Saturday, January 30, 2010

Looking forward.. xoxo!

There are many things I look forward to this 2010. We're going to Alabama on June and that makes me feel excited. Other than that, the plans of meeting up with my cousin I hope pushes through. I told her that if we couldn't visit them, they should come here instead. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face, oh well! Anyway, what would it be if they'll visit here? Got to take them to Myrtle beach resorts, I wish! Well it's free to dream so let me dream big okay? LOL!

South Carolina isn't that far from here so I guess we should give it a visit. Hearing lots of good things about Oceanfront Myrtle beach resorts adds to the excitement. And when I did some searching about a place to stay, I found this cool site where the options are endless. From hotel accommodations, tour packages, special offers, and of course golf courses. Who knows we can even play few rounds of golf, haha! But the thought of going to the beach again, after many years, that's the best!

Wanna check out more of Beach Resorts Myrtle Beach? Just follow the links, winks!



I hate winter but i admit i love the snow, we've been looking forward for some snow over here. I love being snowed occasionally here because you don't do anything but just play you know. It so nice to see the surroundings are blanketed with snow and everything is white. We had fun earlier my boy enjoys stepping the icy snow even he is shivering and cold but i can tell he is having fun like his momi!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Home safe home

There's an annual convention for the whole family to attend, and this year it's going to be in Alabama. It'll be around June but as early as now I'm sorting things already because it will be a 3-day event and we have to be prepared. At the same time we're going to have a vacation and explore the place more. Hmmm, am quite excited! Since all of us will be out of town, our home should be safe and secured, which means I think we need the ADT home security systems.

I'm not being paranoid but a friend told me once that having ADT in California, (they lived there) gave them peace of mind when they had their month-long cruise. I must agree. When you have the system installed, it does provide security for your home when you're away. By the way, such service is available in all parts of the country so anyone can avail. There's ADT in FL/ADT in Florida, PA, TN, just visit the site for more about the package.

We still have 5 months to go before our trip. I'm pretty sure things will work out just fine when it comes to the preparations. Winks!



Hi girls! Am joining again the girl's talk theme for this week. It's about " First BF", haha well am not that awkward to share my past relationship to you because am open about it. My husband knows about it we don't have any secrets when it come to our past relationship.

Ok, i won't throw his name. I use him for another motives the moment i found out he likes me i gave him the chance to take the opportunity to court me so that i can use him for the rest of the school year haha! because i know if he's going to be my boyfriend i have this especial passes in one of the important curriculum at Sr. high! Yea am so bad right?? i felt sorry for him he has no idea what's the real score but i have no choice, lol. I managed to let him feel that we are really bf and gf but i guess in a long run he noticed all my excuses, ( no holding hands or touching touching, no dating just group of classmates is ok) toinks! The relationship just ended for 5months am just tired of fooling my self and i gave him the benefit of a doubt afterall school year is almost over then. After him, i never have any bfs at all (just fling fling but nothing serious) because am so picky with men until my husband came along i knew he is the one for me... hihihi!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last minute fun!

If we could only travel as much as possible, we would right? I have friends who are certified jet setters, wish they can take ma along lol! They travel mostly because of work which I think is really unfair, you know, they're being paid to meet the world. Anyway, I wonder when can we have a vacation again? Most probably on June, we'll be attending a convention and at the same time explore the place. But you know what, when it comes to traveling I like the excitement of last minute flights and last minute preparations.

Of course it's more of a hassle but if you know where to ask help, then it wouldn't be. I'm talking about last minute accommodation, flights, and holidays. It's a website that aims to help individuals prepare for last minute travel purposes any where in the world. Also they can give huge discounts on hotels, packages, and even airline tickets like Qantas, Jetstar, Singapore airlines and more. Such website should really be handy especially to those whose constantly on a journey. Hmmm... it makes me wanna have a vacation! Sigh.


Just got home from Sam's club in Murfressboro, 45 minutes drive away from home and am tired and head hurts! We still went there even though its pouring out rain because we don't have much anything in our freezer haha! And here i am doing an updates before will do the pending tasks! I got to finish it tonite to be able to credit in this week's blessing...winks! So trying to open my eyes and focus Excedrin might help a lil so am taking some although not really into it! I hate pills!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Your smile

As the saying goes, "a smile has no price but once given it's worth a million dollars." But not everyone has beautiful, killer smiles or should I say pearly white teeth. Maybe that's the reason why sometimes people hesitate to give as a smile. But today, through dental procedures like Orange NJ invisalign, one can achieve a smile like that of celebrities. Hmmm, have anyone tried it already?

OMG you guys!!!!!!!!

Hi guys! I just can't resist to share this very interesting email I've got from a friend. Pictures of skulls but not just a regular skeleton, people we are seeing a huge giant bones here! I first saw this my jaw almost drop in the floor, lol! Look how big it is! I hope these photos open for you - if it's not a Nephilim - it's a REALLY big person! They found this somewhere in the map haha!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Looking for luggage sets?

What do you do when you feel like shopping for something? Are you the type who purchase it right away, or you take things slowly? I'd prefer the latter because I don't wanna be an impulsive buyer and I like comparing products as well. Since I shop online most of the time, it's easier to do it like what I did few days ago. Remember about my plans of purchasing luggage sets to send back home. Am still looking for a nice site that can give me quality items worth the cost.

And here I found A website that provides great info on different kinds of luggage and travel accessories like Hartman luggage, Tumi luggage, Delsey luggage and so forth. When you really need some detailed review about a particular brand like what it's made of, capacity, latest models, and client's feedback, this is the place for you to visit. Surely there are lots of great deals here, hope I can grab one soon. Winks!


Am talking about our tax refund is almost in our pocket and we planned to stock up our supply for awhile because this is the right time to take advantage to use it for a reason you know because as we all know groceries are getting expensive already! We have two growing kids and you know how much they consumed just diapers alone omg! could get broke with! The tax refund is really a tremendous help for families here. That's why i love tax season!! lol.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ever heard this?

malignant Mesothelioma is a cancer that starts in cells called mesothelial cells lines the inside of the chest, the abdomen, and the space around your heart. The main risk factor of this disease is asbestos exposure in the good side this material has been banned to use but accordingly millions of Americans have possibly exposed through their jobs like factories, railroads, miners just to name a few. So if you know someone that been through this? get more information and help! MesotheliomaHelp.Net explores deeper understanding about this diseases and provides family, patients and professionals ofeering help to those victims! Check it out! Winks!

Kurdapyaz First Kiss!


Ok am back here! Anyway, lets talk about my "first kiss". Corny speaking my ex bf and fiance (husband now) is the only man who ever kiss me, he is my first kiss on November 28, 2004 at 10:00 o'clock in the morning, why i wouldn't forget this moment? is only because it's one of the best time that ever happened in my life! He just proposed and slide the engagement ring onto my finger with long kisses and tight hugs... wooohooo! (wa na kawala si kurdapya) lol.

Seriously, ever since am a teenager i made my promise and have a very strict rules when it comes to my relationship that i will just give my love (including the first kiss) to the man I'm going to marry in the future!!! Thanks girls rule!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It's so cold, geeeezzzz! The winter just makes me go crazy. I remember during my first winter here in the States, I couldn't handle it and was chilling big time. So I ask the husband to get a heated mattress pads, haha! That's the only time I felt like am alive again, you know what I mean? Well good thing we have one maybe I'll use it if I can't bare the weather anymore, lol!

Bad weather!

It is thundering and ligthning here right now and according to local radar we are expecting a severe thunderstorms tonite and chances of tornado watch huhuhu! I don't like it makes me panic the anxiety is over the top grrrrrrrrr! So our supposedly dinner with sister and brother in-law and their girls is cancelled and reschedule to Monday because of this stinking weather. I already baked some goodies so maybe i will just distribute this to the office because am in my diet and chocolate cake is number on my lists! Anyway, good thing is am done cooking for our dinner and bad thing is i cook alot! :-/

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

anti-wrinkle cream

We can't avoid getting old but we can at least hide it right? So we do our best not to have those wrinkles and laugh lines. Let me ask, what do you think is the best eye cream for wrinkles? I still doesn't have wrinkles though but eye bags, yes lol! I wanna minimize it to have a fresher, younger look. Maybe I should start looking for a cream now and give it a try.

Ruby Tuesday


As i mentioned already that Kurdapyaz is been crazy about RED stuff from hair to toe symbolically speaking which means everything w/ red! So when I found this Ruby Tuesday meme- a weekly theme that has something to do with red color. Am excited and looking forward to join, lol! This is my first time and I thought this picture is perfect it was taken when my boy is a year old. I dressed him RED to matched Elmo's the puppet. Isn't he adorable? Winks!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I told the husband to help me with my exercise program and he told me to grab some protein shakes to help turn fats to muscles. So I click here, cause I wanna know which protein powders are the best. Well, it's a good meal replacement don't you think? I'm so looking forward to healthier and slimmer body this 2010, lol!


I got this from Passion UP funny and true! winks!

Why should Superman avoidMexican restaurants?

Because he gets super gas.

Arthritis supplements

My parents are both in their 50's already and still living a very active lifestyle. Glad they still doesn't have those wrinkles and gray hair that much. Mom and dad sure looks younger than their age but recently mom told me to send home treatment for arthritis. I guess not for them though but for my granny. Well maybe they just want to keep it handy just in case.

Bringing back memories!


I was looking back some old time pictures of my boy and i found these one in the files. Me and husband our moments together, we are so unseparable ever since the moment he came back to Philippines to get and bring me here in his land, haha! The top photo that was the day he arrived in my hometown never miss a chance to take pictures here and there. Then the mid pic is when we're in Manila before living PH we roamed around bethel. Lastly, we're just newly weds here at the office am with my husband all the time which his boss(Dad) understands you know hihihi honeymoon stage! winks!

Cleaning up!

Was cleaning up my bathroom closet because the husband is kinda complaining of my stuff cluttered everywhere, my make ups, my toiletries, my anik anik(bling-bling), most of it are personal things and i even found out i still have my prenatal vitamins from my 2 pregnancies surely its expired now, lol! He's having a hard time to find his stuff because my stuff is on the way. Anyway, now it's uncluttered and organized he'll be happy to see later on i tell you.

Thursday Challenge: "RED"

This is kurdapya'z sanctuary after the long day of multi tasking around the house i will for a moment just lay down in my favorite sofa in the whole wide world and relax while music is on with dim sorroundings, haha arte kau! For the record guys am so crazy and attrcted to red(bloody red) stuff or something with this color! Most of my stuff at home must be red or with reds haha!


One of the most common type of STD is herpes, either genital or oral herpes which is cause by herpes simplex virus. Well, this may not be a very welcome topic but I think as a women, we should be informed about it. By the way, I found a website that tackles everything you wanna know about it, just follow the links and it'll lead you there.

Unexpected Source of Gold

Nagano Prefecture, northwest of Tokyo, has "discovered a new source of mineral wealth-sewage," says a Reuters news report from Japan. Analysis revealed that the ash from incinerated sewage sludge processed at the Suwa treatment plant contained a percentage of gold much higher than the ore extracted from Japan's richest gold mines. The prefecture expects to receive 15 million yen, over $167,000, for the gold in just one fiscal year. It is thought that the high concentrations of gold in the sewage are "due to the large number of precision number of equipments manufacturers in the vicinity that use the yellow metal," says the report.

Hmmm...makes me wanna start creeping into the sewage over there?(Eeewwwyyyy!!!) LOL! Might find some gold hidden beneath huh? Well, this report proves true that treasures are indeed found in least expected place.


What really is it? Accordingly, it includes all kinds of red, scaly, blistering, and itching skin conditions. Many mistakenly thinks it's contagious but it's not. And right now there are eczema treatments that work. There are also tips and advice which can be done to manage the condition. My aunt back home used to have eczema, but with the proper hygiene and hydration, it went well and was gone forever.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Am done for now here! I will be back in shortly. Kurdapya has to finishe her listed chores for the day so that later on i am a free individual, lol! i'm trying to fix my time management lately from chores to other things so that at the end of the day i have my time for my self (pampers my self a lil bit i guess a mother shouldn't leeve herself unattented you know what i mean! So far so good and i have more time for everything and i love it i feel more relax and beautiful! lol.

Ok, i got to go guys but i shall return... check on you later bye! winks!


How's everyone? Haven't been hopping lately, sorry for that. I promise to check out on you pretty soon, I'm into rekindling my passion in blogging so pretty much you will see more of me, lol! Anyway, let me first check some party invitations. Remember I wanted to organize one for my son Josh, but it was canceled. He'll surely enjoy playing with his friends and thus gives me a story to blog..haha! That would be cool!

My Gosh!

Now I'm drooling! After seeing beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes, my eyes are popping out, lol! Seriously, I love shoes and these ones are my type. Anyone want to sponsor? Oh well, shoes and stilettos are my weakness. Got to control myself though or I'll end up being broke.(sigh) Anyway, got to sign off for today guys, see you all tomorrow. Sweet dreams everyone! Szzzz!!! dreaming of shoes, lol!

What a nice surprised!

I wouldn't have thought in a million years that one of my paid source thingy is sending me too much at once! I don't check them everyday so i have no idea what's going on not until i do y regular routine signing on my fb and I've read from my cousin's post there that she is got so many! Yikes! am so excited to check mine and there it's flooding of opps! I wish it gonna be like this all the time! I just wanna thank them in advance for me a chance also like the many others out there! winks!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

shopping through wiki

Have you heard about Shopwiki? If you're into online shopping, pretty sure you did. Why because for a shopper who wants to find great deals among thousands of stores in the Internet, if you don't have the right tool to help you, it can be hard. And since it serves like a search engine, it crawls through bunch of deals, cool!

I've tried them out first hand. T'was a long time ago but still can remember when the husband ask what I wanted for a gift. Was drooling for a digital camera that time so I search through it using Shopwiki. I found really cool product. Saw DSLR cameras which am desperate to have, until now though, lol! Then there's Canon Powershot too, the smart camera that can capture our sweetest smiles. Well the list goes on and on, I can only wish have them all.

How about you? Have you tried their service? Or if not, maybe you'd like to experience it one of these days. Oh, don't forget to tell us about it alright?

Just lazy but trying!

I admit I've been really lazy to blogs lately! Plus my schedule doesn't fit to my blogging i noticed when am done to my daily routine ( household chores and kids) the urge to blog is the last thing in my mind that's sure i hate it but i can't do nothing but tolerate it i know i should wake up and tell my self "you gotta work hard and back my butt on the hot seat!!!!!! otherwise Kurdapya is broke,lol! Well, am trying my best though and do the best i can to manage my time as a wifey, mother and a blogger! (emote jud). Recently, I'm also very strict as ever be when it comes to get into my FB account as we all know people all over the world is crazy with facebook right now and am just one of those, the games and everything you know it look like a pandemic right now! Doesn't it?? Oh well, i definitely get my butt back to work (blogging) pronto!!

To all my followers and visitors i thank you all so much for always coming and checking me out here despite i sometimes couldn't make it to visit you back! Trying my best though and i will see you soon!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you...

Love to shop online? Try to visit circuit city today because I saw amazing deals, I was drooling! Even nicer if you have some coupon codes, you'll definitely gonna get the stuff you want in cheaper price. New year deals ain't finish yet I should say. Speaking of such, how's everyone? Haven't been updating lately but will catch up with you so soon, winks!