Sunday, August 28, 2011

On car mats


Looking for dodge stealth custom floor mats? I did the other day. What we have in the car isn't so nice already, and been thinking of replacing it soon. So I made some browsing and look for better deals online. Found a shop that has a huge selection of car accessories, such as mats and the prices are pretty much affordable. This is what I like about shopping online, definitely more options to choose and we can really save more. On another note, the whether is nice here in our place. Took the kids swimming with the cousins, got tanned and definitely had a great time. Will be doing it again for sure. Hope in other areas the weather would be better too. Stay and be safe everyone!

So Looking forward...

To work this January at the office even though i just got hired for part time but it means a lot to me working outside my home pace. I been bragging to the husband how much i really wanted to work as a part time employee whatever job it maybe but the thing is he doesn't want it so when his dad's knows about how much am eager to find a job he hired me to work on his tax office! And i can't wait because i am so ready for it!

Well, for now i am busy here and there and helping the husband to build the princess bed for his little princess! lol. Gotta go need to run in the store to get more paints for the bed. Have a great Sunday!

Just a thought

Not even an appetite suppressant pill can separate me and my love for cooking. Haha! It has been a long struggle losing weight, had my ups and downs. Sometimes it's pretty easy to say no, other times though I just give in. Often found myself cooking, baking, and craving for more! But one thing I learned, to maintain a desired weight, we don't really have to deprive ourselves of food. Balance is the answer. That's eating right, and an active lifestyle. We really can't blame what we put in out platter, it's really all up to us to control. Anyway, may we all have a happy weekend everyone. Gotta go swimming with kids, in the mini pool though. Take care!

Yummy Sunday #105

I know some can't stand this yummy looking dish here but mostly loves it especially pinoy! A native Filipino appetizer only in the Philippines! You can use different steam vegetables with the fish paste along with a little slices of tomatoes and of course a pot of steam rice, haha it is perfect! Very satisfying food, Wink!

Friday, August 26, 2011

It Helps

Am thinking i should be fat by now with all the food i ate lately but good thing i have some fat burners ideas and routines that keeps me maintain my normal size right now am not saying that i have my goal weight though but at least doing it keeps me on track because i really don't wanna gain another extra pounds anymore! I do my daily exercise in the treadmill and abs rocket for at least 20-30 minutes a day for busy mom like that 30 minutes is quite alright already! So far so good i manage to do it regularly.

Sky Watch Friday


In downtown Chattanooga at the Aquarium square while we were strolling and roaming around i perfectly managed to captures different views of the town along with the blue skies, people, nature and etc perfect for my sky watch Friday thingy! Wink.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seems so slow...

It's Wednesday today. Weird, seems like the days are going slow for me this time, lol! Maybe because am not that busy anymore compared to the past days. Anyway, it's a good thing though for I manage to do all the chores and at my phase, not always in a hurry and stuff like that. I also was able to cope up with my online duties, been neglecting it for a couple of days already. So here I am, busy doing my thing. Blog hopping and just browsing my favorite sites. By the way, I can't help it, one of the things I enjoy doing online is look for travel destinations and future prospective getaways. for example is a web site that allows you to search the best and hottest deals, cheap vacations packages, specials, and last minute deals.

They really have the cheapest vacation packages I must say. Prices go down to as big as 60% off on selected destinations. They also have these summer clearance sale now which is perfect because it's almost fall and would be nice if we'll bid summer goodbye with a bang! Oh well, I just wish we can have a short vacation soon. A weekend getaway would be great. Just here around TN though. Planning to go back to Rock City and see all its wonders again. I know the kids will love it!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

stress in the workplace

One fifth of Finns feel that problems with concentration and memory affect their performance at work. According to a report by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, such problems increasingly afflict those under 35 years of age, a time when the brain should be in its prime. Among the factors blamed were information overload and continual changes in computer systems. "Many feel that they are dealing with such volumes of information that it is difficult to sift out what is essential to their work," says the report. The Helsinki Times notes: If the stress is long-term, the brain adapts to it, and the system may no longer alert us to excessive strain. Not before we become seriously ill, that is.

an article from Awake!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Insurance terms

Pretty much we've read about insurance stuff every now and then. Got a bin full of insurance quotes, policies, and articles actually. You know, it's nice to have ideas with matters like this because as we know insurance can really help as when emergency happens. But to be honest, I really do not understand all the terms and policies discussed in it. Good thing I found this dictionary of insurance terms and definitions. They have like child rider insurance definition, dental, vision insurance, universal life and so forth. Of course when getting insured, it's good to know every detail about the policy so we can have a complete and clear understanding of what we're getting in, right?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going in together

Written by my friend Constance Hayden

For the longest time my brother kept trying to get me to buy a vacation homewith him and last year I finally relented and gave in. We wanted somewhere in the mountains with a killer view and that?s exactly what we got so we were both really happy. My kids just love the place and we?re close enough to the ski slopes to walk which makes it a totally great place to bring their friends. My wife and I really like the direct tv minnesota satellite and the hot tub but I guess everyone would, right? It?s nice because we rent it out when we?re not using it which totally helps cover some of the purchase costs and makes the mortgage all that much easier to handle. I hate to admit it but Jim was definitely right on this one and we?re even planning on having family Thanksgiving up there this year! I can?t wait to grow with my family in the house and I know Jim feels the exact same way.

Rock City Lookout Mountain


How could i forget this experienced? Nada! been 4 years i remembered when we went up the highest mountain in Tennessee at rock city! They called it this way because it's a city that surrounded by rocks and made by rocks, lol! Just minutes from downtown Chattanooga, lookout mountain which you can literally view the 7 states when you reach to the pick. It;s really a perfect get away with family and truly a natural wonders of the world!

I might include rock city again on my lists of our weekend trips, it's been a long long time already i wondered if they added new stuff there to enjoy! Hmm... We'll see soon, wink!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dreaming New York

If you are to ask me what is my ultimate dream vacation? That would be a visit to the Big Apple. Plenty of reasons why, the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, the Brooklyn Bridge, so on and so forth. I mean, New York is probably the world's most famous destination for anything and everything is found in there! Be it historical, architecture, art, education, fashion, business and leisure. For someone who wants to travel at the Big Apple, finding a place to stay isn't a tough job for there are limitless options available depending on your budget. Want a beautiful place to be? Intercontinental New York Times Square Hotel is the perfect choice for you. This luxury hotel has 607 rooms including 29 suites with dramatic views to the city, Times Square, and Hudson river. Guess are spoiled with its amazing amenities, world-class service, easy access to nearby areas like the Central Park, Fifth Avenue, those places you see in the movies are just walk away!

No doubt, New York city never fails to awe everyone with everything it has to offer. Millions of tourist flock there every year for different reasons and one beautiful experience. My sister in-law and her family is planning to go there sometime soon. Her kids likes to visit The Watchtower. It's actually the main reason why our family hopes to visit NY. It has been a goal for everyone, and yeah one day we'll gonna be singing New York, New York! Big grin!

Camera-Critters #175


Camera Critters

I love to takes pictures of beautiful butterflies and this is just one of those I've took here and there. This was at the butterfly farm in Chattanooga, TN. My entry of camera critters! Wink!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Nice if they have there...

I have a relative in the Philippines that is in need of emotional intervention from his vices that draws him to do something unacceptable now a days. His family keep hoping that someday he will change and all of a sudden strengthen his life for the better but we all know it won't happen unless he will go to a rehabilitation center to undergo such treatments just like what non 12 step rehab programs do to a lot of Americans with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, depression and stuff like that. They help thousands for therapy and recover for their illness. If ever they have this rehab thing there, i myself will contribute to his parents to pay his treatment. He really needs to wake up!

Seafood Night

Had our dinner at the PIL's house! It's seafood night this time. Am stuffed! We always enjoy moment like this especially seeing the cousins playing together and us just chatting and laughing with all kinds of topics here and there definitely i am enjoying their company. It's been two weeks in a row that my parent in-laws invited us for dinner every Friday night. Last Friday we had pizza night, hmm i wonder what comes next?? lol, maybe BBQ again because dad loves chicken BBQ or maybe burger night who knows as long we all having fun at their lovely home. Twink!


he is talking about replacing our connection to dual cord thing i really don't know what he is trying to say but i heard him talking about digital antenna for cables and television. He found a great deal of how to save some bucks for your entertainment purposes as well the telecommunication line, Internet and such. He is really good at this thingy and all i can do is support him every step of the way. He is in local store right now to get what he needs for the project he is working on and one of them is the antennas or something like that!

Reminisce the Ruby Falls

It's always nice to look back the past memories and fun you had with your family and friends or places you've been! This was 4 and half years ago at the ruby falls here in Tennessee with my husband and our 6months old boy now 4. Going to that waterfalls was a tiring job it takes 2 hours before you get there but one thing that makes me loving it though was the scenery and the wonders that the cave have a lot. While strolling you passes this awesome rocks transformation into different forms such as shown on the photos for me that's the highlight of my day walking through the cave. I miss places like this but still skeptical to go back there again just because the hiking is too much for me and family! Though i recommend you to go! Wink!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ola Costa Rica


It's sure fun to think of a getaway vacation far from the noisy, busy city. It would be great to visit somewhere so different, close to nature, almost paradise. There are so many beautiful places in this planet earth, one of which I think is Costa Rica. It's home to some of the world's best beaches just like the famous Jako beach. It is the biggest and most popular beach town in Costa Rica, inviting thousands of tourist every year. Jaco beach vacation rentals are located just right for you to experience everything the place has to offer. You can go sliding between the tree tops in the canopy tour, exploring the mountains, go hiking through the jungle, surfing, birdwatching, and so forth.

By the way, thinking of your next vacation? Better do the planning early. And if you're considering a South American trip, Jaco Costa Rica vacations and Jaco condo rentals may be the perfect one for you. It's better than staying in the hotel, these homes are fully-equipped, with nice appliances and furnishings. A dream vacation is something together with the entire family, even with friends. And renting a home would be the nice thing to do to accommodate everyone isn't it? Visit the links to know more of their personalized vacation deals so you can forget all the hassle and just sit, relax, and have a great time!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Fruities


Kids loves fruits in the morning for breakfast and snacks during the day so i make sure my fruit basket has the variety of fruits inside. This week we went to whole food market so got us some peaches, plums, and mangoes to add to the apples and oranges we already have! The mommy always prepared you know, haha!

I am tempted

I just noticed that the husband's working shoes are already smiling a little, lol! He is very picky with his working shoes and where it's made. If he doesn't like the fitting he nevermind it even it's expensive or branded. Anyway, i was thinking whenever his shoes give up again i will recommend him the Lowa Renegade Mid for men they are not just great for hiking or outdoors activities but i believed they're made for extra hard activities or work if u get what i mean. Am so tempted to get one for him soon while it's free shipping because i know he will like it! It's comfortable and lighter, with sleeker profile and a more supportive stabilizer thingy and trendy as well not to mention.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


We had a joy ride yesterday it wasn't really a planned that we're going out of town but i don't know what the husband have eaten he initiate to go food shopping in Franklin, TN supposedly in Publix but we opted our mind to get groceries at Whole Food Market which i don't even bother because i so love this store! We just didn't know that the place has this store, just saw it when we drove on that street... sweet! So we detoured! But before that i mean before going to get the the groceries though we headed up first to the mall that is really close by! The spring hill galleria is one of the best mall I've ever gone so far. It's so huge and i love it because it's massively crowded. We mostly just doing the window shopping thingy but since we're on a mall already i just go ahead went to VS and get my perfumes and lotion. Then i saw the crazy8 store that i usually shop online for my kids stuff so never miss to stop by and grabbed something for kiddos, :-)!

So after then, at whole food market kurdapya bought some clams and a slice of tuna fillet i tell you it was a ridiculous price I've ever paid! Imagine a pound of tuna steak is $29.99! Oh my goodness! But i am so wanting to eat some fresh one so i just bought a slice with my eyes close i can not believe i just paid $9.99 for a small size of steak! Whew, still ex haha. Anyway, that would be the last tuna steak i will eat for awhile! LOL. It is actually my dinner right now i cooked it like adobo style... was so stuffed! It's worth the money i guess :-D but it is insane!

Well! nonetheless to say I really enjoyed our family day out yesterday thanks to the ever loving husband of mine!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grounded in Japan

I just read the latest news about my friend's arrival in TN, supposedly she will landed in LA 2 hours from now but unfortunately the plane she and her son flying on is grounded in Japan due to electrical difficulty, Her family is worried about them because now they don't have any idea when her arrival is! Hopefully she'll be alright and her son and their flight will as smooth as what they anticipated. Other than that we are just waiting on her to notify her family here. But at least sooner or later she'll be arriving though it just a matter of when. Take care friend!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dream Holidays to Ireland

A European getaway is probably the ultimate dream vacation for me, and I bet for everyone else too. Europe spells beauty, discovery, and adventure everybody wants to experience. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Europe. You can fall in love in Paris or shop till you drop at London. Learn from Germany's past or indulge yourself with Italian cuisine. The things to do are just endless! Equally beautiful and interesting as those famous tourist destinations are other countries too. For instance, Ireland. What I know about the place is that it's home to amazing castles and historical spots. Holidays to Ireland may include a visit to one of the three heritage sites: the Bru na Boinne, Skellig Michael, and the Giant's Causeway. Or the Guinness Storehouse and Book of Kells is your interest. I wonder how those neo-gothic style castles which are built hundreds of centuries ago looked like up close and personal? It would be so exciting to enter those magical places isn't it? Planning an Irish getaway has become much easier nowadays. There are websites that offers the best deals, accommodations to choose like the many beautiful Irish cottages in the country side where nature is at its finest. But if you love the ocean and seeks for a thrill, Archill Island which is known for surfing and one of the world's highest sea cliffs is just right for you. There are so many flexible rates for cottages in Ireland and what's nice about it is that you can directly contact the owner of the place you choose to stay.

It's a home away from home kinda feeling to stay in a lovely, relaxing house with our family, friends, and loved ones indeed. Much more if it's a European vacation! For busy people like me whose living a hectic life, a vacation is the best and number 1 cure! We deserve it, I mean, one needs to work hard and then, play hard! Well, I don't really mind where a vacation will be, as long as it's spend together with my family.

Oh, now I remember our trip a year ago. After 5 long years, we finally went back home. T'was a joyful time seeing my family again. Everyone seemed to be a little different but still remained the same. Looking forward to do it again someday soon. But for now, need to work a little bit harder to fulfill my dream vacations. I've got a long list to go. LOL!

Excited for her...

To get back in here i mean a friend of mine just had their ultimate comeback to Philippines last June and she and her son stayed there for almost 2 months! Happy for her because its been like 6-7 years before she went back to her hometown. Anyway, today is her flight coming back and i can't wait to chat with her again it's kinda long time for both of us to not get to talk. Plus am excited also to my presents she gonna get me the yummy food of Filipinos the TUGNUS thingy (little fishy), haha i don't know what that exactly called in here but it's like anchovies you know. I've missed those stuff and i have to take the opportunity to have some while friendship is on her way to Philippines. Ohh, can't wait em'. LOL

Have a wonderful week guys!

Cunard Cruising

How I missed to travel by boat or ship. In the Philippines, it's one of the top means of travel transportation. But here in the States, a cruise ship is more of a luxury isn't it? No doubt when we think of a grand, dream vacation, a week long cruising around Hawaii or the Caribbean would be so much fun. When it comes to that, Cunard cruise lines, the world famous cruise lines in the world offers just the best. Since 1840, they've provided ultimate service, pampering, comfort, and memorable stay to all their guest. Not just the rich and famous can be on board but everyone who wants to have a good time. They have these deeply discounted prices for every ship, every category, and every sailing.

Experience a 7 night transatlantic cruise via Queen Mary starting at around $600 only! Or an 8 night European tour on board Queen Victoria. A cruise is really a dream adventure for everyone I bet. Given the chance, what would you like to experience? The jungles of Brazil or a visit to the famous Virgin Islands. Or a romantic Mediterranean travel? All of the above LOL! Anyway, just visit the links to find out more of what they have to offer.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Browsing a house

Days are getting closer and closer as we planing to move to different state we are still crossing our finger and never loss hope that soon our plans will be realized. Right now we are all busy, my DIL is doing his best to get sell his stuff by the help of the professional. He said as soon everything will turn out the way he wanted we going to see houses down there in Florida but for now we are just looking on the site and checking the houses that fits our rates. What i like about this site they are so details about their listings they have all kinds of houses from luxury to mobile houses pages. Well we can not afford to get a luxurious house but i told my husband I'm good as long i will love the place, the environment and of course am comfortable to stay on it i guess we don't have a problem over all. Actually recently we saw some beautiful houses that both of us really love. Just hoping that by the time we are ready to move that house still available but if not we just keep looking.

The Bridges of Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga is the fourth largest city in the state of Tennessee and one of the local and tourists attraction to go visit! Starts from lookout mountain rock city, to ruby falls it is a 145-foot high underground waterfalls (2hours of walking before you get there), the inclined railway and of course the famous aquarium. If you go there it would be worth the money, lots of beautiful structural buildings, Awesome scenic views of the mountains, the downtown square is where you can find great dining experience while exploring the aquarium with the IMAX theatre down there it's always the highlight of the city. You can also see the beautiful bridges of Chattanooga, the added plus attraction for it. Go check it out for your self! Wink.

Smiling Sally