Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My purses had arrived yesterday afternoon it was hold by UPS for 2days due to emergency condition last Friday we had bad snowstorms here it was the hardest snow we got so far this winter season lots of roads are off for driving. In the first place am anticipating with my purses to deliver but my anticipation failed anyway am happy now because finally the UPS man appeared! Talking about purses guys am selling them! haha. You can order me through online if you see something you like! Here are some of the purses! I tell you they are so affordable and the quality is so great! Some are signature handbags. SO just MESSAGE me! All are just $$ + S/H.

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Cacai M. said...

Oooh is it original and new sis? Hemmm... that's cool huh.. I am thinking about it but kinda expensive if it is.. hehehe.. I love coach purses though, regalo nlng na^ sa ako ang isa Manay.. nyahahha... joke only sis, I know its quiet impossible--I guess.. good luck on your new venture Manay.. muahhh!

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