Monday, August 31, 2009

Furniture gifts

Well I guess it does pay to be a good girl, I mean, am receiving a lot of presents lately and I'm so happy, lol! You guys already know about our house addition, and believe me a lot of the new stuff we got here were all given. Dad gave us a new China cabinet and he also got us our new sectional couch it's huge, comfy, and color red and I love it! The other day, sissy-in-law also gave away her outdoor furniture. She's getting a new one so the old but still lovely wicker furniture goes to us.

Outdoor sofas especially chaise lounges really reminds me of our home in the Philippines. Twas a rattan sofa, I just love to laze myself in it and eventually fall asleep. Here though it's quite expensive, those complete set of outdoor furniture cost a lot. But you know what? If you know how to search for great deals on line, you really can find items on sale, even half the price. It's what I usually do actually, when I need some stuff here, I just shop on line because it gives me the option to choose the best possible deals and discounts. Right now, I'm browsing for some patio dining sets, hopefully we can get it soon.

Anyway, have a restful sleep everyone. Sweet dreams!

Welcome to the Clan

Am talking about my cousin Jerla's bouncing baby girl Briannah Nicole! Today she's exactly 3days old, doesn't she so cutiepie?? She was born last Friday the 28th of August at 8:24, weigh 8.8lbs big baby huh! Well, she's the latest addition to our huge clan and I tell you guys we're still on counting you know... winks! Anyway, am glad both jerla and bebe Iannah doing great!

Kurdapya meets Boothbay Harbor

It's so amazing how the world wide web can give us a glimpse of the places we love to go and even those we still don't know. Since I love to learn about places and people, I find myself mostly hopping through here and there, with just my fingers though Lol! Anyway, have you already heard about Boothbay Harbor in Maine? It is the number 1 yachting and tourist destination especially during summer months. Those who love to sail and kayak will definitely have the best time in their lives in Boothbay Harbor Maine!

But not just that, since it's a seaside town, visitors will enjoy more than just boats. There's mouth-watering seafood, seasonal festivals, and plenty of nature beauties to explore. Sounds good? Perhaps you'd consider this spot to be your next vacation escapade. If so, then the first step in preparing for that special day is today. You can search on line for the best Boothbay Harbor Hotels, one of which is the famous Brown's Wharf Inn Motel and Marina. All rooms have a private deck over the water so imagine yourself staring at the wide horizon and seeing lovely boats afar. Oh well, how beautiful it is to travel isn't it? To relax and be carefree with our family is truly the best!

Friday, August 28, 2009

I can't wait

Miss Karlota is making me a layout for this blog and i can't wait to change my theme into a new and personalized one. It's been quite awhile now that am really kinda thinking of updating this bloggy of mine but for some reason i have no chance to talk and ask her formally until 3weeks ago i realized that i really need to you know and thought that am the only blogger that is not updated so why not just go with the flow in blogesphere! am excited!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hop to California!

For more than 3 years living here in America, am blessed to visit several States already. But there's one particular State am really longing to visit-California. For many good reasons. First, my cousin lives there. We're missing each other so much that every time we talked by the phone, we chat about vacation. I told her we should plan for one soon, either we go there or they come here, lol! My mom's close friend also lives in Los Angeles so it'll truly be a wonderful reunion for our family to meet up in CA.

God willing our plans will push through. If that day comes then they will have to bring and treat me to Santa Monica Beach Hotel . They know how much I missed the beach, you know there's no beach here in our place! Anyway speaking of the beach and vacations, I did a little research on the most beautiful Santa Monica Beach Accommodations. Bayside Hotel should be the number one choice for their service and amenities are irresistible. Their suites has fully-equipped kitchen, which makes us feel more at home, has wireless Internet, affordable rates, free parking, and the best part is, we can view the ocean from our own window! Those are just few of what they have to offer so anyone who plans to visit CA, better visit their website and avail their service. By the way, if you want more info about the city of Santa Monica too, just click on the links for easier access.

Hope to meet California soon. Winks!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sissy and I chatted yesterday and learned that a friend back home recently had a miscarriage. I feel sorry for her, it'll suppose to be their firstborn. It must be so hard to accept but I know they can make it through. They must be so excited with their first child, I mean getting things ready like the nursery room and of course her maternity clothes. It's one of the nicest part of being pregnant, shopping for baby stuff and maternity dress. During my time, I was getting most of it through online. Some are from Kiki's Fashions Maternity, their dresses, tops, and everything are so trendy, cute yet very affordable. They also have great deals and promotions most of the time, all mom-to-be will surely fell in love with their products. remenisce

Anyway, back to my friend. I hope they'll be fine. Life goes on.

Miss Universe 2009!

I am one of those fans of beauty pageant ever since i was a teenager i just love to watch for long hours at night with my mom, sister and grandma but when i came here in the states it is hard to be updated with the thingy i haven't watch the recent 2 years and dunno who crowned or what so ever! Fortunately last Sunday sissy and I was chatting and she mentioned me about it but i got no time to seat and watch you know the life of the mommy, haha! Good thing the next day i checked it online and finally able to watched the 2009 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant! If you are fans also and have missed to watch the coronation night view it here it's never too late guys! Miss Venezuela got the title again! wink

Am Out!

As our addition is on going i have to make sure that i get some snap shots here and there so i can share it to my family back home in Philippines about what's the latest out here and as well of course for myself to keep something to look up to when time past by! However at this moment i can't do much photo printing anymore because i need some ink refills for my printer I ran out of ink already so husband should buy some soon as in asap!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kurdapya so busy

Hi guys! just a quick update on my blog because in the meantime kurdapya is so hectically busy trying to get my kitchen's wallpaper done in order to blend-in in my new built dining room and it needs to get done for general inspection sometime tomorrow. I have to go here and there at the same time taking care of my kiddos they are the first priority you know so can you imagine how busy my life right now! I suppose to start the last portion of the wall while husband went to get the furniture for the kitchen but my Bebe was so fussy and the mommy should stop right away otherwise I'll be in trouble to her Dada,lol!
On the second thought, am so excited tomorrow because i get to see my new sectional couch for my living room ohhh it's been quite sometime now that we're thinking of new one but just keep looking around but when husband got home with the china cabinet he let me saw the couch in his cp and guess what i fell in-love with it! I told him i have to have it haha! Good thing someone is so nice to us! Thanks baby... wink! wink!

Heres my new sectional couch to be am so excited because one thing it's my favorite color... RED!

Friday, August 21, 2009

On bariatric surgery

It's so hard to lose weight and maintain a diet. Remember before I told you that am losing inches already but I seem to gain it back again. Being a busy mom requires a lot of energy and we have no choice but to make food our best friend. But there are individuals who fight a much harder fight in losing weight. They are the ones who probably has hormonal imbalance or maybe obesity runs through the family. So what they did is undergo a bariatric surgery. Though it still does not end there, after the surgery they must continue on their efforts to lose weight. The most recommended way is the bariatric surgery diet and supplements. The good news is, it's now readily available on line. Follow on the links and it'll lead you to the leading source of nutrition for bariatric patients.

If you don't find this funny.... aywan ko nlng! LOL


PROMDI: Lam ko promdi lang ako kaya wag mo kong lolokohin! Bakit ganito ang kwarto ko?!?! Maliit, wala pang kama at bintana..... ha?!?!
ROOMBOY: Sir, nasa elevator pa lang po tayo...
REPORTER: Sir, kung wala po kayong evidence, witness or suspect ano na po ang next step ninyo??
Police: DNA na...
REPORTER: sir, ano po yung DNA ???
Police: "Di Namin Alam "
Man1: Away kami ni misis, nag-Historical siya
Man2: Pare baka ang ibig mo sabihin ay nag-Hysterical
Man1: Hinde, historical kasi inungkat lahat ng kasalanan ko!
Naglalakad ang mag-ama, nakakita ng eroplano...

ANAK: Tay! Krus! Ang laking krus!
TATAY: (Binatukan ang anak): Nakita mo na ang krus, nakatayo ka pa! Lumuhod tayo!"

bobo 1: Pare, alam mo ba tawag sa paniki na mababa ang lipad?
bobo 2: hindi eh! ano ba pare?
bobo 1: Lowbat pare! Lowbat!
Bush visited the Philippines and Erap acted as his translator:

Bush: "Lets help one another..."
Erap: "Tayo'y magtulungan. .."
Bush: "...let's strive together..."
Erap: "...tayo'y magsikap..."
Bush: "....because in union there is strength."
Erap: "...dahil sa sibuyas may titigas!"
Bongbong : Pare sinong idol mo?
Chavit : Si Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Bongbong : Sige nga, spell Schwarzenegger.
Chavit : Hindi, joke lang pare, si Jet Li talaga ang idol ko.

Holduper: Pili ka, wallet mo o pasabugin utak mo?
Biktima: Ikaw na bahala..basta pareho po yang walang laman!
Sa isang mumurahing airline:

Stewardess: Sir, would you like some dinner?
Passenger: Ano ba ang mga choices?
Stewardess: 'Yes' or 'No' lang po
TEACHER: Anong similarity nina Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Ninoy Aquino at Apolinario Mabini?
STUDENT: Ma'am, pagkaka-alam ko po, silang lahat ay pinanganak ng holiday !?
Namatay ang isang mister na babaero. Sa requiem mass, sinabi ng pari patungkol sa namatay, "An honest man, a good man, a family man." et cetera... etcetera...
Binulungan ng biyuda ang panganay na anak. "Pakisilip nga ang kabaong kung ang daddy mo nga ang nasa loob!"

Meaning of summer

Few nights ago I was paying much attention to the news and the siren. There was a thunderstorm warning and it was supposed to pass by our place, thankfully though it didn't. Well, even if there's thunderstorm every now and then, we can still feel the heat of the summer. The other day, the guys went fishing at the nearby lake. Had a lot of ice cream intakes lately and plowed the garden as well. But there's one thing missing, and for me it's the truest meaning of summer. Going to the beach, no more no less!

I miss the beach so much! The breeze, the sand, the mighty blue waters are just few of the stuff I want to experience again. However, we are faraway from the coastline and the nearest one possible for us to go is the Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. My friend went there several months ago and she told me how beautiful this resort city is. Tourist all over the world hop by there and their top choice to stay is the Towers on the Grove, an Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort. There are hundreds of Myrtle Beach Resorts actually, but of course there's a particular one that you like best. Right now it's so easy to search and book on line and with the deals and offers, it'll sure to become a dream vacation for everyone. I truly hope the family can visit Myrtle Beach Resort soon, am praying for that. Winks!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Better sleep

It's time for a sleep already but before I sign out let me share with you another website I found this time around. Actually, I wasn't sleepy that much until I bumped unto Time 4 Bed web page. But when I saw their wide variety of comfortable, cozy, and beautiful beds, I can't help myself not to feel sleepy. Now I just want to laze myself to bed and feel the thick blanket cover and protect me. Anyway, let's go back to Time 4 Bed. When you browse upon their site, you are sure to see wonderful, different kinds of beds. They have Ottoman beds which are very good for storing items such as blankets, pillows, and towels. If you want to sleep in pure luxury and beauty, their leather beds are sure to capture your heart. I particularly like the Olivia storage bed, it looks so sturdy and practical yet its sleek design will definitely make any bedroom lovely!

In case you need a new bed, feel free to visit the site. They have a 45% off promo right now and they also provide free delivery. They also have a lot of special offers on different items such as matresses and pillows. Oh well, have a better, good night sleep everyone. Sweet dreams! Szzzzz...

What a HUGE thingy!

Have you ever been to Wyoming or live there? If so did you visit their famous tourist destination you could imagine? It's so interesting to know about this HUGE rock they called the Devil's Tower national Monument. I didn't know until i bumped in the image while browsing. Accordingly, this thingy rises close to 1300 feet! And look how little the people are, they look like ants climbing going to their colony! Yikes!

Close to being done

It's getting there! Our house addition is nearly done and am so happy because I'm actually starting to feel exhausted already, lol! As of now I'm doing a search for some pine wood exterior shutters and some accessories for my mini office as well. Anyway, got to go guys, am sleeping early tonight, see ya tomorrow!

Wall Paper

Hi guys you may wonder why i wasn't able to update my blog for couple of days.... Hmmmmffff! is because kurdapya been so busy doing stuff in the addition. My sissy and mom-IL came her last Monday to do the bedroom of my baby girl and it turned out so pretty than we imagined! Then after we work on the wallpaper in the dining room then right now i finishing the kitchen wallpaper i change it so it would be same as the dining area. Just resting here for awhile as my back start to get tired but i will determine to get it done tonight so i see the pretty outcome! Took some photos here and there as the working goes so i have some remembrance you know, haha!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Never to early

Never to early to what? To get insured. People now a days are open minded enough to really prepare and secure their future. Not just them but most especially of their loved ones as well. And what better way to do it than to have a life insurance, I mean it'll help them secure future financial problems and distress. Glad that today one can easily find the best term insurance rates that fits their needs. It's available on line and everyone is encourage to get one. Are you interested?

It's been a long day!

Today was so busy in the house sissy and her girls were here as well my mom in-law because they did my Bebe girl's room painted and right now everything is done beside some of the furniture is not in the right places yet! That's gonna be my job tomorrow. Even though i feel tired taking care of stuff that they need and watched the kids and made our meals yet it's all worth the effort because the room turned out so nice than we expected haha! It's purple in the bottom and Rosy pink o top looks so gorgeous with the combination with border flowers and decors i will share photos later on. I picked everything actually, I've never have a dream bedroom of my own before when i was a little girl so i promised that i will do my frustration to my daughter oneday.

It was along busy day for all of us because after my d'ther's room painted she painted our dining area as well so that tomorrow she can place the border and wall paper up! We all can't wait to get everything done so far so good we are almost finish of the addition. Next step? Kurdapyaz cutting of the ribbon! LOL.

On drug addiction

Just had another good chat with sissy back home and she shared a lot of things to me. One of the stuff we talked was about my mom's bible study whose experiencing a rare disease. He used to lived a normal life, and accordingly he was very good at his studies. One day he was rushed to the hospital. They really think it has something to do with drug overdoes and right now he's still under treatments and therapy. Well for me, if he really tried drugs, he should go for some drug rehab and undergo drug addiction treatments. Professionals knows exactly what to do to help patients get back to living a drug-free life.

Gone Fishing

Am talking about Saturday husband, dad and brother in-law went fishing at near by lake. I didn't know until that day about getting a licenced or permit whenever you do plan to go fishing it is a LAW otherwise if you won't you'll be accountable, Yikes! nevermind even tough i love to catch fish but if i need to pay just to fish i rather stay home haha! Anyway, they just tested dad's phantom boat that's been sited for awhile so anytime soon husband can bring us to the lake and enjoy boat riding. Probably next month we will try to go along with sissy and brother and kiddos will be at grandpa and nana's house they'll watch them while we have our romantic double date,lol! Wink!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Chandelier for me!

I thank my husband for granting my wish to get a Chandelier for my dining area it will be the center piece of the room so to speak. He just came home from furniture stores for his new office stuff and at the same time he surprised me with a chandelier. Ever since i love to have one in my dream dining area and I mentioned it to him that instead of a ceiling fan it would be nice if it's my choice so he got me a nice piece of chandelier! Thank you baby you are so sweet! Wink!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Online bail bonds company

Are you looking for bail bonds company? Don't get me wrong though, I know that when we talk about bails bonds, it'll only means one thing, it's either us or someone we know faces a legal problem. It doesn't mean we've committed a serious crime though, most often it's about administrative and civil cases or the like. But no matter what the reason is, the only help needed urgently is the bail bond money. The amount may vary depending on the seriousness of the crime and what's even worst to it is that it should be presented right away to avoid the defendant being put to jail. Anyway, if you find yourself or someone you know in this kind of situation, most likely you will need the assistance of a bail bond agents such as the Gregory's San Francisco bail bond agency. They offer simple process that lets the client post bail quickly and easily, making the whole processing of documents last in just minutes. Feel free to visit them online or you can call them too, which ever way is better for you to know more of their service. Their help and assistance is very much appreciated in such dire time of need isn't it?

I owe MOM


I owe my mother big time a make up kit when i come here in the states she let me took her make-up kit with me because she knew no one will do my make up in my wedding day you know here do it your self portion, haha! So i said I'll buy her one someday and this is now the day since am fixing to send a balikbayan box really soon might as well do the thing! I just got this make up kit in my mail box a while ago never thought of getting it so quick(2days) by postal service. When i first got it i like it already the eye shadows are nice in shades and its 24 in colors! And free brushes is a plus! Sure my Mom will love it now she get to have her new make up kit soon!

cheap overseas calls

Living overseas and being faraway with your loved ones is one of the hardest things to deal with probably. I couldn't imagine how it was like decades ago when communication and technology were so limited. When emails doesn't exist yet, no Internet access and no telephone calls possible. Well that was before right? Good thing now we can stay connected with friends and family, I mean they're just buzz away. Today though, the problem is not with the means of communication but with the bills and overwhelming charges.

Thank goodness I found a great way to make cheap international calls from Spain, Europe, and the USA to anywhere in the world! That's what Call2Abroad offers, they provide top quality low cost international calls to everyone wherever you are in the world. Whether you're using a land-line or a mobile phone, it doesn't matter. And this service is really so easy. Just visit their website, purchase credit online and then use the given access numbers to make a cheap overseas call to different countries. Feel free to visit them on line and check out more of their services.

Good day friends!

Out for awhile

I'll be out for awhile this morning since mom asked me if we can check the borders for our dining and office room here in town. So I said of course i love to go shopping haha especially for our housey! Anyway kurdapya will be back later on and continue do my tasks today i have several pending here and there that needs to be done asap!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Looking

In search for a new home in an unfamiliar place is hard and complicated. But that's before because now a days one can find the real estate property in just a few clicks away. This is what a friend did when she and her husband decided to look for another house and sell the old one. They ask help from on line brokers and the rest was fast and hassle free. Now am looking for a Missouri real estate, have an assignment to look for one. Anyway after this am gonna be checking on the wedding pictures of my friend who got married last Saturday. They haven't shared me everything yet so I'd be bugging them even more, lol!

It's getting there!

Oh i get very anxious everyday knowing my house addition is almost over and soon i can start putting stuff inside! Most of the things to put as decorations including the paints, borders, fixtures and ceilings fans are already set up. All i have to add more are some furniture here and there so am in the process of checking furniture online that i like. Hope i found that is in good quality and good quantity as well.

Almost ready to send

I know am overtime sending this Balikbayan box for my family in the Philippines it should be send already but i had a problem with the cargo and the box itself! I got the wrong one instead of jumbo box no wonder no matter what i do it won't never fit all my stuff inside i really had a hard time trying to fit everything that's the reason why i just left it untapped yet good thing i called the other day at the agent near us that they have another cargo carrier that the service is good so last Saturday we went to Nashville and got another a lot bigger box for my stuff was so glad it fitted all and i still have some rooms for other things! I will send this very very soon so that i can avail their promo "arrived anywhere in the Philippines before Christmas time" quick shipping in short instead of the regular 48years schedule process (90days)! Wala ko pasensiya ana!

The Country of Argentina

Kurdapya will sound like a teacher again for she will talk about the beautiful country Argentina this time lol! Argentina is the second largest country in South America and eighth in the world. It has been said that if you want to discover and see such diverse people and cultures, Argentina is the perfect place for you to visit. Travelers around the world make sure to include Argentina travel among their destinations and that's because of many good reasons. The wonderful sights, breath-taking views, exciting cuisines, friendly people are just few of what one can behold. Would you like to explore this wonderful country as well? Find out more about Argentina tours on line and see if you can possibly visit the place. Right now provides the help for you to find only the best Argentina hotels and Buenos Aires hotels. They will also allow their travelers to experience the country to the fullest by giving them lots of options to choose from. I mean they have lots of tour packages and discounts, it'll surely tempt one to visit the place. Well, why not consider hopping in there, after all, it's the home of the famous Evita Peron which makes it worth the visit.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Winning League

Have you ever imagined creating your very own sports league and actually winning every game and be champions? In today's technology such fantasy can now be possibilities. How? By creating your very own fantasy sports. This is what Waiver Wire has to offer. With their most advance fantasy sports information and tools, one can design, decide, and eventually win their fantasy league. How cool it is to create your own sports league isn't it? And what a great way it is to connect with friends and family on line. Hey, why don't you visit Waiver Wire now to see more of their complete system and packages. Try their fantasy football research and be updated with the latest games and challenges. Alright guys, have fun and win your game!

Eggpie filipino style


Wanna have some? actually this is my second time to make egg pie the first one was 6years ago in the Philippines along with my aunt it came out not so good honestly and that's it I've never tried to attempt again! But lately i been craving of an egg pie so bad since it's my favorite dessert so i said i got to make one so i did a research how to make a perfect pinoy egg pie and walahhh it is so easy than i expected, it was right this time just the way it is creamy and delicious. The crust came out perfectly flaky! I will definitely bake some again...Wink!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Am so curious about skateboarding activity since i haven't done this for my whole life yet! i heard a lot from my in-laws that skating is so much fun they used to live in Indiana where in snows and bunch of snows are there and they can just go and have fun outdoors when ever they wanted. I thought it's so cool so i ask husband if given us a chance to visit the hometown that he was born one day you know. I can't wait to go skate boardings i surely buy the skateboards whenever that moment happen.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Severe Storms last night!

The local weather channel issued a severe thunderstorms here in Tennessee including our county and here i am again getting paranoid of something might happen and it is timely last night so it so much pressure for me then because i hate when it rains at night you know while you and your family asleep you heard loud thunders and hard lightnings outside ohhh that is so scary for me! Anyway, I can't sleep when the weather like this so i just wait to calm down before I went to bed meanwhile my husband and kids are sound asleep, lol! Am just chatting with my sissy to entertainment my self even i can hear those noises outside and keep monitoring the radar as well. Good thing around 11:30 pm the storms went low and nothing goes bad. Thank Jah!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Statement tees

Howdy everyone? I'd like to share another website I found online. Am pretty sure that most of us needs a custom tee shirts. Actually, I want our entire family to have custom tees, from the grandparents to the grandchildren. It'll surely look cute and funky isn't it? Well others may be interested to customize tees too and if you do, then visit LogoDogzPrintz right now! They are the leader in screen printing tee shirt and known for their fast and high quality screen printing tee shirt. Companies, sports teams, clubs, and many others loves their top-of-the line service. Just give them a peek and see more of what they have to offer. See ya around!

My friend is finally tying the knot!

Yea, this coming Saturday at exactly 6am in the morning my friend in my hometown is finally tying the knot with the man of her dreams! I can't believe she's getting married already but you know she's not getting any younger so she really deserved it! Anyway, my sissy is one of the usherettes since we are close to her family ever since we're in our childhood. I heard their wedding is pretty unique it is held very early morning and their wedding invites not more than 100 of close friends and family. I learned as well that the usherettes will be wearing a pretty white dress! And that is required... wish we're there to witness her wedding! Am wishing her the best and congratulation welcome to married life!

Treating my self!

I guess i deserved to treat my self once in awhile this fast few days we've been so busy time is really hectic for all of us here, things needs to be done are just left to right you know. I been waking up kinda early for me to start the long day right with all the chores and taking care of my kids plus preparing meals for husband and co-workers in our addition but hey am not complaining though haha! I'm enjoying what am doing is just that to much things going on right now meaning busy busy busy! So i thought i need to seat back and relax for a bit today and pamper my self so kurdapya went online shopping, lol! It summer right? so what else the nice thing to get is a summer dress yea love this one so i purchased right away i got a pretty good deal with it so why not take the opp! Can't wait to arrive!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Walk in tubs

Do you guys want to have your very own bathtub? To be honest, that was one of my childhood dream. Told myself that someday when I'd have my own house I'll make sure to have a bathtub where I can pamper myself and feel like a queen. Glad we have one right now, Lol! By the way, speaking of bathtubs, I bumped unto this website that offers the perfect quality superior walk in tubs. This one is much better compared to the usual tubs because it gives you the security thus making one free from dangers and obstacles. You may want to check out the site too to know more!

Sony and Mommy

This place remind me of our place in Pasonanca we are close by rivers there looks exactly the same with big stones and rocks over there! Was taken yesterday when we go out for a joy ride we passed by over one of the lake here for a few minutes watching people catching fishes! I mentioned husband wish he bring his fishing stuff but he said we couldn't b'coz need to have a permit! Gushhh i have no comment, LOL! Anyway, Dada took a sneak shot while sony and mommy going towards the bangin (forgot what's bangin in English word haha). Do you?? pls tell me! Winks!


Wow, it's Monday once again and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend guys. Ours was great, we went to the lake and had a joyride. I just love how simple things in life makes us happy, it's best when shared with our family. Anyway it's Monday once again and for me to start the week, should check out on tv stands on line. A friend was asking my opinion about it and since I love to shop with my fingers, I right away said yes. I hope the site I mentioned will help her find what the TV stand she's looking for. Have a blessed week ahead everyone!

Believe it or not you can read it

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer inwaht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt.

What is Mesothelioma?

It is a form of cancer that is almost cause by exposure to asbestos. More and more people are becoming victims of the disease that's why all of us must be aware of it someway. There are now several treatments for Mesothelioma such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Though it doesn't guarantee cure but it allow improvements and betterment. It pays to be informed about mesothelioma, why not check out on websites that discusses about this disease.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Looking for houses!


Just looking though! haha. Today was so boring so i asked husband to drive us around so kurdapyo and I jump up right to our door ready to take off and Dada carried Bebe in the car seat. It so nice once in awhile to just go for a joy ride and just see what ahead brings. Anyway, here in our place there's several lakes to go by, scenic mountains and beautiful country side with bunch of humongous brick houses around so that's were our destination earlier went to the country side and enjoyed picture taking here and there on the houses i dream to have one day lol! We also passed by in the lake kurdapyo entertained him self by over looking the boats and campers and people catching fishes! Here are my shoots during my joy ride some of big and gorgeous houses wish to have one that big someday, ambisyosa jud! Well, If we have a money and win a lotto nothing is impossible husband will be the handyman...LOL!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Satellite TV in Minnesota

A close family friend of my family his daughter which is my friend also just arrived here. She married a guy from Minnesota last month, she mentioned me about life is way too different here than in our hometown which obviously she's still adjusting i know the feeling she going through right now. Anyway, i told her just keep her mind busy and she ask about Direct TV in Minnesota so that they can get the Filipino channels and for that she feels like home in Philippines and she never get bored you know. So i said check out because it takes the guess work out of finding the best deals, promotions and packages on Directv and Dish Network all at one easy website and she can figure out who to buy from and when!