Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Go green, green thumb!

Green thumb, I don't have it but my grandma does. Back in the Philippines, I would often see grandma spend hours taking care of her garden. She grows a lot of flowers, vegetables, and fruit-bearing trees as well. But as for me, I wasn't into gardening really, not until I lived here in the States. We have a spacious yard and husband loves gardening. Every spring he cultivates the garden. We have tomatoes, peas, peppers, beans, strawberries, and my favorite the roses. Recently, I watched this 5-minute video on how to go green, gardening in organic way. It's very informative, I must say it's really very good. Organic gardening has many benefits, healthier plants, vegetables, fruits, safer pest control, no toxic residues, cleaner waterways, thus making our environment cleaner and fresher. Actually, our strawberries here are organic and some other vegetables too. Can't wait to harvest them, sure they taste way better! I told husband that I want to have organic roses as well, good thing Safer Brand has all the organic products and they are now available online. I want their rose and flower care kit, which controls rose pest like aphids and whiteflies. Oh, wish grandma can see my roses blooming here. I'll just send them pictures instead lol!

Kurdapya meet seafoods


This is the plate i ordered when we dine out to the restaurant that was featured in diners, drive-ins and dives at food network at Atlanta, Georgia a week ago. I ordered seafood paella and same dish that Guy Pierre tried haha! Curious me huh? It was over loaded of food i've never even finish half of the plate, was stuffed already goodness had to get a to go box. It was all worth it though even it's kind of expensive plate for me but i just love seafood. I told husband i wont probably eating seafoods for awhile, LOL!

Looking for formal outfits?

I admit its hard to locate or find some formal wear, there's a time that i was looking for awhile a stylish yet formal pencil skirt for our christian meetings yet i couldn't find any that suit to my taste or criteria you know. Good thing am fond of online shopping(window shopping) and finally found the right one. An online store that sells stylish and modest clothing for women, they also have suits for working ladies out there and feel confident with their attires. Am so glad i found that store because now kurdapya has her favorite pencil skirt! lol.

Last day of June

My goodness June is over, today is the last day of the month! Tomorrow will be July the 7th month of the year meaning to say 5months more to go its gonna be 2010 yikes! Time run so fast now a days you don't even noticed right? And my baby will be 3mo now whewwww! Am getting old that scares me, LOL! That's all for now just wanna expressed my today's thought... wink! wink!

The largest dealer of Automobile in Arizona

Scottsdale auto dealers is a family owned car business and operated since 1985. When you visit them, either online or at their Mercedes-Benz Super Center the Schumacher family is always on hand daily to make sure their costumer experience is pleasurable at all time. They are the largest Mercedes-Benz dealer in Scottsdale, Arizona and you can take a tour in their inventory of over 200 new and certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz. So if you happen to update or getting a new auto just take a virtual tour and find what's their offer special of this month maybe you find the car you like. Oh well, I wish to drive one someday, lol!

OK enough dreaming! I need to go back to my chores, Have a good day ahead!

The tallest boy in the world


This is Brenden, a happy 13years old boy from Washington consider the tallest boy in the world measured 7'4 tall. The show relates everything about him and his family, they have a customized house for his size. Accordingly, the weight of his body is getting growing and growing when he was 6months old baby he is a size of 3years old and by age 8 his size is of a full grown man he couldn't’t stop growing. For more of his story... here's the link
~photo by:telegraph.co.uk~

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lakers trophy valued $3,500!??

Have you watch the finals? I mean, the 2009 NBA championship which gave the L.A Lakers its 15th NBA title. I know, am kinda late with this buzz but I just can't let this pass lol! Though am not a basketball fan, I do like to watch championship games. My favorite part is the announcement of winners and awarding of trophies. It was such a glorious moment for the Lakers to received that sexy, gorgeous thing- the Larry O'Brien NBA championship trophy. According to a Yahoo sports article, that trophy, standing about 2-feet tall was made of nearly 16 pounds of sterling silver and vermeil, covered with 24-karat gold! But here's a big twist, did you know that Cash4Gold, America's no.1 personal gold and other precious metals buyer suggested that the Lakers could send their new trophy to them with a value of $3,500! I don't think L.A Lakers would even consider trading their precious trophy for any amount of money. Its value is priceless and timeless isn't it? But speaking of Cash 4 Gold, they have all the reason to actually offer not just the Lakers but anyone their service. They are listed as one of the top 500 growing companies in America, received the ranking of #57 of Entrepreneur magazine, and according to Forbes magazine, it's one the the companies to watch in 2008. Bottom line is, if you want to trade in your gold or other precious metals, they're the no.1 option for you to consider.

Lets Go to Oregon

I have a friend who married a guy who lives in southern Oregon and she mentioned me before that i am welcome to go and visit her one day and see the breathtaking beauty of Southern Oregon's Cascade Mountain range fully service by runningy ranch it is a resort community situated in the heart of this beautiful destination. Klamath falls is one of the scenery i wanted to go, then she said we could stay at klamath falls lodging because of its warm, inviting and spacious accommodation they have for the guest plus it is near to that falls. It would be very nice to have a vacation over there she told me so many things that her place has to offer and i can imagine already because i really researched the thing and you will really get amazed by the pictures and scenic mountains. I tell you guys state of Oregon is number one place to visit now and runningy.com will help you look for relaxing and adventurous stay and surely give the best time of your life and meet all your expectations or even more. Oh i am excited just the thought of it that one day we will have our family Vaca there!!!

Flags -photohunt


Am kind of late for photohunt's weekly theme but well i will post it anyway. The theme was about Flags so this whatt i got taken during our trip in Washington DC last fall. Obviously a Philippine flags because i was inside the Philippine embassy then.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I deserved to have one!

When was the last time you hand something special to a loved one? I believe we all do that everyday. Simple acts of thoughtfulness like giving a glass of water or writing a thank you note will always mean a lot. But during special occasions like anniversary, graduations, etc. it would be nice to give something more special. A jewelry perhaps, but if you ask me, I prefer a watch lol! When husband gave me a rusty colored buckle watch out of no reason, I was really surprised and happy, it's now my favorite piece of accessory. Then on our second anniversary, I also gave him a watch which he truly liked, that is such a bliss!

Now am thinking to maybe start looking for Movado watches. Heard that Bluedial have the widest selection of luxury watches and right now they offer huge discounts on lots of items. Actually am working on getting one luxury watch for me, Gucci or D&G but when I saw their Movado watches, falled inlove right away lol! How about you? Planning to give someone a gift? You can never go wrong with wathes. It compliments any fashion you're wearing and gets along pretty well whatever your mood is. Why not search for that one beautyful watch at Bluedial. Winks!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My last piece of PIE

I know am not still over with my so called PEACH PIE haha! Well, this is the last piece though it was so good with whipped cream on top! That's why it was my breakfast for 3 in a row. I told the husband he should eat his part otherwise i will eat it for him later for my dessert! lol. I really don't like peach fruit before actually, but i was open minded to make and try because it's the husband's favorite so why should i be selfish not to try you know. So i was wrong the pie is so good as what he keep saying to me you "got to try it baby". Hmmmm i owe him this one... lol! The recipe is simply basic you too can make and make ur fafa happy! wink...

Friday, June 26, 2009

true to life stories

It has been a while I wasn't able to watch Asian dramas. Back in the Philippines my sister and I are huge fans of such series because they seemed so surreal, not to mention the actors are good-looking. Just recently sissy told me about "One Liter of Tears," a story about a teenage girl diagnosed with brain/spinal disorder. She said that everything you'd see onscreen where real because the entire show was actually based on the girl's diary, yes it is a true story. Because of the disease, the girl's muscle coordination and balance deteriorate and die. Even basic movements like breathing and eating were so difficult, eventually she was paralyzed. She used machines like power chairs and mobility scooter to help her get through but in the end she still lost her battle. Sissy told me that they're always on teary eyes everytime they're watching. Oh well, maybe I could surf it though and see if I can find the series online.

By the way, if you happened to know someone who needs mobility scooters, wheelchairs, and the such, you can find it all at The Scooter Store. Feel free to check it out!


I just got my 10 year residency card or GREEN CARD in short finally! after 48years of waiting in my mailbox to arrive. Was so happy that i can stay here in the country for long period of time and not conditional anymore it's permanent for 10years and soon i can now apply for citizenship then petition my family in Philippines which i longing to do. I am really planning to get them by 2011 and hope everything goes well and of course in God's will. Can't wait for that time! hay...

Mosquitoes domination

Yes! i hate to go in our garden right now because of mosquitoes dominate the place whenever we go outside and do some gardening these tiny winy notorious fellow are attacking us! It pissed me off when i get bit by a mosquito you know because your skin get so ugly and of course itching to death! I asked the husband to get us some mosquito traps not just for the garden but especially this coming days we planned to have family hang out and do some barbecues at our backyard otherwise our planed could ruin with these pesky mosquitoes there's no fun at all. I will recommend to my mother in law also about mosquito magnet thing because she is complaining about their yard have plenty of pesky mosquitoes!

Not the typical one


I am talking about this KFC food chain in the picture i guess all of us is used to see the typical KFC building right? but this one in Atlanta, Georgia is quite different from others i don't know if you guys seen some in your states or what. But I wish ours here is like this also it's kinda fun to watch while your driving close by, lol! So kurdapya never miss to took a quick shot to this big chicken neck. wink!

Love being pregnant


So far so good i don't miss my pregnancy but one thing i love being pregnant is you are the center of attraction, people treat you good all the time, always first in line haha and every where we go people are eying on my belly for sure i heard some says "ohh look how CUTE she is" and that complement is always sweet to my ear i just smile back at them. And that's one thing inspired me to dress nicely every time we go out, wink! Am glad i have several online stores to look at to on my maternity clothes just like this dress outfit here i have one of this! Even a friend of mine asked me about where to buy some cute, unique and trendy maternity styles that opposite to typical and boring maternity outfits out there! So i told her about kikisfashions right store for fashionista mom to be, lol! What is nice in this store is they are cheap yet very trendy and stylish maternity clothes you could ever fine and so much to choose from. Well, that's one thing i love being pregnant because pregnant women are all sexy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the finish product

Here's my creamy peach pie that i was talking about a while ago it came out ok! haha.

Precious gifts to give!

Living faraway doesn't mean being faraway from the ones we love. My family back home for instance, we make sure to chat and talk everyday though we're thousand miles away. It feels good knowing their latest happenings and yes, about their love life lol! My brother who's a year older than me just found the girl of his dreams. It took him a lot to finally found her and though I haven't met the blessed girl yet, as long as big bro is happy am happier. Pretty sure sooner or later he's gonna ask my opinion on jewelries. Men are really not into jewelries that much, but of course they'd want to make their girls happy. And what better way to do it than to give her something very special like a lovely ring or the best necklace! But hey guys, buying the wrong jewel can be the worst mistake not to mention it hurts your pocket. So before purchasing, you've got to do your assignment. Make sure to hop by Bella True- the finest jewelry store. Read the "tips for guys" section and find out how you can choose the best possible present for the woman or your life. Oh well, my brother should know which jewelry says everything he feels about his girl, something like "You're the One!" Anyway do visit Bella True, a place for everything precious. Winks!

Making a creamy peach pie

It is my first time to make a peach pie although i have no idea i still try because it is husband's favorite pie of all time haha! So kurdapya is making an effort i did google just to search the flaky dough he likes and the recipe of the creamy peach pie we bought it in Atlanta Georgia as we all know Georgia's peaches surely good! Anyway, I made the dough yesterday and it said refrigerate it for 4hours or over night. So i just fix it this morning gathered all the ingredients and so on so fort. I assumed the dough is just right but i messed up haha so now isn't enough to make some decorating effect on the top, LOL! Well, it looks good and yummy though we'll see the finish product later... I bake it for an hour so still have 30 minutes more to wait.... just crossing my finger hehe!

To be continue...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I need a Payday Loan!

Yea, i need money now as in right now because timely our trip is coming this Friday kurdapya need extra cash for pocket money you know when you are going out of town you should want to make sure you have extra in your pocket just in case you see something interesting out there or whatever. Unfortunately the molah i supposed to get is not sending me yet and i don't know if i can have it this weekend or not. That's why i am thinking right now to apply a payday loan until my payday, as i searching i came across to this online no credit check pay day loans required it is really simple to apply and i can receive a decision instantly! So i know if i can get it or not until Friday. Hmmmm i will check this now!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 Things You’d Bring on a Deserted Island

I got my 10 on Tuesday thingy! And here's what i have for this week......

If i happen to be in deserted island i would bring just simple, light and useful stuff out there such as:

1. Toothbrush/toothpaste- Can't live without these!
2. Machete- to use for everything!
3. Comb- never miss to manage the hair of course
4. Mirror- Wink!
5. Lighter
6. Pots and pans
7. Clothes to wear
8. Blanket, pillows and mat
10. FOOD!

Hmmmmfff... feeling survivor huh! LOL.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going to the grandpa's house

I Got to off from blogging for now because we are going to visit kids grandparents for a bit. They are going to fuss at us already if we won't bring the kids today i keep telling them that we are going to see them later on but promises keeps broken am busy as bee so while dada is available might as well do the visit haha! And also i wanna see their new patio furniture that lolo just bought for their new backyard patio i heard from husband it was pretty nice cozy looking!

See yah later guys!

Marrieta Diner - Atlanta,Georgia

I am looking forward for our trip this coming weekend in Rome, Georgia to attend our 3days district convention. I'm excited because this is my first time to go to Georgia and really stay there! I never forget one time when husband and I watching food network where in Guy Pierri the host of diners drive-ins and dives featured his episode in Atlanta and went to this huge family restaurant the Marietta Diner. It is consider as one of the famous and prestigious restaurant that Atlanta has and foods look so delish. That's why I told my husband that really wish to go there one of these days, lol! So, see how excited i am my wish really granted because am checking right now the directions on how to get there, lol. It's in my itinerary lists after the convention kurdapya and family definitely eat at this restaurant.

Weekdays again....

Sunday is almost end once again, as if it was just Monday lol! I've been so busy these past few days. As what I've told you, there's a yard sale going on and glad it was over. Time to put away the left over stuff for next yard sale this fall. Anyway still busy here because our coming convention will be this weekend and need to pack our things I know Kurdapya never get a day off,lol! Well got to be going guys, need to clean my lcd monitor first before going out of town, oh it's been decades since I last dust it, hehe!

Have a good afternoon!

Memory for lappy

Sissy's been bugging me about her laptop computer, she want me to send her a laptop memory to upgrade it soon. According to the technician, it's one of the reasons why often times she gets booted. But the price back home is too expensive so might as well purchase it online, again lol! MS Suppliers is the the leading source of all notebook memory and laptop as well. Got to check it, let's see if I can find one here.

@ the yardsale

These were some of the scenarios yesterday at the yard sale actually my sister in-law started Friday but just yesterday morning got the chance to checked them after grabbing some breakfast in Hardees because husband is not working. Anyway, we stayed for several hours to see them my sis/bro in-law and their kids along with brooke and timely 2 couples that close to us was there with their kids. This is kurdapyo's buddy Luke whenever they see each other oh boy! Non stop playing as you can tell, lol! They we're all over the place! Yard sale was successful and the left over stuff we decided to have another batch this fall and this time will be in our place. I need to get rid all the outgrown stuff of my kiddos you know because no more baby for Kurdapya, lol! wink..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Work it out!

Kurdapya's into diet lately and I'm happy with the results. Its just that I think I really need some exercise to come along with it. Am not happy with flabby arms and big tummy, lol! Have yo heard about Kettlebell workouts? It's the latest, most guaranteed home exercise program that lets you trim your body. Just 20 minutes a day and you're sure to see results in just 6 weeks. But I still can workout for now, to early I guess. Well perhaps husband wants this, he's also into losing weight like I do. Winks!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I miss you guys!

I just wanted to be emotional right now, I miss my family so bad... wish i can fly and be there easily!!!!!! :-((

Thursday, June 11, 2009

what's nuphedra?

Have you heard about nuphedra? It's the latest development in weight management and many say it can be the ultimate answer to their weight loss problems. What's nice about it is that it's formula is packed with the ingredients that rated best in the market today. Well, to those considering to take this product, just a little more wait and it will be release soon, after it got FDA's approval.

World's biggest colossal squid


I happen to watch animal channel the other night and they feature the world biggest squid which is happen to be a colossal squid. This gigantic squid caught by a fishing boat in the coast of Antarctica in February 2007. It is known to be the biggest ever found squid measures 26 feet long. I was so amazed how this elusive creature that i love to eat can be as big as this yikes! After we've watched the documentary i told the husband that i don't wanna eat squid again, LOL! It is also consider that the sea creature has the largest eyes in the world because eyes are as big as dinner plates! Imagine that!
Just take a look on the video for you to see what am talking about!


Or Automated External Defibrillator can be very helpful especially during emergency situations. Today, AED can be carried along wherever you go or whenever you are. The products come in very handy forms such as the ZOLL AED plus, a resuscitation device that provides shock and CPR help to the patient. Anyway, feel free to visit American AED, they the premier suppliers for such products and they provide free shipping as well.

Got to go buddies!

Yucky Morning

It's raining and dark outside right now once again we are having a possible thunderstorms till noon time i hope our yard sale this Saturday won't get postpone because if its raining no body will come and do ukay ukay haha! All my stuff to goes on yard are on its own boxes my goodness i have so much junks that i never knew after i just dag yesterday with my boy helping me messing around. Well the money of the yard sale will goes to clothe buying you know anyway so even i was so tired pulling up stuff from the deepest of my closet it's all worth the effort because afterwards kurdapya will go shopping, lol! winkz.

So just crossing my finger that its gonna be a warm Saturday! please rain rain go away come again another day...LOL!!

diet plan

As what I've told you, my diet plan is really working the way I want it to be. Every week I see the price of my effort, lol! To be honest, am just into fruits, vegetables and low carb diet. But I'm not saying that am not considering a diet pills that really work though. A friend back in the Philippines used pills and it really work for her. But as of now, since my plan turns out to be good, I'd be happy to just stick to it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 Favorite Things to do During “Me” time

1. Of course sleep
2. Groom my self
3. Manicure and Pedicure
4. Shopping online
5. Treat my self once in a while
6. Eat something yummy
7. Surfing and Read
8. Blogging
9. Play online
10. Organize my personal stuff

Crowning glory

Our hair speaks so much about us afterall it is our crowning glory. We really need to take care of our hair, but what if we are afflicted by problems such as hair loss and baldness? Thankful to science, today we already have the means to reverse it. There are a lot of effective hair loss treatment and one should find the right solution for their needs. Perhaps I could share this one to my uncle, but being bald is his asset though lol!

Playing a game online

Have you watching the oxygen channel? That's one of my favorite channels actually haha. Well, one thing also i am enjoying playing the games their the makeover game, where in you can do a makeover thing to your self just upload your personal photo and start the game you will change your hairstyle, colors and paint your self after you won't recognized your self. I had fun last night with my sissy anniniput we laughed to see the results of our makeover! Some pretty but few also came out like clown OHH we just being silly and play with it to see how we look like in either way, LOL! Check it out mga girls... just have fun once in a while!

happy trip

Traveling will always be fun and unforgettable. The experiences during the trip will forever remain special. But what if something unexpected happens? Like accidents or injury during a trip, loss of baggage, and anything such can be scary. It's even more daunting when one doesn't have a travel insurance right? Good thing travel agencies provide such deals along with travel packages. Winks!

Yard Sale

Kurdapya and my sissy in-law have a yard sale going on this coming Saturday. Yard selling this time of the season that's hot you can see everywhere last weekend we went out of town i saw lots of houses had this activities from neighbor to neighbor lining up their stuff haha! So, why not go with the flow as well that's the reason why i didn't got a chance to updates my online thing because I am busy right now setting aside the clothes that needs to gone bye bye mostly from baby clothes (kurdapyo) and few of my outgrown and maternity stuff we decided not to get pregnant anymore so all baby stuff will be dispose some are going to send in my family in Philippines also. I really so wanted to clean up our closet from unwanted stuff it made me irritable staring cluttered closet! sigh i don't want any wrinkles u know...

I miss the beach

I miss the beach like crazy! I haven't been to one since I lived here in TN 3 years ago lol! We only got lakes here, their lovely but still nothing beats the oceans and the beach. I miss the scent of ocean breeze and mighty waves. I hope we could hop to North Carolina's Outer Banks one of these days. It's nearest to us so might as well visit there. I wanna splash through the waters and feel the warmth of the sand under my feet. Oh, enough of this, it's making me sad lol!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lovely Award from teJan

A lovely award given to me by lovely Jetnah, thank you girl for this award i very much appreciated being one of the nominees! hehe.

The rules are:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
No objections to this one but it sounds funny that acceptance of the award is a must.
2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

OK, I'm passing this award to all lovely bloggers like me out there, lol! You know who you are so please don't get hesitate to grab it! Winks!

New Curtains for Kitchen

Am done cleaning my house so far so tidy i just wish it will maintain as neat as right now. I feel great whenever my house is not messy and things well organized especially my kitchen because i love to cook and stay in this area of my house. I can't wait to have my new spacious kitchen soon am excited just to think about it that's why i can not help to surf online for kitchen stuff and accessories. I wanted to opted some new things like kitchen decors and draperies just for a change because it's been a year we have our boring curtains in the kitchen, haha!

Kurdapyaz Creme Brulee

~after 8hours of refrigerate~~ready to serve~

This is one fancy dessert that you can make for your family and friends while hanging out or just watching TV one day afternoon. I was so curios to make this french dessert i thought it look so good and richy, lol! I learned that this Creme Brulee is a fancy dessert that makes your guests excited and noticed your culinary talent haha this is very effortless but the outcome is so BANG you know wow! deliciouso lol!
Anyway these is my Creme Brulee. Actually the right procedure is you need to really caramelized the top with sugar but my butane torch was out of fuel haha. It is so good and you have to serve it in cold individual ramekins. I just tried it with 3ramekins but next time will gonna make more so i can share it to my in laws sure they will love this fancy french dessert! Winks

Motorcycle Accessories

I used to ride motorcycle back in my hometown and i enjoyed it a lot especially my father driven it! For me he is the best rider of motorcycle hehe not because his my dad but he really handle the gear so smooth and extremely confident. Once in awhile i miss riding a motorbike wish husband has one! If we have oh i will definitely go cruise with him and accessorized it. I know where to get the largest selection of national cycle's accessories and parts. While i was browsing i reminisce my family back home. I guess i will get a stuff (accessory) for my daddy to keep him and his ride looking cool, lol.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Countdown- (15 most strange buildings of the world)

Hang Nga Guesthouse a.k.a Crazy House (Vietnam)
The Ufo House (Sanjhih , Taiwan)
Nakagin Capsule Tower (Tokyo , Japan)

Erwin Wurm: House Attack (Viena, Austria)
Wooden Gagster House (Archangelsk , Russia)
Ripley's Building (Ontario , Canada)

OK, that's all folks! now you know where to go the visit first!! hehe.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wish to have...

I'll be tremendously happy if we have a tv provider with Filipino channel. I keep bugging my husband to switch our precent cable privider, the reason why am so eager is because with it i can watch my filipino shows. I admit i get bored and missing all those favorite shows i used to watch when i was in my hometown and only this provider offer what channels i wanted! Yea, they have so much to offer to their valued subscriber. I wish we can avail it sooner or later got to bug more to the husband so kurdapya be happy! lol.

The Love Birds

My bro and his girl, don't they look perfect together? ehem wala ako masay... just happy that my big brother find such delight to this young pretty lady he always said how happy he is right now being with her. I agree i guess because i never heard him talking like that to a girl. Hmmm... maybe he finally found the one huh? Well, i just wish them both i hope their relationship bloom like flowers in the fields and river that flows forever! naks! May you have many years to share the love of life! (oi nus-a si kurdapyo ma ring bearer huh???LOL, joke!) Take your time and matured your relationship yet! winks........

Art Lover out there?

Are you an art lover? What kind of art do you love? Contemporary, Traditional, Commercial art? Well, all these you can find it at one stop art store its at paragonfineart.com. Artists across the globe such like John Mark Gleadow gathered together to create their work of the art masterpieces. You will really appreciate the artists and the beauty of their creations. It reminds me of my brother he is a fine young artist he did a lot of arts, paintings, contests and for a living. So guys if you are looking for one simply visit paragon fine art to shop and be amazed of what see!

Kurdapyaz indulgence

This online store i visited is the perfect solution for everyone that enjoys the indulgence of fabulous chocolates and attractive goodies like kurdapya! lol. I really enjoy looking and browsing their products and i tell am so tempted to order some chocolates that look so tasteful and gorgeous. I roamed around their site i found different gifts option to choose from like the corporate gift giving and executive gifts basket really made things easy for you to give a gift to someone. You can customized as well. I wanna try the stuff one of these day. Check it out you probably drool when you get to see it!

Lets continue...

Continuation of most strange buildings of the world, these are the 9 of 15 lists:
The Basket Building ( Ohio , United States ) Kansas City Public Library ( Missouri , United States )Habitat 67 ( Montreal , Canada )Cubic Houses ( Rotterdam , Netherlands )