Wednesday, May 28, 2008

JETS In Tennessee




How many of you seen a real JET? I guess some if you are closed to military base but others never get a chance to witness a real one just like me, not until i saw this JETS in my own big! one summer day we went out for a joy ride with hubby and son. I thought i could only see huge jets in movies or TVs but since i came here in states most of the time when ever we heading over the south we always pass this JETS display. I was so amazed by the size of these monster thing. These are the oldest and vintage jets as far as i know, they preserve it and display for tourist attraction.

I bought my first domain

Its been awhile i was planning to get my own domain and finally i decided just today why not give it a try, so i tried to generate one and this page is my choice to be my first domain since this is newly created by me and still im in process of working this blog. I was encouraged and really eager to get also with my cousin jerla where in she has 2 already! I'm so happy the domain name i picked is available without any problem hehe. Atleast they said that when you have a domain its advantage, safe and sure already that you owned it! yeppy! i have one now.... just happy you

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Somewhere in the LAKE


I love nature tripping and feel the breeze and fresh air. WE are close to the Lake here in Tennessee so it's easy to come by here and relax once in awhile, especially if we feel bored at home we just drive thru here. So when ever we came by at the lake i would never miss a thing to take pictures because i am fond taking photos with beautiful scenery ofcourse with me in the view.LOL
These are just few of my shots!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just quick update here!

I was not able to update this baby for several days now due to my busy days lately doing much stuff here and there and likewise taking care of my family. It is really hard to maintain updating my blog especially this one because i want to put here a certain topic and sometimes im clueless or just nothing at all will come out to my mindless mind hahaha! Well' i need to do some thinking first before put it to writings otherwise i get lost out of no where! lol. hirap talaga pag hindi gifted!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Great Smoky Mountain

Another Tourist attraction in the region is the Great Smoky Mountain national Park, it is the major tourist attraction and stated in 2003 that over millions of tourist and non-recreational visitors traveled to the park.

The park has a number of historical attraction and places to go. Just like Cades Cove, its a valley with a number of preserved historical buildings like log cabins, barns and churches stuff like that. And most frequent destination in the national park. Actually I've learned that at Gatlinburg Great Smoky Mountain adventures and more happenings awaits you inside with Museums, fountain farms, live shows and etc.

When I arrived here in Tennessee, they keep telling me how beautiful is this place to go for family recreation. My sister in law and family been there last summer vacation... they stayed at pigeon forge cabin for several days and visited all the pretty places there, then of course i got a pasalubong... they called it bear poop! its a peanut coated with dark chocolate i think that's why they called it like that lol! Unfortunately we haven't get a chance to visit this place yet... to much thing to do first before hand. But hubby promised me sometimes we will going here, we both love going somewhere places.

So one way or another we gotta visit the great smoky mountain park with bebe. A co-employee of my husband says that they have nice aquarium there also, plus one thing i love to visit this kind of places because i love the wonder of nature and the beauty of it!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A trip to Aquarium

These photos was taken during my tour (w/hubby&son) at Tennessee Aquarium river front, Chattanooga. I learned that this beautiful tourist spot is the second largest freshwater aquarium in the world next to Georgia aquarium. People across United States intentionally hopping by here, to see all kinds of fish from small to large as in huge fish. Along the way, visitors see thousands of animals like free-flying song birds, snapping turtles, sandbar and sand tiger sharks, stingrays, river otters, moray eels and colorful reef fish and the new added one are the penguins.

Aside the deep down creatures displayed, they also have a butterfly garden which variety of colorful butterflies you could ever find and the butterflies are so gently they will landed on you without a doubt. It was so fascinating to watch!

Tennessee Aquarium is situated in downtown Chattanooga, and with awesome scenery at front of the buildings, then when you finished exploring the aquarium you could continue a river journey by a cruise, they tour you around Chattanooga river/lake. Another fun thing there, you can go straight to the IMAX 3D theater to witness the beautiful and colorful of real under water journey. Its really breathtaking to see the video you are really in the under the ocean feels like. Its only next door from the Tennessee Aquarium.

I remembered the first time we went, we've watched the sea monsters featuring the mammals including sharks and its existence.. I took this up the buildind. lol just a sneaked shots!

I agree Chattanooga is a great place to plan a getaway, I would definitely recommend this to you try visit one of the beautiful tourist destination here in Tennessee! and enjoy each of the moments..

More places to see in the next visit here!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Giant Fish


~giant EEL~
These are giant fish first time I've ever seen! the huge they were.. you can not tell it's real anymore they look like a fake already. Their skin are like rubbers and the texture are so rough and thick and kulubut the skin! That's the eel on the 2nd to the last photo... when i first glance on it... ewww! i freaked out didn't realized it was a more than a yard eel in front of me because the color was is green just thought of a sea plant and when it move it's really not so pretty looking mammal. Hubby! just laughed at me when i reacted that way!

Friday, May 2, 2008

My ShOtS IN the CaVe

~You can see different kind of fussels formation in thise cave that are so cool~
~ from leaning tower~
~ Niagara falls~
~ crystal chandelier and so much more~

~hanging curtains~
These was taken November of last year at RUBY FALLS Chattanooga, TN. Its way below the ground and 2hours walk to going there. It was tiring but exciting!

blog of flowers!

these were taken 2years ago... every year they do bloom!

my roses

whitey pretty


Just displaying one of my favorite flower the ~Viburnum~and i would like to put more of flowers that I like! hope you enjoy looking!

I miss this blog!

It's been more than a month i wasn't able to visit and do an updates on this baby of mine!

I am too busy of taking care of my rest of blogs and just neglecting this one... uhhhh not fair! but today i feel i need to make some improvements here i hope i can regularly do the same thing as i does in other babies i've got! honestly its hard to manage sometimes, i do get limited ideas to think and put to writings!

I will really trying my best here and put more informative materials here!