Friday, February 27, 2009

How's your Outdoor?

Back in the Philippines my grandmother have a garden of different flowers and fruit-bearing trees. I used to take it just for granted but now that I'm in the U.S, I really like to cultivate my own garden.We have our own little garden, husband likes it too. Every spring we plant some vegetables and cherries and roses too. Since we are also planning to renovate our house, I really like it if we could have a patio or a terrace somewhere close to our garden. It would be beautiful to spend breakfast outdoors with Mr. sun. But we don't have an outdoor furniture, if our budget permits, I would love to have one.

I saw a wide variety of outdoor furniture in an online store. I really like their wicker patio furniture especially the Louka collection. The round dining set with umbrella is perfect for any outdoor meal or even just tea. Anyway, if you find this furniture pretty, wait until you see their widest selection of outdoor furniture. From teak/wood furniture, patio furniture, love seats, lounges, Cleopatra beds, Fire Pits, and so much more! Right now, this online store offers a 45-75% discount on selected items for their winter sale. They also ship free so you'd save more money.

Just visit the site so you would know what I'm talking about. Winks!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mr. Craby!


As i always mention that i consider myself as a seafood lover! oh yea this is the evidence people. Last week we fortunately went to the Asian market where all kinds of seafood are there from fishes to shrimp, squids, scallops, clams and the famous crabs and many more! Wow i was so overwhelmed by seeing all of my favorites. I never miss to get few of each and i was so happy leaving in the Asian store with my bags of seafood items.

So right after we arrived home i went straight to the kitchen and boil my crabs then waited a day to eat it haha! I cook it again with garlic and butter with a little bit of soy sauce for the sauce to be so tasty and yummy. I really enjoyed picking the fat crabs to the shells that day with rice mmmmm... LOL! And i am planning to go get some more next time. I can't wait! It really feels like home in pinas when i taste this kind of delicacies.

Job Seekers...

How hard and disappointing it is to lose a job, how much more finding a new job. But here's a good news for all job seekers. Lightship Research, a system designed to help job seekers find the right employee and job for them. How? By tapping through the "hidden job market" where there are only fewer applicants compared to those jobs being advertised. Through the help of Lightship Research, you'll have the way to contact the person to whom you would directly report, thus you'll have more advantage to get ahead of the game. Facts shows that 85% of jobs remain unadvertised and if you'd know what are they, then it would be much easier for you to find a job. Aside from helping you dig into the "hidden job market," Lightship Research will also provide instructions and information on how get pass obstacles and make follow-up calls. Like your personal coaches throughout the process.

Job seekers, this is something you should not missed!


After cleaning most of the day such as washing dishes, doing laundry, moping floors and of course cooking our lunch... just now i feel i did too much today and i don't feel like doing dinner anymore. I suddenly feel lazy to do something. Just wanted to lay down in the couch and waiting for husband to arrive. Meaning to say he will do the supper tonight! I know if my laziness strikes in me it will take awhile to get back in track I'm glad i did chores today so with in the following days i won't get bother to do anything. Sigh... and if i feeling like this? All i want is to go online shopping and wanted to get something for my self! huhuhu actually i already found one and i can't take my eyes off of it! I asked my husband to get it otherwise I'll get it for myself haha kidding aside ( i really want him to get it for me)! The good thing is... it's not expensive. Just add to my collection. winks!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dance schools in Australia

I must admit i am a frustrated dancer! I am not fortunate unlike those individuals who really knows how to use their body and dance gracefully. I used to remember my high school days that my dance professor keep noticing me whenever we had a dancing session in his class, he said i look like a farmer in a rice field and i have two left legs! Well, duh! I never forget what he said to me. It is funny yet embarrassing!

Anyway, I was reminisce this thing right now because i just found out an online site that promotes dance schools particular in Australia. No wonder lots of Aussie women really knows anykind of popular dances such as bachata, salsa and the famous hip hop dancing! Because they have an exclusive dance schools out there and teaches you to dance professionally. In my part i really wanted to know about ballroom dancing, i get envy watching dancing with the stars! LOL!

Artist Cao Yong

Do you know who i am talking about? Well, if you are art enthusiasts definitely you heard him already. One of the artist of Paragon Fine Art, he's born in a small town in China. Cao Yong started his training in painting when he was only 11 years old. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Henan University, he took a position as assistant professor of Art at the University of Tibet. He is the official artist for the 2008 Olympics. So art lover out there if you are looking for one of a kind and innovative arts around? you can find it at, they are a full service art gallery in the Los Angeles area committed to the philosophy of offering dealer prices to the public. They specialize in Contemporary, Traditional and Commercial art by such artists as Cao Yong, Pino, Tomasz Rut, Peter Max and many more! See his fine art work now!

Paper as Strong as Iron

Researchers at the Swedish royal Institute of technology have developed a method of producing paper from wood cellulose that preserves the natural strength of its fibers. The normal mechanical processing of wood pulp in papermaking damages its tiny cellulose fibers and greatly reduces their strength. But accordingly the Swedish team succeeded in breaking down the pulp with enzymes and then gently separating its cellulose fibers in water, using a mechanical beater. When the undamaged fibers are drained, they bond into networks, producing sheets of paper with a yield strength greater than cast iron and almost as great as structural steel.

source: Awake

Monday, February 23, 2009

We're almost out!

I guess our printer needs a new cartridge ink because when i do copies or print something it won't do clear no more maybe because this past couple of months i was doing lots of paper works and haven't noticed that we're almost out of ink! I should mention this to him so we can order online as soon as possible i always need my printer and copier every now and then. Glad i found, so i might just get here later on. This online store has pretty much what i need, plus i can save more because they offer up to 92% OFF compare to retail and other online sources of ink. They also have exclusive coupons and are available at Cool! I'll check the free coupons then.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My friend asked about a Payday Loan

My friend from Mississippi is going to take a vacation to the Philippines this coming march. Before that a month ago she was asking me about where to find a good online loans because she wanted to apply one for her up coming visit to have extra pocket money and to use for a renovation of their house in the Philippines. So anyway, i gave her few online Payday Loans that gives good services. She wanted to apply a Payday Loan Fast so she knows if she's approve or not. So i said try this site! They provide same day services nationwide and the customer does not have to leave their home. You can loan from $100 - $1500 and can be obtained online in minutes with no credit checks required. Well, i hope she get want she wanted. I'll check her about it i guess.

PhotoHunt: WARM

PhotoHunt theme this week is about "WARM". This was taken last mid summer we took a family day at the Nashville Zoo as we can see here it look so warm and humid. The pic speak for it self! I tell you that day was the warmest day i ever had here in the U.S so far. Haggard look si mommy! lol.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I miss schooling!

I really do miss schooling and i was mentioning that to my husband how about i am going to continue my studies and get even two or four year course online. I was thinking about getting a health care career because no matter what happen to our economy medical career is always in demand you know lots of people getting sick and hospitals are hiring every now and then and it's obviously a high paying job now a day. That's why if ever i will get back to my studies one of these days i would definitely enroll in the medical field.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Turon made from scratch!


Couple days ago i was really craving some yummy turon and it is too bad i don't have lumpia wrapper:-( but i can't help my mind keeps telling you got to do something, haha! So what i did was i made my own lumpia wrapper from scratch i was very surprised i was able to create a wrapper for the first time and it was successful you know! Well, these were the finished product although the wrapping wasn't perfect yet the taste was so likely to the real turon haha! Crunchy from the outside and juicy inside! mmmm... so good with soft drinks! LOL.
Just wanna share to you how i made the lumpia wrapper in case you feel trying it you know:
a cup of water, a cup of flour and 1 egg. Mix all together. Then heat the pan and grease it. Then just brush the batter in the pan. You know it's done when the batter will just lift by itself! That's all! OK happy experementing!

The best seafood dining experience!

Once again i watched travel channel the other day, obviously i am hooked to this channel ever since because even though i am just at my couch watching yet i feel like i am travelling around the world also, haha! Anyway talking about what i was watching... well this time they featured the best seafood restaurants you could ever find across the country and experience the unique seafood dining around. They went from San Diego California seafood restaurant to New Orleans which is famous of craw fish and lobsters. All the way to Houston, Houston restaurants have the freshest seafood flown in daily from around the world. People are enjoying it and dying to try every selection of seafood.

While watching the show i was drooling and tempted because i love seafood to the highest level! I would trade a chocolate cake for a piece of crab haha. That's one thing whenever we go somewhere i make a quick search online if a particular place has a seafood restaurants or market. We are planning to go to Florida eventually and i really wanted to go to one of the best restaurants Orlando and have my best seafood dining experience an unforgettable one. Like i saw people was interviewed they're all happy with a big smile on their faces i can relate them because i am a seafood lover you know.

Suman sa ibus -100% PINOY

I know my fellow Filipino are very familiar with this stuff! I bet no one won't take this suman NO for an answer even my husband likes it a lot. I was very happy when i saw this fellow inside the freezer at the World Market last Sunday. I've missed the authentic pinoy panghimagas like this one SUMAN SA IBUS. I really check where it came from i thought it's an imitation from somewhere else but i saw "product from PH" ohhh i grabbed it right away! I remember we used to have a neighbor she make the best suman lagkit and cassava ever! It's always included to our breakfast table every now and then. The taste is a killer our neighborhood loves her suman so much that's the reason why we feel sad she move to Dumaguete for good. So i am glad that i found the thing and i can just get it whenever i want now. Yay me! That was my snack yesterday afternoon was enjoying every bite of it, LOL! I still have some though... you want one? :-D...

For anybody here don't have any idea what Suman is... It's a simple yet good Filipino dessert cooked with sweet rice, coconut milk, and sugar then wrapped it with a banana leaves or a young coconut leaves like the photo above that's the coconut leaves then steam it for couple of hours. For me though using banana leave is a lot better and yummy but i have no complain with these! I'm satisfied other than nothing at all.

Let's go camping

My son is soon to be a big boy now. I mean, he's so grown up even if he's still very young. He loves to play and mingle with other kids. He enjoys interactions, which I like, in that way he can learn and experience. Time goes by so fast and someday soon, he'll be going to school already and of course he'll be in summer camps. That's one of the things I'm excited! I bet it'll be fun. Like for example Camp Kresge summer camps and YMCA Summer Camps. A 1100 acre camp site which provides the entire family a memorable summer experience. Enjoy wholesome activities like games, boating, fishing contest, campfires, and meals. There are also different kinds of animals, which the children would enjoy. Oh well, my son loves to play and mama is supporting him all the way!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!

It's our 3rd year wedding anniversary last Wednesday! Time passed by so fast as if we just got married yesterday. We don't have big celebration this time we just gave each other a card, then i asked him not to get me bouquet of roses and gift you know I'm being practical this time haha! but i gave him my gift though! it's my choice i know I'm weird. We also got several cards from friends and family, and my sissy/bro in law surprised us with a cake. That's so sweet of them. Another thing surprised us was my parent in law they gave us a treat (molahh) haha an unexpected amount actually! they always been so thoughtful to us in so many ways!

Anyway, so after work we dined out at applebee's restaurant with our Kurdapyo and Bebe girl, wink! Then we headed straight to the store went shopping with the molahh haha it was gone with the wind right away! I had a great moment with my family that night and and of course with my beloved husband i always pray that we always remain stronger and inlove for the rest of our lives. I love you baby!!

For Seniors out there!

Welcome seniors to Senior Chat Rooms at this place is dedicated for all of you to meet and chat with a ton of people all over the world like you. Where in you can find a load of senior users from everywhere in the globe come together to share their interests and chat anything and everything under the sun. We all aware Internet chatting and dating is a very popular now a days to single of all ages and now single senior of all ages can as well enjoy and have fun meeting to other senior around who is looking for friends or possibly future partner. So what are you waiting for? you can enter the senior chat rooms instantly without asking for fees or what so ever because the site is 100% FREE membership registration and you can instantly begin communicating and viewing different profiles of senior users around! You can also find a lot of different seniors chat rooms in their site including Senior women or users who love Senior women and more. So what you waiting for senior singles out there? enjoy chatting and finding your future lucky man or woman! Remember love is always in the air!

Tatto here and there!

Do you have any tatto on your body here and there and really wanted to get rid of it? I know tattos are not that easy to remove when it's on your skin already! Mostly experiencing difficulties while removing there tattos. I learned from somebody you have to take several sessions so that you can temporarily remove your unwanted tattos. Some they regret it why once in their life they had it you know. But nothing to worry much about because has a home tattoo removal product that can easily use. You don't need to go to a professional to get rid of your tattos now. Check it out this product guys!

Stingray Migration

I just want to share this amazing email i got from a friend... the Mass Migration of Stingrays!! Hope you enjoy it!

Looking like giant leaves floating in the sea, thousands of Golden Rays are seen here gathering off the coast of Mexico . The spectacular scene was captured as the magnificent creatures made one of their biannual mass migrations to more agreeable waters. Gliding silently beneath the waves, they turned vast areas of blue water to gold off the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula . Sandra Critelli, an amateur photographer, stumbled across the phenomenon while looking for whale sharks.. She said: 'It was an unreal image, very difficult to describe The surface of the water was covered by warm and different shades of gold and looked like a bed of autumn leaves gently moved by the wind.

They have long, pointed pectoral fins that separate into two lobes in front of their high-domed heads and give them a cow-like appearance. Despite having poisonous stingers, they are known to be shy and non-threatening when in large schools. The population in the Gulf of Mexico migrates, in schools of as many as 10,000, clockwise from western Florida to the Yucatan .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meet CBS Anchor Laura Diaz!

Do you know Laura Diaz? She is the Anchor of CBS 5 and 11 p.m news. She's one of the leading Hispanic television journalist in the nation. I've seen her more than a couple of times already, when I watch the news, and knowing her humble beginnings, her roots, stories, and achievements made me realized that she is indeed a woman on top! Her parents are farm workers, and at the age of 4 their family moved to northern L.A where she grew up. As a first generation Mexican American, Laura Diaz met so many challenges during her school days and all through out her career life. Anchor Laura Diaz Now is truly successful in her calling. An eight-time Emmy award winner and she also won a back-to-back Golden Mike awards in 2005 and 2006 for best feature reporting. CBS Anchor Laura Diaz definitely is a pride to all Mexicans, her story, her courage, and humility are worth imitating. Now, I'll be watching her in the news more often. Winks!

Stinging Bite

Most people have been bitten by a mosquito at some time in their lives. Usually the mosquito bite causes no more than an extremely itchy swelling and considerable discomfort for a day or two. But some mosquito species can spread a number of serious illness that cannot be treated easily and may cause long-term problems or even deaths. These illness includes:

Malaria - a disease caused by the protozoan plasmodium
Ross River virus - a vector-borne disease endemic to Australia and Papua New Guinea
Barmah Forest virus - a disease similar to the Ross River fever, but found only in Australia
Dengue fever - transmitted via the Aedes aegypti mosquito
Japanese encephalitis - prevalent in Southeast Asia and in the Far East

For now, the only protection is to avoid mosquito bites. Try to stay indoors at dusk and in the early morning, cause that's when some mosquitoes do their biting. Wear a light-colored long-sleeved shirts and long trousers, use effective insects repellents, and avoid perfumed toiletries. Mosquitoes breed in water. Make sure you don't have containers that collect water lying around your place.

full article at HT

Monday, February 16, 2009

ZenniOptical on the NEWS!

Just recently this year that famous Zenni Optical was featured on the New York Times. You may ask why Zenni Optical in the New York Times? Right! Is becuase they are known to be the online store that sells prescription eyeglasses for only $8! You can avail a cheap pair of eyeglasses without hurting your pocket especially now a day we are facing financial difficulties. So the famous New York Times published the article "Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank" to let people know where to try getting not just cheap and affordable but also stylish backup glasses for you.

World Market

Yesterday was a long day for us but we had fun driving around. I decided to go to world market instead to the malls. I asked husband we should go to this international market place an hour 30 minutes drive from home. It is pretty good size Asian store i found what i wanted. One thing also is because i really wanted to get some fresh fruits there like mangoes, papayas and bananas from Philippines and gladly i got some of each as well some organic teas. I was also happy leaving in that market because i had fun shopping in their wet market, i got few seafood especially crabs and squids that are my favorites. I choose not to get fresh fish for now because i don't wanna odorize our entire house when cooking the way i wanted husband is kind of sensitive when it comes to his fish type. We planned to go home right after we done in the market however husband brought me at PUBLIX i haven't been there yet so he wanted me to see how nice the store is. It's true it's a lot nicer than wally world i tell you. Big, clean and super nice for a grocery store. I wish we have Publix close by where we live unfortunately we don't have! Anyway though we still going to the World Market every once in awhile.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

When Power's OFF!

I'm glad that winter is soon to wave goodbye! Why? For many reasons. First, we can now go outdoors and play at the park. Won't be catching colds anymore, won't have to wear those thick and heavy coats and mittens, lol! and of course, there will be no power interruptions already. I hate it when there's a sudden blackout, when I've got plenty of chores to do that requires electricity and not to mention I can't blog, lol! We have our emergency lights but what I really want is for us to have a residential generator.

Speaking of Power Generators, there are two kinds. Electric Generators and diesel generators that can be use industrial, military and residential generator power requirements. Many people choose to use Diesel Generators due to its longevity and lower operating cost, plus experts also recommends it more. Well, I really don't have any idea about industrial generators, all I know is that its so huge, lol! But as what I've told you, what I want is the smaller and just for our house, in case the electricity is booted out. How about you guys? Are you fortunate to have your own generator supply? Just asking though, winks!

Let's Go to OHIO!!

Another wonderful place to visit this coming seasons is Ohio! I just mentioned couple days ago about what this state have to offer. Like what i just discovered that Ohio has the biggest and largest mega international supermarket in the country. Yes! You hear that. I am really looking forward to go there with my husband one of these days and visit the place because i love food shopping you know so as the husband. Anyway, besides the store there are a lot of places to go around like in Columbus, Ohio in particular. Not to mention Columbus is the capital and largest it is also the most populous city of the state of Ohio and i learned that it is a home of several historical landmarks and notable buildings, museums and more. Another thing is Columbus has several public parks and metro gardens to visit to. Entertainment is very popular there lots of renowned performing artist and theatres around. If you love outdoors activities like me? I would go to the Columbus zoo and aquarium because i heard they have many collections of wild animals such as gorillas, manatees, Siberian tigers, cheetahs, and kangaroos.

Your vacation will never be boring together with your family especially when you stay in a nice accommodation. I think Hilton hotel is one of the best in Columbus Oh hotels to stay. Why? Because it only close to the center city of Columbus plus the hotel is super spectacular and gorgeous. Although it's kind of expensive hotel but is here to help your travel plans and get the deal you want. I'm glad i came across to this site so whenever we go to Ohio i can just inquire them our hotel to stay.

Welcome to the World

Welcome baby Zowi!! Another addition to our huge family, she was born 2days ago. Congratulation to my aunt and her hubby of having such adorable and cutie baby. She was only borne small compare to my kurdapyo yet she is a long baby i bet like mother like daughter because my aunt is a tall lady. Ohhh she's so cute!!! Now i am getting more excited to hold my own baby girl! can't wait to see her soon...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Surviving this tough times!

As i was writing in my recent post that thousands of Americans are very much affected to the economic crisis we are facing today. I heard a lot about families are moving in different states where they can afford to have shelters and cope up their daily needs. Others are selling their body organs just to have money you know. Fortunately there still somebody out there is willing to help to individuals and families that are experiencing some financial problems.

How about businesses now a days? I just learned that some of well known and big companies out there are facing hardship and expecting to file bankruptcy sooner or later. However not all are affected as long businessmen have the ability how to save and grow their business during this economic downturn. One thing is you need to go with the flow since more and more people are using credit these days. Take the initiative in order to survive this downturn, you might need some business loans for back ups to your business. At is willing to help thousands of businessmen and women that needs their helping hand. You can their fast business loan easy unlike traditional bank loans their processing time has less requirements, get approval faster and they have no closing cost or fees. You can get the cash you need quickly without the paperwork hassle.

Craving for Filipino dessert!

MyEm0.ComOMG! I'm so so so wanted to eat some Filipino desserts right now! I am going nuts if i can't have them. I am craving yemas, ensaymada from Goldilocks and pastel bread! I need to have at least one of these three otherwise i'll be miserable nakakaloka! It's been an hour now i am browsing and searching my sweet cravings. I visited and the more i am viewing their food the more i wanted to order my ensaymada! Gush this is not even funny! I have to ask the husband to get the ensaymada for me, the ube and macapuno filling my goodness i'm drooling drool Pictures, Images and Photosright now haha! This is the confession of a pregnant woman! I guess will make some yemas later on i have all the ingredients here anyway... sigh!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Payday loans can help a lot!

I was watching the news the other day about how the economic crisis affects thousands of Americans already, some are selling their body organs like the kidney, and blood to have money. How sad, some experience such things now a days. It makes me count my blessing, I mean we have our problems too, financially but we manage to fix it right away. When an emergency strikes and there's no cash in hand, payday loans really did help a lot. Like what Payday Tree does to many individuals and families, helping them during financial problems. At Payday Tree, they connect the borrower to the lenders, and they based your loan not by your current financial status, thus making it more possible for clients to get the cash they need the very next day. Payday Tree also provides management assistance to their clients. They know that having a loan can be very daunting if not use effectively, but through their help, their clients can make it through the tough times.

A 75 year old woman pregnant for 46years!

Have you ever heard a stone baby? I watched discovery channel the other day and i was so hooked to the topic they featured. I can't imagine how a 75 years old woman from Morocco was diagnosed of unborn baby from her womb for 46 years! pretty scary huh? The baby is 46years old inside can you believe that happened?

So here's her story, when she was in her 20's she was pregnant and trying to deliver the 7month old baby she went to the hospital all by her self and because she is ignorant you know. During her labor pain in the hospital, she saw a dying pregnant woman before her suffering from labor pain she said she was afraid so she decided just to go home if she died she wanted to die in her house. Her labor pain took 48hours already, after that when she was home she noticed that the pain gone and the baby stopped moving suddenly, she thought her baby went to sleep and she ignores everything! you know she believe of some kind of superstitious belief stuff like that. No one knows what happened 50 years ago, years went by she adapted 2 sons.

Then right now she is 75 years of age and accordingly she started to feel the labor pain way back she was pregnant. Her sons really bothered what's going on to their mother because she losing weight, her body is getting weak and weaker. That's why they brought her in the hospital and check here through body scan because even the doctor can't tell what is going with her. After the test, they took her to ultrasound and that's the moment they all found out she is pregnant! You can really see the baby inside the womb although it looks so weird. She undergoes a c sarean section just to get that baby out. That incident happens only in every one in a million cases of pregnancy. The mother didn't get any negative reaction or fetal reaction because the baby turn to a stone and just live there with no function or what so ever. TRY search stone baby for you to find out!

I want to go somewhere!

Yes! I wanted to go somewhere sooo bad! It's been awhile Bebe and I just stuck in the house because of the cold weather we got here previously but since the temperature is getting warm already i am so badly want to explore, haha! I am thinking to go to Murfreesboro a 45minutes drive away from home so i asked the husband this coming Sunday. I missed roaming around the malls, but i haven't been yet to this biggest new built mall down there over 200 stores inside, that's huge! We always passed this place every time we drove towards Nashville or somewhere and just always miss to pass by there. My sissy mentioned one day is not enough to roam and window shop every store because of too many. So pretty curios to be there and have some walking exercise.

New Cell phone...

It's almost time again my husband can update his cell phone to a new one. Every 2 years he does that and good for me because whenever he updated it i always get his old one which is fine. But our cellphones provider which Verizon is giving away a limited time offer about their Verizon phones, we can get free cell phones plus Cash back and bonus bluetooth headsets. This is really the best way for us to save some money this year! So, I can't wait I might get a brand new cell phone for free when the husband will update his. We'll see!!!

Searching for Furniture!

As I mentioned several weeks ago, husband and I are planning to renovate our little house. He wants to have a garage and I want to extend the kitchen. And since we're having our second baby, we plan to have another room for her, as well another bathroom too maybe. I know! We have plenty of things to do here and there this coming spring season and it's gonna be a busy time so as early as now, I'm starting to look for stuff we will be needing. The kitchen, the bathroom and bedroom furniture for our new addition in the family will be my assignment.

Anyway, I haven't decided yet what and which to get, I'm still in the process of price comparison. Of course we wanted to suits to our budget. I came across to this online store right now they have wide selection of bathroom vanities one of the stuff we needed. They have the gorgeous and stunning bathroom vanity sets that i really like. As i was saying particularly the glass vanities. I think they are really neat and simple yet classy. And because its glass, it can fit to any theme, decoration and color so that's one thing i am really looking for my bathroom. So, we might consider here i guess and browse more of their products. How about you? If you have plans to do some renovation might as well check it out!

International Market in Ohio

I just found out this store couple weeks ago while i was watching travel channel. They featured this mega huge international market located in Fairfield, Ohio. It is known a food lover's paradise because you know why? This massive mega store is the biggest and extreme international market in the country, more than six acres of food inside. It is one of a kind store i should say because you can find anything and everything from different countries. From food to wine, beer, gourmet cheeses, exotic meats, cigars, fresh seafood, spices, confections, bakery, gourmet cookware, gifts and more. From Asia to Europe, not just that i am amazed by the store scenario over 50 thousand costumers a week from several states accordingly doing shopping at the same time having fun with the attractions inside the store because in every department has its own theme and everything! That's why i really did a map search of how long to drive going to this mega international store. I just found out it is not too far from us and we might have a chance to go here one of these days. Only 5hours drive away from our home. I am so looking forward to come here and enjoy shopping or sight seeing. By the way the name of the mega supermarket is Jungle Jim's International Market.

Choose the best!

Do you want to be slim and sexy? Considering to take diet pills but confused on which one works best? Well, no need to worry. All you gotta do is ask the experts to find out which diet pills suits you best. Research and studies were done to determined the effectiveness of a diet pill, some factors of it includes safety of the ingredients, appetite suppression, weight loss potential, consumer testimonials, and money back guarantee. So for more information, just do a little research about weight loss products, supplements, and diet pills.

awardees favorites...5 'n' 1

TRIPLE AWARDS (Sisterhood, Lemonade, and Bestfriend)
I got a wonderful awards from vhing... thank you so much so appreciated getting an awards from a new friend blogger.

Here are the rules for the recipients:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
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4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I am passing this along to all my fellow bloggers you all deserved this! grab it guys! thanks..

P.S. You can post this individually or all in one post, you're free to do what ever it takes as long as we express our friendship here in blogosphere.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm glad i have it!

Our anniversary is fast approaching, I still wonder what to give to husband. I want something very unique and special, something that would remind us of the 3 years we're together. I think a hand-made something would be perfect for a gift. A card with illustrations, a family picture, and a message from the heart. That will be so sweet! I think I have everything that I need to make it possible, my camera, my computer and of course the printer. So excited, I know he'll love it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 Favorite Places to Shop

Here's the list of my 10 places to shop:

2. Old Navy
3. Target
4. Wally World (Walmart)
5. Malls
7. ClassiCloseOuts
8. PCH online
9. KMart
10. Kroger

Monday, February 9, 2009


Pest, who likes them? Well, nobody! But sometimes we may be too busy finding time to inspect our house, only to find out it's damage by pest. The roof, footing, subfloor are just some of the areas prone to termites and brickworm and other undesirable pests. But there are people who just loves to help you, they are the experts in building and pest inspection. I'm talking about Child's Property Inspections, since 1996, they've been providing inspection reports such as thermal camera pest report, strata inspections, dilapidation reports, surveys and more. They provide the most comprehensive and efficient service to their clients, thus making your home and property a safe and pleasurable place to be.

Anyway, for more information about their services, price list, gallery and more, visit them online now and say goodbye to those unwanted pest!

Franchise business

Do you want to start your own business and yet doesn't know where and how to start? Experts says that one of the best business ventures are Buying Franchise. Why? Because the business already has a name, the products are tried and tested and clients knows about it already. But how can you find a good franchise? How do you know if that franchise suits you best? Through the help of MatchPoint Franchise Consulting Network, you can find the franchise that matches your interests and needs. There are so many franchise opportunities being offered in the market and finding the right one can be hard, but no need to worry because professional help is ready. Visit them online now and try their service free of charge! Who know, you might find a great deal here!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

tReasured aWard

My sissy awarded me this treasured award thing! Thank you missy! I know you treasured your big sissy so much! xoxo! winks.

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Let me share this Irish Blessings’ friendship proverb:
May there always be work for your hands to do, may your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine on your windowpane, may a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you, may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.
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I like to pass this along to all my blogger friends... You're all treasured! Feel free to grab! Thanks!

Claim your Rights!

Have you been exposed to Asbestos? Asbetos is a form of mineral that has hazardous material known to have toxicity. When a person is exposed to asbestos, he/she will be of high risk of Mesothelioma. Being exposed to asbestos can affect the risk of developing malignant mesothelioma or a cancer. Many people with this kind of illness have worked in places where they inhaled or swallowed asbetos or living with a person who works near asbetos. So, if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma or suffer due to asbestos exposure, then find out the necessary facts about your or their legal rights.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Honestly, i haven't been to this place ever since i been here in the US. Though I already know what is it inside through my in laws and i heard a lot about these kids play ground store from them because they always bring their 3 girls down there during the weekends. They always mention that the girls are enjoying it so much, having fun playing, ridings, doing some activities, eating and stuff like that. I'm sure all parents in America bring their children in chuck e. cheeses the famous kids store in the US! So i am so curios to go there especially this time my 23 months old son is now can really mingle and play independently. He loves outdoors and playing around so we are planning to go to chuck E. cheese's in Sunday afternoon soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Going Out!

I am thinking to go out tonight when husband will get home from work. I am too lazy to fix supper and besides we don't have much food in the freezer to fix so might just go out and eat. It's February and we have a free once a month to dine out in this restaurant here in our place haha so timely will use the slot tonight then! Then after i guess we will get some stuff for the house especially i need to get some light bulbs for our bathroom, couple of the lights are not working anymore and i can't stand if isn't brighter enough in the bathroom. Well, before i forget i will write it down in my lists of stuff to get later on.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lost Treasures from around the World

Yea! There are really lost treasures! I was watching travel channel yesterday it was all about extreme stores. One got in my attention is the store in Scottsboro, Alabama not far from our state actually. Only an hour and 45minutes drive away. I was surprised that they have a store like this here! The Unclaimed Baggage Center, can you imagine they have all the lost baggage from airlines, buses and stations. Accordingly, the store buys truck loads of unclaimed baggage and sells them. You can find over 1 million merchandise a year in that store. And costumer can grasp thousands of new or pre- owned clothes, Cd's, cameras, jewelries from expensive diamond rings to $2.oo earrings and a lot more! And of course the unclaimed luggage itself. Anything and everything from millionaire's belongings to ordinary travelers. How cool is that? If you are searching for bargains and one of a kind stuff! You can just find all inside this store. I indeed looking forward to go there one of these days and experience my shopping adventure maybe i could find some lost treasures too!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I was Happy!

I was so happy and satisfied with what I've purchased recently because it is more than what i expected. I'm talking about the fashion jacket I got from I waited for the delivery man to knock on my door however i didn't hear all day. So i just waited and waited until around 7pm already haven't heard anything yet. So i decided just open my door and assuming to see my package. Bulaga! Yea the thing was just lay down on my front porch so i grabbed it even to cold outside, haha! Then I right away open it! (story telling jud). Anyway, it fit me so well and it is true to size, i order medium and just perfect after my pregnancy. I love it very Sosa jacket! LOL. I made the right pick. So guys whenever you are shopping online? Always read and look the costumers review and the star ratings! Winks!

More Secure

I am talking about security around my father in law's business facility. He installed a security alarm system because he is just being cautious if ever someone or somebody will break in to his property. I thought he made the right choice because we can not tell what happen or unforeseen circumstance may occur. It is more safe than nothing at all. Bad people right now are more aggressive, so precautionary measure is we need to think. He is talking about getting a security camera actually. I think Security Cameras Direct can help him find the right one because they offer a large selection of security camera equipment for all types of situations. Indeed having a security camera is really come in handy, you can catch and recognize the boggie man!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

476 posts!

Oh mah gush! i can not believe it! this is my 476 posts in this blog alone. I been blogging for 15 months with 5 blogs and all of them are active and i frequently updated. I remember the first time i started this blog... i never thought that this would happen, not to mention this is my 4th baby. I didn't think that one day this blog is the one that have too many postings. I am still surprise that i was able to manage it here and there. I don't know how i did it actually! I guess i am proud to my self that i did a good job, just write anything, everything and informative stuff all along. I hope though! No matter what? yay me! LOL.

Just nice to think about!

I know it's still to early but I can't help not to be excited for our plans next year. We will be going home to the Philippines and visit my family and relatives. We wanted to go this year actually but since I got pregnant, it was moved. But it's fine, at least we have plenty of time to prepare. I think we need a new luggage. What we have now is kinda old and small. Wheeled Carry On Luggage is nice and spacious, got plenty of room to store stuff and belongings and of course it's totally hassle free. Carry-On Luggage is good too! To put your personal things and hand-carried items.

For anyone who plans to travel, a good set of luggage is very important. Something that won't mess up your clothes, and all your other stuff. Businessmen may also have their Briefcases for documents and papers, they look so neat with it. Anyway, you might also need a new luggage, garments bags, business cases, totes, and wallets, the widest selection of those can be found in an online store. Visit them and see their beautiful luggage items and products.

Oh well, it's just so nice to travel and pack our bags am I right? LOL!

Home of the Rock & Roll

Who's home you want to visit? Well, as for me who lives here in TN, my answer would be the home of Mr. Elvis Presley.

The king of "Rock & Roll" house in Graceland, Memphis TN is one of the most visited homes in the USA. In the year 1957, in the age of 22, Elvis Presley bough the rambling mansion and 14-acre estate as a home for himself and his parents.

Now, more than 650,000 people from all over the world visit the mansion each year. It's not hard to find when you're in Memphis, everyone knows where it is. Graceland is located on the fourth-lane Elvis Presley boulevard, lined by malls, Elvis museums, parking lots, and souvenir shops so don't imagine a gracious plantation scene. The house is not that exceptional, it is smaller than what it appears in the photographs, but any Elvis Presley fan will truly feel the satisfaction and awe, a worthwhile visit and life-long experience to remember.

As the tour begins, visitors are driven by little buses from the plaza across the road to the house. As the front door welcomes, you'll see a beautiful living room with a piano and Elvis Presley's portrait that hangs on the wall. And now, the most anticipated and probably the best part of the tour is out the back door along the side of the house past the pool, where the family graves are located. Some die-hard fan of the "King" sometimes get emotional during this part of the tour.

Although I'm not an Elvis Presley fan but I'm definitely looking forward to be there someday soon. It's a 4-hour drive away from our place, so in case you hop to Tennessee... see you there! Why not?! LOL!

Promotional bags

If you have it, then flaunt it! The same is true when it comes to business. You have to promote your product and advertise it. Some would make billboards and jingles, but I think the best way to do it is through promotional items. Cute and useful stuff will make the product appealing and the customers glad. There are promotional items such as pens, calendars, planners, beauty products, and of course promotional bags. Well if you need these products, visit Amazing deals and great items, see your logo on anything you could possibly want!

Out For Delivery!

(Big grin...) I was informed about my online order today that it is out for delivery after 48 years of waiting when this thing arrive. I can't wait to see how it looks like, or is it what i expected to be as seen on the screen. Well, i am confident though because as what I've read about the reviews and ratings seems pretty good. I look forward to wear my new bought jacket this Thursday night! haha! I promised that this gonna be my last purchase online for now.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Time for Fun!

For me one of cool extreme and exciting sports that i really wanted to try one day is going to snow boarding. My husband used to live in Indiana, he mentioned about that state always get high inches of snows. I am thinking if they have somewhere out there up the mountain for this kind of sports! Hmmmm... I will go and ask him about it later, because if so we might go to Indiana for our family vacation one of these days. Especially I found an online store that sells everything you need for mountain sports such as snowboard clothing, snowboards, protective gear, bindings and more. Not to mention this store can save you a bundle of money by buying their products. So, whenever we have a plan to try this extreme sport, i know where is the place to shop on my stuff!

Zeolite facts

Healthy body means healthy lifestyle. But the fact that we are living on a toxic world now adays it's difficult to maintain a healthy body. Chemicals, toxic waste and more are just everywhere we can not avoid them no matter how much we try. We don't know how we endangering our health on daily basis. Good thing there's always a better guide to good health. I am talking about zeolite. However, not all Zeolite is effective at gently detoxifying the body! But one thing for sure, ZeoCleanse™ is 100% pure organic Clinoptilolite Zeolite Powder that is the most effective at removing harmful toxins and improving your body's ability to fight disease. It is a powerful antioxidant. It reduces oxidative stress at the cellular level. Reduces Free Radicals! Zeolite liquid also has the ph level that eliminates toxins and heavy chemicals in our body. Helps balance the bodies' pH (acidity levels) in other words. So for more info about how ZeoCleanse provides some very unique health benefits to us, check it out now.