Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chicago shuttle services

Good evening everyone, how's it doing lately? I've been so busy, it's like a whirlwind these past days to us. My online life takes the back seat at the moment, I can only spend a few hours in front of the monitor then am out. But right now I feel like doing my thing here and exercise my neurons. And the best way of doing it is to blog and blab.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Art Galore


The place we visited last weekend is totally rock! They have bunch of wonderful stuff and these 3 arts display first caught my attention not just because they were REDS but also i thought they are wonderful looking things. The handmade glasses and vases made me wanna take home with me, lol. I so love those things for my house centerpieces. The first photo reminds me of Indian Inspired thingy i don't know what exactly it is but sures pretty!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just came from Aquarium Tennessee

We're all tired from the family field trip we gave to the kiddos at Chattanooga Aquarium. They both thank us for bringing them there. The boy had a blast seeing all the sea creatures and i tell you i got bunch of photos that i will share it here shortly but for now i need to relax from all day of walking. :-).

Have a good Saturday afternoon guys!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not in here...

I thought we are affected of heat wave this entire week but it turn around no, we are experiencing rains right now and it suppose to be until the weekend ahead. We honestly needed some rains if not my plants gonna die already! I guess our going out somewhere plans is cancelled again because i don't feel like the husband driving on a bad weather at all. Its better safe than never. Well' i will just enjoy myself and the kids inside then. Maybe will do something fun later on. So to those people who feel sorry about our weather condition here, it's not that bad yea once in awhile but we are totally ok and still managed to cool down. So looking forward to move to Florida already. Wink!

Monday, July 18, 2011

NASA - Huntsville, Alabama

Smiling Sally

Two weeks ago we headed up to Huntsville, Alabama and we did get a chance to went to NASA place, it is quite an awesome place. This is the U.S. Space & Rocket Center it is recognized as one of the most comprehensive U.S. manned space flight hardware museums in the world. Our facilities include Spacedome Theater, Rocket Park, the Education Training Center, which houses NASA's Educator Resource Center, and more. I took some Apollos landing on the moon. The inside is where we didn't able to explore yet because that moment were there somebody use the inside for private exhibits. So we still going there soon for our complete exploration inside the museum probably in the next couple of months from now.

How about a Calgary vacation?

Vacation spells fun, all the time. But to really have that one memorable time, planning needs to be done. First, we have to decide which place to visit and explore. Speaking of, Calgary comes to mind this time. As we know, Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, Canada. It's home to beautiful lakes, foothills, and prairies. When it comes to nature and adventure, Calgary has the finest. And to make sure you, and those with you have a pleasant time rent Calgary deals are available to make things easier and more enjoyable. Calgary rentals such as hotels, resorts, apartments, cottages and more are all over the place. You truly can experience that home away from home feeling.

They say that it's nice to explore the Calgary zoo or the Telus World of Science. And of course Chinatown. That would be so much fun, being able to visit another country would be awesome. On my part though, whatever roaming around the block is wonderful as long as it's spent together with our loved ones.

Have a great week ahead!

The City of Knoxville, Tennessee

~Knoxville Skyline~

Knoxville Tennessee is the 3rd largest city in the state of Tennessee, Memphis is the 2nd and Nashville is the capital. I learned that Knoxville has so many things to offer and a place of relaxation. Did you know this city was came known as the underwear capital of the world? because of numerous textiles and clothing mills operated way before. I tell you i've been there once before and i really looking forward to go back there again we planned supposedly a week ago but circumstances not permit us to go. But still in our mind that we are going to visit the city again it is just a matter of WHEN.

Anyway, The first time we drove there i know the place is interesting, They have this beautiful skyline, i've learned that Knoxville is home to a rich arts community and has many festivals all year round with country music, operas, arts and culture, museums and fine dining. The attractions in world's fair park is the highlight of your day and your family. Bring the kids to the water fountains up there sure they will love it! The Amphitheater is another cool place to discover where in concerts and special events been held, the structure of it reminds me of Australia you know, haha! Just the building itself it's just neat. Another awesome view is the Sunsphere building this is symbol of the fair accordingly it was use to be a full service restaurant but when fair ended it's closed publicly but the building been privately own and also became the main attraction of the park. I'm so looking forward to visit Knoxville soon and we might as well roam around in close by attractions. Wink.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Skywatch Friday: Season 5, Episode 1

This is the best cool looking sunset I've took lately! Was Friday late afternoon kids and cousins were playing on the parking lot and all of us was captivated the awesome bright sky. And gladly i have my Nikon dslr in handy so wouldn't miss the moment! Skywatch friday here! Wink.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting Ready

It's meeting night tonight and I'm kinda anxious because am the house holder of a part and i can't help to get nervous, been along time haven't deliver any and i kinda have stage fright already not use of people watching me talking in front of the stage for me it is nerve wracking i hope i can deliver my part fine tonight and won't get mess up with the sister whom i have talked with! Well, anyway i have 4hours more to go to get things ready, will fix dinner early and get dress soon. Am excited at the same time nervous!!! Yikes! Yay me! lol.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Stop Shopping Store

Hey guys i just wanted to share you about this interesting online mall that i just bumped into. If you are as lazy as me when it comes to shopping? VeroPlaza is for you! Now you can enjoy the convenience of shopping at home or wherever you are, without having to deal with those frustrating parking lots, long lines and in hot crowded place. Relax and enjoy the many shops that this mall has to offer from trendy shoes, to cute apparels, collectibles, goodies and a lot more. There shops are eager to serve you. They have big savings and bigger selections from the world's most respected merchants and you can shop when you want 24/7, because the stores are always open. The mall is organized by category for your convenience and they have 2 levels of shops to cater to your every need and shopping desire. It's like you are shopping in the mall because the ambiance is really like mall kinda way yet it is just in a click of a mouse! How cool is that? Browse each category for you to find out! Indeed a one stop super store. Wink!

Ruby Tuesday: Red Shoes


Time for ruby Tuesday meme again and i can't find photos with anything red right now so what i came up is my red shoes collection, I adore red so much it is my favorite color so I gathered them all and just wanna share them. Who doesn't love red shoes? It's like a cherry on a cake right? lol.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Must have

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Hottest day so far

Tomorrow is gonna be the hottest day of the year here in our state of Tennessee! An so timely that our centralized air conditioner is messed up and the man in charged is out of town. I can't imagine how bad is going to be inside our house but good thing we had re-enforcement 3 units but we already use the one in the garage now husband have to put the 2 units air condition to both of two bedrooms just to accumulate the heat from outside. Kids are not use of hot temperature, poor thing so i have to make sure they will be comfortable is we need to go out swimming in the back yard i will take them. Hope our AC is gonna fix up pretty soon!

I can't help but...

To react because am so affected with the movie i was watching awhile ago, it's a love story but there's some kinda ups and downs in the story. Well, they are so in-love with each other, to proved it she surrendered her self to him but this ex-boyfriend of her butt in into their relationship and her ex is stalking to her big time he can not accept that they're over so the leading man now is doubtful to her! How can he that bad? he knew she's pregnant to his baby! Now he is requesting a paternity test just to prove that he is the father of the baby... because he don't trust her no more! my goodness he is nuts! Sorry guys i just can't help to carried away, LOL. Silly me but i just love romantic story. But anyway, at the end of the movie they ended up together and they live happily. Wink!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yummy Sunday 98: Chicken Wings with Fries


Spicy chicken wings with ranch sauce are my weakness! I so drooled every time i watch man vs food show by Adam Richman when he munches those tender yummy looking chicken wings to the bones... it's delicious! I love the wings from Zaxby's and other local pizzerias here in town. That's why i came up my own version of chicken wings and wiglets so whenever i crave them i just run to the kitchen and make some for all of us with the homemade fries, nothing better than a fresh homemade french fries isn't it? Love the crunchiness and the freshness of it with the skin... OMG! lol.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

For grama


It's been 12days since her fall am talking about our grama my husband's great grandmother. We feel so sad when she fell off the wheelchair 12 days ago every one is trying to help her the best we can so she can't go to the nursing home. So far she's doing good at her age 89 but just feeling so tired right away. Friends are so comforting they visited her every now and then sending cards and flowers. She have a daughter from Texas she will sending her soon a bouquet of flowers she said she will order it online and they just deliver it right to your door anywhere in the US from coast to coast New York to Las Vegas flowers will be fresh like you just buy it from the local florist. How cool is that? I asked her the link so we can look for ours to give to grandma and i find this pretty orchid since she loves orchid and i think this will be a unique for gifts! What do you think?

Friday, July 8, 2011

As big as my Head!

I forgot what this plant called but i tell you it is humongous! It is bigger than my face... whew! This is in my parents yard they love flowers and plants name it they have it! So i drag my camera to get a nice shot of me with the biggy flower I've ever saw in my life! I bet dad in law mentioned me already of the name of this but i just couldn't remember it but i have to ask him again, need to know what's this seems like gumamela plant to me you know famous plant in the Philippines but this are way bigger than the gumamela plant. Well, i don't know... who know they might be relatives huh?


To my husband niece she just graduated in high school last month we had a party for her and she really enjoyed it by her face! I made a cake for her and of course bunch of gifts she received. That's the reason why i was so excited when my graduations approaching not just i finished my schooling but the fact that everybody sending you gifts is a blast! haha. Until now she still receiving her high school grad gifts from friends and relatives, she deserves it! She is really a sweetheart to the family, a very smart and good girl and shes always keeping her eyes on the prize. Her mom and dad are so proud of her as well us too! Congratulations Heather!

Up so early...

Why? because it's my time to help my grama to take her up every morning at my MIL's. If didn't mention here yet that it is almost two weeks of her accident already she fell down and she got hit arm badly where she use all her strength at 89. So right now all we can do is take care of her the best we can. We are so glad for the girls (nieces) helping but for everyday thing for them they getting tired also. So i said i take turns in morning, :-) no problem with me as long i have my alarm clock on because am not that morning person, lol. Ok got to go for now!

Have a good cold morning!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011



We just watched last night the Transformers 3: dark of the Moon it is superb, fantastic, and amazing movie of the year so far!!! Shia Lebeouf totally rocks!! lol. I always like him the way hi portrayed his roles in all 3 movies. Although Megan Fox wasn't their anymore thought that she still good for his leading lady because they look so good together but it doesn't matter of course there's some reason behind of her cutting off from the movie. Anyway, i don't care i like transformers 3 and we definitely watch it again hubby and I! Just one thing i don't like and hope didn't happen ironhide died :-( you will know who killed him when you watch ;-). Actually i never get tired of watching again and again all those previous 2! Plus optimus prime to me is so manly, bumblebee is so adorable cute, LOL!

Change of address

When I think about our up and coming move to FL, I just can't help but smile. I'm anxious too but to be be honest am so looking forward to it. I can't wait to start anew. I mean, new environment, new people to meet, new chapter to begin, and even new address plaques of course LOL! What I also look forward to is seeing a gold old friend of mine who stays there. It's been so many years and finally, we'll get to see each other again. Hoping for the best in everything and I just wish that this new journey of ours to be a success. Good morning everyone! I'll see you around later if I won't be so busy alright? Winks!

Multi Tasking Mode

We've been so hectically busy lately from getting up in the morning till going up to bed my schedules are so booked. I can't catch up time no more in my online thing, well for the last few weeks we done so many stuff here and there. We went to Alabama for 3days, having 2days yard sale the following week then the unexpected thing happened our grama (husband) fell of the floor and she got hit so bad:-( one thing right now she can not do anything anymore every one has to help here doing stuff that she use to do on regular basis. So my mom in-law is always there for her 24/7 and with the help of sissy in law and her girls. My part is am on-call since i have two little piglets to take care off also whenever they do some errands for their own they just haler at me to take in-charge to her like bathing and going to the bathrooms. So multi tasking mode here alright! lol.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dark Sky Friday


This was the sky looks like when we headed to Alabama last Friday. It was so dark and gloomy and scary looking clouds transformation. It was really nasty day but good thing we made it to our destination.