Sunday, May 31, 2009

The horse and its rider

Isn't it amazing to see someone ride a horse with all its grace, harmony, and beauty. During Olympic games, one of the sports am eager to watch is the Equestrian. My favorite was Mikee, she's a famous local actress as well as sports guru too. The horse and its rider looks so perfect together especially when they are on their complete suit. The riding boots, breeches, helmets, horse blankets, saddles, and more!

15 Most Strange Buildings of the World

I got these on my email the most strange buildings of the world. And happened to be that one of the listed buildings i been there once with my family so i just chose to post my own picture hehe!

Here's the first 5 of 15 most strange buildings of the world:

Wonderworks (Yea, that's Kurdapya! lol)

The Crooked House Forest Spiral - Hundertwasser Building
The Torre Galatea Figueres

Ferdinand Cheval Palace a.k.a Ideal Palace

To be Continue...

Healthcare is a must

One of the hardest situations in life is probably when facing sudden health problems. It may affect members of our family and close friends, we often find ourselves helpless. What makes it even harder is when we don't have the funds to support their needs. To be ready in case of emergency, health insurance and Medicare supplement plan is a must. And if you're interested to know more, just click on the links and you'd be redirected. Winks!

Chinese Moon Cake


I'm craving for moon cake right now and i don't know where to buy one. Does anybody knows where to order online or any particular store carries them??? it wouls be appreciated if you let me know!!!


Wouldn't it be nice to have a new, beautiful Rackmount lcd? Well I was on my routine online escapades and I bumped into CIT, they have this amazing products of LCD monitors and LCD panels that are so modern and sleek. They also have this keyboard drawer which is very neat and a good protection from scratch what so ever. Feel free to visit them online too, perhaps you'll find one that perfect for you!

Bhe bye cluttered kitchen

Finally my cluttered/messy kitchen is gone bye-bye i finished my goal to clean and organize it especially the dining table my goodness used to be a junkyard filled with everything because we just threw it in that table the stuff like junk mails, magazines and kitchen stuff haha! Yesterday i had enough seeing those garbage so while baby is asleep and kurdapyo is with his Dada outside i hastily did the chore and determine not to stop until am done! Yepey glad to see kitchen is organized! wheewww... Tomorrow my mission is to burn out the gazillion junk mails we got because it will take me forever to shred it so do the speedy way.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Books -


Yey me!

Yes, I made it! Checked my weight the other day and I'm so glad was able to shed 30lbs after giving birth 2 months ago. Kurdapya is on her way to reaching her goal, lol! I owe it a lot to healthy eating and good thing I stick to my diet plan. Well, this is needless to say I know but am just so happy my fave skirt fits well again. Will probably just give this cheap fat burners over here to my cousin, he needs this more than I do lol!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Cardiff High-Back Chair

The husband is complaining recently about his back is getting sore after he sits couple of hours to our regular wood kitchen chair because few days ago his office chair as seen in picture was got broken after 48years of using finally collapsed haha! So in other words he needs to get another one but not so soon though we decided just after our house renovation over then we will look some office furniture for his new office room including this kind the cardiff high-back chair because he said it is so comfortable sitting for long hours with no back complain. So well for now his lovely kurdapya just giving him a nice back massage, haha!

Hey attensyon soccer lover!

Attention soccer fans out there! If you are looking for stuff of your favorite soccer icon? Kurdapya can help you find it as you know am certified online shoppers since i met my husband, lol! Find it here at an online store that offers a complete line of soccer clothing and gear for men and women of all ages. You can shop by team just like the barcelona Soccer Jersey T-shirts, as well by players name it they have it, also by country, by league and off course by department. Its all up there one stop super store for soccer lover you know. So check it out guys you will definitely enjoy shopping! Winks!

Gladiator Shoe

Pretty doesn't it? For today's fashion and trendy style for our cutie lil feet is obviously what they call the gladiator shoes es! It is very IN today (so far). They have all kinds from heels, pumps, to flat and of course my favorite are wedges. Am so glad though they designs sexy flat shoes now a days so for mothers that have little kids to chase around will still be looking sexy and sassy, without hurting their feet and thigh. LOL!

Anyway, this gorgeous black double bucklely strappy platform open toe wedge pump here is really a head turner on my part... was looking for gladiator shoes to pair my outfit in our fast approaching District Convention and can't find anything yet that categorize my type haha but when i see this... wow! instant connection we have the chemistry right away i knew this is the right one for Kurdapyaz feet ( murag love at first sight effect huh) lol!
TGIF!!! Have a wonderful day ahead!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Perfumes

One of the things that i am fond of collecting are perfumes I'm not a type that wears only one particular perfume. I got several different kind in my closet and just use it depends on my mood. I just purchase through online stores now i wanted to get the charlie perfume i heard it smells really good as in! So am surfing right now and got this they sells wide selection of designer fragrances at unbeatable prices! I tell you it is very reasonable to your pocket. So if you like to buy fragrances do it here!

Almost byebye!

I was freaking out yesterday big time thought I'm gonna say farewell to this blog of mine! Yikes kurdapya almost say goodbye to the lime light, haha! And knowing this blog my goodness i can't imagine malost sa world. Well, this is what happened i am so forgetful and been very lazy lately and chose not to check my other email account regularly so it happen that mails were filed up alot (1500) just ignored and not deleting them. Anyway, to make the long story short and straight to the topic... I know that this blog will expire very soon sooner than i thought actually so couple of day before i need to renew it so i ask my cousin jerla and belle hows the procedure and stuff, they told me so but unfortunately there's nothing to look!! And I just found out i need to do it that day or else my blogy is gone otherwise! I was so scared i can't find the email but good thing and grateful to belle she didn't left me yet she assisted me all the way on what to do and everything until finally found the freakin mail from google! Hay patay jud unta ko oi!! Again thanks to my friends for their immediate assistant for my behalf!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Jersey Events

I am browsing over here right now to different events that states has to have in particular months to come especially here in our state of Tennessee just wanted to know what, where and when so maybe we can go and enjoy those coming events you know. So anyway another state i checked to is in New Jersey! Yea there's a lot of things going on up there starting June through August because of the upcoming radio Disney summer concert series that will be held in Wildwood, New Jersey at Morey’s Piers. And take note this concerts are absolutely FREE and many of the top radio Disney artists will be there. In addition you know that the state has many things to offer such as New Jersey water parks at Morey’s Piers the place is great for family Vaca and enjoy the beach! So if you happen to have New Jersey shore beach vacation? consider to visit Wildwood and book your nearest Wildwood New Jersey hotels or motels around so you can come in the concerts an early bird.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reminisce the past... whewww!

Isn't it good to reminisce sometimes, remembering our younger and dorky days. Well, I've got a funny story to share. This happened years ago back in the Philippines. Me and my classmates in college were having a field trip in one of the historical places. Since our budget was limited, we chose the cheapest possible option like the accommodation and transportation. We hired a super old van that doesn't have an air conditioning compressor and even a fan lol! Imagine we were so many inside, stuck and sweating to death. It made me realize how important air cons are especially during road trips. So if you have a car, visit Discount Compressor cause they got everything you need and their prices are cheap too.

10 Celebrities You’re Tired Of

1. Marian Rivera... sory sa mga fans piece ya'll, lol!

2. Piolo Pascual

3. Rostum Padilla a.k.a BB Gandanghari! hay wala ako ma say..

4. Jericho Rasales - slangish

5. Willie Revillame

6. Britney Spears
7. Lindsay Lohan

8. Paris Hilton

9. Kim Kardishian
10. New York

Monday, May 25, 2009

Be aware

In this ever changing world, we constantly face many challenges and one of which is the current health issue we face. There had been so many victims of the newest strain of virus and according to experts, one good way to avoid it is by being informed. Another thing is the rare form of cancer called mesothelioma. More and more people today are being exposed to asbestos, the no.1 cause of this disease. Indeed, we must be informed so we can prevent being sick. Guys, please check on the link to know more!

Got home from Ohio

I'm talking about my sis and bro in-law along with their girls they just spent their weekend in Ohio. They visited a very close friends of them up there, i learned it is 9hours drive just to go there kind of long drive huh! But i know it was fun to go for a ride wish could join with them haha because i enjoy joy rides a lot and i can live in the roads whenever! Kurdapya love to escapades you know. Anyway, am excited to hear their weekend getaway sure they had fun! Looking forward to the photos they took and happenings am ready to listen! LOL. Hmmmm... wonder what is their pasalubong for Kurdapya?? winks!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just updating...

As what I told you, the supposed to be mall escapade with husband was postponed. Am not pissed though, in fact I don't feel like going to the mall lately. But as what I said, am desperate to return the unfit blouse I purchased. Since our trip will be next month, we should be ready as early as now. Oh, should remind husband to check our car's performance. We want to have a safe and smooth trip going to Georgia and vice versa.

On a second note, have you heard about Mahindra? Well, i came across to this awhile ago. It is India's largest and no.1 sport utility vehicle manufacturer. Right now Indian cars and pickups are becoming popular in the U.S because of it's durability, and amazing road performance. Sounds interesting huh? Now i have the power to bug husband to upgrade his truck then, lol.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I supposed to ask husband to drive me to Kohl's store at Murfressboro to return the shirt that he purchased for me online it won't fit on me big time haha so i need to change it to a larger size. But i think i couldn't do it today because he woke up sore from yesterday's job. He fixed one of their employee's broke car and he was not very comfortable fixing down under the seat you know -:( Now kurdapya isn't happy but i have no choice he is so indemand to everybody around us, LOL! I guess i have to go next weekend otherwise kurdapya can't wear the outfit to our upcoming trip!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekend again!

Howdy everyone?! What are your plans this weekend? As usual, Kurdapya is busy with her two little ones, and this weekend, she plans to cook a delicious meal to treat husband and herself too lol! To be honest, it's been a while since I reign over the kitchen and husband misses my cooking. Got to make up I know but before that, I need to check out those term insurance policy. Someone's been asking my opinion about it so let's see if it's ok. Winks!

Dirty Car Window Art

Hey Guys , this is really cool !!!! Got this in my email and thought neat to share it with you... THIS is SCOTT WADE. Check out what he does with the dirty cars by carefully and artfully removing portions of the dirt. According to his web site, he lives real close to a dirt road in San Marcos , Texas .... He is amazing!

Cool Huh???

Thursday, May 21, 2009

honda generators- to bring during camping

I see alot of my friends online and offline are on their vacation. Some went to the beach and others are off to the mountains. I guess they are just welcoming spring with a blast and I can't blame them lol! Who does not want to take a break and unwind? Back in the Philippines we only had few options to choose, and we always end up going to the beach. So I think this time around, when we have the chance to go somewhere, I would definitely suggest to go for camping. I never tried it yet so it'll be more fun for me. Plus the fact that we're also planning to get one of the Honda generators, you know the power is off sometimes, I think it will be a good stuff to bring along during camping. Other RV related accessories for home and outdoors should not be missing in our essential items right? By the way, incase you need some RV accessories and products too, just visit, another online store Kurdpaya recommends!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

He needs a new one!

The husband keeps on bugging me about his work boot, not that old though but it rip off already lol! His job requires a sturdy, highest quality, and comfortable foot protection, we can't settle for anything less. He really needs to get a few boots sooner but I still refuse going to the store. Since I can't accompany him, why not order it online. Doing the shopping is really my thing so I found exactly what his been looking for. Work Boots USA is the number 1 US supplier of foot potection, and they provide absolutely free shipping! Hmmm, husband should see this, so we can order soon.

10 Favorite Cities

1. Washington- Been there once and love the energy of the place.
2. Cebu City- If given us a chance to live in the Philippines with mah hubby i chose this city because of it's safe and a lot of beautiful spots.
3. Los Angeles- Interesting place to go
4. New York City - I like busy and crowded places
5. Davao City- I wanna go here again
6. New Orleans- Because of its famous seafoods
7. Gatlinburg Tennessee- Neat!
8. Orlando Florida- One of my dream vacation and visit Disneyland, universal studio and Epcot
9. Anchorage Alaska- I love the white snow and the scenic mountains
10. Zamboanga City- My hometown of course love it even though it's a complicated place! lol

Monday, May 18, 2009

She's ready!

In my other blog, I told you about a close friend of mine getting married a couple of months from now. I can feel the excitement and joy she have every time we chat. She showed me their invitations and her beautiful wedding gown, she'll definitely be a queen in that day. But I forgot to ask her about the dresses of the bridesmaids, there are so many lovely gowns available, I can show her the link. Wish I can go home and witness her biggest event! Too bad I can't be around. the way Ann, as promised, my gift is ready, hope you like it sweety LOL!

Congratulation to YOU!!

Congratulation to my sweet niece! She just graduated from 8th grade with fying colors in Saturday. I love her to death because not just she super sweet as well a very kind and thoughtful girl. She always here for her Asthe haha that's how my nieces addresses me since the first day day we met till now. Winks! Congrats Heather keep it up!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Westgate Lake Resort

Spring is here! Am happy to finally say goodbye to wet and nasty winter. There's so many things we're looking forward to. To renovate the house, plant our garden, see my blooming flowers again, that would be pretty! And then afterwards, when everything is done I hope we can really go to Florida and visit my friend then spend a day at Westgate lake resort& spa in Orlando. I haven't been there yet but husband told me it's one of the most beautiful place on earth. He really should be taking me there, hmmm what do you think? Kurdapya and family will have to go there soon, lol!


Was watching unwrapped awhile ago and they feature about all kinds of appetisers and starters and one of the food i acknowledged is this yummy looking tart. We called this in Filipino as tarts a kind of mini size pastry that filled with delicious fillling whatever u prefered but here i just found out has another unique name they call it 'petite quiche'. I know first time i saw it i really wanna have a try but im sure walmart doesn't carry these stuff so i google... luckily i found a nearest retail store that sells only at kroger! So next time we go shopping i will definitely try looks good isn't it??

Friday, May 15, 2009

Coaching them!

I was so lazy for several days now all i did is eat, feed my babies and sleep other than that i leave it to husband the rest of things haha! So yesterday he was busy doing our dinner at the same time installing the audio racks and entertainment stands that we got from my in-laws. Meanwhile i am busy coaching them to put this here and that there haha! Our son is trying to help his daddy. I'm glad we replaced our stands to this! It's more secure than the old one we had that our son can't get into it!

8 tHings tag

I got tag! It's from sissy. Thenk u so much for it auntie, smooches!!!

Here it goes...

8 things I'm looking forward to:
~ Our 3days District Convention held in Rome, Georgia next month
~ My new spacious Kitchen soon
~ hayyy, to finish cleaning my 3days old messy!
~ have to curl my hair!
~ have our photo shoot tomorro (was postponed last Saturday)
~ sending my balikbayan box by end of june!
~ my garage done!
~ to eat chinese food... lol

8 things I did yesterday:
~ took a warm bath
~ took a long nap after lunch with kids..
~ being lazy... hubby did the cooking
~ putting away our clothes
~ on and off checking my lappy
~ chat with sissy in pinas :D
~ chat with mom inlaw!
~ cuddle with husband ^_^

8 things I wish I could do:
~ go to PINAS and stay for a month or so!
~ going to Paris and spend a lot in shopping spree! ambisiosa ga!
~ visit jerla in CA tomorro :)
~ get a new house for my family :D
~ wish i could drive!!!
~ work full time outdoors
~ wish to get my family with me ora mismo!!!
~ slimer sexy body... lol

8 shows I watch
~ Americas next top model
~ Survivor
~ Food Network shows
~ What not to wear
~ The Weather channel infairness!
~ The Amazing Race
~ Handy Manny.... watching with kurdapyo!
~ Chopped

8 people I tag:
~ AND YOU! Winks!

It's been awhile

I'm talking about my friend she just live 25minutes drive from our house usually she visited me but we haven't seen each other for awhile now and even just chatting on the Internet i bet she is busy right now because i just check on her in our friendster account i learned that she and her hubby with their adorable boy is in South Carolina enjoying the beach, haha! Well girl all i can say have fun there ok! See you around soon when you get home and by the way i was enjoying viewing your pictures especially your son's 1st birthday party sure he is a cutie there!!! Ok girl takecare and besafe!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Favorite places to shop

Here's my lists of 10 favorite places to shop...

2. Target
3. Payless
4. Wally World
5. Old Navy
6. JCPenny
7. Sams
8. Walgreens
9. Kohl's
10. Malls lol

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kurdapya goes to Georgia!

Yup! Just tonight, husband confirmed that we'll be going to Georgia next month. Well I guess I have much reason to drop by at medical day spa Atlanta , lol! Kurdapya deserves to feel beautiful so she's thinking of a relaxing day spend at the spa. I heard that M Medical Spa is the best one in town because they offer their clients beauty treatments and services without surgical intervention. What they do is they revitalize your skin, add fullness and definition to certain areas, remove unwanted cellulite thru natural products that are safe. Hmmm, that would be good, lol! Kidding aside, our main purpose to go there is because we're gonna attend an annual 3-day District Convention. A very special spiritual feast to be enjoyed by brothers and sisters in faith from different parts of the country. We always look forward to it every year and this time around it's going to be baby Alexa's first travel. Georgia would be a 3 hours drive from our place, yes, not that far..hehe! Hope we can roam around the sites too, I like to explore and of course take pictures. Oh I just love to travel, it's one of my weakness. Hey, I don't sound too excited right? Winks!

Atlanta Georgia!

I am so looking forward for our 3days District Convention next month it is very refreshing to know that we are meeting and mingle again our brothers and sisters everywhere sharing their experiences and encouragements towards us especially in this time lots of discouraging things going on here and there you know. So right now we are getting ready for it, my job is finding a hotel for us to stay so we can book early as possible. Plus another exciting thing for me is because we have our different DC location this time it's going to be in Georgia. Kurdapya is looking forward to go to Atlanta with fam and have a joy rides haha another joy ride of her life! Love to travel you know! I already have my trip itinerary to where we go.

Quote for you!

Am talking about car insurance on where to find the best one for you! As we all know there are so many out there to choose but are you sure this is the right one for you? Make sure you get the best deal and rates for you car before hand so you can save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. Just not long ago we opted ours because of dramatically change of percentage rates of our old one and we're not very happy about them anymore so anyway we search car insurance quotes online and did some comparison from leading providers including Geico, AIG, Allstate, Amica, and Liberty Mutual. Happy we found our best deal. So try it for your self! It's FREE.

Early Bird

Good morning America! wow i woke up to early this morning and am not use to it well i have too my lil girl been wide awake for awhile so kurdapya has to be awake also. Gladly she went back to sleep after i changed her dirty diaper unfortunately the mommy can't get back to her beauty sleep anymore so she decided just go on and open the laptop and check if there is something to grab you know haha! Good thing there is!!! Anyhow, trying to get tired here and rest a little bit more, oh well i hope! everybody still snoring except kurdapya! Hayyy.......

Checkin on yas later on!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happiness is for free!

Did you know that a couple of days ago Oprah Winfrey bought the entire U.S country KFC? Yes, everyone was so excited to claim their coupons. Oprah did a very kind and sweet gesture isn't it? Well, am one of those who able to avail the free KFC meal actually i printed out 6 thanks to my cousin for letting me know about it lol! You guys probably know already that am a certified coupon lady. I started collecting those since I came here in the U.S and I'm enjoying it very much. Why not? It's so cool to get discounts and other promotional offers from my favorite online stores. It's not just cool but it's indeed a big help especially now that everyone is somehow affected with financial problems and family is growing by all means we will do in practical way to survive! I bet you want some too! Alright, let me tell you my secret. Hunt no more for all those cool discounted stuff from ebay, Overstock, Godaddy, and Amazon can now be found in There are also other promotional items and deals available so hurry print it out and save money. I can't help but to be excited everytime I get free gifts. It's so refreshing to know that even in these troubled world, some good things are still free. Afterall, happiness is always free!


I can't believe Alexha is a month old today already. As if it was just yesterday Kurdapya rants about her pregnancy,lol! Things are doing great for us, although am still in the process of resting and healing but everything else is perfect. Husband is busy planning our garage renovation since it will begin next week. I don't know exactly what he and the rest of the guys plans to do but pretty sure it would be a whole lot of work. At first I thought the renovation would be just the basics but it turned out to be more than that. I feel sorry thou, can't help them. Would love to give assistance and cook meals but, I guess that's not possible,hehe! But perhaps I still can help. Husband is looking for possible materials needed for the renovation. Of course I have a say so I'd be checking some of my favorite online stores for it. Right now we're thinking which garage door and shingles for our roof installation is perfect for our need. The problem though is that everytime we contact suppliers, they can't give us an overview of what we want and how much it would cost us. Not unless they come to our house and see it for themselves. That would give us pressure to commit so we don't like it. Gladly, I found Dallas roofing online. What I like about them is their knowledgeable staff who could give us an accurate quotes over the phone and it's absolutely free, no commitments what so ever! Their products are made of the highest quality materials and their service truly exceptional. I hope we can find what we're looking for here. Oh well, got to tell husband about this. He knows better that I do, winks!


Hiya everyone! have a wonderful Thursday morning can't believe almost weekend again gushhhh time really flying by fast! Well, am looking forward in this coming Saturday because we have something up to do for entire family and in-laws. We have an appointment at local studio to get our family portraits haha! From great grandmother to great grandchildren. This gonna be exciting sissy,mom and I talked about how our attires should, with matching color coding and everything because we wanted it to be perfect this is our first family photoshoot by a professional they really waited Kurdapya before they decided to get one huh LOL! Will share it later on... see ya'll.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Join Now!

If you guys doesn't know yet about this another cool giveaway by Ben Behrouzi an entrepreneur and the CEO of DotNext. This is your chance to join actually it's second time around last march he was giving away a twitter mcbook air and it went so successful that he was being asked for more giveaway so this month of May he is! So what you waiting for? join and Win a Flip Mino HD. Here’s how it works? Simply send a simple Tweet with the following message or something like it in your own words to him. Well for more info just check it out Mr. Ben! Winks!

Cool Art!

Work your mind to these awesome work of art guys!!! have fun wondering....
DO YOU SEE FOUR PEOPLE? A face? . Or, the word 'liar' ?

You have to have an open mind.Don't look for a Baby, and you will see the Baby! Once you see it you won't see anything else!!!This is so cool. Do you see the baby?

Busy, busy, busy!

Beginning next week, we would be very busy, I mean the guys. Our house will be under renovation, the garage, kitchen, and our kids rooms. Pretty sure I'd see lots of mess and hear a lot of noise going on around,lol! I would love to help but I can't do much, oh! Husband said they'd do a nice concrete planning for our garage and basement. So I mentioned to him about Tulsa Concrete Contractor, one of the best providers of concrete solutions. What's nice about them is that they cater your specific need. They provide options for you to choose from and will help you find the best possible deal as well. The article about Tulsa is really helpful for those planning to fix their house. Tips and advice from the experts is one good way to have a successful project right? Anyway, Kurdapya will be busy as well. Busy taking care of the kids and other chores, and yes, busy with blogging too, lol! Hey, am not complaining. Work is a blessing and everything that is done with our very own hands gives us satisfaction and joy. Thinking about what our house would look like after the project makes me excited. I hope every thing would turn exactly as planned.

See ya around friends!

Cebu Again

I'm talking about my mamita and papito, they went to Cebu again last Monday staying for a week there this time though not for pleasure but for business purposes they having a BOM for fern-c dad's business thing in our hometown he wants to widen out his group of people because the more are in the more molahhh you know that's the business all about. They just got home from last week's family vaca with my sissy and 2 cousins and fortunately parents found somebody willing and interested to invest so Cebu is their another pit stop to selling fern-c's. Easy for them to function there because of bro live there now very convenient to come back and fort. Hope kurdapya one day can visit Cebu again...... ohhh i miss that place!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Turkey, the country, let's talk about it today. Kurdapya's never been there but honestly, it's one of those countries that fascinates me. Did you know that the famous Trojan Wars took place in Western Turkey? It's around the site where the Trojan horse rest today. And did you know that Noah's Ark landed on mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey? And the last meal on Noah's Ark, a pudding of sweet and sour taste is still served in Turkey up to these days! Oh, I would love to try that! I bet you too, so why not plan your soon to be Turkey escapade? There are cheap flights to Turkey and I tell you, their deals are great! Just check out for more. Winks!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lucky you?

Luck- for many, their lives depend on it. If something good happens, they would often say "hey, just got lucky!" It reminds me of movies about people winning lottery. As well as in real life, millions of people all over the world test their luck by playing lotto these days. However there can only be few winners and much more losers. Well, are you one of those winners? Finding out those mega millions results has never been easier today, in fact, the results will be delivered straight to your cellphone! Pretty sure many would like to try this out. I'm not one of those though,lol!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

PhotoHunt: Walking

The day i walked along the aisle and the best time of my life seeing my husband with his great smile waiting on me!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home by the beach

I'm pretty sure a lot of you had been dreaming about your own house by the beach. Well, count me in lol! Now if you want to take the first step in achieving your dream, why not consider Wilmington NC real estate? It's the perfect place since Wilmington and Jacksonville are the seashore communities of North Carolina. It's where the famous Surf City, and beaches are located! Cool isn't it? Feel free to check out the links, who know's your dream home are just clicks away!

Oh Rainy days Ahead!

This is the forecast today we are getting worst rain today than we had yesterday and it's going to continue to the rest of the week oh my goodness i hate it! Another possible warnings to watch out!!! Hay.... the thunders and lightning makes me hide under the table grrrrrrr... last night i heard the loudest thunder in my life (murag nibuak ang yuta bah)! The power was off suddenly good thing it came back a matter of seconds otherwise I'll be freaking out then kurdapya ran closer to the husband like a lil girl LOL as well kurdapyo hugs his dada hard. You know am not use of this kind of weather scares me to the max. Gladly my better half always calms me down. So we are expecting pretty nasty weather days ahead here, YIKES!!!!!!!!