Monday, January 31, 2011

First time

Yay! I finally sold some stuff at ebay today. Cool! I wasn't expecting it actually, was just giving it a try. Then I got notified that someone like my item and bought it. Hope I can sell more at ebay. Anyway, will be posting more stuff there. Oh but before it need to check out this merchandising jobs online. Just so to know, lol! How was your weekend by the way? Ours was pretty nice. Got a gift from the husband, been bugging him lately about it and finally he gave in. What is it? I'll take a photo of it later on alright? See ya around folks!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Boracay- One of the most beautiful tourist destination in the Philippines and probably the world. Locals and foreigners flood there all the time, leaving the place with smiles on their faces. Haven't been there but it's included in my checklist definitely, lol! By the way, just chatted with my sister this morn and one of her news was she's off to Boracay next month. Cool huh! Yeah, a company travel, an all expense paid trip rewarded to dad, and yet sissy fought for it with all her might... Silly girl! Good thing it's transferable or else I can imagine her frustration, lol!

Hmmm... I'm excited for her too, of course it's Bora no less. Just that I bet, she'll gonna ask some penny for her pocket money... tsk!

image from Photobucket... wink!

Friday, January 21, 2011

car reviews and more

The nice thing about blogging is that we get to learn new things on a regular basis. Most are about the stuff we're enjoying and fond of, while others are basically new to us. Some are in-betweens too, lol! Like what I encountered now, all about cars. I do love them! Those big trucks, or those classy, very pretty cars sure grabs my attention. But I also don't know much about them. So a website like The Car Connection is interesting to me. And if you're a car enthusiast, you'll find it cool too. Here they give honest, updated, unbiased, and complete reviews on different types of cars and SUV's. Find Audi Tt exciting? Or maybe a Gmc Canyon World Truck. How about a Cadillac Escalade ? And of course my son's favorite, Daddy's chevy LOL!

All the information here are reliable because they came from experts and real customers who were satisfied with their service. They also deal on used cars too and they will help you find the best prices available. Just browse through their website and see what they've got. It's really nice to be informed with the latest, for this instance- cars.

It's cold...

And I have colds, sigh! I so hate it. Am getting moody and lazy as can be. The weather station said we'll have another cold front tonight until tomorrow, geeezzz! I'm sitting here wondering what to cook, have no idea! Oh well at least I can finish my task about cigars review. I know am gonna use my neurons for this one, wish me well. haha! Anyway, I just hope that these lazy days will be over soon. I'm trying hard to be active and alive but winter sure hit me hard.

Few true friends

"The average Briton has only three true friends (he or she) can rely on," says London's Daily Telegraph. According to one study, among the reasons that cause a typical person to lose touch 'with an average of 36 friends over the years' are a busy lifestyle, just drifting apart, and in the case of those polled, falling out.... and deciding never to speak again. Nearly one fifth confide in colleagues, having no one else to whom they can turn. A poll spokesman commented: It takes something special to be trusted and relied upon.

source: Awake!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's gonna happen?

If for example an emergency situation occurs, or you need to take someone to the hospital. The bad thing is, you don't have a health care plan that will surely help a lot when it comes to finances. Here in the States, it's so important to have a medicare or other medicare supplement plans. If still you don't have any, why not try Allsup, an online advisor for all medicare concerns. They don't provide their clients with plans but will help them along the way. To find what they really need and make it a lot more easier to avail one. For more info, just visit them online. Winks!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

hand shadow art

Remember our younger years when we played with our shadows and try to make those images of animals like dogs and birds? On my part, we usually do it when it's brownout. Along with my siblings and some cousins, we played with our hand shadows and just be silly. Those were the days. But I'm pretty much sure that most of us here still love to do such tricks, don't we? I only know a couple of hand gestures, and just the very simple ones. So you see I find it cool to see these pictures while am browsing the net. Some new tricks I wanna try and for my boy to learn too. Winks!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hey there!

How's your weekend so far my friends? As for us, we still got a super cold weather. The snow is starting to melt now which makes it more difficult to drive around. So all we did was stay here inside the house and be lazy. Which results to me, gaining weight LOL! Oh boy need to take my slimming coffee again or the new metabolism pills I discovered recently. Isn't it unfair? It takes several months to slim down, yet just weeks to gain it back. Not so cool isn't it? On spring time will have to start jogging around the block and be more active. Winks!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I want this alot!

I think I'm done with heels so far.. tired of looking them actually, haha! So right now am into this I want some toning shoes for the coming spring and summer and i found one that i like it's on sale just right the husband's budget am gonna ask him to get this for me timely our 5th wedding anniversary is past approaching i think sketchers toning shoes is just the thing i will gonna ask to him nothing expensive or what am just really fascinated with this stuff right now i don't know why i just do! LOL.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Saying no to chocolates

Is quite impossible for me, and to a lot of people too. But for a friend, she has no choice but to keep herself away from chocolates and other sweet treats. She's very much allergic which leads to pimples and acne. Poor thing! But reading about benzaclin reviews, I think upon using this cream her pimples will minimize and eventually disappear. Since it's the most commonly prescribed anti-acne product, pretty much it works well. Worth trying for her, after all she deserves to have those irresistible goodies, lol!

Skywatch Friday


Shots i took during our joyride one snowy afternoon up the mountain a 45 minutes drive away. Sure it's breathtaking views and loved how the mountain looks like when it is covered with whitey pretty snow, you can't tell the difference of sky and mainland isn't it?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

They do love to travel too

Have you heard of Gay Travel Buddy? It is a site that provides information about destinations with gay people in mind. I've been hopping and browsing a lot of travel sites but only a few caters to the needs of this particular community. If you're a gay, or not, but wants to travel, try to drop by the link and see a number of lovely destinations across the U.S. I must say that it's like an online magazine of different destinations. Saying something about the place, things to enjoy there, how to book, and basically everything you want to know about a trip. Some of what they've featured are San Diego Hillcrest Area, New York City, Las Vegas Area, hotels, coffee shops, and more!

For the gay community to have the info's, it's quite nice. I'm not into their beliefs, point of views and lifestyle but I have a few friends who are gays and they're good people. Just like me and you, they do love to travel also, even more. We all need to and deserve to visit the coolest places on earth.

most expensive food in the world!

What you are about to see are considered as the 'World's Most Expensive Food,' Their prices are surely eye-popping, I wonder how they taste like? Hmm.. do they taste like a mouth-watering gold bullion? Seriously, does anyone out there already had a bite to either one of these? :)

Matsutake mushrooms- $1000/pound
The matsutake, or mattake, mushroom is expensive because of its rarity.

The Zillion Dollar Frittata – $1000
expensive breakfast consists of a mixture of eggs, lobster and 10 ounces of sevruga caviar (which costs the restaurant $65 per ounce)

Wagyu steak- $2800

Domenico Crolla’s “Pizza Royale 007″ – $4200
The 12 inch pizza densely packed with an assortment of some of the world’s most expensive food ingredients. it’s also topped with 24-carat gold flakes.

Dansuke Watermelon – $6,100

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tax time

Once again. Oh well, busy days are here for me and my family. The guys in the office are doing their thing once again. Time to sort things and finances too. I wonder how much would I have to pay this year? LOL! Anyway I hope I can save and buy something nice after tax season. Am thinking of a new notebook for me, Or maybe one of those super cool 5.1 speakers, for something like a home cinema effect. I'm sure the husband will love it. Oh well, enough of this for now. I have to save and make sure of more important things. Let's see later on, who knows.. winks!

Just hibernating and being lazy

One thing if winter time is here u just feeling being lazy and lazy and feeling so cold. This is why i don't like winter season comes. But not to mention i love the snow of course, this is the time that we could just stay inside hibernate and go lazy because of nothing much to do outside. This week is the first hard snow moments here in TN since 1993. It started last Sunday night until today and we are still expecting some snow showers and it is thicker this time we got 7 inches since yesterday and it's gonna be more today.. yikes! Kids and i went outside and oh boy we had fun making a mess in our backyard..haha! Son was so enjoyed running around, had bunch of pictures to share..;-)!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Forest Camp

Well my family in the Philippines had their vacation last week. They went to Dumaguete, the City of Gentle People as what they call it. Looking at their pictures, seems like they really had a great time. Was able to bond with my mom's relatives there and family friends too. If we visit Pinas again, would definitely hop by at Dumaguete, so looking forward to it.

Lemme share some of the pictures they've got while on Forest Camp. One of the many tourist attraction of the Place. Winks!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Now am drooling! This is one of my many favorite desserts, and it's only in the Philippines LOL! Halo-halo is every pinoy's craving especially during summer. Made with mix fruits, jams, sweets, milk, and so much! Look at the pic, so mouth-watering isn't it? Oh we got plenty of crushed ice here, guess I can make one.. haha silly me!