Saturday, August 30, 2008


I heard about my aunt was discharged from the hospital yesterday and i am so glad about the news. Now, I don't have to worry much anymore than i used to because i know that she's doing better and better now. I just wish i was there with my family though.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Squirrels in Tennessee

I came across a great product the other day. It's called Critter Ridder and it helps to get rid of those pesky squirrels and other animals like deer, skunks, groundhogs, dogs, cats and raccoons. It contains active ingredients that irritate animals when they touch or taste it. Living in Tennessee, we get plenty of squirrels and other pesky animals that like to eat fruits and vegetables from our garden and my parents in laws garden. They love to eat our corn and other vegetables every year and then we have a very small harvest. Squirrels also eat our apples and leave little holes all over our yards from them looking for nuts and other bugs that they like to eat as well. Plus, they eat the bird food out of our bird feeders and mess them up, because they aren't made to be climbed on . I wish we would have known about Critter Ridder sooner and saved ourselves alot of time and money. I would suggest that you try the Critter Ridder squirrel repellent and save yourself alot of hassle! I am going to recommend it to all of my family and friends, because we all like to keep our yards and our gardens free of these pests!

Balboa Park San Diego California


I really wish to go to California one of this day, to visit my cousin jerla and family plus the places i wanna come and see just like this one the museum located at balboa park and one of the tourist spot in the country. California we all know is the famous states and lots of different cultures over there. Anyway I grabbed these photo from her just to post it here because i was really impressed by the buildings structure! i hope we will see each other one day soon!!


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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beauty Rest

I'm so ready for my beauty rest right now. I'm grateful to have a productive day today and contented of what I've accomplished. It's getting late and just finished my last opps today. I can't wait for tomorrow and of course it's Friday again. So well folks have a nice rest to us all!!! BABU!

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kiCk aSS bLogger award again...

I g0t tHis aWard on the second time fRom my pretty sissy anniniput... thanks ale!!

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Door to door moving

My friend from California just got a new house and a month from now they are moving to their new house. She said they are kinda busy right now putting all the stuff together so by the time they move it will be in order. I was thinking they might get a moving service to load their things easy. Well i wanna share this to her about UPack moving and door to door storage services. This is how it works, the door to door moving they will deliver a clean trailer to your home, and you have 3days to load and pack, then they will drive you to your next location and last they will give you another 3 business days to unload all your stuff! Less expensive this way than any full service mover. So i will let her visit at for more details.

Play time

We just put up the swing set and slide of my son in our backyard and he loved it so much! so I guess today is best for us to play since it's been raining the past two days we haven't get a chance to play. Bebe enjoys it so much i am so glad to see his big grind when his swinging and giggling on the slide. When he gets up from his nap I'll bring him outside. hehe!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where's YOUR Future?


I have so many things that i wanted to do in the future like for instance i want to be reunited with my family here in America, get them and live together for good. Then my husband and I have planned for future car purchasing maybe next year or in two years time. We kinda think to expand our family and our car right now is small for more than one kids so we are really doing our best to save some extra money to purchase a new one and much bigger than what we have right now.

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Right now im busy covering our stuff because husband soon will bomb our house!! haha i won't say what is the reason why though but we need to evaporate for awhile here and be back later on after the bombing is completely finish! lol... see ya'll! means no opps for kurdapya today! good i grabbed couple already!

People Locator

Just recently my mother mentioned to me about our family friend that moved here not long after I went here in America. Unfortunately, we kinda lost communication, my mom asked me to look for them in anyway possible since I am here in the U.S, I'm much closer to them and finding my foster aunt and her family would be much easier. So i did an online People Locator search using, just putting my aunt's name and clicking the search button, they gave me the the necessary information like the address, phone numbers and more. They were able to tract and locate the person I'm looking for. What a wonderful surprised we manage to find them with the help of people search. So if you guys also want to look for long lost friends or family, use this kind of tools to be able to locate them instantly! Right now we are constantly communicating each other already.



One of the Lake we went to was a public recreation area, where in i saw lots of boats with private tenants, I really enjoy going out for fishing, husband used to have a boat but he ended up selling to his brother. And never even once i go fishing with him. But since my father in law has a pretty good size phantom boat, i feel like wanna go fishing with them one of this day! husband and his dad only goes once in blue moon or if the weather is nice they go out very early in the morning, and i can't make it because I'm still snoring that time!LOL
I took this inside the car we just kinda passed by one of the popular of Tim fords lake.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Acid Reflux Medication

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Joy ride

5 o'clock in the afternoon earlier i was sleepy and bored while hopping around and waiting for some miracles. So i asked the husband to go out for a ride and thinking going to a close by lake, but it so happened we went a long joy ride and drove for 1 1/2 hours. We kinda explore to different lakes here from north to south, east to west. Gushhh! its our first time to go to those places, some are very isolated, very overwhelming for me we we're like at the middle of the wide forest. I even admit that i was kinda scared on the areas but good I'm with him! Its tiring with my mix emotion but sure its fun!

Wine Tours

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Im hungry

It's almost 12 noon here and I'm hungry, i didn't eat any breakfast that is why. Glad he ask me what to want for lunch i guess he decided to just grab something since i told him I'm watching our boy. So then i requested the steak sandwich with cheese and mushroom along with fries from Italian restaurant, because last Sunday we went ate there he ordered it and i was honestly drooled looking the sandwich with those melted cheese on the top of it!! wow looks so yummy!! so right now i can't wait husband will get home, i am really starving now!! waaaaaaaaaa...

Black Friday Shopping

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Stone River Mall, Murfreesboro

Last Saturday we went to this mall at Murfreesboro, TN. Although it is tiring but sure we had fun. I got a chance to took some pictures here in there. Where we at is only the 1/8 of the entire mall and this is not the front and main entrance but the view of the fountain is wordless to me, so i asked the husband to captured the moment...haha! At this mall, we tried to look for husband's tennis shoes we roamed around many times yet we haven't get any type of shoe he likes! I ended up getting something for my self. So we headed to Hickory hallow mall up Nashville, there he found his ever shoes but it took us forever!! because he is kinda picky with his shoes with a brand of NIKE only!! hayyy! liwat nku maarte! lol....Our son was trying to help his Dada, he'll pull all those shoes when he gets close to them that's why we kinda distance from it as we can see!! silly boy!

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weekend again!!

Time really flying by so fast its Friday again! which means here comes weekend time to relax and have some fun from the weekdays of hard work, plus of course not to mention your payday check is! that's what I'm talking about! though we don't have any plans to go to particular place this weekend but sure we will do something exciting. We might just install the swing set of our son at our backyard tomorrow.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

About Mobile Marketing

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The husband cooked

The husband in the house cooked tonight with his specialty the chicken. He loves experimenting in the kitchen with his gazilion spices in our pantry. I love when he is the cook because i get stuffed hehe. He is my top chef!! I teased him alot when i wanted him to be in the kitchen, I would say... hmmm baby, i think i love to eat this and that and he knows what im talking abou! lol...

About SJA Mobile

Electronics stuff now a days are very in demand and common to all sorts of people especially the mobile phones. Mobile phones is part of peoples life already, we must admit without a mobile phone half of your life is missing! And as time goes by electronic gets more high tech and high tech. SJA Mobile is now present! this is the leading provider of premium SMS and Mobile Marketing Solutions and comprehensive technology and things like that. So if you want to know more about SJA Mobile information?? you got to visit its site and you can see all the details, latest news and mobile reviews and all that kinda stuff there!!

toy laptop

We wen to walmart this morning with my mom in law and grandma to get some stuff for her. So i just grabbed some diapers, laundry detergents and paper towels. Anyway not my intention to get a toy laptop for my son but he likes to play my keyboard and mouse so why not getting him one not real though. And it works his playing with it since the moment i handed to him. I'm so glad now i can concentrate doing my blog without him messing up my computer once in awhile wheeewwwww! as in he will click the turn off botton.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

About Divorce Law

My friend ask me to help her make a constructive speech regarding her debate in school this week. Her topic is about divorce. We did some research about this most terrifying word in the world. We came about this very informative website that provides knowledge about divorce laws. The Tampa divorce attorneys in Florida gives clients complete information regarding this issue. They also give advice on how to make your divorce smoother and others like child support and financial matters. Going through a divorce is probably the most difficult and stressful time of an individuals life, that is why we need professionals and good lawyers to help us along the way. If you are interested, check out their site now too.

Breaking news


For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

I heared about this breaking news about what happened last night in my hometown. It is really sad to know :-( just watch the video guys.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pragma Systems

I found a really interesting website that offers secure file sharing using Telnet for Windows servers, desktops and handheld devices. It offers several great choices including SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol, remote systems management, Telnet, and SSH products or Secure Shell, which is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices. In today's world where identity theft is very common, it is nice to know that someone is making it easier to transfer files and not have to worry about information being stolen.

What Makes Me Happy and Sad

This tag was given to me by Garf. Thanks a lot girl. Timely i need a filler here!!! It's all about what's make me happy and what's make me sad. hmmmm let see!

Here are the Rules:

1. List the things that make you Happy and those that make you Sad.
2. Add your Blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other Blogs.
3. Tag other online friends you know.

What makes me happy?
> my husband
> my son
> my family & relatives
> my in laws
> my friends
> my blogging career
> being thoughtful to my family
> going shopping, travelling, eating out
> God fearing

What makes me sad?
> when my family get sick
> missing back home in pinas
> emotional situation
> when I'm hungry sad me! lol

Now I would love to hear and tagging my friends also... grab it jerla, saves, anniniput, anagore, juliet and YOU!

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Chip and Salsa

Husband I just decided to eat chip and salsa for lunch, it's not the usual meal just that but i was doing my general cleaning and just missed to fix our lunch so we ended up in simple and easy way. I cooked ground beef and mixed it with salsa and baked beans, it is yummy though i almost ate all the chips hehe good we have another bag of! Still as of this moment only half of the chores were done. My son so sleepy, which means mommy got the break for a while! well, i thank for that!

Holiday Shopping Promotion

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Just got home

I am so tired from the library with my sister with kids. Before that though we went to our foster grandmother to visit her and checked on something then we spent an hour or so there. Then we headed to the public library, my nieces just loves books!! but i was exhausted from the heat of the sun, i swear I'm not use of too hot weather anymore since my son and i just stays at home most of the weekdays... so really used of cool temperature. Goodness i have slight headache right now and so tired and sleepy but i don't want to sleep!! what a problem... lol! The only nice though before i leave in the house i was able to grab a mollaah! and just posted it right now. hayyy buhay parang life!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Glad could help

It was a nice surprised that a friend of mine called me the other day but i missed to answer her. She got my number through our friend from Florida. The 3 of us met way back in manila while we were doing our interviews at the embassy and St. Luke's Medical Center. So anyhow, since then we communicate tru chatting but this friend of mine(chona) from Mississippi we kinda cut our communication for quite awhile not until today. I called her back good thing she answered me back and we talked and talked and talked,LOL! And we ended up about blogging thing, I encourage her to blog since she is a stay home mom. She has the positive feedback. Glad i could help and she starts creating her blog right now. I can't wait for her to bloom and start earning some bucks one day. Keep it up girl!

Paintball Game

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Husband is complaining about his tennis shoes right now, he said it's getting tighter than it use to be and he don't feel like the soreness going on in his toes... well, who does!! duhhhh. So he planning to purchase a new one as soon as possible and i suggested we will get it tomorrow since we are going to Nashville mall sure lots of selection of tennis shoes down there. Even though he tried to check online but still i insisted! hehe...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Payday Loan Program

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Opry Mills Mall Nashville

Opry Mills is a mega shopping mall located in Nashville Tennessee that constructed in 2000 on the former site of the Opryland USA theme park. Which this park happen to be one of the tourist spot of Tennessee also but they rather built it to a mall. I tell you it is one of huge Mall in the country today with contains several major stores, there is also a large food court out there. Other attractions include Regal Opry Mills 20 and IMAX movie theater. It's been for awhile now that we didn't go there, so i thought this coming Saturday would be nice. Husband says yes so i can't wait to go window shopping there...LOL!

Car Hire USA


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Have a nice day ahead!

Good morning everybody! It was a nice Thursday for me today, woke up satisfied and happy. Why I'm happy?? hmmm... because i won't go to my dentist appointment supposedly it is today, but i asked my husband to cancelled it. I admit i hate dentist visits, i think that's the last thing i will do but i have no choice i have some very pasaway teeth to fix! lol. But anyway i am happy that i postponed my appointment. I don't wanna think for now when its gonna be again! haha...

Have a nice and fruitful day ahead everyone!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Interstate highway


These photos was taken 2 years ago while I'm not pregnant yet! this is the Interstate highway, pretty don't it?? especially during fall season the trees are changing colors! i used to be with my husband 24/7 even on his work hehe! our honeymoon stage kunu. Almost everyday his dad ( at the same time boss) asked him to do some errands and it is always a long way drive towards Nashville or somewhere. Other than computer tech he does the delivery and errands. So i always with him and enjoy the ride. I missed those moments just the two of us where ever the wind droves us we don't care. Even i was pregnant... still riding with him in the car then while on the roads, I took photos here and there. But after we got our baby, things changed. He is not doing the delivery anymore, his dad hired someone to do it, so I'm glad otherwise i will insist to go for a ride with him but... that can not be happen hehe. Anyway, still i can't be with him 24/7 though because I'm home with son, so weekend is really our family days and we could go wherever we wanna go!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Beautify your house with Rugs!

The things that we have says much about us, much about our personality. That is why, when I am purchasing things, I always make it a point that each item somehow shows a little about myself. It doesn't mean to say that it needs to be expensive and extraordinary. We can get the stuff we like best if only we are resourceful and creative. Even the ordinary and often overlooked items we have at home can be stylish and pretty. Even those taken for granted rugs!Rugs are present in almost every part of our house. The moment we enter the door, to each and every room, to the kitchen, down to the basement, we always see those rugs.

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I did visit their site and got amazed by the rugs they offer. When you visit the gallery, you will see beautiful variety of rugs. When we have to buy rugs the next time, I will definitely consider purchasing it from them. Let's not take for granted those simplest things in our home, they can be as pretty as the owner can be,LOL

What's for Dinner?

I don't know what to fix for dinner tonight! hmmm... Good thing husband suggested me why not make some fried chicken with rice and gravy actually sounds good to me. My son also loves chicken and rice, he is like his mama 100%pinoy in taste. So right now trying to cook dada's request! Me, cooking fried chicken parmesan and brown gravy, guess i will boil some veges for greens. Oops! got to run to the kitchen hehe... my chicken needs to turn over....see yah later!

box sent!

So glad I've finally sent the box to my family after 48years of keeping it! last Saturday i really insisted to brought it at the post office myself of course husband drove me. Although our post office just close by but the fact husband is super duper busy we both can't sneak out and go to postal place. I'm so guilty of not doing any actions in the passed couple of months, i just set the package aside :-( and i felt bad about that! hehehe but now I'm so relieved that a matter of days from now they will get the boxy!

Two Unique Gift Options

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Brillante Award!

I got a cool award from Jerla and Mylou and I want to say thank you for choosing me as one of your recipients for this award. Appreciated so much!!

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Grandfather Clocks

I've ever wanted a clock as special as this one. It is really gorgeous and classy to put something like this in your living room. I'm sure it would be a center of attraction to everybody. I loved to decorate my home in a unique way with some interesting things like Asian touch and with a few of western culture. This clock really complements my living room style. Honestly, I am longing to have one someday. More so now I found a site that deals wide selections of grandfather clocks with different awesome design and brands. From Howard Miller Contemporary and traditional design to Hermle, Boluva, Ridgeway and Kieninger Brands. For you out there, you may want to surprise your friends or family this Grandfather clocks. This is a great gift you can give ever. Because I agree that "Grandfather clocks are not your average clocks; in fact, they are much, much more. Grandfather clocks are family heirlooms; they are the pieces that are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime in a place of honor in a home where they will not only become the focal piece of the entire room, they will transform the d├ęcor and overall level of sophistication in a home." Hurry up they have the low price guarantee on mostly every new clock they sell! You can get discounts and that is everyday low price with FREE SHIPPING! Oh, I can't wait to have one in the future...hmmmm we will see got to save money first!LOL.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dream Van

This is what my husband look forward in the future to get one...hehe! A 2008 Explorer X-S.E. Conversion Van. Looks like a mini convertible van with all the stuff inside. We learned that this vehicle is a loaded conversion including leather,power seats,lumbar support,heated, power tri fold sofa bed, 20 inch flat panel tv,dvd,surround sound, wireless headphones, i-pod charging stations,power sunroof,wrap around ground effects with integrated fog lights and step bumper, custom billet grill,side air vents plus so much more.Please see standard equipment for features included,plus popular options available such as Navigation and back up camera. Or uprade to 27 inch HD tv or 20 inch crome wheels and tires. No wonder it's expensive!!! More features here!

Yet, happened to be we really liked it, especially when the time we planning to have an addition in the family. This is really good for travelling much space for luggage, resting in a sofa bed for instance like we wanted to go at grand canyon more fun in joy ride or just sight seeing in different beauty spot here hahaha! we both have wide imagination when it comes to travel and recreation that's why we really get along so well in many ways. We also have same taste when it comes to this kinda topic! If God permitted to have this material things in the future... well' we are very grateful to have one one day or whatever! don't care...( libre mangarap)... lol

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Personalize with Laser Engraving

Are you fond of personalizing what ever items you wanted? Ever since personalize engraving is already common like jewelries, bags, cards, leather items just to name a few. But right now, they make more high tech with laser engraving. Laser engraving is the practice of using lasers to engrave or mark an object which means it is more innovative and impressive. If we want to give a gift for a persona we can personalize now just by the use of laser, example pictures, you can add more interesting graphics there, what about a card? you can engrave your signature and be uniquely creative. Anyway, that's only some instances that laser is good with of course the right engraving system sure you can have the state of the art creation. Just like this kind, it called the VERSALASER it gives precise cut, mark and engrave plastic, metal, wood, glass, stone, ceramic, rubber, acrylic, textiles and many other materials quickly and easily. The Laser marking systems feature innovative technology that optimizes the customer’s work flow process, improves operation efficiencies and expands customized application offerings. So if you have this kind of machines surely your operation is as good as the products!


I am fond of Internet games like puzzles, arcades and this one, it's a playing cards but a unique one instead of just plain solitaire cards .. they make it more fun for ladies who loves fashion. This is very innovative way of creating fashion into the next level. This game, you will be the designer and create your own design and line of style, so if you are like me... a frustrated fashion designer, you could develop and pursue your imaginative mind here. I really bought the full version of this game for 20 bucks haha! i don't care because you can play unlimited, well after i tried the 1hour trial i was addicted to it so i asked husband to purchase the real version. And he got me... soo sweet of him! I also have the puzzle game that I'm playing right now called dream day wedding:married in Manhattan, I'm enjoying it alot!

Lasik Procedure

Are you one of those people seeing the world in a fuzzy haze, instead of clearly vision? I know wearing prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses is the easy way out to solve your eye concern. But it wasn't good enough because glasses and contacts it won't last long, you keep adding the cost of going to your exam once in awhile. So here is the revolutionary way of getting permanent eye solution, I'm talking about Lasik procedure... this way you are not depending on your glasses or contacts because it is permanently changed your eye vision for good. The surgery can be done right away and fast. Though lasik is not for everyone, but recovery is relatively quick, there is virtually no pain, and about 12 million people have had laser vision correction. Lasik in San Francisco is only one of LASERVUE eye center that will help patients to guide in every step you take. Get Free consultation from them now!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Our trip to lake winnipesaukee amusement park will be postponed because of me, i have my dentist's appointment exactly the week that we're planning to go up there, (2days after the date I marked the calendar) just now I realized that was it! and i can't just postpone my appointment coz have to get this done before i will suffer again from pain. Maybe we will plan another time for the trip, I really wanna go but no choice. I will just check another schedule for month of September maybe we will pursue. We'll see....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Air Condition is a must

Here in United States every family or household has owned at least one air conditioner. It is a must, especially summer time the warm weather is very massive. That's why at home we got the centralized AC because my husband is really warm by nature and the heating system for cold season. Anyway resume... another is the automobile, it is required to have an AC installed otherwise people inside will be totally toast from the heat of the sun. So in short air conditioning business here is very in demand! It is helpful for our daily life and convenient wise makes Americans life easy. But we make sure that the Carrier air conditioner installer is a reliable source also, you don't just get anybody out there that has no expertise to install your AC. Remember every air conditioner is needed to be changed after prolong use because it may also cause any kind of problems especially to our health. So if you are planning to replace your AC, find the best installer and make an appointment as soon as possible. Find the dealer that carry an outstanding products. As well find a reliable maintainance who could maintain your system and keep your air conditioning and heating systems in tip-top shape. So that it is guaranteed to prolong the lifespan and efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

He Surprised ME!

Husband gave me a wonderful surprise after our meeting today, I mentioned him that I'm so hungry already and asked if he will drive to get a seafood to go lunch for me since he can't eat any seafood. He said yes! so we headed to a Chinese buffet here in town. Then i was shock and ask what is he doing... we already passed the restaurant! he said wait a minute because he wanted to check something first... hehe silly old man! We drove for awhile and suddenly he pulled the car behind the red lobster restaurant! I was really surprised because that's not the plan! ohhh he is so sweet to me... and he loves surprising me in anyway, he knows that i love seafood haha! He didn't forget 4days ago he asked me what do i want for lunch and i teased him I want Lobster at RL, but not really i just want to see his reaction. Yet he remembers it and that means the world to me for him being such a thoughtful guy! Thank you daddy! hugs and kisses.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Police Gear Products

Are you tired or having hard time looking for high quality products of police and military gear? Well, stop looking somewhere because you can just do it in just a click of your mouse. At that based in California. You can find different kinds of gear products in affordable prices, like 5.11 tactical specials, gear accessories and lots more. Plus when you order the 5.11 tactical products you will get FREE shipping, FREE R/S and FREE gift HAT! how nice is that! with their fast shipping, low prices, and has the most outstanding service you expect. They are factory-authorized dealers for most of the brands you see on their web site. So visit them now!

feeling better

Good morning to all! This morning i woke up a bit better than yesterday, i don't feel much sore now and i can manage to eat already haha! Right now husband doesn't want me to do much work like blogging thing but I need to put some fillers otherwise i can't post the one i grabbed just now hehe... I know he will fuss at me because he heard me typing right now! that's why i just make a quick updates here! see you everybody! shhhhhh...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Personal Loans

Personal Loans can come in very handy for a variety of reasons to all of us that needed it. Whether we are starting a new business, some home remodeling, for schooling purposes, medical bills to pay or just need some money to get us through some hard times. Well, there are many online Personal Loans lenders that are looking forward to work with us. An online lender offer national personal loan services with fast applications for any credit type. Either you have a history of bad credit, they will help you get loan up to 15,00. And they will assist you to have debt consolidation solution, so that the money will be manage in the right way. So for more information just visit them for your self!


I am so lucky and thankful to have a wonderful husband, he is always there for me... for better and for worst like right now i have my teeth surgery. Even though he is at work busy, yet he come home to check me and feed me, as of today he made some soup for me and also our Bebe is with him at the office, it just a block away and in laws are there! anyhow i am blessed having a supportive husband and great In-laws! Thank you ya'll!

Cool Custom Photo Product!


I love taking pictures every now and then, I always brought my camera with me wherever we go because i love to treasure every moments with my family. I do want to personalized some of my nice snapshots actually. Glad i found this website that they customized your photo into much prettier one. Where?? only at, they have several choices from custom Photo Blankets, to shower curtains, duvet covers, pillows and pillowcases! how cool is that huh? so make your photos washable work of arts! You can get started in 3 easy step, so check it out friends.

another appointement

Two week from now i will be going back to my second teeth appointment which means i have my another surgery again ohh yayay napud! Right now i am feeling sore and lazy to do blogging hope you understand i can't see you back to your page! but promised when i feel a lot better i will make up the time i am absent! hayy buhay!