she follows direction. Well, to make my long story short.... she won! hehe.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Get Payday Loans

One of the hardest moments in our lives is probably during emergency situations. Not knowing, circumstances may strike without us being prepared. I remember before, when my brother got sick because of his appendicitis, an operation needs to be incurred right away so it won't get worst. That was hard because we were still young then and my father was the only one working in the family. Good thing he got some savings and of course with the help of those helping hands. But what would happen if those things were not available? It'll be hard definitely.

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The Most Expensive Cities

Tokyo, Moscow, and Osaka are the most expensive cities in the world. That is the conclusion of a study conducted by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. The survey, which covers 144 cities, took into account the comparative cost of more than 200 products and services, including housing, clothing, transportation, entertainment, furniture, and household equipment. Half of the 20 most expensive cities are in Asia. Geneva, London, and Zurich appear among the most expensive cities in Europe, after Moscow. New York appears as the tenth most expensive city, while no Canadian city is ranked among the first 100. As to the cheapest cities, AsunciĆ³n in Paraguay tops the list.

Join Vegas Social Club!

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Flu shot!

I think i need to get a flu shot soon because i feel that any moment i will catch colds. Lately i have runny nose especially at night. I hate when i get sick or not feeling well, because if i am oh me oh my i know what will happen. Its not the same when i am single my mom or lola is around to take care of me any thing! spoiled ba. But now i have no time to get sick i have a son and a husband to take care off. So, soon i need to go to have my shot!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Toy Helicopter!

I want to buy a helicopter for my son. Hey! I'm not talking about the real one though, lol! What I like is the mini version, those helicopter toys that are so cool and cute. I found it at An online shop with a wide range of products like rc helicopter, mini helicopters, mini cars and trucks, RC airplanes, boats, etc. They also have all the spare parts needs. The toys are so cool! I'm sure my son will definitely love this. I can imagine his big grin already. Oh boy, I'm excited!

Goodnight World!

I am so ready to rest after such a long day for me and my family! our schedule today was so hectic from morning to late. We start our day getting a new car then it took us several hours their to processed everything good thing i just waited them to finished their transaction but it is also tiring haha! then we just grabbed something to eat i had no time to fix our lunch! after awhile we headed to get groceries... so on so fort! and i never rest since now had to fix dinner, cleaned up the mess, the kitchen and dishes! Oh i really want to go to my cozy bed and have my sleeping beauty rest! OK enough said for now. Good night everyone and happy Sunday ahead! babu!!

Mobile Marketing

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Got a new Auto!

It is really a very nice surprised came up this morning when our doorbell rang, we just about eating breakfast. Kurdapyo's Nana and papa visited us and told hubby to get dress because they will go and see a car for us. So after 5minutes breakfast, they went both of them yet. While Nana stays with us. I really didn't expect that this is the day they will decided to get one since we have plans by next year before the second baby arrive, but things changed and circumstances happens. He wanted to get us a new car today, because he got a good offer. Oh it was more nicer than our old car haha more rooms, very spacious and it's a van (dodge). We've been planning it for awhile now to have a van for our adding family since a car is not really big for having 2 kids or more. Although I'll miss our car yet i am glad we have a van now! the car is still around the corner though.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Insurance for less!

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Friendship Flower

It was a nice surprised someone tagged me this friendship flower tag! Thanks so much abie appreciate it a lot for choosing me of all the bloggers in town hehe!

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"And lovely are the blossomsThat are tended with great care,By those who work unselfishlyTo make the place more fair.And, like the garden blossoms,Friendship’s flower grows more sweetWhen watched and tended carefullyBy those we know and meet.And, if the seed of friendshipIs planted deep and trueAnd watched with understanding,Friendship’s flower will bloom for you.

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