Friday, April 30, 2010

Last minute buy

Well before we go to Nashville tomorrow i have to pass by to GNC store to get some food supplements for my grandmother. Whenever i send boxes over there she usually ask me to buy her some supplements because its cheaper here than there. SO before i forgot i need to write it down in my list... i need to get the best colon cleanse that lola requesting, couple of hawthorns, a b-complex, an alfalfa hmmm... what else?? just hope i haven't forgotten anything else. Well will make sure have to chat sissy before we go then.

Taking off here now... have a good night everyone!!

Mah Shoes!


These are samples of Kurdapyaz Collection, i personally took some pictures to let my costumers and future costumers see how gorgeous the shoes look in your feet and it is worth the buy and affordable! I my self couldn't resist got to have some too.. LOL! So just let me know if you are interested and enjoy being a fashionistas!! Just PM me anytime!! wink wink!


Yea! got a lil sunburn in my forehead right now becuase i did some gardening earlier and i forgot to put my day cream and my skin is kinda sensitive when it gets to direct sunlight. Too lazy to go back inside so right here right now i feel wierd in my forehead hope this will be fine tomorrow. Anyway, i can't wait to send my package already and it's gonna be tomorrow, kids and I will go with dada in his work joband will just gostaright to Nashville and send the BB.

Looking at the Sky on Friday


Just another day of joy ride!

Hey Mate!

Are you from the "Land Down Under?" If so, then no doubt you love adventure, the outdoors, and traveling. That's why when we look around us, we often see Australian tourists exploring around isn't it? So let me share a website than can help Australians prepare their next trip. is a one stop shop travel agency offering a handful of advice on holiday packages, travel accommodations, travel insurances, and so forth. They cater domestic and international flights of different airlines like Qantas, United Airlines, Jetstar and more. The nice thing too is you can also use their system to find cheap flights to other countries of your chosen date.

Just browse and know more of what they can do to help you. Well talking about trips like this makes me excited about our up coming trip this June. We're off to Alabama again for our annual convention. I'm saying hello to the world's most yummy peaches once more, lol!
Anyway guys, how about your plans? Anything in mind?

Thursday, April 29, 2010



Hi kurdapya here again, haha! As you obviously see on the right corner a logo of my online store is finally made... Yepey! So thankful to the husband he did what exactly i expected! I can't help to kissed again and again him because he did a good job the image is soo me he said, LOL! I admit i love love it really! Thanks again bebe you are the best! 1434444! Wink.

Emails here and there!

I can't believe i have so many emails getting in a day... more so everyday if i won't check them in a matter of hours man! it's filing from junk to junks and some are from my Collections i get have so many invitations from different wholesale stores around i guess my supplier referred my emails to them. Some also are selling something like the one that really caught my attention this Amish thing was curious what it was and found out they are made of Furniture and even has some Amish fireplaces also. I tell you they are darn gorgeous and very stylish modern fireplaces i ever see. I love the berlin cherry one it looks good in my living room, haha! But we don't need them though perhaps i can recommend this to my BIL and SIL because they are talking of putting a fireplace. Well, I'll better mention it to em. Ok i need to proceed cleaning my inbox now.

Yard Art on Thursday


Front yard of my PIL they love to beautify and decorate their entire yard from back to front from side to side. And they have the widest yard i ever been so far. LOL!

Our crowning glory

Is our hair. Men and women, young and old would love to keep theirs healthy and good. Just that sometimes because of genes, bad life style, or illness some people loss their hair. Diabetes in particular can cause thinning and hair loss. The good thing is there are now hair loss treatment for men, you can actually read reviews about it and get feedback from real people. Just visit the site and get informed.

Meet the Kayan


was turning pages of a magazine and a featured article was about them. The Kayan are inhabitants of Thailand also known as Padaung which means "Long Necks." These brass rings around their neck are viewed as adornments. They take such adornments to extraordinary lengths by wearing up to 15 inches of glittering brass coils around their neck. The process starts when girls are about five years of age. Every few years the coils are replaced with longer, heavier ones until, as adults, the women wear up to 25 rings weighing nearly 30 pounds! Contrary to the appearances, their necks do not stretch. Rather, the coils push down on the collarbone and compress the rib cage.

Gosh, I wonder how does it feels like? Isn't it dangerous? We are not Kayan's, we may find their fashion a little weird and different. But that's what makes them special and unique don't you think? I absolutely wish to meet a Kayan woman personally someday. Winks!

Good morning folks!

For a start, am checking on some Minka Aire ceiling fans right now because seriously the bedroom of my son is needing one it's kinda warm there during summer time. We get hot when we play there for a longer time and stuff like that, which can't stand it especially the kiddos when they're playing! Anyway, this gonna be a long and fun day ahead. There's plenty of things to sort out, just thinking about it makes me tired already, haha! May you have a wonderful day ahead, see you around!

Thanks Cookie sa Coffee!


Thank you Cookie for sharing me a cup of coffee this early in the morning! hehe. Me too loves coffee a lot! True the taste & the smell gives me a different satisfaction as well. It reminds me of before when i was a teenager every morning i usually go to my aunt's house where my grandma at i used to asking her to make timpla me a coffee with pandesal or something with it to munch, lol! Oh i missed those days! Thanks again you made my morning bright! wink.

Have a wonderful morning ya'll!! Lets have some coffee everyone... feel free to grab a cup of coffee here!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Almost full

Am talking about my balikbayan box to send in my family i almost fill it up already with all the stuff they are requesting including the purses and shoes that my aunts bought from me, lol! I actually need to have a second batch to send them because i can't get put all together anymore. Too much stuff to send, still sending more purses and shoes, like prada shoes she asked me to find branded ones to match her branded handbag that she got also. So i said, ok will do that since i know where to look then online. Wink!

Oh my!

I'd like to switch! From what? Switch computers with the husband. I'd like to conquer his desktop so bad, lol! Because as far as I'm concerned, my online job requires me a super fast internet connection. You know blogging here, my online shop, and so on. I hope the husband understands, if not then I should get a new one. Silly me, haha! Kidding aside, I know you know how I feel. It's so frustrating when you have a connection that's slower than a turtle! Anyway speaking of switch, am also browsing KVM switch that he ask me to look because he needs it for our entertainment player that somehow our son messed up couple days ago. Ughhh! You knowhow toddlers doing they love to tore up everything in your house.

Mi Tienda!

Hi guys! Finally you can check my online store now. Am so proud that i made it by myself although it is only temporary because the husband is making the real thing and hosted. However it's still under construction. So meanwhile i made this for now, anyway it's a free web store where you can display several of your stuff and start to earn income already. So please don't hesitate to visit my Tienda.

Well, i'll give u a lil fact about KC! Kurdapya loves every inch of being a woman. She drools over shoes, stilettos, peep toes, and wedges. Purses and totes gives her bliss. Accessories are her weakness and she's gaga over the color red. This website shares her finest collection of trendy fashion shoes, sandals, heel pumps, and flats. Celebrity Fashion handbags, Designer Inspired purses, Replica bags, clutches and wallets. Also includes fine Jewelry and accessories. Kurdapya loves making girls like her happy with the collection she has to offer. Featuring new products and designs every time and hand picked personally. So girl friends feel free to browse my page and enjoy your shopping with KC!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Right here right now I'm just surfing for some best weight loss product. Though I'm so into my diet and exercise right now but there are days when I just seem to forget it. I think that's what they call roller coaster thingy, lol! So I guess a supplement can help me with this fight in losing weight. Have anyone of you already tried taking products like such? You wanna recommend it to me? Winks!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hermes it is

I was checking out new designs of shoes and purses, and other stuff for my online store when I bumped into this article about the WORLD"S MOST EXPENSIVE HANDBAG. My goodness, my eyes popped out when I saw the tag price! It's worth more than a house and lot, and my dream car...haha! Here it is...

1. The Hermes Birkin created by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka - $1.9 million-

In 2008 this Hermes bag was sold for around $1.9 million. Made of platinum and has over 2,000 diamonds. The bag is said to be versatile, in addition to being a handbag you can also use the diamond strap as a necklace or bracelet by removing it from the bag. In itself, is has an 8-carat pear shaped shimmering diamond that can also be used separately.

Without sounding so negative, I think that this bag is a reminder on how the rich and famous lived their lives. While others struggle to find a single meal everyday. Tsk! What do you think? If money is not an issue, would you dare owning this bag?

Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm not getting any younger

Though I keep on denying it, lol! I'm turning 30 this year, dang! HAHA! Anyway, I'm still too young to experiment and try wrinkle creams but since I had such freebies a week ago, why not give it a try? But honestly am scared, might just send this back home and give it to grandma. My grandma is kinda vain you know, pretty sure she'll like it. Now I have to end this here, got lots of chores to do, see you in a bit. Smooches!

Doing this and that

While checking my online store, am also searching for online online life insurance. Just comparing rates though. A friend buzzed me a while ago and was asking about information on better terms. I'm not that knowledgeable but I do know a little. My dad used to be an insurance agent and I was her secretary lol! Anyway, I'm kinda like multi-tasking here now, blogging on the side as well. Thankful to the internet, I get to do several things at the same time

To the highest level... yikes!


Was browsing and checking to my email i bumbed to this email that a friend sent me... very disturbing shoes ever! Do you think your shoes are uncomfortable? take a better look on the latest rage in Japan.... Humongous and freaky looking high heels I've ever seen! There's no way i will sell those kinds of shoes not gonna happen haha! I bet people buying those shoes are gonna sign a waver if ever they get stumble wearing! Too risky! Ouch!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Oh I hate being an insomniac, I'm not though. I mean sometimes, I just find it hard to sleep early. Maybe because my biological clock got used to sleeping late already and that's why am starting to fix it now. Drinking milk does help and exercise during the day too. By the way, if you're a certified insomniac you might wanna try taking natural sleep aid. Accordingly, somabien is the most recommended because it's effective, safe, and cheap. Anyone already tried it?

Express divorce

It has recently become much easier to divorce in Mexico City, reports the newspaper El Universal. Two years ago, the 21 reasons for obtaining a divorce was infidelity, violence, and so on- were eliminated from statute books. Now all a person has to do is deposit about $400 with a law office's bank and send the court a signed application, obtained through the internet, stating that he or she no longer loves the other person. Nothing has to be proved before a judge. It takes only from two to four months to obtain a divorce, as opposed to years under the previous system. Child custody, alimony, division of property, and other matters are settled later.

source: Awake!

Are you vain?

I think I am. Growing up, I always see both my parents take care of their physical being really well. Dad never go to bed without applying his toner and mom her beauty face cream. That's why they do look younger than their age. Even my siblings, every night the three of us faces the mirror doing our own thing, lol! Anyway, being vain has limitations though. Just don't take it to the extreme. The most important things is taking care of yourself and others as well, in a balance way. Winks!

Wardrobe Wednesday


Couple weeks ago my son is wanting to wear his one piece winter pajamas even though isn't winter anymore yet he is insisting to wear 'em, then he is being funny to us making goofy faces and everything! Oh he is so nuts...likehid dada always syas "like mother like son", lol.

It's so spring time! Why not visit Myrtle?

A few weeks ago almost everyone complaints about the weather, the snow, and winter. Now I guess, we're all ready for spring. We will soon start our gardening and maybe have a weekend out of town too. The husband said we're off to Memphis, so looking forward to its world famous barbecue, lol! I wonder what my friends have in mind? Vacations are so inviting these days, now that the sun is up. Last year I have a friend who spent a week at Myrtle Beach Accommodations and she told me about all the fun there. That everything I've heard about Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotels are true. Well, the moment she showed me their pictures, no doubt twas a lovely vacation.

You may have your plans in mind too, why not consider Myrtle beach and make your Myrtle Beach hotel reservations at Like for instance the Seaside resort, a new luxury boutique Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Hotel that's just footsteps away from the shore. And when we talk about Myrtle, aside from the beach, there are lots of activities, shopping, golf, and more that place has to offer. It's really one of my dream vacations actually, I hope it'll happen soon.


Howdy guys and gals, just a quick update here. Kurdapya has been so busy lately, with what? Busy with her "Collection." As you all know, I started my mini business a month ago and I'm so glad to inform you that I'm getting good feedback. My friends, online and offline loves my shoes, my purses, and my bling-blings LOL!

My blogs will not be left behind though, it's my first love.. winks! Just that sometimes I can't return all your visits in one seating and I need a whole day to update my links. Rest assured I'd still hop around the neighborhood regularly. So see ya everyone! Mwaahhh!

By the way, here are samples of my (K)ollection...
do buzz me if you want one... winks!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm fond of watching reality shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, America's Next Top Model, The Iron Chef America, and more of reality shows. For me it's more exciting than watching a soap opera or TV series. Maybe because the people involve are ordinary people, not celebrities who seems superficial. Anyway, recently my cousin told me about a newly aired reality TV show in the Philippines that's different from others we've seen so far. It's a story about a very poor man who've won a lottery, so huge the amount of money and he doesn't have an idea how to spend it. My sister told me that the show is so hilarious, yet lots of life's lesson can surely be learned. Well I haven't seen the show yet, but am searching for links though. The plot is kinda intriguing, makes me want to watch you know.

Speaking of such, true it is that there are people who seems to befriend lady luck. I'm not a believer though but in real life, I know some who did won the lottery already. I've seen several ordinary people in the news that they became instantly riches. It's either they did it the traditional way or through free casino games online. Folks seems to enjoy it so much and get hooked. If they win, well their life will changes definitely, that is if the jackpot is big though. Nevertheless, one should be careful when engaging to such things and make sure it's legit. What do you think about it huh?

Anyway guys, have a wonderful weekend. I still don't know how we'll gonna spend it. Probably just laze in the house because am not feeling pretty well, you know monthly girl thing, lol! Have fun everyone, see ya around! Got to fix breakfast before my king and prince wakes up!

Thank goodness its over...

They all glad that the busiest season here is over (tax time), am as well very happy because husband has more time with us again despite he still have 5 days busy in work well that's necessary for us to! At least everybody get to mellow their time here and there. At the end of their tax time last Thursday (april 15th) we headed all to Red Lobster to celebrate the success and end of it and then another year added. So next year again! haha. Anyway, i had enjoy the partey of course the resto is one of my favorite so Kurdapya has the ear to ear smile excited to meet mr. lobster again...haha! I admit i always anticipate the April 15th of each year because you already know why wink wink. Just wanna say thank you to the host of the party my parent in-law we had the best time out there and was so stuffed!

To the Exit

What comes to mind when you see an exit sign? Well, my sister and I was chatting and she mentioned about a movie she wants to watch with our cousins. So what about the exit sign? It's the very thing that pops into my mind whenever I think of movie house and theaters. Why? Back home before, every time we go to cinemas, mom would always tell us make sure to find a seat near the exit. You know, in case of emergency we can go out quick and easy. I used to think mom was paranoid, which makes my sister and I paranoid too, lol! Like one time, we sneaked out and watched a movie, without our parent's consent. That was creepy! The feeling of something bad will happen, I couldn't stop looking at the exit. Call it paranoid, big time! The exit door seems scary for me, yet I know it's the safest place to be during emergency situations. I still haven't moved on with that feeling even until now that I lived here in the States though. Just that I don't go to theaters as often as I used to before, when I was still single. Anyway, such sign has always made me feel a sense of caution and alertness, and I don't think it's wrong. Isn't it?

I'm quite sure you have you're own stories as well. Some might be funny, cute, scary, or a little of everything, like mine haha! On a second note guys, it's weekend once again. We wrapped it up by celebrating my in-law's wedding anniversary at the same time tax season finale. We surely had a wonderful time at our fave restaurant, love the food. But what I like most is the fact that tax season is so over. Now we can have an exit, I mean the family can now have our spring vacation soon. Winks!

PhotoHunt 209: Covered


It's been a lil while that haven't join photohunt for my reason is busy! But won't miss it today, well this is the theme for this week. My son's first time in snow so i made sure he is all Covered and not cold but still he is with all his red nose! lol. Thanks PhotoHunt!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gone driving...

Yesterday afternoon we drove around town our kiddos for their afternoon nap haha we do this once in awhile if i am too lazy to put them to nap so i asked husband. Anyway we had fun roaming around the neighborhood, we went to several richest streets in our town and looking for nice houses, well just trying to get an idea of some landscaping here and there. One thing i can't get enough is the combination of log and stone house down the lake... I bet most of their stuff are log or rustic furniture! Oh it is so dang stunning, husband and i both agree the house is gorgeous love the concept and frame of it and everything. We said if we have a money we will build one like those, lol! In our wildest dream i guess!


Am so behind when it comes to updating my blog ( just do alil visit here and there) because kurdapya had been so busy in the passed several days. Hectic in so many ways from family to gatherings and so i don't have a time to write anymore. And another thing is my mini business made me a lil busy taking orders and stuff like that, but am not complaining though we had so much fun at the assembly last Saturday although we didn't make the 2days in a row but still we enjoyed the convention afterall we got to see the brothers and sisters out there!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Working out...

I've been working out for the passed few weeks already and it was pretty consistent but this pass couple of days i had no choice to not use my gym room because i was a lil busy here and there. Just glad i have my electric treadmill for my walking and jogging exercise but i want to work on my arms so will have a lil toned, am thinking of pull up bar is way to go. That help my goal to have toned and firm arms one day. I hate my floppy arms right now, haha! But for now since i don't have that thing i just need to continue on my daily routine exercise like walking and cardio.

Yard Art on Thursday


First time to join the Yard art on Thursday meme. I honestly don't have a lot of photos that represent the theme except this one, haha! My boy in our yard holding our turtle. But nest time will take more yard photos! Promised.. lol!

Boots for my Aunt

Am gathering all the stuff that i will be putting in my balikbayan box that i will sending soon in my family in Philippines. Some of the stuff are handbags and not to mention fashion shoes! My aunt is requesting me to find her some nice and fashion boots so i said i have no problem with that because i have several links that i know online, lol! So am here right now in jimmyjazz browsing their huge selection of nice stuff. I'm here in boots section right now, they have also the urban clothing for men and women so if your are fond of urban clothing you need to take a look them! They have the cute boots actually let me save this page and so i can let my aunt see it. have to go to my other online source will find more shoes... Wink!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ruby Tuesday


Am back to Ruby Tuesday Meme been busy for the passed several weeks! Anyway here's my entry this week. I super duper loved this RED patent peep toe heel pump. Am one of those women, ladies who adore shoeses...haha! By the way if like this also actually am selling shoes and purses! lol. Wink.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I guess...

No friends coming over today at my house we just chat that she can't come because she don't feel good today ( she's 4weeks pregnant) which is very much understandable, lol. I know this time of pregnancy is very sensitive you know no moments you can tell you are great or not. So i just told her that it's ok and just take some rest for their family trip this weekend going to up north. She said maybe next time again they will see us!

Well, at least i did some swiping here and there and am done with my chores for the day! I got ready for them not to see my messy house. So kurdapya is all in relax mode right now...! lol.

I guess we just might see the kids great grandma later after lunch time since the weather is pretty good today might as well not waste it! Wink