Sunday, July 5, 2009

Soon to welcome!

Do you know someone who is about to give birth soon? I do! Two months from now, my cousin Jerla and her family will welcome baby girl Iannah. My friend back in the Philippines is also gonna give birth to a bouncing baby boy a couple of months from now too. I share their joys! What a blissful feeling it is when finally, after 9 months of conceiving you are now able to hold and kiss your baby! It's even happier when your friends and relatives are present during that important day of your life. Well, it's truly one of the joys only a mother can feel. Speaking of special moments in life, wouldn't it be nice if we announce it and celebrate? Yes, of course! Imagine you are the parent of a newborn and you received a very special card from a friend or loved ones. You find out it's a birth announcements invitation and everyone you know will celebrate with you! I was very glad when my in-laws did it to us. There were cakes and balloons and gifts, love it!

By the way, try to visit I found many unique custom photo announcements for any occasion here in their site. They are all lovely and yet very cheap, I promise lol!

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