Saturday, January 31, 2009



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Friday, January 30, 2009

Pool Service - Orlando, FL

Do you have a pool? Why am I asking? Well I was just wondering if you're having problems with it, you know, leaking or stuff like that. You may also want to repair or renovate it to make it better or bigger. Whatever your needs are, I know a site that provides the best pool services and best prices. Hydro tech Pools Inc.,the pool repair specialist offers leak detections, pool repair and renovations, equipment repair and replacement, and pool products such as heaters, pump and filters, chlorine generators, lights and accessories. You can visit them online or any of their locations, Naples or Orlando Pool Service and take advantage of what they have to offer. Enjoy the pool!

Cleaning Time!

I took several days off from doing chores around my house, i been so much not into it lately and my lazy butt strikes it again! So I just leave my house into a jungle kinda scenario courtesy by my little monkey, haha! He was enjoying getting into stuff, pulling it out and everything you could imagine a toddler does. I don't care because mommy is not in the mood to clean the messed. I'm just glad my man(husband) doesn't complain if for some reason i can not manage to keep our house as clean as always right this time that I'm pregnant. But, today is enough i got to clean the entire house! I am already tired of looking it messy. So time for general cleaning! Have to this while i am in my mood to do my household chores. It does going to be a busy day for me then! Chores are lining up... haha! I'll start my dirty kitchen for now. OK good luck to me! Winks!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Landscaping Needs

I just mentioned a while ago that we have another busy season approaching! I am talking this spring time of course after winter time everybody started to beautify their yards right? Oh, here in our town majority of the houses have the awesome yards or landscapes i ever see in my life. I wanted to have a yard like those honestly. Husband told me that they really hired professional landscapers do to the entire job for them. They are the experts to manage every details how to have such wonderful landscapes either commercial landscaping or residential landscaping, these people also provides the synthetic putting greens grass in your backyard. So feels like a golfer, you see the golf course how pretty and smooth those are?

Anyway, all i asked him is to put a playground turf in our kids mini playground so we don't need to clean and mow the area where the play station at now every time. This help us keep not to worry if our kids getting hurt because indeed the turf is more secure than ordinary grass you know.


This is our front and backyard right now looks so dead and not very good looking, haha well what will i expect it's winter season right now duh! But anyway after winter time husband and I will work hard to beautify our yard again. We'll do some gardening here and there and plant several kind of flowers especially roses my favorite flower of all time. I am sure spring time is gonna be a busy season for us then. That photo taken from the backyard, i thought to put a bed of different kinds of mini flowery thing around that trees and across the fences! Look nice, what do you think?

How to stay warm?

Yea! How to stay warm during the winter months? I think all of us really wanted to keep our body and house warm as possible as we could. I hate cold weather and this time around our weather here in up north really hits me unlike last year i can tolerate the coldness once in awhile. I came from the country that we have tropical weather all year round so it's really hard to manage when it's winter time. I am so glad my husband is always there for my needs. He always makes sure that his wife is warm all the time, LOL! Our house is installed with central heating so wherever i am in the house, i am sooo comfortably warm and safe from chilling.


What a weather condition we have this time around! Yesterday we had a cold, nasty, rainy and snowy morning and it lasted till late afternoon. Then I woke up today the outside is so nice i am seeing Mr. Sunshine right now. Weather is so much unpredictable huh? You can not tell we just got bad weather yesterday. I tell you it rain so hard with mixing of snow shower which is kind of thick flaky. I missed to take some evidence (photos) though because was busy making my lunch that moment. I really thought us here is gonna have some inches of snow all along but the snow stopped yet still nasty and wet. Today I am planning to bring my son outside since weather is nice might as well take the advantage just get a better wrap.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How's your Kitchen?

Been here in America for more than 3 years already and there's one thing I've observe that reminds me of home, American families also do love eating and dining together. My husband's family always have a get together every now and then. Friends too often invites us for dinner. Well there's no doubt about it, families build a strong bond around their dining tables. Hey! there's someone, or should I say something that wants to help you have a more enjoyable dining time with your loved ones, your dining room furniture!

Our dining room is one important part of our house, it is here where we share many happy moments together. For this, wants to help have your Dining Room Tables. You can choose from their widest selection of dining room furniture from Round Dining Tables, Formal Dining Room Sets, casual dining sets, and China Cabinets. All styles are present, from modern, antique, traditional, elegant, and glass tables. Plus right now they have up to 50% discount as inventory sale. And of course they ship free of charge!

People bond when they eat! So if you want a new dining set, visit their online store and see all of what they have to offer!

Cagayan de ORO- Philippines


These taken when my brother went to a business trip to CDO, Philippines. He took a bus going to this wonderful city. While on the way there he took pictures of the beautiful scenery out there the BASAKAN, it's a rice field in short. Just wanted to share the beauty of my country. Winks!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Get Your Free Credit Report!

Assessing our financial status I think will help a lot, specially now that almost everybody's affected with the crisis. So if you are planning to get a credit report soon? searching for one, I found They provide an online debt relief program and helping over 1 million families all over America be free of debt. Their mission is that they will help clients match them with the right debt solution for their needs, no matter how serious it may be. I really do think that we should consider things like this, to avoid problems in the future right? So if you're interested, visit them online and get your free credit report.

My Pancit Bihon


One of my specialties is pancit bihon. One of Filipinos authentic dish. I cook this ever since i was in the Philippines still; it's always present in every occasion and in our dining table. My grandmother cooks the best pancit bihon ever. The Husband loves it very much so once in awhile he really demands me to make some. I always have a stock of bihon in my pantry because we are kind of distance in the Filipino store. This is so good with fresh bread and ice cold colas. Mmmmmm... yum yum!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I need this!


As i promised to my self not to tolerate my online shopping anymore. Well, very proud to my self because i managed it really good, for the past several weeks i don't spend my time much in the surfing online. But, one thing i must do before really cut my habit haha! I need to get what i had been wanting for in awhile yet didn't find anything i like, not until yesterday i check my online store if they have one because mostly the jackets i like they're always out of stock. Luckily i got a descent price and good reviews of this! Practically, I need this in the cold weather we have here right now! Although I have one already from last year but i hate it it's too bulky over the shoulder so i don't wear it no more. Since i have my budget i decided to purchase what my heart and mind wants, LOL! emote pa kunu! But this is the last goods for now because i have so many things and plans right now! Have to be mindful of things i get.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

need durable blinds!

My toddler is so hyper! Always playing around and messing up things. The house seemed hit by a tornado all the time,lol! His toys are scattered everywhere, here and there! The stuff in our house are sometimes damage, like our venetian blinds. My goodness! He keeps on tearing it apart, I have no idea how he does it. Mommy gets mad of course, but I guess kids are really like these, and still we love them dearly, winkz!

Now our blinds don't look good, it's broken into pieces actually so I told husband it's time for us to get a more durable one. And our solution is wooden blinds! Since it is made up of wood, obviously it's more durable, and it looks so nice, neat and classy. There is this online store that sells the widest selection of blinds, venetian, wooden blinds, roman blinds, vertical, and roller blinds. What's nice here is that you can choose which color you like, dark wood or just natural. You can also choose by slat width and of course by brand. But you don't have to worry about the price, it's very affordable, they even have discounted items! Hey! these are not low-quality blinds, they guarantee their customers full satisfaction on their products. I must say, these are the blinds we really do need to have. Quality, affordable, and very lovely.

Now I wonder if my toddler is powerful enough to destroy it, LOL!

Tennessee Aquarium

This is our (hubby, bebe and I) third time to visit the Tennessee Aquarium. Was last year and I took bunch of photos every level of the aquarium. We had such a great time spending a day with my family at the park and roaming around inside the vicinity. You always find new things over there, last time we went they are adding more space and i bet next time we will be there more there's more exciting things to awaits for us! I won't get tired of keep coming back to the aquarium at Chattanooga TN. Loves the view from the outside alone.

Provincetown Accommodations - Massachusetts

Today let's talk about Massachusetts, hey! Do I sound like a teacher? LOL! Massachusetts is home to world famous historical sites and legendary monuments. Aside from the trace of the past, Massachusetts has so many things to offer. Visit their museums, lighthouses, scenic wonders, or go whale watching. But a great escapade also means a good place to stay. And what better way to have it is by having a vacation rental. You may want to consider Provincetown Accommodations when visiting Massachusetts. P-town is a charming seaside town, and only through vacation rentals you can enjoy them fully. Unlike staying in a hotel, vacation rentals are cheaper, more private, and has more amenities. Your family can enjoy a home away from home truly!

Massachusetts is one of the best place to be, if you plan to travel there, do it through the help of VRBO vacation rentals.

Pork Ribs baby!


I was watching travel channel last night and they featured the best barbecue paradise across the country. Hay! I was drooling while watching it. You can see all kinds of BBQ recipes especially pork ribs from sweet looking to spicy one. Everything looks so good and people enjoyed biting every bit of the ribs. My goodness! That moment on i am craving pork ribs then. And now I need to get ribs to barbecue! So that i will stop longing for it, haha. I am a food lover so my husband and as well both of our families. It's been a while we didn't get pork ribs though. So i really put it in my grocery list for tomorrow's food shopping.

My Chores!

Just taking my break right now, been bust from doing few chores here and there. Today is my schedule to vacuum our entire house from bedrooms to living room and kitchen area. I am glad that husband decided to replaced our carpet floor in the living area into wood flooring... that case it is easy for me to clean up the floors. Because unlike carpets i don't need to scrub or wash the spots that are so dirty and filthy. Easy and fast! Just perfect for busy and lazy mothers like me, haha!

Miss America!

I am looking forward to watch the Miss America beauty contest. One of the most prestigious contests for young American women ever since. Honestly, I am a big fan of beauty contest as well my relatives' way from grandmothers to our generation. We never miss watching the yearly contest. Mainly we want to see how the ladies carry themselves in their night gown as well the swimsuit competition and especially the question and answer portion. And bet which is which will gonna be crown as the winner. Anyway, I'm excited to know who among the 52 women and only one becomes the Ms. America. It is hosted by Mario Lopez a hunky dude!

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Oh mah Gush!!!


This is my close friend in the Philippines, I was so freaking afraid to look at the thing (snake obviously) she is holding here!!! I can't even focus my eyes while doing this post to the screen, LOL! I tell you snakes and worms are probably my biggest fear other than frogs! I get giggled and feel something crawling on my body when i saw creepy crawling thing. It started when i was 12years old with jerla while we were playing in our house that we used to have before, then just suddenly we heard something whispering us then we turn back and we saw the creepy cobra facing on us! We're so afraid then and screaming to the highest level haha! Then family is to the rescue, i ended up on the top table and jerla climbed up on the refrigerator. So after that incident, i can't handle anymore i had a phobia of snakes! Yikes! ( nag ngilo ngilo nku diri baya oi)! I am amazed with my friend here she can interact with this big fellow with matching closeness huh! LOL. I wonder what the feeling is when you touch them! Hmmmmm :-?.... OK never mind! haha! You are so brave girl!

Have a good Saturday ya'll and enjoy viewing!

Attractions in Branson Missouri

Learning about different places always fascinates me. Sometimes I find myself reading about a certain city and its people. No wonder I took a major in history course when I was in college, lol! Like what I'm doing right now, I'm reading about the beautiful Missouri. Branson Missouri is home to famous attractions. It is also the Live Music Capital of the World. If you are planning to visit Missouri, then you should find your dream vacation package at If you are looking for a magical night full of music, or an exciting and fun-filled day in a theme park, plus the comfort and elegance of a place to stay, then find it at Branson Getaways. I particularly like the "Titanic Museum," build like the real one, you'll definitely have a journey to the pass.

Sounds fantastic! Just check on the site for more details!

The Mighty Indus

With so many streams merging to form the Indus, there has been debate about the location of the actual source of the river. But this great river originates high up in the Himalayas is certain. Flowing in a northwesterly direction and joining other streams on route, the river runs 200 miles across the high plateau of Tibet, "the roof of the world." As the river approaches of India in the Ladakh region, it works its way through the mountains, wearing into the base of cliffs to form a channel between the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges. Now in Indian territory, it drops nearly 12,000 feet in a matter of 350 miles. During it plunge it travels north and then takes a sharp turn around the western edge of the Himalayas, where it is joined by the Gilgit, a large river surging out of the Hindu Kush. The waters then flow south through Pakistan. Forcing its way between the mountains, twisting and turning with violent force, the Indus eventually reaches the plains and flows on through the Punjab. This name means "Five Rivers," as five great tributaries-the Beas, the Sutlej, the Ravi, the Jhelum, and the Chenab- flow like outspread fingers of a giant hand to join the Indus and travel with it to the end of its majestic journey of more than 1,800 miles.

Friday, January 23, 2009

fat burner

I just mentioned that we have a get together soon. Apparently good food and desserts are always present there! i promised to my self not to eat too much and just control my appetite but being pregnant is hard you always crave and crave for something your taste buds wants! I know i am gaining a lot of weight now. Yet i can't resist if i see delicious food haha! If i could only take a fat burner pill every time i ate fatty dish? i did already, just to burn the fats in my body! Too bad this time i am pregnant can't do that you know. Maybe later on. How about you?

Feb 1!

I look forward on this day because we have a get together with family and friends at my sissy's house to watch the big game which is the SUPERBOWL! Of course food will be obviously present there! We are assigning each and everyone to bring a dish. This will be my second time to spend the Superbowl night with my in-laws and close friends. The first time was 2 years ago just after i arrived here and everything to me was unusual LOL! I don't know about all this stuff anyway since us in the Philippines never mind this kind of sports. I don't know with you guys but for us just a normal regular day. So days more to go we will be watching 'the big game' and i didn't get yet the food hubby and I is assigned to bring for that night of fun, haha! Will get it this weekend just to make sure because i sometimes forgetful...

I wanted to lose weight!

Yes! I really wanted to lose weight so bad and get back to my sexy body used to have, LOL! Last summer i was very determine to lose weight and it started to happen i watch my diet carefully and do some treadmill walking. But we found out i am pregnant then so all the effort i did was stopped suddenly. Anyway, I made my promised that after my pregnancy will go back to my goal to lose weight but i need to take diet pills this time so that i can see the result right away. I am thinking taking Hydroxycut, i heard a lot of testimonial about this diet pill and they give them the good result they wanted. You can have the body you are longing for. So i might try this one.


Time fly by so fast! My goodness its Friday again. But nothing too exciting for us here this coming weekend because husband still working tomorrow. Sunday is the only family day we have this time. And I planned just to stay at home and spend our time with him to the fullest. Though i sees him everyday before he goes to work and after he come home yet i still missing my husband so bad. Seems our moment together isn't enough for me. Usually weekend we always have some places to go but not this time other than I'm happy it's TGIF because payday time again, haha! He promised us though he will make up with us when the busy season will end.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looking for vanities

As I mentioned earlier in my past entry, husband and I are planning to renovate the house. He want to have a garage and I want to extend the kitchen. But since we're having our second baby, we plan to have another room for her. And also another bathroom too. Oh! There's plenty of things to do. I know we'll be kinda busy this spring time so as early as now, I'm starting to look for stuff we will be needing. The kitchen and the bathroom will be my assignment, lol! Bathroom Mirrors and Linen Cabinet is something nice to have.

Anyway, there's this site that's all about bathroom vanity and vanities. I tell you, they have only the top quality vanities complete with Bathroom Vanity Sinks at very reasonable prices. From modern, antique, and classic designs you'll sure to love. I really like a particular vanity, the glass vanities. I think they are really neat and simple yet classy. And because it's glass, it can fit to any theme, decoration and color, so I really like it.

Hey! right now they have Discount Bathroom Vanities, you can actually save 30%- 65% on their products. Not just that, they also offer free shipping! Great deal right? So if like us, you are also planning something for your home, visit BuyVanitiesOnline, sure you'll find it here.

Tired of nothing...

I am so tired of doing nothing today unfortunately. Still have the jet lag from our driving last Tuesday. My thighs and butt cheeks are sore, and my legs are worst... what a feeling!! Well obviously due to the heavy load i am carrying right now haha! So far today i did not accomplish any of my household chores. So sleepy and lazy to get around! Gushh i hate this feeling. Hope I'll feel better soon otherwise house will be full of mess by my son. Toys are all over the places. Even though the husband ordered me not to do anything yet I can not just leave everything to him because he is working extra hours right now and i know he is also tired from work. Ohh i need assistants here! I need my Mommy! Huhuhuuhu.

Pack your things!

One thing i make sure when we go travelling? Is our luggage. I make sure that everything we needed is packed inside. My husband knows how much i pack stuff. I mostly over packing, i put extra loads such clothes, personal stuff and accessories inside even i don't need it much. That's why he bought me a large expandable wheeled luggage bag to put all our necessities all at once. He got it at online store that has variety of selection of stylish luggage. From carry-on to garment bags, cases and as well care product for your luggage. Their Luxury Luggage is the thing caught in my eye, looks so sophisticated and fashionable. Not just travel stuff they have actually they carry also various selection of executive accessories for business. Actually i wanted to get one of these days the garment bag protective cover because we planned to go for a long trip soon. So better take care of our luggage then.

Cebu specialty...


Since my big brother work in Cebu right now just recently he was promoted there, I have the reason to be so happy. Why? Because I can just easily ask him to send me my favorite bulad that only Cebu has it. I am talking about the Cebu's best dried danggit fish. Yea, I am not lying here because their danggit is so delicious... I think nothing compare of the crispiness, tasty yet not salty and melts in the mouth bulad they have. Plus you can get there in descent price compare to other places it's already expensive you know and very little. I been wanting dried danggit for so long now, and when somebody visit to the Philippines I keep asking them to bring me a pasalubong of that, but only Cebu has the finest bulad ever. So, I really requested bro to send me some because I am craving it in awhile. He said will do it soon and I can't wait for it to arrive here! I'll be totally looking forward. Hmmm... Yum! Yum!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spring Break

As we all know that spring season is fast approaching soon and we all familiar with this event the spring break. Students and singles of all ages gather together and have fun to the fullest. This is the period of recess, usually lasting one week, during the spring term at school. So if you are one of those students wanted to go to spring break vacations this year? Well, at is here to help college students and high school students find great deals on airfare, hotels and party packages that are worth the fun during spring break time.

World's Biggest and Tallest

I came across to this topic about all of world's biggest, tallest and largest creation by man ever made.

Here's one of the top pick:
The world's largest man-made Islands - It's in Dubai, called the Palm Islands. Accordingly, it composed of three (3) separate islands. One of the island are now currently open for development, and the remaining two might be completed in the 10-15 years. Well, it's kinda quite long from now. However, it says that when these three islands finished... it will contain over a hundred luxury hotels and such. Meanwhile one of the palm itself will be almost as large as Paris. How great that is? It is indeed a cool looking Islands.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My father is a salesman, my brother too. Every now and then, we constantly received items from different companies, a little something to promote their products. I believe every business do give gifts or Promotional Products to valued clients and customers. When they do, they somehow express their gratitude, plus of course customers remember their products easily. Since husband works in the Tax office, every year they also have these promotional products as giveaways. Pens, calculators, desk accessories are just among the many variety they've given away.

You may also be in need of stuff like these, if so just visit, an online superstore of promotional products. There are actually over 200,000 quality products to choose from here, ranging from pens, tote bags, mugs, key chains, tumblers, laptop bags, and custom clothing like hats, jackets, and shirts. Products that are fun and funky to practical and formal. They also have beauty products like manicure sets, vanity bags, mirrors and more! Even food and beverage like chocolates, candy, and popcorns!

Amazing right! I might tell husband to purchase from them soon since they are having a 15% off on a particular item, winkz! Anyway, just check out the site for more!

A new trick of rape!

My sissy email me this subject from our friend emails too... it said pass this along to all ladies in the house that i know, so to be aware about this very important information. OK here it goes guys....

=============== ============ ===========
Dear Friends,


The woman left the office after working hours and saw a little child crying on the road. Feeling pity for the child, she went to ask what happened. The child said, ' I am lost. Can you take me home, please?ʼ Then the child gave her a slip of paper and tells the woman where the address is. The woman, being an average kind person who didnʼt suspect anything took the child there. And there when they arrived at the ' child ' s home ' , the kind hearted woman pressed the door bell and she was electrocuted as the bell was wired with high voltage, and fainted. The next day when she woke up, she found herself in an empty house up in the hills, naked. Condoms were all thrown around with semen flowing.
There were at least about 20 condoms! She has not even seen her assailants. Thatʼs why nowadays crimes are targeted on kind people like her. Next time if the same situation occurs,never take the child to the intended place. If the child insists, then take the child to the police station. Lost children are best sent to police stations. Please send this to all your female friends/colleagues, and your friends with girlfriends and friends with wives. It is better to receive this a thousand times than to be a victim once!

Keep safe Ladies! Please pass this on to family members. It is better to be informed. It is sad that we canʼt even help children now!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

PhotoHunt: Hat


This week theme of photohunt is about 'HAT'. Took this a year or so ago in the ZOO, Nashville in the summer time. Honestly, i am not a hat user but that time it was very hot so i urged to wore a hat despite i don't like it! I don't have a choice otherwise my face get sun burn. Glad though because i was able to use it for this photohunt theme, haha! We look forward to go back to the Zoo this summer season... winks!

Places I wish to tour!

I love to travel, I love to meet the world. Going to different places and learning new cultures is so much fun and interesting. My school major was History, and since it requires a lot of travel, I've been to quite several places already. Now I'm here in the U.S, it's like a new journey, a whole new world for me to discover. There are so many places I want go and take a tour, lol! One of it is the Glacier National Park. I want to experience the pristine forest, alpine meadows, the beautiful mountains, and the lakes.

Have you been there? Did you stay at St. Mary Lodge and Resort? They say that it's best Glacier National Park lodging to accommodate yourself. With 122 accommodations, unique dinning venues, superb shopping, and even wireless Internet service plus more! A perfect place of natural beauty with the modern convenience that is! Wish I can visit Montana resorts, of course with my family. It will be an exciting adventure for sure! And if we can, we'll definitely be at St. Mary Lodge and Resort in Glacier National Park.

Hey! if you like to travel to Glacier National Park, and stay at National Park Resort Lodge? You can easily book yourself online now. Just check out their site for more details.


I don't know why i am craving different variety of food lately. My taste buds feels really weird, one day i wanted to have Mexican food or Filipino and the next thing i knew i want Chinese food, haha! I'm just glad the husband understands me more than ever. He is so supportive, whenever i requested such things he just say 'yes baby'. Part of being pregnant i guess huh? So right now my craving is IHOP!! Sooo loving their food you know. I am looking forward on Tuesday when we go to Nashville since we don't have IHOP close by too bad! :-(. I wish we have... because definitely I'll be their regular costumer! We need to drive 45 minutes away from us here just to go to this place and that's unpractical. But as of now I'm craving too bad so timely i have my appointment at Nashville so why not take the advantage.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Soooooo Cold!

It is soooo freaking cold here right now! as if you are inside the freezer. It says 30degree in my monitor inside. But it feels like more than that. Even the heat is already turn on all over the house didn't work still. We are thinking to go to the office for a little bit but this cold temperature makes me lazy to move around! i can't function right, tired to do chores and all i wanted to do is lay down and sleep! Ohhh, I wish winter is over!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another clothing store...

I am fond of shopping online, and like browsing different online stores around especially when they offer reasonable price towards the consumers. Anyway I found another online clothing store just now. I learned at provide you with the best rave clothing and party gear, costume attire or if you want to be unique like wearing an UFO Pants they have it! In other words they have a huge selection of all kinds of clothing you ever think of.

Friend coming over...

Nest week my friend will come over my house with her adorable son. I am excited again knowing my son has his playmate visiting him. He get so jolly when he seeing other kids and that's what matter most. So i definitely looking forward for them next week hopefully the weather is nice and not so cold. She drive 30minutes away from us, so i am thinking to make something to munch while watching our toddlers playing or maybe invite her for lunch... we'll see then! I can't wait!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stylish Cowboy Boots

How's your night doing? Mine? Well as what I've told you earlier, I feel so bored lol! Since I'm done cleaning our whole kitchen, now what will I do? Apparently I'm now in front of my computer and writing this entry. I like to watch a movie too, maybe later I will. These fingers of mine are starting to surf the Internet again, gosh!!! now I'm online shopping once again, lol! I can't help it, I always find myself looking for stuff like shoes and dresses.

I found these site that all about western gifts, accessories, western wear for men, women and children too. All those stylish cowboy boots and hats we see in the movies like "Indiana Jones" are all found in one place, that is, See that gorgeous boots cowboys wear? Those are Lucchese boots! Both for men and women, these boots really puts an impression to anybody who's wearing it. Oh well, all the boots, shirts, apparel, hats, bags, pants, everything here are so nice and sassy. Have to control my feelings, if not, I'll be inlove with all these stuff, lol!

Anyway, husband just got home from work. So bye for now! Time to have our dinner!

To be honest...

I am bored right now so why not keep my self busy doing household chores. I am doing a general cleaning right this moment in my kitchen. One thing is need to be thoroughly clean is our oven, to be honest this is my first time of cleaning it (shame on me!) usually the husband does the thing. I am glad though that the oven has a self clean button so all i have to do is turn it on but i don't know exactly the instruction haha! brain dead me in this matter! Hmmmm... shame on me again!. So i made a quick chat to husband and asked him how to operate the cleaning system! For 3 years i been here in America and living in my house just now i was able to realize that i should be the one cleaning our oven! Toinkz. I am freaking smoky here right because of the greasy stuff that stuck in awhile. haha! Well that's all my confession! LOL.

Florida vacation

If God's will we probably proceed our plan of going to Florida late summer. We had planted this vacation ever since we got married 3 years ago but circumstances won't allow us to happen. I got pregnant and we went to up north for a very important business purposes. Anyway, still we never lost hope that one of these days our Florida vacation will yet to happen. Especially if we have the budget you know. Once in awhile we are checking here and there about the vacation deals. Going to Disneyland, universal studio and of course vacation isn't complete if i can't go to the beach and have my sun bathing, haha!

I found several of Florida's top beaches to go to. One of my lists is the Panama city beach! I've learned that Panama City Beach has many selections of hotels to stay just make sure you pick the right accommodation. Yet it is great beach it's fantastic with beautiful scenic view along with white sand and crystal water. We will definitely enjoy our summer time here. At has all the lists of destinations you wanted to go, accommodation deals, great vaca rental listing, including the Panama City Beach deals, they got great deals on accommodations in this area that will make our beach family vacation enjoyable and inexpensive. This place has a lot of hotels but some our so expensive and not so good in ratings! So will really help us to find the cheap rentals yet worth to stay accommodation. I always get excited just to think about our up coming summer family vaca.

Out of town...

The husband is out of town today it is something to do with his work of course. This is probably one of the busiest weeks for him. He will do some printing ads for a funeral home an hour and half drive from us. It's a huge or bulky printing job i should say, (15,ooo pcs.) printing and cutting to do asap. So they need to meet her ( the owner) to make sure the contract and payments will be finalized and stuff like that. I anticipated already that this time of the year he'll be as busy as a bee yet i still miss him so bad knowing that he has more time outside than us. But i know he work hard for us. Actually, if I'm not pregnant right we should go with him whenever he's out of town just have a joy ride. Too bad the husband won't allow me in my situation haha! That's why Bebe and I just stuck at the house! hayyy... maypa mang limpyo!!!

Work Boots for him!


My husband's work boots is already worn out from last year we purchased. I guess it worn out fast because we just bought it cheap in a local store. So anyway i want to get him a nice pair of boots and i am surfing online so he wouldn't know i am getting him one soon. Fortunate for me i found an online store that sells wide selection of work boots.
It's at What i like here is the quality and durability of the product. Another thing is they are factory authorized dealers for all of the brands you see on their web site. Such brands are converse boots, wolverine boots, magnum boots, 5.11 Tactical boots which pleased to cover FIRE and EMS professionals from head to toe, that's what husband needed and guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials. And more of branded names around and pretty stylish too not to mention. They even have the matching 5.11 tactical gears for military and police, firefighter's professionals to the safety of their profession. They take great joy in helping people get the work boots they want and need in any purposes. This is really money wise for working class America. They offer in reasonable prices with the highest quality footwear anywhere you could find. On the top of that, they offer free ground shipping to all orders over $50 in the United States. How great that is? I will take this chance and planning to purchase as soon as i have my budget!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Best dresses at the GG award...

Meanwhile if worst dressed is present there should always the best dressed in the event! I agree, they spotted the best ladies did wearing the best dresses! Thanks to their designers... they look so stunning and simply fabulouso with all the accessories. These actresses really ruled the red carpet this time! to see more of your favorite celebs click here...

~Eva Longoria~
~Sandra Bullock~
~Kate Winslet~
~Kate Beckinsale~

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Worst dressed at GG award

I am one of those curious who's best and worst dressers that celebs wearing at every awards night they're present. I can't wait to find out who's in and out especially right now i bet every one of them wanted to be in the best lists! Though few of celebrities even the very famous like Cameron Diaz, Debra Messing, Miley Cyrus and more still in the worst dressed lists... These actresses are my favorite but they're not so lucky this time... to see more click here!
~Hayden Panettiere~
~Anne Hathaway~
~Megan Fox~
~Renee Zellweger ~

Franchise Finder!

As we all know we are experiencing economic problems at present yet a lot of people striving hard to help our economy back to track. With the help of businessmen, surely this crisis will be solving. Anyway, in general there are so many engaging to business ventures despite the situation. As long they know what kind of businesses they will entertain, if this is the right one for them. Accordingly, one of the largest growing businesses today is to Franchise a business.

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India Has 25 Percent of World’s Blind

India has the dubious distinction of having 12 million blind people, who constitute 25 per cent of the world’s total blind population," says India’s Deccan Herald. A report by Youth Vision India, 2002, based on information gathered from colleges and schools in more than 40 cities throughout India, also pointed out that "more than 50 per cent of youth needing vision corrections were not even aware of the fact." According to the findings, refractive errors and cataracts accounted for the majority of eye disorders in the country, and these were correctable. "Lack of awareness" and an "inadequate number of eyecare practitioners" are mentioned by the newspaper article as the major causes of India’s problem. It adds: "India has only 5000 optometrists, as against 40,000 recommended by the WHO."

Source: Awake issue...

Be secured

There's this person who constantly gives us problems and headache. She is causing some trouble in the office, to make the long story short, father-in-law decided to install a dependable security system in the office in around the vicinity. It truly help a lot, now we feel more secure and at peace. Since the safety of our loved ones and our belongings of course are very much important, having a security system is very much recommended.

Do you need one too? Perhaps for your office or your home? ADT, the no.1 home security company in America helps protect over 5 million American homes and families, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Their products and services includes home security systems, senior monitoring, identity theft protection and more! Protect your security now, don't allow anyone to steal your peace of mind. You can with the help of ADT.

Got my Bio Appointment

We are so glad that my biometric appointment has arrived last Friday and it is schedule on 20th of January in Nashville an hour and half drive from us! At least after this one all i have to wait is the letter that i will take the interview, then so on so fort. I can't wait to have my 10years GC so i could petition my family here one day. It is so nice to think about it that one of these days my family and I will get reunited here in the US. I really wanted them here with me. If God's will!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Looking for use car parts...

My husband had been searching for awhile now some second hand car parts for his 1972 Chevrolet truck. He wanted to replace most of major thing on it like the engine, gear boxes and some spares. He loved his truck so much; i tell you he won't change it for nothing new and latest models around. All he wants is to overhaul and make it nice again. Anyway, I am so glad that i can help him finding the used car parts he needs in order to finish his truck soon. It's at!

They have wide selection of car parts from different kinds of cars around to name a few like Toyota, Volvo, Nissan, Mitsubishi and more popular brands. They also have imported parts from other country such as van parts, gearboxes, engines and more. In addition, 247 spares is the leading parts network because as i mention they have spares around the world from Europe to Asia. They have cheaper car parts you could ever find and faster shipping. After purchasing your order, it will arrive within 24 hours and the price is excellent than any other online car parts store and it is safe and secure. In fact the company is ranked as number 6 in the hit wise category for -"Automotive Shopping Online" for their excellent service to their valued costumer. You can even request a FREE quote from them to make sure they can help you find better pricing of parts you need. So to make my long story short I will definitely going to tell this to my husband so that he will start looking for the rest of the parts he needed. If you are interested as well, why not visit today and take a quick look.

Florida's Top Beaches

This is the continuation of my post about Florida's top beaches that you may plan to travel soon...

~ Smathers Beach key West- is one of the best-known beaches in Key West. Everything you need to have a great day in the sun is right at this place! This is the perfect for romantic get away for couple who wants some privacy and to really relax. Accordingly, this place isn't full of tourist yet it is inviting place because of white sand and wonderful palm trees.

~ Panama City Beach- This place has many selection of hotels to stay just make sure you pick the right accommodation. Yet it is great beach it's fantastic with beautiful scenic view along with white sand and crystal water. You will definitely enjoy your summer time here.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Alternative Medicine

I've been doing some research about acupuncture since husband is planning to try it. I also do want to try because of my migraine, they say that it's a good remedy and possible cure. Ever since before, I personally believe that alternative medicine can do wonders to our health. So aside from acupuncture, I also read about other forms of alternative medicine, homeopathy for instance. How does homeopathy work? First, we need to know what is homeopathy. Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine. It is a way of treating illness with small amounts of special medicines. These are mostly made of herbs, mixed with alcohol and diluted water. Since homeopathy is based on natural ingredients, many individuals, even babies and pregnant women can use homeopathic remedies without the fear of bad side effects. It can also be taken alongside other medications so it's guaranteed safe.

Homeopathy is recommended for those who have post nasal drip, chronic sinusitis, halitosis, rhinitis, fungus infections, hay fever and other allergens. I think this is good for my sister because she has allergic rhinitis, she looks horrible with her red and itchy nose, lol! Anyway, I really prefer alternative treatments, it's more of a prevention, and as we know, prevention is always better than cure. Might as well do a little research too, it's for our health after all.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


These are my family and relatives, that's only 2/3 of our entire huge clan. Was taken last Saturday when they planned to go to memorial garden to visit our great grandmother's grave. It's been for years now that she passed away and until now we always bring the memories that we shared with her. We never forget her until the time of resurrection hope that we will able to see our great grandma again. We all looking forward to that. Anyway, I wish i was with them! i envy so much seeing this photo haha. Of course family reunion is always enjoyable thing to do. That's all just wanna share my HUGE clan. LOL!

Summer Camps!

Are you ready for the summer? I bet you do. Summer season is the best way to go somewhere with your family and friends and take a break from the real hectic world. I guess some are already have plans where their summer vacation is. Us, we are planning to go out of town and stay in a nice accommodation with beautiful scenery. Just thinking of it makes me excited!

Anyway, If you still in the process of planning of where to spend your summer get away? And if you love adventure kind of thing. Why not do summer camping with family. Isn't it cool? I am so looking forward that one of these days i can experience to go camping with my husband because i heard a lot of wonderful things about camping and stuff. I am curios about what places to go for summer camping and i found out a beautiful place online. It's at NY Summer Camp, it's a camping facility and retreat/conference center. The Camp Kresge is an 1100 acre property located south of Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania’s scenic Pocono Mountains. I learned that this camp area is home to deer, raccoon, possum, squirrel, fox, bobcat, beaver, and many other kinds of animals. Another thing is their lake is home to various kinds of ducks and geese, heron, and a pair of osprey. So no doubt the fishing is particularly good and is one of our more popular activities out there. They have nice cabins to stay that accommodate up to 8-10 people. They have safety first policy to all their summer campers in the facilities. And you don't get bored inside the camp because they have so many activities to get into. They're main priority is the satisfaction of their campers. So what are you waiting for make a quick tour and see for your self!

'10 Things You Want to do in 2009'

Honestly we have so much things to do this year! like...

1. This spring we will do a house extension.
2. I will do looking forward for my delivery of my baby.
3. Make the baby's room ready, do wall paintings, decorate and arrange her stuffs.
4. Look forward to our wedding anniversary's itinerary plans.
5. Surprise somebody! can't tell details it will ruin the surprise... toinkz!
6. We have plan to have a family vaca out of town this coming summer.
7. I want to buy a flat screen television for my family in pinas. Hopefully!
8. I want to have an extra money making sideline( in the process of planning).
9. Save! Save! Save!
10. I want to loss some weight this year.

Monday, January 5, 2009

About Incentive Benefits...

My father used to work for a big company back in the Philippines. Every year, the company treats them for an all-expense-paid trip. Our family gets to travel to different places all for free! LOL! Before, I used to wonder how the company organizes such events, I mean, the corporate meetings, year-end rallies, team buildings that are held in different places and locations. Organizing a crowd of people and planning the program is no easy task at all! But you see, when it comes to things like these, there are also professionals ready to help all the way!

Peak Performance company for instance. A Corporate Incentive Travel company that focuses on customized sales, travel incentives, and meetings for corporate groups using travel as a way to increase sales, team building, and as a gift for companies top achievers. Sometimes, a certain company may want to launch a campaign, organize an event or treat employees, they may want to give their clients and employees their Sales Incentive. Peak Performance is the right one to turn to. Their 25 years of experience focuses on sales and Employee Incentive Programs which guarantees their clients the best in research, design, planning, coordination, and evaluation.

Biscuit and Gravy

Until now i haven't eat my breakfast yet because I'm here in my blogging doing some updates haha! Since I'm here then why not put some biscuits in the oven craving for them anyway. So while I'm typing here i can smell the biscuits almost to cook and in a sec i will do my gravy, my delish gravy courtesy from my mother in law she make the best gravy honestly no doubt. That's why i really asked her to teach me while i was still staying with them before. I loved this breakfast so much!! Glad i don't need to get it from morning fast food because i know how to make it! Not to mention biscuit and gravy is one of the main southern delicacies. I will miss this whenever we go to pinas for a vaca. I plan to bring some to pinas though...LOL! Oh got to make the gravy i'm getting hungry now!

Looking for Quotes?

I am talking about Insurance quotes for you? There are lots of companies there that offer the insurance that suits to your need and budget. We all know it is very advantage if you own an insurance policy especially in time of needs. So is here to guide you to look for best and money wise insurance rates. They will help you to find the type of insurance quotes you wish to get. Comparison in every insurance available is a way to saves money. So visit them now and start comparing online insurance quotes that fit you!

Lazy Sunday

I had my break yesterday didn't do anything with husband's order haha! I just being lazy all day long in short i was couch potatoe and watched TV while he is doing much of the household chores and watching our son. He did our breakfast and lunch also, then i was thinking i don't wanted him to cook supper so i asked him to just order some pizza it was quite late already for my usual time to cook anyway. Although i was just relaxing yesterday but i am also preparing for my guess today, somebody will come over for my son. My sister in law with Shelly and Luke, her son is Bebe's friend he is just 2months apart from josh. So anyway, sissy were talking about bringing them here last week so i guess today is the day that boys will play. Timely we just got him a slides they will be having fun later on. My camera is ready to take shots already haha! Husband did a lot of messed cleaned up last night, I just need to do few cleaning here and there because i really hate when house is dirty then somebody will come visit timely. I think I'll be busy for awhile then.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Home Make Over

It's the beginning of the year, a start of a new life and new ventures. One of the things I really plan to do is do some shutters, make overs. I mean, I want to change my home's look. It's not because it doesn't look good or inviting, I just want to change its ambiance and mood, lol! I love beautifying our house, making it neat and clean as much as I could. So I did a couple of surfing through the Internet looking for pretty yet affordable home decors and bump into They are proud to provide the designers, contractors, craftsman and artisans, and homeowners who have come to rely on their superior products and unsurpassed service. Luckily I found every thing I was looking for here! The wood curvings like, door panels, staircase parts, corbels, etc. are beautifully designed for each individuals taste. They also have shutters, fireplace mantels, wall niches and other decorative hardware designs. Their decorative hardware are all in unique style and very stylish and classy. And all the other furnishings like benches, wall decors, screens, chairs and every thing else all found at Prior to that, they also give advices to homeowners about every details to how build your dream house in different various of architectural designed. In additional as well they have bunch of decorative ideas you could use to create an inviting home, inviting rooms and beautiful happy life!

Our home is where our heart is, like a love nest for our family. Whether it is a mansion or a cute house, it should be neat and inviting. A place nice to relax and come home all the time. So if you are planning to do a little make over or anything, for all your decorative hardware needs, just click on the links provided and start making your home the best place to be.

Just planning

I am thinking lately to have another extra income for my self! while i can still receive money from my blogging thing why not use some for mini business venture. So i am planning to have a sideline from my earnings. Hmmm, i already have several ideas in my mind like buy and sell but one thing i am really eager is selling online! haha. That's it! I will ask my husband to make me a website for my one and only product line. Not to mention he does web design for a living too. Anyway, It's not what you think like selling clothes or accesories or something like that you know. It's more important than anything else, i think if i will open it, I'm pretty sure it will help to those people who really need this stuff for their selves. Well, i choose not to give all the details yet because i am still in the process of this you know but i will share this in the coming days. hehe!

Collection Watches!

Are you fond of collecting watches, luxury, designer watches, or even those fancy ones? Fendi, one of the top fashion line in the world recently venture a new product line-the designer wrist watch! If you want style, performance and beauty in a timepiece, Fendi watches is perfect for you. I admit, I really do love watches! If you have a beautiful and cute watch, you can definitely make an impression. You don't need any other accessory or jewelry, a lovely watch says it all. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Fendi watch now!

Enjoyed shopping at JC Penny's

Yesterday was the last i think that JC Penny's is giving away discounts on bunch of items not to mention as in up to 70-80% off. So as i mentioned previously that i am really wanting to go there but for some reason always postponed not until yesterday we went to there with husband, Bebe and mom/dad. So I took the opportunity to really get what i want... grabbed some jeans, sweaters, leggings, shirts, shoes and husband bought me a pair of watch and bracelet, and we really save for the percent off plus i use my email coupons with it. Love the jewelry he bought me as a gift kunuhay niya haha! Was happy to get out from the house for awhile and truly i enjoyed shopping with my in laws. After shopping we parted ways, then us headed straight to wally world to get some groceries! winkz...

Friday, January 2, 2009

All in one...

I am talking about an online store i just came across that they have everything you need. At they've got more than you think anything with industrial products. They are known as global distributor of components and supply company such as industrial clamps , tooling components, leveling devices and controls parts, metal working and lots lots more. So if you are interested to just shop at all in one online store? Reid's has got it all! Check it out!


Tomorrow is the first Saturday that husband starts to work 6days a week. Tax time is approaching really soon and they are so busy of preparing about taxes and everything. Meaning to say we will gonna miss Dada because busy days awaits him. And he is also reporting earlier than the usual time. The only day we will have him is Sunday for four months. Well, this is only for four months though January to April then after he will spend more time again with us. He will just making up time afterwards because that's work after all! He needs to provide for his Family. Yet just thinking of it makes me miss him already!!!

Looking for best Auto Insurance?

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Pretzel chocolate pecan!

Finally! After 48years of planning to make one of my favorite treats, just now i was able to fix it. I loved this ever since i tried it way back my bridal shower that one of the ladies brought. After that i can't resist to have some, then every tax season a client always bring something like this also and the pretzel with white chocolate. I bet if you taste this you probably wanting some more. It is not really as sweet as you might think but it makes me addicted especially the pecans i loved pecans haha! I promise to my cousin to send her some of this... hope she will like it! Here you go girl.