Thursday, September 30, 2010

Movie marathon

Now I'm thinking of watching a couple of movies this coming weekend, with the husband of course. There's a lot of stuff I want to watch in the dvd like Prince of Persia and some old movies too. Might as well check out blu ray for discount items, am sure they have. Am thinking of Disney movies as well for the kiddos, cause I'm getting kinda sick of Dora everyday...hahaha! Love her though. Movie marathon while lazing up at home, hmmm sounds a good way to welcome autumn.

Shopping mode


Am here in front of the computer and can't help to go to my online store and just found out they having a huge sale on their clothing and accessories so am really into shopping mode right now. Have so many stuff on clearance bin and it is so tempting to buy it all but i have to control my self for now we just had our big trip to! These are the tops and dress i finally decided just to purchase even though i put in the cart several dresses and tops but i had to remove the rest! ughh so hard to decide which is which because all are my type!!

Who wants?

A free weight loss program, raise your hands! I bet there's a bunch. Weight loss programs are kinda expensive you know, especially the ones being promoted by health experts and celebrities. Some programs cost a fortune and just thinking about the price makes you skinny already, lol! Anyway, the best thing to do is read the reviews first, after all it's free. There are options to choose depending on your lifestyle and diet. And if you're lucky enough, you'll find the one that really does the job of helping you shed those extra pounds. Winks!

Yard Art on Thursdays


My Yard Art photo for today are two antique chinese pots and jar from the beach we went to.

Here I am

Dizzy and drowsy because of the antibiotics am taking right now, nothing serious though. The whole day was just about resting and sleeping with the kids. I don't wanna get online, not yet but there's a lot of going on and of course my job too. I'm just getting irritated with my inbox, hundreds of emails are in it and makes it hard for me too read the important ones. One of which is the best anti aging product. I need to click that link and confirm it. A free gift from one of my fave online shop again LOL!

Trains for ladies...only!

For years women who traveled on India's overcrowded commuter trains have had to deal with being insulted, groped, pinched, stared at, and generally being harassed by male passengers. In response to raising complaints, the government has decided in some cases to removed men altogether, reports the Calcutta newspaper. As a result, India's four largest cities namely New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Calcutta- a limited number of "Ladies Specials" are reserved exclusively for women. Passengers are said to be very pleased. Hmmmm, how cool is that?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hi ya'll just doing an updates here and there. Kurdapya is sick right now! had an infection in my urine in short! Yes, its been almost 2weeks now that i am non stop going to the bathroom feels like forever peeing! Ugghh. Thought cranberry juice and supplements will help it but it just getting worst and 3days ago i felt pain in my side so i figured it out that my kidney is kicking in too! So i decided and told the husband that i won't go another day without seeing my doctor and have this agony of mine gone, i need some antibiotic already! So yesterday he drove me for urine test and today is my following check up! Hay, what a life! Actually this is my first time to deal this thing never in my life i have this infection! Well, guess your body change as you get old huh?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time to visit

Fiji. Well not literally though. Just that I've featured a lot of places and cities already but I haven't talk about somewhere exotic yet. So I browse and landed on Fiji. What about it? As we all know, it is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean consisting of over 300 islands and 540 islets scattered over a million square miles. Many tourists around the world spend Fiji Holidays for they say it's one of the best. What can we expect? An island in the Pacific with awesome coral reef perfect for diving spots, breath-taking resorts, the beauty of nature, friendly and warm people, and many more! No wonder it's considered one of the world's most excellent tourist destination.

I can't get enough of talking about vacations and beautiful places all over the world. I guess it's a sort of fulfilling a childhood dream of visiting and touring the world over. I may not be there personally but with the help of my fingers, and the internet am there in an instant. What about you? Does vacation cross your mind? It does to me, often times LOL!

Yummy Sunday 57: Seafood Dish


This is one of the food i loved! It is the best seafood shrimp i ever had, has curry flavor and so delish! Am always craving for this all the time so when we went back to my homeland they know what exactly to fix for me!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I gained back

I just weigh my self yesterday i officially gained weight again! But i know for sure i will after all the food we ate over there boy it's so hard to resist with them. I need to double my time to exercise and take some fat burner pills because my belly is so unflattering! Not to mention i brought with me some dried fish for sure i'll be enjoying that for awhile and got to watch my diet. So i need to keep those pills in my cabinet just incase i over eat!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Muslim Night @ Dakak

We spent 3 nights in Dakak, Philippines and every night they have this cultural presentation show for all the guest to enjoy. And we did enjoy it, watching the participants perform a Muslim act. It's about their culture, how they wield their swords at war, their wedding ceremonies, a guy and a girl's courtship, and many more. We really had a fun time that night, my lil girl was dancing along, the husband was busy taking pictures and admiring their costumes, t'was so flashy and sophisticated. Anyway, here are some of the photos we've taken.

Monday, September 20, 2010

It's not good

I know some people who has the hobby of popping zits and that's really not good. The more it will cause irritation and the more acne it will develop. My cousin used to love doing it, good thing she finally has the will to stop it. By the way, there's a web page that gives you all the information about pimples and acne. There's even a featured product that eliminates zits in as fast as 72 hours! There's really a solution to such problems, and finally stop touching and popping those pimples.

What we got?

What are the stuff I brought back home from Pinas? I got many, some of them are for our family and friends here and of course for ourselves also LOL! On top of my list are the native products. I have shell earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The inlaws love it so much! We also have this table runners made up of local materials like grass and other accessories made of wood. I also got some pineapple fabric and cloth from the orient seas, all so lovely and unique here in America. As for myself, well I made sure to bring home my favorite treats like ginamus(fish paste I guess) and bulad.(dried fish) This will definitely last a couple of months, lol! Hey my Pinay friends, want some?

Pimple free

The jet lag really hit us hard I supposed. Especially with the kids, their sleeping pattern is weird and it's not even funny. Waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning is crazy. That's the reason my daily routines aren't back to normal yet. I'm just glad am still pimple free. Most of the people I know gets pimples because of abnormal sleeping patterns. Well, just in case, the best acne treatment reviews are available over the Internet so it's easy to find one solution to pimple problems. Oh well I wonder how long this will last? I hope next week the jet lag will be all over.

River Cruise

One of my favorite highlights in our vacation is the River cruise made possible by a floating restaurant at Dapitan City, Philippines. The place was Dampa, a nipa hut floating restaurant with all its colorful buntings. The cruise was, oh I forgot the river's name but it has something to do with encircling, going around the long river LOL! It was a nice experience. The whole family, we're 15 then, was enjoying the food, good music by a local folk singer, the funny tour guide, the breeze, and everything there is. If we can do it again, we would. If you happened to visit Dapitan City, make sure to include the floating restaurant in your itinerary, winks!

Do you know..

What is three best dfiet pill on the market now? Hmmm.. such question grabs my attention. Why because I'm one of those many women who likes to lose weight. But the will to do so sometimes is lacking, lol! I still believe in exercise and lots and lots of patience and discipline so taking pills aren't one of my options yet. Though there are weight loss products that are effective and safe.How about you? It's so hard to say no to good food, much more lose weight isn't it? But am sure there are many success stories too. I'd love to be included in the latter, let's see.

A visit to the Outer Banks

You might wanna do that. If that's the case, consider an Outer Banks rentals where you can spend your vacation and getaway. Personally speaking, on vacations, I prefer staying on a home than hotels. You're free to roam around with privacy, you can enjoy the place more with your family, and you can stay away from the crowd and busy environment. There's a site that allows you to search for the nicest vacation rentals. You can view pictures, floor plans, and scenery too. I tell you, the houses are really nice! You can choose how many bedrooms, is it near the beach, and all that exciting stuff. Vacation always spells fun, how we wish it happens all the time, LOL!

Back to Business

As you all know am out of blogging world for 2weeks and as well my off of business due to the vacation we just had. I decided not to bring any electronic stuff that will affect my trip including laptop or anything that will lead to distraction, lol! I just wanted that my trip to purely personal and 100% quality time with family and relatives which is i made it happened no computers, no face booking, no blogging and no selling for 2weeks! But now am back to reality world, am starting to do my original routine. I need money after all the spending money we had i think am officially broke, lol! And also am planning to proceed my said before game here in my blog, so just hang on to and will be doing it soon!

Insurance in NC

Just want to share a helpful link to all my friends in NC whose probably looking for insurance agents. BCBSNC offers the quickest and easiest health insurance in nc, allowing you to apply online and get a free quote. The nice thing about this insurance company is that they provide a variety of plans, giving their clients many options to fit their need. Just visit their site and know more about the company, their accomplishments, services, quick and up to date information at the convenience of your own home. Anyway, happy Sunday everyone, have a blessed day ahead!

Next Plan

Husband really enjoyed in our recent family vacation we just had in the Philippines especially the beach escapade. Now he is more eager to go back to my homeland and discover new place to stay. The lists we could consider are in Bohol or Cebu but both of us agree that our next pit stop is going to be at Plantation bay Resort and Spa in Mactan, Cebu. It's kinda Irony because when i was 18years old my family and I went to this place and i promised to my self on that day onward am going back to that place someday and now it's kinda happening just a matter of time and money (save) possible we could go there next year or a year later with the man of my life and my family in PH. Just the thought of it... makes me more excited and inspired to save, lol! The husband is really eyeing on their website now, he said he will make it possible! Ohhh can wait for that i know it's gonna be awhile because we just had our vacation you know but this is already fix in our project. Who couldn't resist look at the place isn't that good huh?? haha.

on GPS tracker

Just thinking of getting a gp stracker device one of these days. During our vacation, I realized how important it is to know the precise location and direction of one particular place. You know, to avoid time delay and all the hassle. What I also like about GPS too is that it can track the location of a family member especially a child. That's something good for parents to get especially if their child goes to school already. I like the spark nano real time gps tracking device in particular. Just like an ipod, so cute and not that expensive. Any thoughts about this also?

Mellow Yellow Monday #87



At Seoul Korea international airport has a huge play ground for children this is located on the second floor when travelers can relax in the lounge while waiting for their next flight destination. Kiddos can really entertain their selves especially on the hectic and hassle flights.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I just know it!

That I'd definitely gain weight during our trip to the Philippines! Who can blame me? The food was great and everywhere. Every door we visited, the food welcomed us, tempting me to have more than I supposed to I guess..haha! It's okay though, was expecting anyway. So here now am starting my diet again. Good thing an aunt gave me a gift, an aid to my diet. An fda approved weight loss pills and a slimming coffee. She said it works because she used it herself. She losing weight and i can see that she realy is! Hope it works for me too!

Authentic Korean Food


We had 16 hours lay over in Seoul Korea on the way to PH. So we have plenty of time to explore at least inside Seoul, Korea international airport. I learned that it is the shopping capital of the world which is very true the airport is so freaking HUGE i tell you that! Every renowned and famous brands of handbags are there! Whewwww... i got to see them all promised! And one thing caught our attention was there Delicious and inviting cuisines look at the pictures aren't they colorful? lol. While roaming around we starved so where else to go? at Korean restaurant and those our orders we got stuffed. Now Korean food is one of my favorite cuisine in the planet!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The car insurance. I found another place to pretty much give my visitors here an option for auto insurance, in case they need it. State Farm Insurance allows their clients to file claims, locate repair facilities, and check the status of claims in any location. And the fact this company existed since 1922, clients can put their trust in them. A stable company with quality service. Just check out the link and it'll lead you to their homepage.

Scenic views going to our destination


I just can't help to post and post our vacation photos, it's going to be photo sharing week or weeks for my blog right now. Can't get enough with our vaca we had so much fun during those 2weeks of break away from busy life. These was taken on the way to the resort and it was breathtaking views my homeland has.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lazy butt

I am! Been 4 days since we came home from our trip but I'm still so lazy, the jetlog hit me hard LOL! What I do now is upload pictures, lots and lots! Though I know I need to be back on my usual routines and my business too. Speaking of, I'll probably need to have a receipt printer now. The business is doing pretty well and time to level up I guess..haha! Anyway time to get back on blogging too. Miss your updates, see you my online friends!

The House we Stayed...

In our trip to PH! I can't help to say that i love the place the construction is really modern feels like Yoville, lol! My uncle owns this American style house he offers my dad to just let us stay here while we are there so we wont get a hotels and spend more money. My husband is empressed by the concept of the house he is inspired to build a house like this in the future. Another thing is i loved the furnitures from his bedroom, living room to his office furniture everything are perfectly match. The color coordination with black and white it is really gorgeous. Hmmmm.. am thinking of doing my Philippines house like this someday.

LATSOF - Scenic View


Picture picture while cruising going to Dakak. One of the many rice fields in Zamboanga Province.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What a good buy

Am talking about our new Nikon Camera we just purchased 2 months ago online both husband and I agreed that this is so far one of the Best Buy we made this moment because we really enjoyed using it in our vacation we just had! Everything just perfect! We love it a lot. The new camera we have right is way better than the last one we got but still it's nice though so i passed it to my lil sister because she loves photography. Actually she is our photographer in our trip to Philippines she capture so nicely and naturally!

I've been to the beach

One of the nicest part of our recent vacation was spending several days in a beautiful beach resort. I haven't been to the beach for so long so we made sure to include it in our itinerary. It was all worth it! Bonding with the loved ones, good food, beautiful scenery was amazing all I can say. I know you'll agree with me if I'd say it's nice to break free, isn't it? You guys maybe wants to travel too, you better cause it feels so good.

Here in America one of the most famous tourist destination is the Myrtle beach. To those who've been there already, they can't help but admire. To those who hasn't though, it's worth the visit. By the way, you can check out for bookings. A lovely place to stay and among the best resorts in Myrtle Beach. An oceanfront Myrtle beach hotel sure to give you pleasure. I have a friend who lives near the place, someday I'd love to hop there and see what it has to offer. Well, one of the many dreams of mine... who knows might come true also..winks!

Dakak escapade


Just few of shots during our family trip to Dakak! Sure we had a lot of fun it is the best time of our lives. The ambiance was terrific, beautiful views and fantastic Filipino food! Looking forward to do this again in the future!

Back to track!

Howdy guys I'm back once again! As i mentioned just came from our two wonderful weeks of vacation. Got a handful of stories and pictures to share here but before that I need to check out RepairPal first. I should have done it before we left but you know, was very busy and the time was lacking. Why do I need RepairPal anyway? Since a friend was asking on how to have it on her phone, you know an application to install. Well it's good knowing this website gives you the most independent and unbiased repair estimates, reviews, ratings from users, and advice too.

As for my friend, she need it because of her work and this tool will be very helpful to her. Just to give you an example of the assistance they provide, they have Phoenix auto repair, San Francisco and other popular cities. From common car makers like Ford escort, and auto maintenance and repairs like replacement for water pumps, engine oil and filter change, etc. Just check them out for more information.

Well, back to my introduction. Yes I have lots of moments to share with you. I think my page will be flooded with pictures these coming days. Stay tuned.. By the way, I miss you guys, it's nice to be back!

Back from vacation to PH

Hi world after 2weeks of off to blogging now am back and very kickin! lol. Anyways, we had arrived 2days ago from our trip to my hometown and it was a blast for all of us, no words in English how happy i am to got to see my family, relatives and friends out there. And attend the wedding of my only brother was fantastic! My family and in-law really enjoyed i can see through their eyes the happiness they experienced. Oh my goodness we had bunch of pictures here and there. From start to finished, we had amazing time as well at DAKAK with my family for that's really awesome you know the feeling if you can relate! Well, i will share you photos of us shortly and see how happy kurdapya in her adventure sure she had the best time of her life!!