Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just love my new mini office!

I just wanna take my husband to initiate the idea of putting me a mini office close to our dining room he knows i have a serious mind in blogging and he just want it to be complete by giving me my private space in the house. Another thing I'm happy about is the nice counter top he bought for me and the Par38 Halogen lighting just perfect accent and display for my mini area and the brightness is just right! Next he said he will build me a personalized shelves and stuff like that! I can't wait. Thank you baby!

Kurdapyaz project!


This is what I've been doing in the past couple of days painting my second bathroom into a kids bathroom before it was plain boring and kinda filthy looking BR because of my cat before used to stay in here! I can not let my son use here because of the situation am just paranoid u know so i finally decided to change the image of this room and make it inviting for my kids. I made a stripe light purple and sky blue walls and Nemo with the borders on the back shower i made a plain blue to represent as an aquarium oh diba bongga! lol. never in my mind i can be a painter but i just did and am proud of it, now my second project is my own bathroom hmmmm... i wonder what come in kurdapyaz mind... well i have an idea already just wait and see! Wink.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

might need this soon

Just hopping through blog sites here and there, especially loan sites. Gosh I think I have to apply for a loan soon. I mean since am planning to start a buy and sell business, I need some extra capital and funds. Actually there are lots of possible options for me to choose but I'm looking for the ones with fast cash and low interest rates. I bumped unto My USA Fast Cash website and learned about their broad range of short terms and services at low APR. Truly a USA fast cash lender because they will give you an instant approval after you completed the said requirements, which I must say are very easy to meet.

I might request a free quote soon and see if it works well for my needs. You can also check out their site for your fast cash with no faxing required and even credit check. Anyway, am so excited for this business am planning to start. Mom and sissy will help me and right now we are starting to gather all the necessary stuff. We have found several wholesale stores already and I can't wait to start this really soon. Guys, wish us success! LOL!

My latest PURSE


You know us women how we adore shoes, dresses and purses, haha! I think that's our weakness don't you think so? I must admit i love shoes and i have quite dozens of shoes in my closet i thank my sponsors, lol! I rather buy shoes than purses but lately though i am fascinating with ladies bags just like this one i saw it when sissy and i went to kids shopping and when we're passing by in the next door i was like at first sight to this so kurdapya went inside to get check if the price is right( in other word cheap, haha!) and i was lucky i had this in a good deal and to think it's a branded purse.

On dental health

In my previous entries I shared with you about the recent wedding of my girlfriend and how successful it was. But did you know that a week before she tied the knot, she went through a not so good condition, I mean she had a terrible toothache! I guess it's because of stress and wedding rush but isn't it so ironic? Anyway, she just took some medication as per dentist advised and all went well.

Now speaking of such things, it makes me realize how important it is taking care of our dental health. But let's face it, stuff like these are quite expensive! But because of the availability of dental insurance, dental health and treatments are now much easier to bear. I remember when I myself needed some dental procedures, at first I was so worried with the bills and everything but good thing we're able to apply for a refund and everything was settled. So in cases like this, it truly pays being ready. If you still don't have a dental insurance, take time to find one that suits you best. There are insurance providers that offers wide range of plans and features. You can now learn more about them over the internet and see if it works for you.

The SeaSide at Myrtle

Who loves the beach? We all do! The sparkling blue waters, the clean breeze, the soothing sands are just among the many great things one can enjoy by the sea. Before, hopping to the beach was so easy, I never really appreciate it that much until I lived here in the States. Since we are faraway from the coastline, it would take some planning and efforts going to the sea. Gladly though, Myrtle Beach in SC and Myrtle Beach Hotels are just several hours ride from our home and for many times already, I keep on saying that I wanna go there lol!

How bout you, have you already been to one of the many Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels? You sure had fun! But if you haven't and still preparing for a vacation, here's something I found that may interest you. The SeaSide Myrtle Beach Hotel is located just a few steps away from the ocean. It's a luxury condominium style resort with a 4 star service that will make every guest feel nothing less special. It's the perfect place to enjoy all the attractions and activities like golf, events, shopping, and entertainment. The amenities are great and functional, it really feels like home! Plus they have this helicopter tour package where guest can see the beauty of the Grand Strand, isn't it exciting?

You can find out more about this Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel by visiting their website and get to avail their deals and promos. Guys, if you get to visit Myrtle, don't forget to share your experience and how you enjoyed a lot alright? Winks!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy - Philippines


This is an alarming Footage of Tropical Rain Storm Flood Waters in Philippines badly affecting the country particularly the Metro Manila area and provinces of Bulacan and Rizal. Accordingly to this source the tropical storm ondoy (international codename Ketsana) has left nearly 100 people dead and at least 50 people missing. That was Sunday reported but the latest there are 200 reported dead. This is the worst storm yet ever hit in the Philippines lately! I can't imagine people are panicking saving their lives and ondoy has no mercy rich or poor are now suffering the aftermath of this storm!

late night update

Howdy everyone, how's your day? We just got home from the grocery and I'm kinda feeling tired right now. I also check some of their dinnerware products, you know just comparing its cost to those I see on line. Honestly, I still prefer purchasing over the internet because of the wider range and variety of products displayed.

As for dinnerware, cutlery, kitchen tools, tabletops, and cookware, World Kitchen has everything and anything you're looking for or even more! Their items are from trusted brands and their deals are irresistible. Especially now, they have a fall savings event which offers 20% off on dinnerware sets. Also check out their clearance items because I tell you, it's really half the price. The gingerbread serving platter in particular, it's so cute and adorable, perfect for gifts. Well, I don't plan to shop on line soon, I have to control my impulses I guess lol! But maybe you need these products so check out their website now and avail their deals.

Got to go for now, will check out some news about the recent typhoon that hit the Philippines last week. I heard a lot of really sad stories and the aftermath is devastating. Anyway, have a good night sleep everyone! See you tomorrow!

Finally Sent!

Thank goodness i finally sent the balikbayan box yesterday in Nashville after the christian meeting in the morning husband and i decided to headed straight to Nashville because it's kinda an hour a half drive. Thankful that despite he is hectically busy right now work wise he managed to drove me up there! Now the waiting for box to send is over and another episode to awaits the time when the BB get to arrive in my hometown it says anywhere in philippines will arrive before Christmas season. Am sure family is looking forward for it! I can't wait them to see what i put inside on those huge box.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dental Care

Dental care here in States sure is costly i can't help to compare here in my hometown is way too difference you know. Just like last year i had my teeth fulled and i can not imagine we spent hundreds of dollars! I wish we're close to Mexico because according to my cousin in California, the dental care or dental implants Mexico are not expensive as it is here in the states. She said you can pay like $$ for fixing your teeth or stuff like that. That's the reason why she and her hubby really went to Mexico last year to get her done.

Tomorrow is the day!

I woke up rain drops keep falling as in really really hard what a yucky day here in TN right now and the worst scenario is its been like this the entire week so my planned on going to Nashville is move tomorrow again but i tell you this is going to be the last time am postponing it because i need to send it tomorrow it wouldn't arrive with in a month otherwise. It's gonna be partly cloudy/sunny anyway so better yet go. I bet my family are excited as much as i do this box is way too much delay already i can't wait to send it away!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let's hop to Greenville!

For many times I shared with you here about people, places, and destinations already. Now I will do it again. Let's go to Greenville in SC and discover what it has to offer. But words aren't enough to describe the real beauty of a place right? So let's allow to give us a tour. Their website is designed to show people Greenville through videos in HD forms. It's like you're walking through their streets and visiting their attractions. Get to taste the Greenville SC Live Music, and know their cuisines. Meet real people and watch real stories on line and search for everything you want to know about the place. You simply don't read and see pictures but also watch videos no less! Guys this is really different, I felt like I've been there already, lol! Check it out too!

Finally She tied the knot!


Finally my bff este childhood friend is officially married now! Congratulation and best wishes always. Enjoy the married life now!! We just chatted last night after 48years of expecting her to be online haha kidding aside i know she's busy and all that kind of stuff and obviously they are in their honeymoon moments still. wink! Am happpy for you gurl!

Take a Break


Am taking a break from my busy life right now, haha! As i mentioned that kurdapya is so busy lately non stop of doing things here and there which is i have no complain love to keep my self busy you know. But of course we i need to take my break now so am here still working ehemm as if cultivating my farm! LOL. This is the latest of my farm town... trying to do farm make over! I got my horse ranch, my fields, my rest house with long front yard, and my little house where all the working is going on kunuhay!

While cleaning the acrylic awards

Guys I've been very busy lately so pardon me if I can't visit your blogs regularly and not updating your links here. I promise to do it soon, after I finish my chores though. There are still plenty of stuff to clean like the acrylic awards we have here displayed in the study room. Yes, am cleaning, wiping it one by one. I'm like this you know, sometimes I get so tired and wonder why do I have to go through the details? Well, that's just being me.

Anyway, speaking of acrylic, I realized those plastic are indeed beautiful, so lovely to have it as decorations for the home. Since acrylic resembles glass, there are plenty of products that can be made with it. But it's way more stronger than glass, making it safer and more practical when used as household items. By the way, have you already seen some of the household items done with acrylic? Muniz Plastics Inc. has the most exciting line of acrylic products and furniture. I fell in love with their spiral vase Vienna chair and their sculptures and pedestals are so pretty too! It looks fragile as glass but tough and sturdy though. You want to see their products? Check out the site soon.while cleaning the acrylic awards

For me I got to go, have a restful, sweet night everyone!

10 Things You Need to Plan For

10 on Tuesday and here's mine:

1. Trip to Florida or San Diego next year
2. Trip to Philippines 2years from now
3. Yard Sale
4. Hopefully building a house in the "P"
5. Our 4year anniversary date
6. Special Assembly
7. A bathroom makeover (master)
8. Practice driving soon
9. Buy and Sell Business
10. Shopping

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Minnesota Pals

I enjoy chatting with my Filipino friends in different states over the Internet? i have a friend we constantly communicate and she just move in Minnesota 3 months ago. I know that she also enjoy meeting new people and for sure she misses those way back in the Philippines so i told her to be able to find Filipinos or new friendships she should visit this site called Minnesota chat rooms for sure alot of fellow Filipinas can be found here and new people to meet are just around the corner here!

Coupons for shopping!

One of the things that gives me pleasure is shopping on line. I can no longer count how many times I clicked those "move to cart" button because I just couldn't resist the deals. But as much as I want to shop, that's how much I try to control my desire to buy also. I only grab the best ones, I mean when it comes to the price. And here's a little secret I want to share to all of you. Make sure to get a lot of coupon codes from your favorite store. Yes, it'll surely help you save a lot of penny and it will also allow you to get exciting new products and offers even more.

Well, am looking for some Amazon Promo code since there's this particular knife I've been eying. I want the entire set and Amazon just have it! By the way, if you want to look for coupon codes too, just visit EZ coupon search. They have unlimited source of on line coupons and it's easy coupon search also. That's if you want a particular store like Amazon, Walgreens, eBags, Overstock or whatever, they have it all! I know you want some coupons too, go ahead and visit the site! Enjoy shopping like me,lol!

PhotoHunt: Upside Down


PhotoHunt this week is about Upside Down what ever haha! This was taken last fall in Pigeon forge, TN. The upside down wonder worlds really inside that building behind me are all upside down too!

Acne treatment

It's a terrible thing having an acne problem. I can remember how my big brother before used to be so desperate because of his pimples and acne. He tried so many products and treatments but nothing seemed to work. Until he found the acne treatment suitable for his skin. That's the problem all along, there are certain medications that worsen problems instead of fixing it. Well I guess it's better to read about the many products in the market, which is which to be sure.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekend again!

Howdy? Good morning ya'll! As always, I've been quite busy these past few days. Busy with my farm and other stuff as well, lol! Seriously though I had a lot of chores to do and since the Internet server was acting weird, I decided to take a break from hopping and being online not until last night or the other night was able to hop a bit. Now that is weekend again, I know I'd be much busier because we'll be going to the grocery store, get some more paint and some air filters seems our air filter is need to be change again so better do it while we have time. To avoid my allergies, and all of us here as you know allergy seasons is here now, sure that's what I need.

Muscles Sore

As i mentioned in my recent post that i painted my children's bathroom into a kids theme bathroom, hehe! before it was off white and filthy close to the flooring because 3years a go with no kids yet i had dexter my used to kitten stayed there. Well i let him stay there for good though so he won't mess up my entire house! Anyway to make my novel story short, I finally painted the wall new and was so happy and proud to my self didn't myself and not to mention i did it on stripes blue purple accent haha! Will share here later on. Now the aftermath is... i woke up muscles sore, my arms and armpits, hehe! But it's worth the pain though and i know will just go away 1 or 2 days! Wink!


Just got to checked the radar this am and sad to know we got more thunderstorms coming. Anyway my MIL came here yesterday to watched the kiddos because mom Kurdapya was busy painting kids bathroom, haha! The grandparent and kids bonded today and the cousins come by as well which makes it more fun. The kids were so happy playing around, makes me tired after the painting done though, lol. On a second note, sissy told me last night that my cousin back home finally landed a job. Right now she's busy dealing with business plan consultants and a whole bunch of paper works. Well am happy for you missy, congratulations!


Uggggh! we supposed to send the balikbayan box in Nashville today, but the weather doesn't seems to cooperate because since Thursday it was raining hard yet i thought Saturday won't be worst so i still hoping you know but i checked the radar grrrr we got more coming and to mention Nashville is kind of 1 and half hour drive just for the sake of us i rather postponed going there! I just can't believe whenever i planned to send this BB here comes the unforeseen situation. I hope next weekend we gonna toss this box away so my family can get it till the promos end 2 more schedule to go though. Am sorry guys doing my best here:-(

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cards to send

Goodness, September is about to end already, time and things just happen so fast! I bet most of you are getting excited for the seasons to come especially the holiday season. Men, it's just around the corner. Anyway, there's another thing I'm more excited actually. It's the 31st wedding anniversary of mom and dad next month. I still don't know what to give them but sure I'll be needing some greeting and holiday cards.

By the way, speaking of cards, do you want to customized your own holiday, business cards, invitations, postcards, and stamps? 123 Print allows you to do so, and since they have the widest selection of designs, you'll definitely love what they can do to your cards. Right now they have a 55% off deal on their products so why not check out on them soon.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Past time Post


Sissy anniniput just tag me this meme and so timely i needed so badly thank you! You just came perfectly!! xoxo..

Here it goes...

Do you think your hot?
Hmmm... yea! I sometimes feel hot! you know... Hot Flashes!! lol.
Please, upload your favorite picture

Why do you love this picture?
I love this pic because obviously i was skinny and sexy then, lol! Plus i was with the man of my dreams naks taken during his first visit. Sissy anniniput took this stolen shot and she did a great job professionally well done! :-D

When was the last time you ate pizza?
Last Wednesday if am not mistaken.

What was the latest song you've heard?
Anyway you want it, actually am listening right now because we can't sleep without music playing.

What are you doing while working on this game?
Waiting for my little to finally fall asleep coz till now she's wide awake and kicking! Feeding her bottle though, lol

What is your favorite nickname?
Kurdapya of course!

What kind of person are you?
Hmmm... WEIRD!

What is your favorite song?
acoustic, country, classical and alternative. But lately am in love with Chris Dauthry's songs! Ugggghh! No Surprise!

What is your favorite food?
Almost Everything many to mention! haha.

What is the most stressful thing to you?
Untidy surroundings!

Mention the 3 must-have items on your purse.
My wallet, lotion, and kids wipes

What is your favorite color/s?

What is your not full-filled-yet dream?
hmmm... re-united with my family here!

What is your favorite city to stay?
Zamboanga... there's no place like home indeed! KOREK

Please tag other five friends of yours
Dhemz, Alf, Anagore, Cacai, Saves

Have fun ladies!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Do you enjoy chatting with friends and family over the Internet? Perhaps you also enjoy meeting new people and starting new friendships. I found this site called Tennessee chat were Tennessee people all over the world meet and hang out. You may wanna check on it, who knows we'll meet here in TN someday day. Winks!

Pictures and Lenses

Most of us enjoy or even loved photography no doubt. As for me I loved taking pictures of my kids especially, my cooking, and the flowers in my garden. But I'm just an amateur when it comes to photography, have to admit that. There are many people all across the globe who captures the most beautiful shots and great moments in life. I'm often left in awe when I see those photos that speak so much about life. They really are talented but I know that most of the credit should also go to the camera they're using, am I right?

If you don't have the right lenses, you can't capture the perfect shot you want. Like me, with my digital camera right now, although am pretty much happy with the pictures but am still looking for more. I love to have the professional camera, the ones we can find at 42 Street Photo, the no. 1 camera store for over 40 years. I can't take my eyes off their products! They have camcorders, digital cameras, underwater cameras, photo printers, accessories and so much more! As I was browsing their site, I learned about their news blog where they share hints and tips about the latest trends in photography. The newest products and of course reviews from experts and real life testimonies, its all found in their blog. Wanna learn more? Just check on their site!


Something to consider
Next time you go shopping for
This comes from someone

Who works in the breast cancer unit at
Mt Sinai Hospital , in Toronto .
From: Dr. Nahid Neman
If there is a female you care anything about, Share this with her. I did!!!!!
I am also sharing this with the males on my e-mail list,
Because they need to tell the females
THEY care about as well!

Recently a lipstick brand called 'Red Earth' Decreased their prices from
$67 to $9.90.
It contained lead.
Lead is a chemical which causes cancer.
The lipstick brands that contain lead are:
RED EARTH (Lip Gloss)
CHANEL (Lip Conditioner)
The higher the lead content, The greater the chance of causing cancer.
After doing a test on lipsticks, It was found that the Y.S.L. Lipstick
Contained the most amount of lead.
Watch out for those lipsticks
Which are supposed to stay longer.
If your lipstick stays longer, it is
Because of the higher content of lead.

Here is the test you can do yourself:
1.. Put some lipstick on your hand..
2.. Use a Gold ring to scratch on the lipstick.
3... If the lipstick colour changes to black,

Then you know the lipstick contains lead.
Please tell this information to all your girlfriends, wives and female family members.
This information is being circulated at Walter Reed Army Medical Centre Dioxin Carcinogens cause cancer, especially breast cancer.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

help for agents

Do you know someone who works in the insurance field? Do they want to increase their sales and compete well with others? Health insurance leads is a good way to do so. Since many clients prefer to shop on line for insurance, leads will help agents land on real people interested to get insurance. They have a lot of choices actually, from health insurance leads, cancer insurance leads, auto, disability, and so much more. Perhaps this is the help agents truly needs.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update of kurdapyaz farm

~click photo to enlarge~
Hello friendship! I wanted to thank all of you guys to come by here today! So far i have a lazy Sunday today haven't do blogging we took advantage of the weekend just spent the rest of the day together didn't do nothing except relaxing and by the way i have something to share yesterday my farm was look like the below photo but today i happened to expand it and bought some things here and there and this how it look like now! Getting there huh? Well, i won't be at my farm for several days because i have nothing to harvest i just planted today. I will my as well do my blogging work tomorrow so much catching up to do!
Have a good night ya'll!! wink

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kurdapyaz farm


~click picture to enlarge~
Uh huh! am into farming right now at farm town i own a little lot there for 4days of cultivating the land it is pretty much look like this right now. I know this is nothing compare to other farmers at farm town community you know but i will try my best to cultivate and develop my land and one day it will be productive as i wanna imagine. Am still learning everything though, trying to work to get coins and cash so kurdapya can built a bahay kubo kahit munti, lol! I wasn't expecting i earned 71K in just a day that's the reason why my farm is kinda loaded of crops, trees and stuff. Keep you posted here! wink

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm happy! Why? My gladiator shoes finally arrived today lol! It's so beautiful, even more than what I expected. The strap looks so sexy but the heels are freaking high though. Reminds me of what Beyonce's wearing at the red carpet, so pretty! On a second note, I remember someone asked me about chat rooms and how one can join. Well I guess should tell her about Sydney chat, the place for Sydney people all over the world to meet and greet.

Got to go, sleep sound everyone!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Horizon at Myrtle

I'm not done talking about Myrtle Beach Hotels yet, still have lots to share with you, lol! Now I wanna go through the details of what a Myrtle Beach accommodations has to offer. For instance, the Horizon at 77th lies in the heart of Myrtle Beach. Also an oceanfront condo style hotel, visitors will enjoy nature and the beach to the fullest. The hotel itself is a haven for those who want to have their nicest vacation ever. The 143 spacious 1, 2, and 3 bedroom suites are fully-furnished, with full kitchens, huge balconies, and so much more! It also has a water recreation plaza within the resort, the lazy river, outdoor and indoor pools everyone will enjoy. But if you wanna experience fun activities too, aside from swimming, there are over 80 golf courses and seasonal concerts to choose from.

I have a friend who went there a couple of months ago, she with her family truly had a great, fun-filled time during their stay at one of the many Myrtle beach accommodation. She uploaded their pictures and I was like wow! I really like to visit the beach soon, and I hope it's gonna be Myrtle Beach no less. Winks!

By the way, you can now easily book on line for a stay at Myrtle. It's fast and hassle-free, of course there are lots of deals too!


How was your day guys? Hope you had a blast! Well we just got home from dinner as i noted a minute ago and as well we went get some grocery but the most important stuff we need wasn't available. So we went to another store and still we haven't found any. I can't believe it there's no rice in that mart we went to! Of all things! Anyway, we ended up strolling around the place and shop instead, lol! Got a couple of blouses here, happy me! Now I feel so tired, but not sleepy yet. Might as well check out some term life insurance quotes. Someones asking my opinion about it so I better do my assignment first.

Goodnight a little later!

Chinese food at dinner!

Yes! we had Chinese food at dinner dunno why the heck today i was so lazy to cook supper so husband noticed my laziness so he invited or offer me to just go out eat he was asking what i want first i said it sound nice if we'll have Italian at rafael's tonite but after awhile a sudden changed of mind both of us wanting Chinese so we hurriedly drove a 3minutes drive going to local Chinese buffet and i had my craw fish dinner and the rest of Chinese food you could imagine, lol! Am stuffed!

food Pictures, Images and Photos

More about Myrtle Beach

For many times already I've been talking about beautiful tourist destinations all over the world. Apparently, one of my favorite place to visit, through the internet though is the Myrtle Beach Resorts in South Carolina. Most of the people I know has been there already and the pictures they've got during their vacations really painted a thousand words. And since I missed the beach so much, it makes me wanna hop there someday soon.

What do you think is the best Myrtle Beach Resort? No doubt there are so many to choose from. I guess it all depends on our taste isn't it? But for me, a great place to stay would be an oceanfront condominium Myrtle Beach Hotels. Something like the Avista Resort. It's one of the newest constructed establishment in the area and it provides an extraordinary treat to travelers. Accordingly, it has a beautiful architectural design, with complete amenities and features that makes every guest truly feel at home. Well staying in a cozy hotel room, seeing the sunset, and splashing through the waters, plus all the activities you can do will definitely spell happiness for the family. Wheeew, I just love to travel!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #34



A baby pumpkin from my parent in-law's garden. Yesterday we had lunch with them and the pumpkin pie was our yummy dessert!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Accessories galore

hi guys have a goodevening! We just had our dinner tonite and it was good i am stuffed right now so i need to let my stomach relax a little bit. Anyway, am just doing my surfing at this moment and guess what i found? An online store that provides all sort of auto accessories because having a vehicle it takes more than just oil changes and the occasional car wash, right? So better check it out guys!

Multi tasking!


I was so busy also doing this while chatting with my little sister last night but i managed it though she asking me what else am doing beside talking to her maybe twas obvious in the web cam that my face is concentrating of something haha! That's why i slept late and kinda tired but i have no complaint because i got what i wanted! Just love doing things like this for my kiddos.

Mini laptop

As i was checking at my online store for my home and garden stuff i bump to their electronics, guess what i saw? the mini laptops with different colors to choose. It is co-incidence because i just mentioned to my husband that i want to have another lappy but not the regular size instead the mini one half the size of one i have right now. The moment i saw the red color the more i wanting it! It is so affordable man!

PhotoHunt: Orange


I've missed two weeks in a row of PhotoHunt so i promised to make it up this week! This time the theme is all about ORANGE. I got this beautiful orange roses at my parent in-laws yard, i love taking pictures of their yard b'coz there are so much pretty stuff to see(plants,trees and flowers). And one thing roses is my favorite flowers of all time!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Country of Costa Rica

Kurdapya is travelling to Costa Rica today, through online though haha! I learned the fact that the country of Costa Rica is consistently been among the top Latin American countries in the Human Development Index because of its environmental performance. They are green minded people and proud of their wide diversity of eco-climates and settings. I learned Costa Rica is very attractive to travelers that seeks beaches and Costa Rica resorts, also in top picks the beautiful tropical forests, active volcanoes, mountain settings, and a wide array of activities. Surfing, canopy zip-lining, hiking, birdwatching, and fishing are some of the most popular draws. So friends if you happened to be planning your family vacation don't miss Costa Rica! Wishing to go to their beaches one day!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Sea Buckthorn ( A TREE OF MANY USES)

I was intrigues by this tree bearing fruit from Russia called sea buckthorn known to be a tree of many uses! Why? accordingly, travelling in Russia in early autumn, visitors to the countryside may come across the sea buckthorn-a small shrub or tree, laden with small bead-like berries of a bright orange hue as you can see in the image and instead of growing in clusters, the berries literally coat each branch and twig with an eye catching layer of color.

The berries are edible, but it described for the sharp thorns when picking it by hands so watch out! you must pick each one individually and take care not to crush it. Favoring cold climates, the tree is often found in mountainous regions from northwestern Europe to Altai Mountains in Central Asia, as well as in western and northern China and in the northern Himalayas. According, for centuries the berries have been prized in such areas as China, Russia and Tibet.

I learned that the sea buckthorn was introduced to North America by Russian immigrants as the beginning of the 20th century when shrubs from Siberia were brought to Canada and the United States for commercial cultivation. many countries now cultivate the shrub as an important food and medicinal crop.

It says that among other things this berries contain vitamins C and E, folic acid, carotenoids, fatty acids and flavonoids no wonder the sea buckthorn oil is kind of expensive one to buy! Because it has examined in recent medical research that the sea buckthorn has the claims benefits of cancer therapy, reducing cardiovascular risk factors, as well treating gastrointestinal ulcers, skin disorders, and liver ailments. The beery also makes a refreshing, tangy drink and is used as a tonic for various illnesses.

The prized part of the berry is its small black seed. the oil in this seed contains most of the nutrients found in the berry. Study suggest that the oil helps boost the immune system. In addition also cosmetics and skin care products make use of the oil because of its acclaimed rejuvenating effects. So if you ever visit Russia, you may see and admire the beauty of the orange-gold berries. But there is more to this plant than its beauty as we have noted. Just indeed, it is just one of the many many creations that testify to the wisdom and goodness of our Creator!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's a girl thing!

Do you like to dress up? I love to dress up! Back home in the Philippines, grandma used to sew dresses for us. Me and my girl cousins would often have a new pretty dress every now and then. Living here abroad doesn't allow me to go to dress shops and have a tailored dress though, it does cost much. Thank goodness now, trendy and fashionable clothes are available on line, and for the past years it has been my source of bliss, lol! With just a few clicks in my keyboard, I get to browse some of the most beautiful clothing catalgoue in the Internet and find the best possible deals straight from the manufacturers.

Like what I came across today, Simply Be's on line boutique shop. It is a leading direct home shopping company operating more than 20 famous catalogue brands. They have the widest selection of clothing and other products like accessories, footwear, electrical, gifts, home improvement, and more! Their apparels are carefully designed to fit women of all ages, they even specialized in plus-sized women. I really like their dresses here, very chic and trendy! The Joe Brown soft and sensual mini dress in particular, am falling in love with it lol! The shoes too, all fabulous!

Just hop by their site one of these days and see more of what they have to offer. As for me, well I guess this is just a part of being a lady, dresses and shoes truly makes us happy. Don't you agree?

sending some cards

Do you have friends abroad? If yes, then I'm pretty sure you've already received those fun and pretty postcards from the country where they live. Back in the Philippines I used to collect postcards from everywhere. Sometimes a friend or a relative sends it to us and I'm the one who keeps and collect it. By the way, perhaps you're thinking of sending someone a greeting or invitation card or a postcard. Do you know that it's so easy to have a personalised postcards for that one special occasion or even just a note to say hello!? Through on line shops like 123Print, they have this tool wherein you can design your very own cards the way you like it to. To help you with this job, they have the widest selection of designs and products, and they will help you every step of the way. Yet their prices are very affordable so why don't you check out the site? I might purchase some cards soon, I wanna send some to my friend whose getting married next week. That's a good idea, winks!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #33



I came across to the blog of MYM and i thought it's cool to join the memes every monday since i love to take photos here and there. A little bit of introduction about MYM, well it says every Monday post anything with yellow or something about yellow! This is my first time to join the thingy and kinda like it! Oh by the way, this photo was taken couple years ago by husband at out backyard isn't it beautiful how sunset turned the color like this? Thanks for this cool memes! wink...