Friday, July 31, 2009

My Best Friend

Husband is my only best friend and I am so proud of him not just he is jack of all trades yet he has a poetic soul too! He said when he is inspired of something he'll put it to writings so he write poems. In-fact one of his poem was published in a book for all poetic individuals around the globe gathered together in one book! And he won the poem of the month. I need to find that book somewhere in my closet to share it you guys! Anyway, i wanna share with you his another poem he wrote back he was a teenager. Enjoy reading! Winks!!!


Do you have someone who is always there,
to pick you up when you’re in despair?
They’re always around when you need them most,
and no matter what, they’re always close.
You can always count on them to lend an ear,
because they will listen without any fear.
They are there for you when the world is closing in,
and always manage to make you grin.
They are everything a friend should be,
and I am sure that you do agree.
You love them so and always will,
because they seem to make time stand still.
Without them you cannot see,
the person they know you to be.
For they are someone that you can depend,
because they are and always will be, your best friend.

© S T F

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