Friday, August 27, 2010

Secure Lock

We are thinking of getting some secure lockers for our house because we're living soon for a family vacation and so we want to feel secure and less worries while we are far away from home. My husband said it is good idea. Plus we really need to replace couple of door hardware here and there in the house as well some are getting old already. So last night we went to local store but we forgot to grab some, that's why am browsing right now i might just get them online. Found wide selection of them right now and i kinda like this one here the pocket door thing. Anyway, my husband knows all these things i will just wait on him to wake up... to early to shop yet! haha.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Worst Miss Universe National Costumes

Miss Japan – Who needs air conditioning with her around? lol.
Miss Kazakhstan – feel sorry for anyone sitting behind her and her huge headdress. ouch!Miss Peru – Dozens of tassels were sacrificed for her outfit. oh no!
Miss Turkey – Did she draw inspiration from Lady Gaga? haha!Miss Venezuela – Her outfit must’ve set off every metal detector at the airport. beep-beep!
So the Miss Universe pageant was over it was aired last night live at Las Vegas Nevada. We are fortunate our Miss Philippines is one of the runner up even though she kinda messed up her answer but still be thankful she is part of the top 5 finalist among those ladies. Anyway, I just can't help to share this one article i just bumped in about the The National Costumes portion of the MUP it is intended to celebrate the diversity and heritage of each contestant’s country. But accordingly some of the women were very liberal with their interpretations. Check out the 5 out of 20 funny and most described outrageous outfits you can see that night! LOL.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wedding jitters

My brother's getting married on the first week of next month. I bet he's got mix emotions, nervous, excited, happy LOL! And so as his bride to be, they both have what they call wedding jitters right now. On the preparation part, everything's almost ready except for the flowers I think. They still don't know which to avail. I'm thinking of sharing them a link where you can get flowers directly from growers. It's the best option here in States because for sure all the flowers are fresh, blooming, and plenty of variety. If you feel like giving flowers to that special people in your life, it's so easy to order and it'd be delivered. Just wondering though if they have it there, I'm pretty sure. Anyway, can't help to be excited too.. yay!

Ruby Tuesday


My fruit basket, i make sure this basket is loaded of fresh fruits because my kiddos really eats variety of fruits name it they eat it from bananas to berries even lemons my son will take it, lol! And am glad about the fact that they loved fruits because it is healthy and good for them! There you go, i bought the assorted bags of oranges and green & red apples perfect for my ruby Tuesday meme.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Business Talk

I started my small business like three months ago and so far so good. I just gave it a shot at first, never knowing what to expect, whether it'll be positive or what. Thankfully things are getting better and in that span of time, I'm learning, business wise. How to promote my products and how to reach clients are my main concern, anyone who has their own business pretty much know what I mean. Then I'm also thinking of steps to take in the future, really hoping to venture to some more. I think POS systems are the answer for it. Just heard about it though and right now I'm checking for some info.

Accordingly, POS systems solutions by POS Geeks is an innovative way of promoting your products and services including dvr security, software upgrades, support in shipping, tools for dining, atm machines, bar delivery, rentals and more. That's if you need the Restaurant POS Systems which is their specialty. There's so much to be learned about the world of business, and as for my part am willing and wanting to discover. It's so nice to read updates about it every now and then.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yard Sale

So we are having it on Friday and Saturday with my sister in-law at close to our house maybe 10 foot! We thought of displaying it at the front of Dad in-law's wide front yard office so people whose driving and costumers will catch the attention of our sale display. Mostly are kids stuff, out grown clothes, shoes and baby gears. As well some of my old shoes that i need to get rid of them and few purses too! Might as well sell it then just stuck on my closet without using anyway i can get new once anytime you know...wink! And so here we are busy here and there still putting up prices on the items. But i can't wait am excited so far this is my first to held a yard sale close to my house! So be there!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Informative fact

We can not tell when tough life strikes on us i saw quite a few of families here in our place that the head of the house doesn't have a job due to the existing health problems but good thing the insurance is always there to supplement them and give the benefits they deserve. With the help of social security disability insurance they can make it and allup is one of the leading provider of financial and health related service to people and families with disabilities. Guarantee you can get the right service for you. Just take a quick look if you need or people you know that needs this kind of assistant.


To our common friends here in town for the loss of their beloved mother. We all shocked last Saturday about the sad news! A very sweet woman passed away in a massive heart attack. Our friend told the story that Saturday morning she supposed to heading to work that she noticed the house was kinda awful quite she thought her mom went to work early so she just ignore the thing and went out to the car but she found out the car was still there so automatically in her mind that her mom still inside but she couldn't see in her bedroom so she ran to the bathroom and there her mom was in the floor unconscious at all. It is really sad she is not that old...tsk tsk tsk! So tomorrow we will be attending the funeral in the local KH. Our deepest sympathy to her and her family.

Handyman's wife

Being a handyman's wife I somehow learned to like the world of construction and buildings. Used to think that it's just for the boys but I actually get to help the husband do the job once in a while. My favorite part is when it's time to do the painting stuff, brings out the artist in me, lol! Another thing is metal buildings, right now they're so easy to build and isn't complicated at all. What they do here is they use the pre-engineered, easy to install steel buildings including garage, warehouse, sheds, etc. Have you seen one? I mean as they assemble it and all? I did and it's so cool!

Mellow Yellow Monday # 81

I know it's kinda early to make MYM meme but am not sure how busy am gonna be tomorrow so might as well do my entry ahead of time! Took this one a week ago when my mom in law handed us a loaded of fresh produce from her garden. Looks delicious isn't it?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Breckenridge break

They say that life is like a book, you add pages as you travel. I definitely agree. Though haven't been across the world, still I can say I'm well-traveled. Been around places which I never thought I could go, I mean who would have thought I'd live here in America? Every places I went so far was a happy experience for me. Those who travel I know can relate, the feeling when you just want to pack your bags, drive, and fly away. LOL! I'm doing that soon, haha!

How about you guys? Anyway let me share you a nice place to visit, in case you feel like having a break. Vacation rentals Breckenridge in Colorado is a different idea of adventure you might wanna try. World-class skiing, trailing at the majestic Rocky mountain, rafting, riding, and exploring the national forest are just among the many activities one can enjoy. So why not check out some Breckenridge lodging for future plans? By the way you can also inquire about Breckenridge Property Management to look for activities that suits you best. That's it folks, hope I shared something helpful to you today.

Have a Good day everyone!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Diet update

I couldn't believe when i weigh my self last Friday... i had lost 5lbs for 6days of drinking Green tea. And you have no idea how much surprise i am i thought there is no chance i could lose that 5lbs in a matter of days only because i still have my appetite of food although i skip breakfast ever since i was pregnant to my second baby still am eating alright, lol! I will definitely continue this routine for life! Right now i kinda like drinking GT already and feel like my day isn't complete without having it. That's the first thing i do in the morning and before going to bed and i feel great inside and out. Way to go!