Tuesday, September 30, 2008

looking a debt collection agencies?

You may need it in your business. A professional help for all your receivables and management matters. Do you want faster, better and more secure debt returns than your competitors? Pyramid Financial Solution is the answer. A full-service debt collection agencies, they have the knowledge, expertise and equipments needed to give your clients and their clients the best service possible. At pyramid financial solution, they customized the financial campaign that will surely fit your business. Collecting debts has never been these easy. Try it for yourself, visit the links now.

Graceland - Memphis, TN

This is Graceland a large white-columned mansion that once belonged to Elvis Presley the king of rock n roll. It is located at 3734 Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis, Tennessee. Husband and I just passed by last year while taking my AOS interviewed and unfortunately haven't get a chance to really see the inside because of timeless schedule. It is located in South Memphis' and miles from Downtown and almost to Mississippi border. It is currently serves as a museum and opened to the public, as one of historical places and national historic landmark here in Tennessee. I heard that it was worth visiting for because you can see all Elvis stuff still preserve, his car collections and everything! So Elvis fans don't miss the thing if you haven't been there yet! we plan to go there one day! and have the ultimate rock n roll tour in Memphis...

Unknown Caller!

My son broke our telephone that has the caller ID installed, so temporarily my husband brought a use telephone from his office but unfortunately doesn't have a thing that you know who is calling you! It was hard because the other day the phone keeps ringing and ringing and when i look the number! I didn't recognize whether one of my friends or just a junk call, I said Who's Number Is This? So i picked up then i found out that it was only a salesman! goodness i hate when they call and they won't take no for an answer! I'm glad we bought a new phone already with caller Id. And I'm not bother anymore when this salesman calls me because i registered his number in the No Call List Information they can't access our number anymore!

10 Things that Scare You/Freak You Out

1. Snakes
2. Frog
3. Ocean
4. Semi Track
5. Deep Silence
6. Driving in the interstate
7. Spider
8. Thunder and lightning
9. When I see wounded people
10. When I see any kind of blood

Monday, September 29, 2008

Memory chip..

Isn't it amazing how the latest technology made easy the putting together of millions and billions of information in one tiny chip! In our computers for example, all our pictures, documents, video, etc. are being stored in the computer's memory. Also our cellphones, digital cameras and all the latest gadgets have it tiny chip of memory that has everything and anything we need. My favorite is the USB flask drives, it seems like a pendant with all the information in just one plug. Hey do you want to upgrade the memory of whatever gadget you have? You should visit memorysuppliers.com, they have everything, all in affordable prizes!

diet pills?

I think I'm gaining pounds again. Lately, my appetite makes me crave for fattening foods and also deserts. I remember my sister before was overweight. She find it hard to loose weight, exercise and diet. She also considered taking diet pills. Any of us, when deciding to take diet supplements, we must look for the one that suits us best. It should increase our metabolic rate, gives us more energy, and it should control our appetite for us not to eat more than what we should. Whatever it is, when we want to slim down, our attitude should always be determined and disciplined.

Advance Congratulation!

I just heard the news last night that jerla's brother my cousin will getting married this coming Thursday! I wish we are there to celebrate his special day but to sad we're many miles apart all i can send is my warmest congratulation to the newly couple and best wishes. I am happy that finally dodong already found a special lady for him that he loves dearly.

Bed Bugs Guide

Do you want to hear a creepy story? Well, I came across to this site and just know about a certain bugs that is very dangerous for us, though bugs are not good in general but this is really bothers me! Do you know what bed bugs? "They're essentially little bugs that are nocturnal and feed off human blood. There are actually a lot of different kinds, including some that feed off certain types of animals like chickens, but the ones most people are worried about live mainly off humans. They usually live inside of mattresses, where they have convenient access to a food source - you. They crawl out just before dawn and bite you, sucking out blood for about five minutes. You don't feel anything until after the bed bug is already safely back in its home."

And I was thinking right now about just recently that my husband contacted an infestation group to bug bomb the rental house his father owned because of so much bugs around with 500 different kinds including cockroaches! its yucky and creepy that is why when i found this bed bugs info site, was glad its a big help to each and everyone of us how to rid this kind of bugs in our home! Check it out guys the site to be aware of this pesky and deadly bed bugs!

Boy not feel good!

My boy isn't feeling good since yesterday he got a fever and that makes him grouchy, antsy and whinny. I wasn't able to visit my blogs and do chores during the weekend because of the situation. He want his mommy all the time, kurdapyo doesn't like the idea of putting him down... he cry and scream when ever i tried to. Good thing he is polite with his father only Dada can calm him down and can put him on the place where he should stay! hay! but Dada isn't always around huhuhu. I know motherhood is pretty challenging at times but just need a lot of patient and understanding to our little ones right!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

online trading

There are lots of ways for us to earn. The Internet is helping millions today to earn in the convenience of their home and time. One way is through online trading. Are you interested in becoming involve in this soaring business? Firstrade.com, rated as one of the best online brokers by giant industries like Forbes and Smart Money. This is the perfect place for you to invest and start your business. With 10,000 types of mutual funds, unlimited account protection, no minimum deposits, no hidden fees, etc. These are just some of what they have to offer at Firstrade!For more information, visit the links now.

100% Pinoy

Was watching this show of GMA earlier, 100% pinoy talks about different authentic pinoy food all across the Philippines from north to south, east to west, northern Luzon down to Mindanao. I was drooling seeing all the food showed up there, good gracious i missed pilipino food all of a sudden. Pinakbet, sinigang, sari saring style ng pancit, letchon! are just few that was featured. Just watching the show of Miriam Quimbao mapapabusug kana sa tingin palang! That's why i cooked Filipino dish at lunch, pork chop with garlic rice... hehe sarap jud kaayo oi!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Debt Consolidation

Just recently, a news explode about the bankruptcy of one of the world's innovator in global finance. This multi-billion dollar company serves the financial needs of corporations, governments, institutions, clients, etc. worldwide. A leader in trading, investment banking and management. The breakdown of this giant brought financial earthquakes worldwide. From the corporate world to the ordinary individual. Good thing though, governments and companies worldwide offers financial support to those affected. They acted right away to help solve the worldwide financial crisis.

Because of these situations, in 2009, there will be a large need for financial help for individuals. To those who have debt, they must be wise and make good plans in order for them to avoid financial downfall. Not just to those who have debts or loans but also for all of us. We must find ways to save money, time and energy. How can we do this? A very good way is through debt consolidation program.

Debt consolidation and credit counseling helps individuals stay out of debt the smart way. Do you want to lower your credit card bills? Do you want somebody take care of your credit card bills, you don't have to pay it on time! Do you want to have a strict budget and be financially stable? The answer is careonecredit.com. They have help over 4.5 million people manage their finances, and they want to personally help you. The first thing you have to do is visit the site and fill out the form to find out more about how to get debt relief. Not just that, they will also give you tips and advices on how to be smart enough in handling your money.

Now a days, we really need experts advice to help us face the future with confidence, when it comes to finances. This is one very smart way to do it. Click the links now for more details!

A nice surprised!

I just want to share my good news today, i really didn't expect that the blog that i submitted to triple P will get approved, i just tried either way because as we all know that they are in the process of evaluating those quality blogs so on and so fort. But it was a very nice surprised even though one of my active blog was kicked out 2weeks ago yet i got another one that just got accepted! yay me!! can't wait to grab opps for this pr blog... hehe that's all! happy blogging everyone!!

Who's calling?

We can't help ourself not to get irritated when we got calls from somebody we do not know. Our telephone or cellphone rings then the moment we answer it, the other line just hangs up. How nice it would be if we can be able to trace this prank calls and know who's calling us. Do you want to know who's calling you? At calleridentifier.com, you can!!! Through their huge database system, Caller Identifier has all the answers about all the unwanted calls you are getting. In just one click away, your questions can now be answered!

Thirst for Bottled Water

America's thirst for bottled water seems unquenchable, reaching nearly 30 billion bottles a year, says the U.S. News & World Report. Many consumers do not realize, however, that most bottled water is simply tap water, so anyone who is opting for bottled over municipal [water] for health reasons is misguided, the magazine says. What flows out of the tap in many countries is monitored to ensure conformity to strict standards. And when compared with the outrageously expensive bottled alternatives, tap water is also practically free!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Danger is all around the corner

My family and I were on a vacation. We stayed in a lovely hotel by the beach. Me and my sister shared the room that was quite far from where our parents room was. It's a vacation I really can't forget, i bet my sister too. Something happened that gave us a nervous wreck! After we had breakfast down the lobby, sissy and I went back to our room to get ready for some roaming around. While we were on the hallway, we heard noises coming from one of the hotel rooms. It was the room just infront of ours! A girl was screaming, as if there's a commotion going on. I had a difficult time opening the lock of our room, maybe because I was trembling already. Sissy and I were shock when the door behind us opened! A couple was fighting seriously, they were yelling and shouting, we're so scared we might become an eyewitness of a crime! LOL!

That nerve wrecking experience happened 8 years ago. But ever since then, I made it a point to be ready all the time. Who knows, danger is all around the corner. It's wise to take personal safety devices wherever we may be. Self defense is important, we may take pepper sprays, stun guns, personal alarm, etc. if it is legal to carry it in our area.

If you are looking for personal safety devices, planetmace.com is the right place for you. Here you can find Mace pepper spray, tasers, stun guns, home security, and more devices for your safety and protection.I personally would like to purchase mace pepper spray. You can choose from different brands, style, and even accessories. I really think this should be handy for me, not just me but also for all of us. If bad guys will attack, then we will be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

10 Great Things That Happened This Summer

Another 10 facts about me. Right now it's all about 10 great things that happened this summer... hmm hope i could still remember the rest! let's start the countdown...

1. We went to the ZOO again!
2. We had our 3days district convention in Huntsville Alabama, and stayed there for 4days.
3. My son continue growing healthy and happy boy.
4. My husband always treat me to go somewhere especially in the restaurants! LOL
5. Ohh almost forgot, my mother in law brought me to shopping spree along with my sister in law and kids but our mom really spent all our shopping galore!
6. We went to Aquarium in Chattanooga and spent all day there. Take gazillion pictures!
7. I treat my husband to went shopping one summer day, the money i earned from blogging!
8. I sent a package in the Philippines not that big box but i am happy to be able to send something to my family!
9. We found out that i am pregnant again!! yay us!!
10. This last things will happen tomorrow at our parent in laws house, we have a cookout with friends and family. I'm excited lafang na naman...haha!


Cavender's Boot City

Are you a lover of western attires? and looking for huge selection of cowboy boots? Well, stop wandering around because this the right place to shop! At Cavenders.com, a one-stop source for all of Westerns items starts from gifts, accessories, to western wear for men, women, and children as well. Plus you can check out their selection of stylish cowboy boots for all occasions and their wide variety of cowboy hats! They have sale items on selected brands including Justin Boots, Lucchese, Ariat, and Wrangler in a great deal the prices are very reasonable. Visit their site now for your self!!

What a long day

I just now have the mood to sit and do my blogging thing. because it was a long day for me and my son, we went with my sister and her kids for a rode, visit the public library and headed straight to the walked by park and kids were playing for the rest of the morning until they got wore out, then we rode to their Nana's house to had lunch and continue playing. It was tiring for me but what matters most son enjoyed with his cousins. He loved the big green slide all by him self already! He was squealing and giggling to the max! goodness my son is really a big boy now! I just woke up from our nap and ready to blog haha...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Looking for Personal loans

Do you know that people thinking of several ways to get financial option because we all know now a days we have a very tough economic problem facing here and there. We are always aware that there are times that we need a financial help options, like getting a Pay Day Loan. Some are just waiting for their paycheck yet they are in need of cash because of emergency, so the better option is to get a loan. Anyway, there lots of online site offering different terms and condition. But if you are looking a company that gives the better loan option you need? whether you are looking for Auto Loan or car loans, home, Personal Loans or student loans, well BestLeadingLenders.com, can provides you the quick no hassle loan approvals without leaving their home, and their programs are available nationwide for most all credit situations. So for more information kindly check it out!

Overload chores

Just finished my overload laundries today, thank goodness i made it! It's been couple of weeks that i am always caught by an over loading laundry. I don't know why i am too lazy to drag them to the washing machine. Lately i was so busy grabbing opps and didn't noticed the time flew by so fast. Then all i know that it is end of the day again, it is my daily routine already in past several days. You know guys it hard to get up when you start sitting in your computer chair! But i made a promised to just minimize my blogging and do my daily chores in time!

Looking for Trophies?

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Like this for winter!

I am planning to get this soon for this coming winter season. But have to save some first because it's kinda over my price limit hehe. I really like the style and i think i can use this for either jeans or dress attire. I'm sure i get enough warm with this jacket! We will see...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

place for fit people

Are you single and fit? Do you like to chat and meet new people that shares the same interest as do? So, calling all Fitness Girls and Boys! Someone is looking for you, this place is for fit people like you! At fitnessdates.com, singles all over the world can meet and know each other online. They can talk about how to stay healthy and sexy, how to be well and fit. Sounds exciting right!!! Check out the links now and meet the world!

Happiness and Health

It has long been thought that happy and positive people tend to be generally healthier than stressed, hostile, or pessimistic people. In one recent study, accordingly to researchers they concluded that people with upbeat moods have lower levels of cortisol - a stress hormone that may contribute to a range of ills when it is chronically elevated. Such people also have lower levels of two proteins that indicates widespread inflammation in the body. Also, accordingly to Dr. Andrew Steptoe of University College, London, mood states are not just a matter of heredity, but depend on our social relationships and fulfillment in life. So lets live healthy and be happy!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Supercharge Your Auto!

I found a great site that sells superchargers and turbochargers for cars and trucks, it's called SuperchargerPros.com! I have always been a fan of fast and powerful cars and these buick supercharger really do the trick! The air induction is a major component of the automobile, so the more air going into the engine, the better. What they actually do is force more air into the engine so that it creates alot more power and torque. It really is a high tech way to add power to any engine. They have many types to choose from like mercedes supercharger and pontiac supercharger and they have great prices and fantastic customer service as well. Also, all parts have a complete warranty, so you know you are covered! Check them out today. Supercharge your auto now!

I want Crawfish!


I am really craving for crawfish right now! crawfish is a baby fresh water lobster. It is really tiny compare to the normal lobster i eat, but when i taste them the other day ohh goodness it was so good and savory. To bad i didn't get enough for me. Taste like crabs, ( i love crab) was my first time to tried crawfish never thought i like it but right now i am craving more! So, we will go to Chinese restaurant to pick some crawfish. Even husband can't eat seashells but he will bring me there hehe! Thanks baby!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Products from Gimmees!

Have you ever wanted to promote your business so that you could bring in more clients? I found a great site that sells Promotional Items to people like you and me so that we can do just that, at gimmees.com. It attracts clients in a colorful and exciting way. They have so many different items to choose from. They have mugs, pens, calendars, bags, letter openers, stress relievers and so much more! My husband's company could really benefit from using promotional items like these, especially the Business and Office products. They are items that we all use and it has your business information on it, so they constantly see what we have to offer. It's great!

No More Tilapia for me!!

I used not to eat tilapia fish way back in pinas because i can't stand the strong smell of it, and i know this fish came fresh water or cultured. Anyway when i came here in the states, i learned to just like it because tilapia fillet is one of the very common in the supermarket! Even there's still kinda taste that strong for me yet i can tolerate it already. But, not until i found out today from my father in-law that they use this fish for ****!! i prefer not to mention exactly the thing because i don't wanna kill the joy of people who really loves tilapia fish! But for me no more tilapia! period, bottom line! Sayonara....

Brigade Blackhawk

Looking for the best outdoor gear and clothing for all sorts of professions? An online store that providing military, professional and outdoor gear and clothing to consumers, resale, government, and institutional in a reasonable prices and high quality products! They have widest selection of tactical gears and BlackHawk Gear for military and police. Not just that you can shop to their online catalogs and search different kinds of products you need. Plus they have several special offer to choose from. Kindly visit their website at BrigadeQM.com and create your account and start shopping!

America's Worst Breakfast Foods

You want to know what are the worst american food?? from breakfast to dinner, from dessert to kids meal? my goodness not to mention their are several huh! particularly breakfast, i admit some are my favorite...yikes! It stated that the "Studies show that people who take time for a morning meal consume fewer calories over the course of the day, have stronger cognitive skills, and are 30 percent less likely to be overweight or obese." We really be aware what's on our plate very often if it's healthy or not! You got to read the article and see what worst food they are talking about click here...

Matchpoint Network

Are you considering buying a franchise? now a days Franchising is very common and popular any where you are in the world. But, before engaging to this thing, first you need to know which franchise opportunity is right and best for you. MatchPoint is the right consultation assessment to help you and the companies expand their franchise networks and improve their system profitability by reducing Franchisee recruitment costs and improving the quality of new Franchisees coming into a system. In other words they will help matching potential business owners with the right franchise that is suitable for them. So if you are planning to franchise any business, you need to visit matchpointnetwork.com and consult them your problem.

Kind blogger A...

Thank you to Kf for giving me this award i appreciate much! It was a very nice surprised i got several award lately! hehe

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now i would like to pass this award to my fellow 5 blogger namely vinez, anniniput2, jerlawithlove, analiza, and laradee.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Small Business Software


If you have a small business running, then I just want to share this very informative solution to your small business operation. With the use of this software you will greatly improve how your business runs! It's hassle free and convenient wise you can manage your business information even you are at your comfort of your home. No driving and going to your Tax Preparer or bookkeepers office. Plus it save you gas as we all know that gas prices continuesly goes up!

With their Software, you can instantly E-Mail your Tax and Bookkeeping information to them or to your current Bookkeeper / Tax Preparer. This software WILL SAVE YOU MONEY! The gas savings alone may very well pay for this software!! So what are you waiting for? If you are interested to know more about what im talking about kindly visit www.a-1taxservice.com. Businessmen and women tell them what you think about their software, and make a buzzed for it simply votes! See you there!!!

Vegas Golf Courses



Had you tried playing golf? Me, I would love to! I don't know how this millionaires game is being played, but I would like to experience it though I'm not a millionaire,lol! A lot of individuals today are being hooked in playing golf. They say that this game is a very good stress fighter, playing golf has become their passion. Are you a golf enthusiast? Or you are a newbie who wants to have the best golf experience for the first time? Well, here is a great news for you! Las Vegas Golf courses are calling you!

As we know, Las Vegas is becoming America's best golf destination, why? For here is found the best game deals for you. Only on Waltersgolf.com. You can choose which among these world's most beautiful golf destinations you want to be. At Bali Hai Golf Club, feel like you're in a tropical island paradise and enjoy every magnificent view. Or you may want to be like a blue-blooded royalty playing at the Royal Links Golf Club with an ambiance of a real British open game. And you also must check out Desert Pines Golf Club, for a lifetime experience you won't forget. Oh why not have the Tour the World packages and experience all three! These Las Vegas Golf packages are truly fabulous every golfer dreams to experience. Oh I would loved to be there someday,lol! How about you? Visit the links for more details.


The Amazing Race -ASIA

One of my favorite reality show is the amazing race, fond of watching it since then. I was excited to know that Asia has its own version also and Philippine team is part of it. Right now I'm a goer and always looking forward to their adventures!

Date a Millionaire

Single of all ages if you are looking for an online dating site that designed to singles who wants to date a Millionaire Singles across the country, well DateAMillionaire.com is the right place to join because they will give you just what you want unlike other sites that charge to much and offer too little. They are the premiere millionaire dating community, just sign up and instantly you can search thousands of singles looking for someone like you. What you waiting for!!

World's Oldest Man

Tomoji Tanabe from Miyakonojo, southern Japan is the world's oldest man alive. He celebrated his 113th birthday last Thursday. Accordingly even though he is old yet he mentioned that he still have a joyful life and healthy appetite, living with his son. Tanabe, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living male last year, he eats mostly vegetables and believes the key to longevity is not drinking alcohol. He drinks milk everyday and cut back oily food even though he loves fried shrimp. He said, "he wants to live for another 10 years, that he doesn't want to die." For more story click here...

Find Out Who Called

Are you sick and tired of listening those calls that you won't answer because you don't recognize the number? i definitely one of those people gets annoyed of unfamiliar phone calls every now and then. I tried to registered my number to National No Call Registry so that people i don't know can't access me or call me anymore. Yet, good thing my husband run to our telephone the reverse phone lookup so i will know who's calling us if it's junk calls or important calls. Plus i have the information of all my incoming calls. How about you? Find Out Who Called You. Run a free reverse phone number lookup for any number whether its listed or not in your phone. Kindly visit their site now!


I have fear of snake ever since i saw a big cobra snake way back i was in elementary with jerla while we're playing! I swear up to now i can still remember the incident and what it look like. So after that i said.. i do not want to be close to either baby or matured snake at all! Anyway, yesterday we're headed to grandparents and just passed through our backyard, i heard something in the grass... out of curiosity what is it, i wandered around and all of a sudden i saw a snake!!!! gush my knee started to freeze and all i did was grab my son and ran towards outside our gate fence hahaha! i called husband to let him know what i been through...! We found out it was only a garden snake it's harmless and environment friendly! phewwww goodness I'm glad! but as of now i won't take a chance to go or pass to our backyard

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NJ Amusement Park’s

One of this days we planning to go to the amusement park here in our place. I'm sure we gonna love it because you know what amusement park has to offer to the guess and families. Lots of rides and excitement going on there. I am excited and can't wait.

But you know where is the largest amusement park ever built?? with the spectacular rides and attraction surely you will amuse of what you have to see! Well, i just came to know that New Jersey has the largest amusement piers in the world and located on the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey, next to historic Cape May, New Jersey, and not far from both Ocean City and Atlantic City. New Jersey is consider as one of the popular destination of family beach vacation in the country. And Morey's Piers is the best place to go, they offers over 100 exciting amusement park rides and attractions, including TWO large beachfront of New Jersey waterparks, kiddie rides, roller coasters and more waterparks ride of all ages! While kids are enjoying parents can also relax in their all new resort-themed atmosphere.

In addition Morey’s Piers have the special events offers the magicalmondays is one of the specials they do weekly. So if you are planning for out of state vacation? Morey’s Piers is a great place for a “New Jersey Vacation” and you can find hotels & motels in Wildwood through their site! Avoid the long theme park lines and come enjoy a classic seaside amusement park with your family! Visit their website for more information. Definitely, I want to go there one day with my family.

Just got home

We just got home from grandparents house, we went there around 2pm and they asked us to stay for dinner which is i didn't say no for an answer because Nana was fixing barbecue rib hmmm delish jud! they knew that i loved barbecue especially ribs. With baked potato and corn of course truly a southern style of food. I was stuffed and just ready to rest. Thanks for the yummy dinner!!

Stokke tripp trapp

Oh I love this Stokke Tripp Trapp and I'm sure my baby too! This tripp trapp has so many great features. It has a very durable design that supports well your child. It is also adjustable which makes it fitting to every child from infants to toddlers. The designs are so cute and classy, it compliments to almost any furniture you may have. Plus the prices are very reasonable, you can't ask for more! I would really love to have this tripp trapp for my baby boy! How about you??? You better do!


This is me and my big brother, was 3years old and he's 4. My mom says every time they take me pictures i always had the faces of this!! they said I hate taking pictures and i really screamed and cried when they do it no matter what and I must agree. I remembered my aunt got married i was the flower girl, and every shots they took a always give funny faces and scary LOL! so silly of me!! Ohh i have so many memories when i was a little girl the weirdest and wackiest one. But when i was in my teens it came out very opposite i loved to pose and pose and pose no matter! haha every angle i have to take a caption.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Be Aware

Did you know that 1 in every 465 U.S citizen is a sex predator? That's how serious the situation is. We should be aware about this criminals for us to avoid the dangers it can bring to our family specially to our young ones. It would be very helpful for us to check out this site about Child Molesters list. This site is dedicated to give you all the current and accurate information about child molesters that can be found in your area. Who knows, your neighbor might be a villain. Scary huh?! So better check out this site, sign up now to locate and trace bad people near you!

Creative Award


Yay me! got another new award... this one is from Pretty me. Thank you for awarding me, truly appreciated!

Give this creative award now to your top 5 most creative blogger friends!

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I’ll give this award to:

jerla, anniniput, anagore, greenman and poray.

Retractable Screens

I like the idea of having a retractable screen door in our house because will create more room outside your door, you will noticed the difference of swinging doors than retractable one. So, It's been awhile that we are planning to get one. The benefits of having this retractable window screen and door screen are... It really help keep inside temperatures down. Then when installing the retractable screens it can create a wonderful cross-breeze through our home. Utilize your fullest view to the outside. This is the smart way to ventilate your beautiful home. Check them out!

10 Simple Things that Make You Happy

The ten on Tuesday is all about 10 Simple Things that Make You Happy! I will try to remember all at once because sometimes its normal that you forgot things...hmmm!

1. I'm happy when i eat my favorite food.
2. I'm happy when i treat my self once in awhile.
3. I'm happy to share something to my family.
4. Playing with my son is enjoying.
5. happy when see the house is clean
6. Chocolates make me happy
7. Going out somewhere with my family.
8. Dine out with my son and husband.
9. When there's lots of opps for me.
10. When husband surprises me in his own special way.

Police Gear

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Parthenon (Nashville)


This is The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee it is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. It is called the 'Athens of the South' the home to the world's only full-size replica of the ancient Parthenon. This historical spot functions as an art museum, stands as the centerpiece of Centennial Park, a large public park just west of downtown Nashville. Lots of paintings display from early centuries and in addition of variety of temporary shows and exhibits every now and then. Accordingly In the summertime, local theatre productions use the building as a backdrop for classic Greek plays. So if you are going to Nashville, TN you know where is your next stop. Come here and see one of our place's attraction.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Diet Pills

Diets Pills are flooding in the market now a days, you may even tried some of them. But do you want to know which diet pills lived up to its promise and brings satisfying results? There are variety of things that makes your diet pill good, from safety and cost, to value and effectiveness. These are factors you have to consider when deciding which diet pills to take. You can now learn more about the best diet pill available for you. Learn straight from the experts and get feed backs from individuals who also tried the products. Do not settle for anything less. Have the best diet pills and achieve the health and body you've always dreamed of. Visit the links now!

tWenty-oNe quEsti0ns

Thank you anniniput for allowing me to grab this! ok kinda interesting also...

1. Add your blog/s to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. It’s okey if you only post this questions in one blog as long as you answer them.
2. Get back to ME and I’ll add your blogs to the master’s list HERE {Note that you are not ALLOWED to change this links and make sure to leave the exact URL.}
3. Copy from Start to End.
4. Tag as many friends online you know. But you don’t need to be tag in order to join. Who played along:

1. Music of my Heart 2. Me and Mine 3. Creative in Me 4. For the LOVE of Food 5. Little Peanut 6. Pea in a Pod 7. It’s Where the HEART Is 8. Around the World 9. FunFierceFabulous 10. Ozzy's Mom 11. Me,Myself+2 12. Kidd Designs 13. Complex Life 14. BeautifuL s0UL 15. Kurdapya Meets World 16. YOUR BLOG HERE..

Questions and Answers:

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says:.... "Therefore, we use the world to the extent necessary but not "to the full"
2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?... The Bed!
3.What is the last thing you watched on TV?...."I love money"..haha!
4.WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is:... hmmmm 9:55pm?
5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?.... yikes!! 9:52 almost right..!
6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?.... The CD player!!!
7. When did you last step outside? what were you doing?... This 5 after, we went to grabbed chinese food for dinner.
8. Before you came to this website, what did you look at?... Finishing my opp at ss!
9. What are you wearing?... short and shirt!
10. Did you dream last night?... Yes! i dreamed about my family was here with me! haha
11. When did you last laugh?... awhile ago with my son and husband during dinner time. (son was being silly)
12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?.. calendar, photos, clock
13. Seen anything weird lately?... yeah me weird! lol
14. What do you think of this quiz?... fun! that's why I grab it.
15. What is the last movie you saw?... The mummy "tomb of the dragon emperor
16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?... private jet! haha
17. Tell me something about you that I don’t know:... i don't know,haha! im ur sistah halluer
18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?... Huh? I don't like beauty pageant questions... Me TOo!
19. Do you like to dance?... Not even want to try!
20. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her? a boy?... Joshua tawun name ni kurdapyo! and when its a girl JosieLee
21. Would you ever consider living abroad?.... definitely! I'm here already! hehe

pass this along to mia, jerla, anagore and YOU!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Payday Loan Services

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Samal Island Escapades - Davao


Some pictures of my friend with her BF in their weekend escapades to the beautiful island of Davao,Philippines... in Samal Island. One of the tourist spot in the Philippines and I'm talking about one of the famous destination earthwide with foreigners and locals so to speak. Because of its white sand and amazing views. Thanks gurl for really sharing me these photos!! Till next time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

BBW Chat Rooms

Almost every household has a computer now a days and one of the common things especially singles of all ages are hooked into online dating where in they meet and chat with new friends and possibly mate. There are different kinds of chat rooms you can go to. Like for instance, if you are a guy that tired and sick of meeting a thin and skinny gals, maybe time for you to change your preference. There is a BBW Chat Rooms created that allow guys to meet and chat with plus size and curvy ladies around the world. All you have to do is visit their site at bbwchatcity.com and create your free membership then start communicating with each other and you might find your Ms. Right there!

Headache is Kickin'

Grrrrrr! my head is really aching right now, its a dull ache down to my neck! I'm scared what if this is a symptoms of high blood huhuhu because I'm a little bit dizzy too and nauseated! or what if my iron is low?? I hope this will gone soon because i can't tolerate it. Makes me moody and effect my entire being naks! Ok i guess i will just take this to rest....hay inay!

But i need to do my last opps before going to take off!! yawat na oi!

Looking for textbooks

Are you one of those people who loves to read on their spare time? I came across to this site that sells wide selection of new and used textbooks in a reasonable price you could get. Search from hundreds of different authors and book titles from Business & Finance, Social Science, Music, Ethnic Studies, Math, Science, Psychology, and much more! Check it out and make your school year opening be ahead of everyone, let Buy.com help you find the books your looking for. Me, I already found here the one i liked... the Stori Telling by Tori Spelling. LOL.

aWesoMe, I am Award

Thank you jeweng for this bling bling from you! I just grab this first award since i alread had the second award several days ago.

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Passing this award to saves, analiza, and bams.

Latina Chat City

To all Latinas and Latina lover, if you are interested to meet new people and become friends along the way. You may want to visit this site exclusively for Latina Chat community around the world, you can chat and view them. It's easy to be a member just create a 100% Free membership account and begin viewing and communicating with all of the people on this website today! You might find your soul mate here!

Banana bread

I was craving banana bread lately, but i didn't bake because i wanted husband to make it for me! I swear he bake the yummiest banana bread ever. So finally i convinced him to baked last night and it was so good i am happy as well my tummy. I ate a slice last night though I'm not that satisfied but son is fussy so i need to stop munching and put him to bed haha! It's my breakfast actually sarap talaga kasi! he mix it with oatmeal and add some cinnamon!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Healthy Coffee!

I loved coffee so much but when I got pregnant, I kinda cut back coffee for a while. Well, I found out that there is a healthy coffee for those who are health conscious. We have these kinds of coffee back in my hometown in the Philippines and I didn't know that they actually have an online site that sells these kinds of coffee. It's GANO coffee at ganocoffeeishealthy.com, I agree that they have the healthiest coffee ever. The coffee from Gano has over 150 different antioxidants per cup and 200 total active nutrients. Their brand has the most Ganoderma (Reishi) per cup and that is the secret ingredient that makes it so healthy. In fact my family in the Philippines are drinking this coffee ever since. So why not give it a try, it's affordable as $9 per box!

Bukidnon - Philippines

My kababata Analou just shared me several photos of here vacation in Davao,Philippines along with her fafable Vincent and some 40 others. They attended the special assembly of JW's. Anyway I really asked her to show some pictures because i do loved nature tripping and i kinda missed those days of me in my hometown.
This was taken on the top of Bukidnon where she visited her relatives that lives on the peak of the bukid hehe. Surely they had so much fun climbing up the mountain with all the adventures and slippery roads they've experienced. I love to go to Davao again and have the adventure to climb with my family and Friends.
Bukidnon is considered by Filipinos to be the food basket of Mindanao because of the fresh vegetables that farmers do for a living, and they are the major producer of rice and corn in the region.

Public Records Database

If you are looking for comprehensive and accurate information about a certain person. Use the Public Records Database at publicrecordsdb.org, because they use the most comprehensive database available to access local, county or state public records search. Whether on a local or nationwide search, they can provide you all that with the fastest and easiest way to search it. Just type in by names, last names, city and states and click search then you are good to locate that person's public records and information.

Happy Weekend Ahead

Hello every one! I just wanted to extend my greeting to all of you who visits me here. Time runs so fast... uh huh! Its Friday again which means here comes the weekend! time to relax and unwind with our family. I always say TGIF!!! I have plans for tomorrow already i just hope the weather does cooperate despite the news says. But one way or another we gonna go somewhere tomorrow either indoor or outdoor. Have a great weekend ahead everyone!!!

Local Public Records

I came across to this site that help people search people's public record base on the states they are living, county and city public records as well. At localpublicrecords.org, they provide FREE complete public records of the largest search database on the Internet. They have compiled the most useful and direct links to all public records resources possible. Such like searching on marriage and divorce records, birth and death records, business information, property records, court and criminal public records, links to employment searches, unemployment benefits, etc. So take your research on their site for your instant search!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

orlando parks and adventures- Florida


Got these photos from my friend ate Darlene n Florida. We met during our stay in manila for our embassy thing. First we saw at st.Luke we kinda click right away along with chona from Mississippi even though it was just a short moment but our friendship remain till now. we have communication through chat and still telling whats the latest happenings so on so fort.
One thing i really wanna go to Florida because i am looking forward to see her again the last time was when she fetched me and husband at manila airport and together we went to CFO! to get passport done. Also I want to go so bad to these places! at epcot, universal studio, disneyland and more. The husband promise to bring us over and might as well see his family... so can't wait!

Varga - Phillippines

Another Filipino show that I've been watching lately is VARGA, it is a fantasy series of ABS-CBN adapted from the creation of Mars Ravelo. A Superhero story, mix with action and comedy. Varga is an alien princess who finds herself drawn to planet Earth. Gifted with beauty, superpowers and a voluptuous body, she meets and hooks up with a kiddie earthling and together they try to take on the bad guys and save the world. I loved the show because characters are all hilarious from VAGA (Mariel Rodriguez) the sexy super hero, to the little girl (Angel Sy ) ang taga lupa name OLGA. That's what VARGA stands for because if they collide or touches each other they become as one. Just watch it guys it is really funny!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Dehumidifiers and humidifiers are really a great solution when you have an air allergies that causes by dust and such inside your home. I personally has one at home for my baby and it helps him a lot as well us when time of cold season. The dehumidifiers are an essential ingredient to reducing moisture levels in your home, which in turn inhibits mold growth and dust mite proliferation. If you don't have one yet, you can visit at allergybuyersclubshopping.com. A one stop shop of wide selection of healthy products you need and in addition if you shop over $150, you are guarantee of FREE shipping. So for more information kindly check it out.

10 Favorite Movie Songs

This meme is courtesy by Yano ten on Tuesday meme! I already posted this to my other blog but I thought it would be nice to post here as well!

1. I've Finally Found Someone - The Mirror Has Two Faces
2. Don’t Want to Miss a Thing - Armageddon
3. Unchained Melody - Ghost
4. My Heart Will Go On - Titanic
5. When You Say Nothing at All - Nothing Hill
6. Dawson's Creek - It Feels Like Home
7. My Heart Will Go On - Titanic
8. Pretty Woman - Pretty Woman
9. You Will Always Be Beautiful
10. I Couldn't ask For More

Sunday, September 7, 2008

California Beach Rentals

Being here in the States for 3 years now makes me miss my family back home so much! I often caught myself daydreaming, hoping that one day we can be reunited here. That's what we plan, getting them all here. If things will push-through, God's will, I know that someday we will be together. I wonder what it would be like? Perhaps we will plan the happiest and most wonderful bonding with each other. A nice vacation is a very good idea. In California I guess would be the perfect place for us to visit. Long time friends are there and relatives too. Then we will have a vacation rental in one of the nicest California beach rentals in that area. Vacation rentals are popular now a days, specially to those who plans to have reunions or group travels. One fun site to search for vacation rentals is vrbo.com. Get the best deals and prices straight from the owners. Beach rentals, yachts, cruises and more. No matter where you are in the States or in the world, you can find the best one for you and your loved ones. I'm so excited when ours would be,lol! Anyways, check out the links now and see it for yourself.

Tag time..

It's been awhile i haven't got any tag from my friendship! but I'm glad my sissy anniniput just tagged me this "heart your blog tag", thank you so much my dear you come along just right!!lol.

Here are the rules connected to the I Heart Your Blog award:

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My nominees are everyone in my bloglist... Please just grab it!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Getting your Credit Card?

We must admit, having a credit card is so exciting, one of the nicest experience we can ever have. But we also need to be responsible and wise in handling our credit cards. Do you dream of having your own credit card? This online site will surely be of interest to you. Their you can find the type of Credit Cards that will perfectly fit your lifestyle and your budget. I tried to search one for myself and I happened to like not just one,lol! Here you can find all your major Credit Cards like visa, discover, American express, MasterCard, etc. With different features and deals. Like this Major League Basketball Extra Bases Card, which makes you earn points to get free basketball game tickets, autographs from the stars and memorabilia. Also this PetRewards Platinum Plus Visa Card, to all those animal lovers. Honestly, I like everything in here! It's like a Google search for credit cards. Why not visit the links now, see it for yourself and be amaze!

Survivor Philippines

I am anxious and looking forward to this reality show that finally Philippines has its version, I'm talking about SURVIVOR. Ever since the reality show started, as in the first season way back years years ago i am a viewer already till now, I loved how the game was and everything. So i will definitely watch this coming soon survivor series on pinoychannel. Hoping this survivor Philippines that hosted by Paolo Bediones will be as good as the original...wink!

Friday, September 5, 2008


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This is my big brother he is a year older than me, i may say we are so close with each other yet we are cats and dogs as well during our growing up years but right now we both matured enough so we're already both good boy and girl...LOL!

Anyway this photo was taken at boracay years ago, he went for a week of vacation with my dad's ex-office mate. Of course we all aware how famous this white sand beach is! one of the well known tourist destination in the Philippines, celebrities and tourist are coming here all year round. Hmmmm.... I should be the one to go to boracay that time but i didn't fight for my rights haha joke anyway the truth was... it was his moment because he didn't go with us during our vacation to Shrangrila Mactan Cebu. So he got the boracay vacation, I still wanting to go to this place someday along with my family I'm sure my husband will love the place!!!

Best Fat Burner

You heard a lot about weight lose programs and diet pills. How it help people achieved their much desired body. But do you know what's the best fat burners available for you? Green tea is one of the best among the rest! It has the best components in burning fat, no wonder lots of diet supplements has green tea as one of the ingredients. I truly agree! Drinking green tea help me manage my weight and of course it's healthy. If you want to know more about the best fat burners in the market, check out fatburner.net. It has an extensive reviews about these products, you will definitely find one that suits you best.


We are expecting thunderstorms today and tomorrow as the news says possible to rain all day because of the hurricane close to us and it pushes the pressure towards here so I'm pretty sure we're fixing to get wet with heavy rains pretty soon. I never thought it would rain tomorrow not until this morning watched it in the news. Right now it is getting dark outside. Ohhh i don't like it!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Are you having problems with your cellular signal? Do you want to improve it and have the best quality signal possible? It's so easy. An online site that offers cellular solutions for your buildings and vehicles. Whether it's for your home, apartment, office, high rise, truck, car or whatever, they have a wide range of cellular antennas and cell phone repeater. Their services applies to all North American carriers,you don't need to worry. Say goodbye to cellular problems. Through their help, be connected and stay connected to the world.

October 25th

October 25th is the date I'm looking forward so my husband because at small town of Lynchburg Tennessee 15 minutes drive from our city will having an event. By invitational of Jack Daniel's Distillery and with people of Lynchburg will host one of the most biggest and prestigious barbecue competitions in one world. Over 60 award-winning barbecue teams and contestants across the country will be joining the world invitational championship barbecue contest. I'm sure alot of people coming over there and i am excited to be there and witness the event this will be my first you know and one thing people are free to taste their barbecue hmmmmm that's interesting! can't wait!

NC Health Insurance

Recently my aunt got sick and was hospitalized. Medical bills add more pressure and stress to the situation. Good thing my aunt has health insurance. It made her pay just half the total expenses. It did helped alot! This made me realized how important it is having a health insurance. When we got sick and needs medical assistance, health insurance is a friend we really can depend on. Are you from North Carolina and interested in having a health insurance? You will be happy to know about NC health insurance. You can visit their site at getnchealthinsurance.com for more information and details about the plans they have to offer. This is a very good site, the help you need is just a click away.

Is your Child Online?

At many given moments, millions of youths are online, whether at home, at school, at a friend's house, or if they have Internet access on a handled device or cellphone, actually almost anywhere. If you are parents, you are faced with a sobering reality: Your children are probably more comfortable in this new cyberworld than you are, and they may even know how to keep you in the dark about their online activities.

Is this cause for concern? absolutely. Is the situation hopeless? By no means. True, it may seem that when it comes to the Internet, your child is the native and you are tourist. Still, you can learn the lay of the land. And you do not have to become an expert at all things electronic in order to keep your child safe.

Life Insurance Quotes

Unexpected circumstances specially when it comes to financial matters sometimes gives us headaches and heartbreaks. It's a terrible situation when we meet financial breakdown. Money doesn't give us happiness, but it's also important for our life also depends on it. I've considering this matter and I think it helps a lot if an individual has an insurance. I personally plan to have a life insurance plan. With the help of life insurance quotes and rates, I know that financially, my family and my future will be secured somehow. If you also consider getting insured, visit wholesaleinsurance.net. They give you the best insurance quotes and rates that suits your need.


I am so mad right now!!! i don't know what going with my 2 blogs (the twins) its been two days already that the page are looking sooo weird! something appear bandwidth bandwidth by photobucket!!! gushhhhh! its frustrating to see all of those i need to do something but my laziness over powering me right now huhuhu! because I'm pregnant and didn't feel good most of the time! now what will i do???

Monday, September 1, 2008

Phone lookup Scan

I have found one of the best websites in the Internet. I bet you too will agree with me when you click the links and land on this page. Do have any idea what I mean? I'm talking about this online site that offers Phone Number Lookup service. Do you remember the time when you keep on getting junk or prank calls? How you wish you can find out who's calling you! Or you may got calls from phone numbers you do not recognized, off course you would want to know who are they. Now, you will have the power to know who are those calling you! Through phonelookupscan.com, all you have to do is enter the phone no. to find its owner. Its as easy as that, their database system will do the search for you. No matter which part you are in the country, phone look up can trace it.Visit them now and be amazed as I am.

Been to a Lake

We been again to a lake this afternoon, this is different than last weekend. We both just love the nature so every time we are free of doing nothing we heading to several lakes here. Some are pretty but others are ugly too hehe! but this is one of the nice i ever been so far it's kinda private yet public there some sort of division. It has a mini island where in we can hike for a little bit from here and there. Nice view and clean water.

Local Court Records

Looking for info on a particular person on a particular state when it comes to legal matters if this person can be trusted or has a criminal record? well, you can search all at once the info you need easily. Through the help of localcourtrecords.org, this is the comprehensive instant Court Records finder across the country. So where ever you are their database will lead you to the details you wanted to know just by typing the person's name, city, and state into the form they provided for and that's it you can instantly know that person. Try it!!

These are just the sample of some of the things you can find with LocalCourtRecords.org:

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and much more..