Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ola again!

Just dropping a note here again guys. How I miss my blogs! Been neglecting it these past few days and I feel so guilty. Not that I don't like blogging anymore or my attention has been diverted. My time just won't allow me to stay online that much. Sorry, promise to make it up to you. Anyway, need to sign out soon. Just checking for some emergency medical assistance articles because one of my friend asked me for some help for this matter i guess it has something to do with her husband's condition so am here to help her anyhow. But for now I'm done here. Take care everyone, have a blessed weekend ahead! See you! Wave..

Green Tea

Yea! That's my breakfast for several days already. My virtual friend in fb share me some tips of do this and that in order for me to loss weight before the big trip come. So this is one of my secret or shall i say our secret she is in her late 30's but i tell you she is looking hot! and i wanted to have a body like her so this is it i follow her advice. A cup of tea in the morning with honey and a slice of fresh lemon. And at night likewise same thing and so on so fort until u see the result along with my routine exercises. Crossing my finger but i have faith though! Winks!

Oh me, Oh my!

Been doing herculean chores these past few days, man! Have to finish cleaning the entire house before the big trip. Now I noticed our LCD TV has a lil scratch at the bottom part, dang! My son probably did some playing around again, or maybe the little girl too. They're so hyper like crazy, the moment I'm done with something, they'll start another again and again. I need my mommy here! When we go home to the Philippines, will definitely take a leave.. my mama's turn to babysit and sissy too. LOL!

Individualistic but Depress

According to researchers, Britain is "the most individualistic society in the world, valuing the self over the group," reports London's newspaper. Another study found that Britons suffer some of the highest levels of depression and anxiety. Some experts believe that there is a connection. Studies compared societies such as those found in the Western world with those in China and Taiwan. In the latter, the greater value given to social harmony over individuality seemed to protect people from poor mental health. In the west "selfish making us depressed," states the paper.

It proves true to the saying "No man is an Island." We should be happy with ourselves but we will be happier if we share it with others. Don't you agree?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Got a note

Who would have thought mailbox are gonna be so important for someone like me? LOL! I used to think they are just for decorations, that the postman should really knock on doors upon delivering mails. But apparently it isn't just mail boxes. In every home especially here in the US, if you don't want your belongings to go missing, then you need mailboxes. There was a time when ours got broken and wasn't able to replace it right away, some of our mails got lost, we needed to trace it at the postal service and that was hassle.

Did that happen to you too? Anyway, in case you need that sturdy box, just click the links and it'll lead you to a one stop shop of commercial mailboxes and residential mailboxes. Whether you are a homeowner or represent a hundred unit building, they have the widest selection of products, affordable deals, info's, and customer service. By the way, they can customize it for you too and additional features are available to suit your need.


My goodness i been so busy lately and it's not even funny! I have so many things in my mind right now from packing to my business it feels like i have no break at all plus of course kids need to take care of. I told my baby sitter that i don't need her for now not until after our trip she can come back to sit the kids but i think that's a wrong idea because i need hands am so handfuls right now! ughhh. I will be glad if this busiest days of life will get over and i can get to relax and just mellow my mode. But now it's impossible! I need my momi.:-(

Friday, July 23, 2010

His request

Am talking about my uncle he know i am sending another set of package for my family soon and he wanted me to find some apparels for him, but i tell you this is not like an ordinary sizes you know. My uncle is a huge guy and most of his clothing from top to bottom are custom made just for him. So i mentioned it to my aunt his wife that i can get him some big and tall clothing here with huge selections. Well, they're sound happy with the idea and am starting to shop online for my uncle glad i have several source where to get the good deal.

Looking at the Sky on Friday


This is a Giant cloud that almost look like a huge twister we are so glad the wind blows it and the sky turned bright! First time i saw this kind of clouds forming something extra ordinary and scary!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Day At The Museum

Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby

Planning an interesting day here and there is a great way to tie you over until official vacation time. One of the best places for me is to spend the day at a museum complex. Just because you have been there before, doesn't mean you are going to see the same old artifacts on display. Check your newspaper's calendar section for traveling exhibitions and get your tickets early for the best deal. Pack up your camera, slip into comfortable shoes and don't forget to set your house alarm for day. It's a good thing there are such great alarm monitoring in Arizonacompanies. In addition, don't forget to leave your pets plenty of food and water so you will not worry about them at nightfall.

When the new exhibits are centered around Egyptology, I know to buy my friend a ticket without even asking her first. If you haven't experienced this kind of art for yourself, now is the time to check it out and get with the program. The Egyptian collections are always new and different, and reflect a varied art style with each time period and pharaoh in charge. You may also wish to pack some extra cash on museum day, as there are loads of unique books and gifts on sale to remember your experience there.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ruby Tuesday


Its Momi's moment with her princess while the boys are swimming in the pool us girls enjoyed taking pictures of our selves including our pretty legs! lol. I thought this is nice picture it look like an optical illusion don't it? My girl's lil legs and momi's flawless feet(wink) with her Red toe nails! This photo is really a kept time sake!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another health tip

It's good that nowadays we can find some solutions in our problems in the internet. I personally like websites that tackles about health. Like when a friend needs info on eczema remedy, well just a click away and it's all there. From causes to cure, symptoms and doctor's advise, it's readily available and the best thing is it's free. So if you need some healthy tips, just browse and there's really a lot. Good day everyone, stay healthy!

Love food?

Who doesn't? But of course everything has its beginning so as the food we love to eat. I'll take you back down memory lane. Let's find out the history of some of the world's most famous dishes. Read on..

-When Coca Cola was first produced it was a green colour.

-In the United Kingdom Indian restaurants employ more people than steel making, mining and shipbuilding industries put together!

-Chop Suey was invented in New York City not in China.

-McDonalds restaurant buys two billion eggs a year solely for the huge demand for their egg Mcmuffins!

-In the USA Americans eat about 18 acres of pizza a day!

-French Fries are originally from Belgium not France.

-The soft drink '7-Up' got it's name from the inventor who had already rejected six other names for the product.

-McDonald's fast food restaurant opened its training school, Hamburger University, in Oak Brook, Illinois in 1961.

-China is the second largest fast food market after the United States.

-Fast food is not a new idea. In ancient Rome there were vendors who sold food ready to eat from street stalls.

-Britons eat, on average, 2.2 curries per week - spending £2.8 billion on the hot stuff every year!

Friday, July 9, 2010

He is so Finicky!

Once again kurdapyo came to a stage that he is so finicky with food! Ugh it so hard for us to feed him lately... everything is NO NO to him! We need to stretch out our patient to our kids right so am just thinking if he won't eat as much as we want him to eat might as well get him some supplementary vitamins with that we are confident that he's still getting the right amount of nutrition for his body. He loves his vitamins anyway it's one thing am happy still. Wink!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting closer...

The more closer it gets the more excited i am well who doesn't? of course u feel the same way as i do after more than 4 years away with your family and friends now's the time i can see them back again... that's overwhelming right! Anyway, am trying to get stuff gather from kids to us. But honestly i don't know where to start haha! Am also thinking of pasalubung and everything plus i get so anxious just the thought of me landing in airport makes my heart throbbing! This would be an exciting moment for me and my family overseas. can't wait to see you all!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I go home on very soon, I have to make sure to give myself a treat I deserve. What is that? A day at the spa! Oh my, I'm so excited! I miss the whole body massage, foot scrub, and so forth. I mean those services are kinda expensive here in the States. Well a friend manages a spa so I'm pretty sure she'll give me discounts, haha! And to think she asked me to bring spa filters and humidifiers, although she'll pay for it but still my labor deserves a freebie. LOL! Just kidding, sometimes I think weird especially when I'm excited.

Air Show..

"Supposedly"... but we went there no body around i guess we're late or whatever! Atleast i got to take pictures of the airplanes and me too for the record only, lol!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good evening!

How was your day today guys? Hope you had a great day like mine. Right now I'm so busy looking for stationary papers, yes you heard it right. What for? Invitations! Well I got this task to make wedding invitations for someone and I'm given a short time to finish it so.. oh well! Anyway, I have another assignment too, about rv insurance this time. Just checking out some info's, someone might need it someday... who knows?

Ruby Tuesday


The park we went out this morning with my kids, nieces and my sissy in-law. You see the RED slides over there... that was my son's favorite he climbs and slide non stop! Good thing he is a big boy now he has a good balance now. Thanks Ruby Tuesday!

Friday, July 2, 2010

That's life

Oh my, I haven't really slept well last night. Chatted with sissy and before I knew it was almost midnight. Now I got this dark circles around my eyes and head ace. Dang! But you know what? I'm doing it again, should be sleeping right now but obviously am still here. Doing my job, which I almost forgot too. I'm getting so forgetful, and I'm pretty sure it's because of my lack of sleep. Well, that's life... LOL


Hello World! I'd like to inform everyone who visit my blogs that sometime next week I'll be hosting an exciting game/contest here in blogsphere. It's my way of giving back, for almost 4 years here in blogland, I've been so blessed. The friends I've gained, the knowledge, the many visits you guys gave me, my beloved PR... I may not all the time exchange links with you, am aware of that but rest assured my footprints will ALWAYS be present in your page.

Anyway back in the contest, I still don't know what to name it, lol! But I'm giving you a clue. You guys probably know that I'm into my online store right now and so far so good. Now I want my BLOGS and my SHOP to be promoted, at the same time give you a treat. All you have to do is spread the word, leave your mark in my blogs, and I think that's it. After I'm done with the technical stuff here,(still figuring out) will be launching it with a BANG! :D

So stay tuned...

By the way, to give you an idea on what's up for grabs... Click HERE! Enjoy the goodies, some of them may belong to you soon. Winks!

Happy cousin

My cousin was so happy when we chatted the other day. She told me her pimples are gone, lol! It was a tough fight for her, she tried almost everything. Now because of the acne treatment reviews she read, she found the best solution to her problem. And it wasn't that complicated to do. Well cousin, am happy for you as well. Stay pretty, with our without pimples, hahahha!

Goodnight everyone, got to sleep. Winks!

Looking at the Sky on Friday



While my boys swimming in the i had a chance to take pictures here and there and never miss to take one the lovely sky that day with the effect of trees on each sides. Pretty don't it!

High Tech...

I can not believe it! I was surfing some online store and i bumped in to this high tech thing that one of the store has. Don't you know even the this stuff are so innovative already? They selling an electric cigarettes, i guess the person who invented this is wanted to make a differences, lol! Anyway atleast, individuals love to smoke electric cigarettes is their way to go! But careful though because everything has it's own effect either good or bad. So be in moderation that's all i can say.

Hi Ya'll

I am happy to tell you guys that Kurdapya is having a special contest here pretty soon since her blogging career, lol... is going strong and also am heading on my 4th year anniversary in blogging so i thought of giving something just for fun. Ok i will tell you more about it when everything is set up but now will let you excite first and just hang on there! Wink.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Watching countries from all around the world.

This was written by guest blogger Harold Wilk

It the time of year again where we all take part in watching countries from all around the world participate in the world cup. If you are like me, then you are more than grateful that ESPN3 is hosting the tournament on best satellite tv. I personally love the drive that is shown, along with the outstanding levels of commitment that are portrayed. This year has already proven to be a unique tournament, that is for sure. The antics of the USA representative, Cameron Cooper, had to be the highlight for me. When he made a goal, and then turned and gave the female reporter a tap on the rear end, it reminded me of why I loved my country so much. His total disregard for English manners, made me proud to be and American. When Cameron Cooper scored the second time, he came straight to the camera and yelled that he was representing Jacksonville, Florida for the world. He was asked to keep it under control, and keep his head in the game. When they tried to confront him, he kicked the ball at the officials, who escorted him out of the game for a whole period. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the USA is going to come out on tip with this type of enthusiasm. What will happen next year?

Shoes OMG!


One of my entry here was about the World's most expensive purse, the Hermes Birkin by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka that amounts to $1.9 million! That was a crazy amount but did you know that the world's most expensive shoes worth more than that?

Designed by Ronald Winston, the "Ruby slippers" owns the crown as the World's most famous shoes." Inspired by the ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in the movie Wizard of Oz, which were made of sequence, this shoes is made of real ruby stones. It includes 4,600 rubies, totaling 1,350 carats(as well as 50 carats of diamonds) which took craftsman J.Barerra to months to set. This spectacular shoes marked the 50th anniversary of the said movie.

The price? $3 million! Yikes!!!!!!