Sunday, November 30, 2008

I hate fried chicken..

I don't know why i hate chicken lately especially when it cooked to a fried chicken! grrrr... i can't even stand the smell of it, to think before crispy fried chicken is my favorite food of all time. Gusshhh! i used to pick it to the bones but suddenly i woke up i hate chicken! I hope this will be over after my pregnancy because i couldn't accept i will not be eating my fave food anymore! I missed it though but i just can't look and stand the smell! sigh... buhay!

About Acai berry

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The Myth of Hair Growth

Cutting or shaving your hair will not affect its rate of growth, texture or thickness," states a health-and-fitness article in The New York Times. The myth that hair will grow back faster and thicker if cut or shaved has been around for many years. However, repeated studies since the 1920’s have shown that "the length, texture and coarseness of your hair are determined by genetics and hormone levels, not by how often you shave," says the article. Why does the myth persist? It may be because many people start shaving early in life, when hair growth has not reached its highest rate and the hair is of lighter color. Also, "hair is darker and rougher at its roots, so removing the tips gives the appearance of coarser hair," states the Times. "The bristly stubble that emerges after shaving may also be more noticeable than the same amount of growth in hair that is already long.


This week's theme of PhotoHunt is about 'Metal'. I don't have any pictures that represents metal except this bridge i took 2weeks ago when we we're headed home from our trip. Thought its kinda neat to take photo of the bridge, this is a newly built bridge actually. And was perfect timing glad i took it! hehe!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Neck ties are Mens bestfriend!

I think men are more vain than woman. Why? Because they are so meticulous even with the most simple things, their neck ties for example. Well, to them it's really big deal. Neck ties and silk ties are important part of men's lives. Every suit needs to have a perfect match neck tie, good thing an online site has them all! From stripped ties, patterned ties, colored, company ties, and so much more! Men will definitely love it. Click on the links and find the ties you like most!

Boring Day

Today was definitely a boring day for me and son, although it's a holiday still... yet husband is working. He choose not to have a rest days because he needs to patch up some times that he always with me. We went twice to my OBGYN last week and he just excused from his work that time. So Bebe and I just stuck at home all day, my sissy invites me to have lunch but I need to get done my chores, and also trying wait for some opps but i think the advertisers are having their break also!

That's why we called several times to Dada even though he was so busy fixing the rental house. We just miss him badly because supposed to be we will spend our time together! I really need to go out tomorrow so i will feel better! hmmmm...

Memory Cards to sissy...

I'm now starting to gather stuffs to send to family early next year. I'm thinking if I should send some memory cards to sister. She told me that her cellphone needs to have a higher gig mini SD memory card. Higher gig means she can store more pictures, videos, and applications. I really think I should send some memory cards, specially now that father lost his cellphone. He needs a new one, and in case he's already got a new cellphone, then the memory card will not be a problem anymore.

Lemonade Award

Mommy jerla tagged me this nice and refreshing award thing. The fact is I do loved lemonade i usually get at sonic you know ur familiar with that haha with extra fresh strawberries of course! Anyway thank thank you for sharing me the drinks gurl!

The Rules of this award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

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Time to tag all of you guys who visited me here!! just grab it if you can...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There is always more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. It does not matter if the thing you give is extravagant or simple, when or why, what's important is that it comes from within. I truly admire those charitable institutions and individuals who are doing noble deeds to help their fellowmen. But all of us has the power to bring smiles to other peoples hearts. We can do this by lending a hand or by sharing an inspiring note through simple yet special cards.

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So tempting!!

~ peanut butter cheesecake~
~milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts~
~macadamia nut chocolates~
Don't they look soo yummy mouth watering sweets!! I just got a catalog from this store and i wish i didn't open and look all the stuff inside truly you will get drooled as you open each pages... my goodness!! so tempting as in.. I said i got to taste this! and this! and this! and so on fort... They give especial offer for the holiday! here's the link guys... if you are chocolate lovers like me!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Diet Solution

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Sissy's Request..

Sissy requested me to get a hair dryer for her, I told her why not just buy one.. i'll just send her a money for it, but mom said it's nicer here because of quality and durability of stuff which i agree. So anyway, while we we're chatting the other day I share her a website to see what she likes for her hair dryer... well then this is her choice, I bet it's her color and style no wonder haha! I guess i will get this blower along with the other stuff i will be sending soon. winkz!

Red Hot Franchises

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Awesome Sculptures!


Isn't it cool?? i was enjoying viewing all these sculptures.. really a work of art. Got this from a friend of mine, Thanks girl for sharing me this! And thought it would be nice to share it with you too!

What's the best host?

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No more cp!

I am chatting right now with family in pinas, and sissy told me a shocking news!! my dad's cellphone was lost in the wind yesterday. Seriously though, he accidentally dropped it somewhere when he just arrived from manila for business trip. Sad to say because everything the numbers, i mean all of my father's connection was in that cutie CP =(( and also that cp was a memorable one it used to be mine that hubby gave to me, then i sent it to pinas when i got here!! nothing we can do but to chill out and accept the fact that the cellphone was gone. I hope someone who found it, have a kind heart to give it back... even just the simcard only haha! the cellphone is yours na dong or day! Anyway, i guess it's about time to change my dad's CP after all and this is it!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

grow your business fast..

There's a lot of businesses now a days that is growing tremendously, you have to be smart and have the strategy on how to maintain your business in good standing. Like what i learned about one of my closest person here, a very successful businessman. He has the financial back ups for his business finances, like applying for Merchant Cash Advance, a loan that will assist your business transaction. A website like, they offers a "Fast Business Loan", unlike traditional bank loans, has less stringent requirements, faster approval, and no closing cost or fees. With low rate you can get the cash you need quickly without the paperwork hassle. Check it out if you are ready to grow your business!

I's kinda fun...

Five names you go by:
1. Shela
2. Babe
3. Inday teng
4. Ate
5. Kurdapya

Three things you are wearing right now:
1. Cargo pants
2. Red long Sleeve Shirt
3. Socks

Two things you want very badly at the moment
1. Want to go shopping
2. Nothing

Two people who will probably grab this out:
1. Not sure
2. Don't know

Two things you did last night:

1. Chatting in pinas
2. Went to walmart

Two things you ate today:
1. krispy kreme domut
2. suite veges with rice and fried fish

Two people you last talked to on the phone:
1. Husband
2. Family

Two things you are going to do tomorrow:
1. Laundry
2. Blog

Two longest car rides:
1. From Tennessee to Washington DC
2. Tennessee to Virginia

I want to pass this along to anniniput, anagore, jerla, resebel. Grab it guyz wink!

Security Camera in the Kingdomhall

I heard my husband and our elders in the congregation talking about something our kingdom hall's security system, that isn't working good at the back of our hall where usually they noticed some mark that some body trying to get in. Husband once found out that the door knob was loss and almost to pop out. Right away they decided to put a Surveillance Camera which is very secure way to monitor who's coming in and out in the vicinity not just the hall they wanted to get in also the parking cars. Since husband knows everything about electronics stuff he volunteer to install it. I'm glad he knows anything and everything!!

Epidemic of Shyness

Email, text messaging and iPods are causing a global epidemic of shyness, reports from Australia's Sunday telegraph. According to phychologist and researcher Robin Abrahams, shyness in social situations now affects about half the population, which represents a significant rise over past levels. Technology is enabling us to opt out difficult situations and causing people to become more insular, Abraham says. People emails or text one another rather than talk.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Meet the Dog!

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Turkey is very popular here in the states and i was watching pinoy show last night that... cooking turkey is what Filipino family practicing already. Especially roast turkey. Here turkey are just overwhelming right now because thanks giving is fast approaching! this is the main dish that American cook along with mash potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallow, and the cranberries gelatin and more! So anyway, since this birdy is common right now we got a whole pack of turkey earlier when we got some groceries, it is in sales so why not grabbed one. I am going to roast this anytime soon, by the way the meat of the turkey can be lasted for months in the fridge so no matter how big it is, nothing to worry about to getting spoil. My husband loves the legs, and I love the dark meat! It's my first time to cook my own because my mother in law does the cooking all the time. hehe!

Friday, November 21, 2008

What's a good business?

I was thinking if we could venture on a business someday soon. It will be a great idea to have our own business. You know, being able to manage time, finances, obligations in our own way. It will be a challenge, a big one but with the foundation and dedication, it will succeed!I believed that buying a franchise is one of the best ventures we could have. But how can we find the perfect franchise for us? The answer- franchise consultation . Match Point Franchise Consulting Network matches franchise buyers with the right franchise opportunities for them. They help you find the business that suits you best, and they do this for free! Isn't it great?I got to try their service, you too can! Check out the site now!

Home Alone...

I was home alone most of the day, sissy took Bebe with them to just hang on around and play. So while he's out i took advantage to really made my chores that i always left behind because of hectic schedule. Glad I accomplished most of the stuff i needed to do. She just brought Bebe home and as I open the door... man! was freaking soo cold outside! feels like i am inside the fridge. Oh isn't winter yet but the temperature is always way down. Not even 6pm yet but its been on the 30's already. I heard on the weekend it will drop more! yikes! I am already super duper freezing here!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Action Stars!

I've always loved action films. I get so struck and amaze by all those action moves and martial arts the actors do. I remember during my younger years, I even dreamed of becoming a martial artist one day, lol! Well, just one of my many frustrations I guess. I'm such a fan of martial artists specially when they are using their martial arts gears. I wonder where they get it? Out of curiosity, I check where can these gears be found. is an online store that sells a huge variety of Martial Arts Equipment, gears and supplies. They are the leading distributor of exercise equipments, everything you need is here! Visit the site now and get to feel like a real action star!

Can't take off of THIS!

Here i am again... I really loved this shoe!! I have to get it before i'm going nuts haha kidding aside. But honestly I'm trying my best to not be tempted to buy this because i really don't need it, yet i sooo fell in love with the style! wedges is one of my shoe type and this is the one i was looking for right now, kinda gladiator style. Ohhhh! what will i do?? my mind keep saying don't buy it but my heart says... wow get it girl!! LOL...

I gain 9lbs!

I went to my doctor's appointment earlier and so far i gained 9 lbs for my half way of pregnancy, I'll be 19weeks pregnant next week and still long way to go until my due date. Which means i am still gaining pregnancy weight. I know after my delivery... it will be awhile to get back to my normal body. That's why i decided after i fully recovered, i am going to take some kinda diet pills so that I'll be sexy again haha! i swear really miss my slim body i used to have and i wanted to get it back again!

I found her!

I've finally found one of my long lost best friends way back in high school. Thanks a lot for friendster i got her profile! It's been quite awhile already that i am trying to search 3 of my closest friends in trade school. I still remember our fun time together before i moved to other school to continue my fourth year in HS. It's really a long story but when we saw each other any where in my hometown we all get excited asking each others life and stuff like that. But since we all graduated in college we totally parted ways and didn't hear from them at all. Not until today i tried to search and shocking i found one of them!!! hehe can't believed for such a long time, she changed a lot! the lady like friend i had became a police woman... wow! but I'm happy for her, saw her family and 3 sons. I hope she will pm me anytime soon and start communicating again.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A friend...

A friend of mine is so excited for the coming holiday you know what i mean. And she mentioned every year, her one and only daughter, always get a lot of gifts from friends and family. According to her, her daughter will do some kinda letter to santa clause. At first i don't believed at her on how they do that, sounds like impossible that santa will got the mail, haha! But she said easy, because she's with this online provider of Letters From Santa that will do everything for your kids and so on so fort! Well, I don't know about this actually because I'm not into this thing. Just check it out for your self!


Finally the awaits was over, tonight was the finale of ANTM! and i am happy that she won because Mckey is my bet. She really deserved to won the title. Every photos taken from her was just fantastic and she's just giving her best and also they like her a lot because she follows direction. Well, to make my long story short.... she won! hehe.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Get Payday Loans

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The Most Expensive Cities

Tokyo, Moscow, and Osaka are the most expensive cities in the world. That is the conclusion of a study conducted by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. The survey, which covers 144 cities, took into account the comparative cost of more than 200 products and services, including housing, clothing, transportation, entertainment, furniture, and household equipment. Half of the 20 most expensive cities are in Asia. Geneva, London, and Zurich appear among the most expensive cities in Europe, after Moscow. New York appears as the tenth most expensive city, while no Canadian city is ranked among the first 100. As to the cheapest cities, AsunciĆ³n in Paraguay tops the list.

Join Vegas Social Club!

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Flu shot!

I think i need to get a flu shot soon because i feel that any moment i will catch colds. Lately i have runny nose especially at night. I hate when i get sick or not feeling well, because if i am oh me oh my i know what will happen. Its not the same when i am single my mom or lola is around to take care of me any thing! spoiled ba. But now i have no time to get sick i have a son and a husband to take care off. So, soon i need to go to have my shot!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Toy Helicopter!

I want to buy a helicopter for my son. Hey! I'm not talking about the real one though, lol! What I like is the mini version, those helicopter toys that are so cool and cute. I found it at An online shop with a wide range of products like rc helicopter, mini helicopters, mini cars and trucks, RC airplanes, boats, etc. They also have all the spare parts needs. The toys are so cool! I'm sure my son will definitely love this. I can imagine his big grin already. Oh boy, I'm excited!

Goodnight World!

I am so ready to rest after such a long day for me and my family! our schedule today was so hectic from morning to late. We start our day getting a new car then it took us several hours their to processed everything good thing i just waited them to finished their transaction but it is also tiring haha! then we just grabbed something to eat i had no time to fix our lunch! after awhile we headed to get groceries... so on so fort! and i never rest since now had to fix dinner, cleaned up the mess, the kitchen and dishes! Oh i really want to go to my cozy bed and have my sleeping beauty rest! OK enough said for now. Good night everyone and happy Sunday ahead! babu!!

Mobile Marketing

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Got a new Auto!

It is really a very nice surprised came up this morning when our doorbell rang, we just about eating breakfast. Kurdapyo's Nana and papa visited us and told hubby to get dress because they will go and see a car for us. So after 5minutes breakfast, they went both of them yet. While Nana stays with us. I really didn't expect that this is the day they will decided to get one since we have plans by next year before the second baby arrive, but things changed and circumstances happens. He wanted to get us a new car today, because he got a good offer. Oh it was more nicer than our old car haha more rooms, very spacious and it's a van (dodge). We've been planning it for awhile now to have a van for our adding family since a car is not really big for having 2 kids or more. Although I'll miss our car yet i am glad we have a van now! the car is still around the corner though.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Insurance for less!

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Friendship Flower

It was a nice surprised someone tagged me this friendship flower tag! Thanks so much abie appreciate it a lot for choosing me of all the bloggers in town hehe!

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1.) Copy the badge and put it on your blog,

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"And lovely are the blossomsThat are tended with great care,By those who work unselfishlyTo make the place more fair.And, like the garden blossoms,Friendship’s flower grows more sweetWhen watched and tended carefullyBy those we know and meet.And, if the seed of friendshipIs planted deep and trueAnd watched with understanding,Friendship’s flower will bloom for you.

"I'm gonna pass it on to: analiza, cookie, mommy jerla, umma, saves, chona, resebel, poray.

I want an Ipod!

"Big things comes in small packages." With ipods, it is indeed true! These tiny portable media player has come a long long way. Different kinds of ipods lets you enjoy all your music, movies, t.v shows, pictures, videos and so much more on just a little two-inch display! The latest is the iPod touch. A multi-touch screen technology that allows you to enjoy everything in just one simple touch. I really like to have this one soon, good thing I now, I know where exactly I can purchase one. Wink!

Foggy Morning!

It is really foggy here right now and chilly! winter in Tennessee is in town already! yesterday was a wet day and worst than today. Surroundings looks died and boring haha! I like winter though just to experience the snow but other than that i hate cold makes me more lazy to kicking. I do loved spring and summer because i don't need to wear baggy outfits all the time! Well, though i don't feel going out right now but have to get ready for my boy's doctor visit. HAve a good foggy morning ya'll!!

Business for stay home MOM!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Moutains

I love picture taking when we go somewhere, my favorite is taking the scenery and these are my shots here and there! puede na ba prof. photograper? lol. These are mountains of Tennessee(first 3) and Virginia (bottom). Beautiful isn't? I am fascinated with all the colors of trees, when you are too close the texture looks like a thick layered carpet haha! wish my family can see it in person as well. It reminds me of big brother's paintings!

Got to tell Dad!

My father in law's tax office needs personalized promotional products. As a gift to clients, brand building, and sales incentives. I really think promotional pens are perfect! A high quality pen, with multitudes of colors and styles plus personalizing it with the logo of our office is what we definitely need. Good think I found this website that offers personalized products. At PENSRUS, all the goodies and stuff are pretty, you are no doubt to purchase in a bulk!


I received a forward email from a friend in pinas, i was in my breakfast then but out of curiosity what's the mail is all about i open it right away! I was shocked of what i saw, and very disgusted and pissed off! how these people can live their life like this my goodness!!!! yuck!!! grrrrrr they are shameless and cruel, no conscience at all. The email is attached with several photos but I choose not to upload it because i don't want readers and viewers feel bad physically. Anyway jose, just wanted to get out this things from my system that i saw a while ago, so be able to go on and forget every details about it! Hay nku!! Im OK now!

Seeing her oneday!

My mom has a friend in North Carolina, she told me why not go and visit there. Why not? I love vacations and travels, and I also want to meet her because if I'm not mistaken, the last time I saw her was like 15 years ago. Oh interesting, North Carolina has beautiful beaches specially at Outer Banks. There are also lovely Outer Banks rentals available. We can visit the beach, go to tourist spots, or just relax and unwind in a rental home. Sounds great! I know it will be fun meeting her once again.

pretty black dress!

I was surfing last Saturday about stuff for my son and accidentally got stumble by this pretty and classy dress! from that moment on i said i need to have this! haha. But I'm still trying to hold my temptation buying it, yet a day after i checked it out and still there so gipiyungan nlng nku! i purchased the last one left. Happy ang kalag! I thought it is really pretty, don't you think so?
plus the color and design is absolutely my style love it! Can't wait to arrived here soon. And so that i won't feel guilty i bought something for my family whenever i send the BOX in the Philippines. winkz!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Looking for elliptical

Though we live busy lives, there are still things we must not take for granted, and the first on our list, our health. Staying fit and healthy is a must. I must admit I'm not that health conscious, but I'm thankful my loved ones are, lol! Hubby got he's own gym here in our house. He has he's treadmill, exercise bike, and dumbbells. Now he wants more, he plans to buy elliptical. Now we are in hunt for ellipticals. Good quality and budget friendly of course. Oh well, I think I should start working out too, lol!

A Voice of the "Eternal City"

The sight and sound of Rome's many fountains moved Italian composer Ottorino Respighi to compose a suite entitled "The Fountains of Rome." One of the most stunning examples is the Trevi Fountain.

The huge Trevi fountain is a 65 feet wide and 85 feet high that dominates a small square. The Trevi Fountain was commissioned by Pope Clement X11 and designed by Italian architect Niccolo Salvi. Construction was started in 1732 and completed in 1762. The fountain is fed by the first-century B.C.E. Aqua Virgo aqueduct, which begins some eight miles from the city.

The theme of the fountain, which is built against the facade of a palace, is the sea. The mythical figure was Oceanus (or some say Neptune) stands proudly in his shell-shaped chariot, controlling the flood that cascades beneath him. As water gushes around the other figures and tumbles over the rocks below, it sounds like waves crashing against the shore. The basin takes up a large part of the piazza, giving the impression that the whole square is part of the fountain.

Every day hundreds of visitors pour into the tiny square and toss coins into what is one of Rome's biggest tourist attraction. Once a week, the fountain is drained. The money left by tourist, which average $11,000 a week, is then collected and donated to a religious charity. Trevi Fountain is just among the many fountains that is admired by visitors of Rome, the "Eternal City."

100% results guaranteed!

I was so annoyed the other day when my phone keep ringing with the same number. I don't know at first if i know this person or not. Seems like the number is kinda familiar but i wanted to make sure that it wasn't just a prank caller. Anyway I was glad that i am aware about Reverse Phone Search at nationwide phone number lookup online, so without a doubt i searched it using the registered numbers and the results was amazing I found out it was my relatives that lives here in the USA! They give you a details of who's number that is and the addresses as well. Funny because i am so paranoid of answering unfamiliar calls but thanks to this website i know who is calling me!

Blogger Buddy Award


Jerla my cousin and buddy tagged me this buddy award. Hmmmm nothing much to say except thank you for being my best pal ever! hehe
Now its my turn to tag this to my best buddy online... namely, anagore, poray, joy, resebel and saves! grab it gurls!

Debt Consolidation

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Rainy Morning

It is raining here right now and cold! sounds like i need to drink a mug of hot chocolate. Yes, i am hungry already and the fetus in my belly probably too because i feel some lil kick every now and then haha. Guess he/she letting me know that she wants food... I'm glad i feel some kicking inside me that means she's fine! Oh well hope the rain will stop really soon i don't like when wet and yucky makes me lazy and sleepy!

Ok i need to fix my mug of hot chocolate and eat breakfast! want some hot chocolate? hehe!
Have a good morning everyone and enjoy your day ahead!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Souvenir from WA!


These are the souvenir gifts we got from our trip to Washington DC a week ago. Couple of shot glasses, mugs, magnets and a snow globe ohh also a shirt of Washington Redskins NFL hehe! just a little something but its the thought that counts right! We got also for us just a thought that we've been to WA once in our life unexpectedly! well anyway every 5years though i need to renew my passport there so... definitely we will go back again 5years from now! goodness! Family are very happy for their gifts and i will get some also for my family in pinas soon just do it online! wink. That's all!!!

ANTM goes to Amsterdam

I am a fan of Americas next top model for so long now, since this show started been watching on and off but since i came here in states it is so easy to be updated with this show. So most of the cycles is pretty much i know about. It aired every Wednesday @ 7pm c. The cycle 11 girls are now just 6 and they went to Amsterdam which is one also of my dream vacation someday (daydreaming) haha! unfortunately, one girl was been elimanated then 5 are left... I am excited who's gonna win in this season, so far my bets were always the winner so hope this time the girl i wanted to be the ANTM tyra and the judges will choose. On the record, Tyra Banks is really my favorite talk show host and super model alive. Like her being honest, straight forward and funny in nature.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Zenni Optical was on Fox News!

It was featured that Zenni Optical was on Fox News. "Zenni on Fox" as the headline goes. The report was about a mother who got her two kids a complete prescription eyeglasses from Zenni. Yes, great eyeglasses for less are now available online. This extraordinary offer from Zenni amazed so many people and made a buzz! You too can avail of the products. From complete single vision eyeglasses, bifocal frames, variable dimension frames from Zenni can be yours so easily and in reasonable price. Check out the site now and be amaze!

10 Things You Love Talking About

Here are the 1o things...

1. Love to talk about food and good eats!
2. Talking with my son and everything about him i love to share it to people.
3. Love to talk about my husband and I love story. lolz!
4. Talks about my lovelife to all i know!
5. Talking about my family's agendas.
6. Always loved to remember and talk about my best freind and I experiences of all those years we've been together.
7. Talks about my favorite shows!
8. I love to talk about how i love travelling!
9. Tsismis! lol...
10. and lastly talks about encouraging thoughts to my love ones! naks!

Have a nice evening ya'll!!!!!!

LONGEVITY- Is the secret in OKINAWA?


Recent Study:

  • Accordingly to the Okinawa Centenarian Study, headed by Dr. Makoto Suzuki, the islands of Okinawa, Japan, were estimated to have nearly 780 centenarians in 2006- 90 percent of whom were women- out of a population of 1.3 million. This represents about 50 centenarians for every 100,000 people.

The ongoing study, said to be "the longest continuously running centenarian study in the world", found that an unusual number of centenarians were in extraordinarily healthy shape. To find out why, Suzuki and his team examined the lifestyle and genetics of over 900 centenarians, as well as many other Okinawans in their 70's or older. The researchers found that the subjects tended to be lean and fit, that their arteries were clean, and that they had remarkably low rates of cancer and heart disease. And of those in their late 90's, fewer had dementia than comparable populations in other developed lands. The secret?

One major factor was genetics. But there were other factors too- the avoidance of tobacco, moderation in the use of alcohol, and a good diet. The Okinawan diet tends to be low in calories and high in vegetables and fruits, natural fiber, and good fats (omega-3, monounsaturated fat). And the people have the habit of eating only until they are about 80 percent full. " You should stop at the first feeling of fullness you get, says Dr. Bradley Willcox, a co-investigator in the study. There's about a 20minutes delay before the stomach tells the brain.

Okinawans keep physically active through gardening, daily walking, traditional dancing or other activities. Personally testing revealed the centenarians to be optimistic and adaptable. They handled stress well, and the women especially manifested "strong social integration".

Willcox says, "there's no magic pill" for longevity. So as the study revealed, it is influenced by genes, diet, exercise, good habits, and healthy ways of coping with stress. So we all know what is the secret behind longevity of life!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Need of outdoor lighting

I personally like the beauitful ceiling mounted and landscape lanterns, it is very elegant and pretty. Hey! I did my search here at, Their lighting products are wonderful and yet very budget friendly. Plus free shipping included when you order from them worth $75 and up! I'm so excited for these lovely outdoor lighting. It will be perfect for our house!

Jack Daniels BBQ Cookoff

The JDBBQ cookoff held last Oct.24-25 was so cool. Just husband and I went to the event, gladly though we didn't bring our boy because the place was so crowded and smoky hot! we had fun roaming around the town square, it is a small town but i tell you people are all across America maybe abroad too. Everybody just having fun out there eating, dancing, shopping and buying BBQ. We need to fall in a long lines to taste the best BBQ's in the country... goodness! but i don't care as long i had my ribs! haha.

We definitely go back next year, since this is a yearly event, but we promised to be early bird there because we will be stuck by traffics again. We kinda headed there almost noon already so we're stuck but fortunately we didn't give up and remain positive, so we husband and I had fun that day!!