Sunday, October 30, 2011

Talking of short get away

Husband and I were talking about wanting to go for weekend get away at the mountains before the busy season comes the tax time will start this January so before that we kinda like to go out of town. Probably heading to Knoxville and we definitely wanna visit the great smokey mountains they said it is really nice over there during winter the scenery is blanketed with snow and because of that our automobile must have snow chain tires. I remember when my cousin went up to the mountain last winter time her husband put tire chains because they couldn't drive all the way through there destination, roads were so slippery and slick. that's one thing we have to be prepared when our short vacation on December. Better safe than never!

Missed the show

Oh just nothing much! I supposed to watch the amazing race at 7 but to no avail because the husband prefer to watch some movies. Guess will check on it online tomorrow it's kinda almost thrilled actually because they are getting closer to the finish line am just a fanatic of this reality show you know and it's been like 2 weeks in a row of missing it!

On the second note weekend is almost over again. Tomorrow will be my schedule of general cleaning and it has to be done otherwise my chores will filing up again! It's like never ending tasks for mothers! Ok i must stop complaining now, lol! It's fine though can manage it as always! Well, have a great night every one! Wink.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Excited for shower party

My brother in law is getting married hopefully early next year like the month of May or so to a friend from Philippines. Actually they met through us when he went with us to PH and that then they started as friends and now lovers, lol. Everyone is so excited about this whole process we can not wait until she gets here as soon she gets approved and get her visa next year! We have so many plans when that day comes well of course starts from shower party sissy and I are looking for bridal shower invitations ideas here and there and see what's beautiful design for her! I am so excited for her as much as i was when they surprised with a shower party i got plenty of gifts and gift cards, haha! And for her i already have something in mind what to gift to give her she will definitely love it!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Large Hails


This is so far the largest hailstones I've ever seen almost as big as golf ball. Last Wednesday our state got hit by hails and i heard this is the biggest one we had in a long long time even my husband's great grandmother said it's her first time to encounter such size imagined that and she is 90 years old! I was so freaking scared that day hails just pouring out crazy for about 5minutes straight glad my 2 nieces was here with me that moment so they calm me down a little bit. After awhile i managed to go outside and took some shots and took few hailstones and brought inside, memorabilia i may say! LOL.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Booking makes easy

Nowadays, people have the convenience of buying goods, availing services, sending queries, and so forth whenever and wherever. That's with the help of the Internet. The same thing goes when it comes to travel. We can now book online and prepare for a trip days or months ahead. And what if you're in the other side? I mean, if you're into travel and tours business and just starting, you may want to reach more clients and be even more efficient with the way you handle customers.

Here's good news for you. Bookeo tours and activities offers online tour booking software. Through it clients can see tours and available seats in real time, can view more pictures, videos, and information so as to learn more of your tour packages, book and pay online, received confirmation through emails and sms, and offers either group and personal tours and activities. This software can create a unique and custom set up for your business, you just gotta choose which features works for you best. Just visit Bookeo for more of what they have to offer if you like. Winks!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Parthenon in Nashville, TN


The view of The Parthenon Museum in Nashville Tennessee one of the tourist destination in the country if you are familiar of the movie Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, they locate the second pearl in the Parthenon in Nashville, and Percy uses the winged shoes to take it from a statue of Athena. I like the movie and that's where i discover this museum and asked to the husband to take us there one day and indeed it was huge the columns and everything inside are very historic and ancients. We had a fun tour that day and kids were amazed by the statues and just the park itself is nice!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

Sure winter is fast approaching. The breeze is getting colder, was even raining hail the other day! Twas almost as big as a golf ball. It made me nervous to be honest, good thing my nieces were with us in the house then. Some in our neighborhood got broken windows at home and some on their cars. Ours was timely inside the garage, thank God! I guess we would be anticipating rain showers and more snow in the coming of days. I don't really like these cold months for it spells boredom and laziness to me. It's during this time when I don't want to do anything but hibernate.

On the other hand, when I think of winter, I can't help but admire the beauty of rooftops blanketed with snow. The joy of watching the guys and gals in the hood play with their snowboards, flipping through the cold air with their thick jackets. The fun playing with the kids at the backyard, throwing snow balls and hitting Mr. Snowman. Hot chocolates in the morning, and definitely, hugs from our loved ones becomes warmer. Oh well, winter can be nasty sometimes. But sure thing there's more fun and excitement this freezing weather can bring. Everyone, let's brace up for winter!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Athena (Parthenon)


Athena Parthenos is 41 feet, 10 inches tall. Accordingly there are about 12 inches between the top of her helmet and the ceiling beams. Her weight is estimated at 12 tons. The statue of Nike, the goddess of victory, in Athena's right hand is 6 feet 4 inches tall. Nike holds a wreath of victory preparing to crown Athena. This is the story of how the Athena statue was built in Nashville. Actually if you watch the movie Percy Jackson & the Olympian: The Lightning Thief one of the place featured was the Parthenon museum. I was so curious about the place and so i asked the husband to take us there so yesterday we headed up to Nashville roamed around downtown squares and finally got to see the giant statue! It was so cool inside and HUGE i tell you that and plenty of statues that has history behind it! More story about this museum just visit them here!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tire Out

Does your tires tire out already? Might need new ATV Tires and SuperATV has it all. It's a company that specializes in ATV/UTV parts and accesories since 2003. They have a huge variety of products from different brands and their prices are competetive too. Anyway, we are planning for a nice vacation next year. If it pushes through, we'll be getting new tires for sure cause it's gonna be a long drive for us. I get so excited when I think of that planned trip next year. Yes, as early as know, lol! It's really a dream vacation for the whole family. I can't wait and I definitely have to shed pounds to wear my attire. Winks!

Just so you know

That nowadays, finding home rentals all over the world is so easy to do! There are websites that gives access to thousands of properties available for rent. This is very practical for vacation purposes because rental houses are much cheaper than staying in hotels. Interesting right? If you want to begin your search for a nice vacation rental, you can do so by dropping by FRBO. And if you are a home owner and wants to advertise your place, you can also do so with them. It's the perfect exposure for you to attract clients. Anyway, have a happy weekend ahead. See ya!

Our Ultimate Dream Vacation


The best of the best vacation i could ever think of! Yea been dreaming to go here someday with my family even just for few days of stay it would be worth satisfying for! Husband and I thought of going there next year if it permits us to do so is just a manner of WHEN and of course the budget! We're checking here and there for best package deal they have we found one it's like 3 nights and the fourth night is a complimentary free. I think that's the package deal we gonna get someday. Plus we get to drive around Florida as well because we prefer not to buy tickets for airfare it's more adventure and we get to see the scenic views while having the joy ride! Just the thought of it gives butterfly in my tummy, lol! Just so excited can't wait.

To the Airport

Our trip last year to the Philippines was really a memorable one, I mean, literally from the start. Normally, it would take us 20 hours something to land in our destination. But because of delayed flights and other circumstances, we were stranded in the airport for 16 long hours! It was stressful but we don't want to spoil our mood so we just entertained ourselves with things to do. Good thing there were plenty. I got to really explore the wide and fascinating airport facilities. There were malls, nice restaurants, fancy shops, amusements for the kids and so much more. How about you, have you ever tried being stranded in the airport? On a second note, another airport problem that may sometimes arise is the parking. It can be very stressful finding a good spot isn't it? But here in America we have this LAX airport parking services wherein people can reserve airport parking at Major US airports. You can book online and the rates starts at very low price. It can really save a lot of time and hassle when you're in the airport and traveling. Now we know so lets do it!

Good Morning

I can not believe it is Thursday again! Boy, sure it is flying by so freaking fast alright and so the fall season is officially here the leaves in my backyard are starting to falling like rain and trees are changing colors as well tremendously i will take some pictures if i get a chance to sneak outside right now it's been raining for several days already and it is really getting cold... grrrrr! I am really not looking forward for colder seasons ahead it makes us lazy! haha. Anyway, that's all for my updates i can not wait for the weekend we gonna scroll somewhere but here in the house! Wink.

Have a wonderful chilly day ya'll!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sailing in Croatia

There are so many beautiful places in Europe that charms visitors all over the world. But for those who loves the ocean and get to see one of the finest coastline in the planet, Croatia is a top choice. The country brags its natural beauty especially its long and lobed coast with more than a thousand islands, lagoons, caves, the amazing beaches, and so much more. A family friend lives in Switzerland. Last month though she had a vacation in Croatia and saw some of her pictures. I bet she had so much fun laying on the beach and seeing beautiful sunsets. To enjoy even more, I think they avail those Sail Croatia where tourists can rent a boat and do island hopping. Croatia is very famous for sailing because it has no big waves and high sea. There are no long routes too so visitors can anchor anytime and swim they want to. If you love swimming and sailing? this European country is perfect for that one dream sailing holiday.

To bad my friend shared only few photos, I would love to see more of her getaway actually.

RT: Cool Red Plane


I wish to have this cool red plane, haha kidding aside! I told the husband it is so me... i love it!! It's like i wanted my dream car to be a bloody red. Well there's no secret as everyone knows my favorite color is RED! I love everything with that color from clothes to things big or small not this big though, lol! Twink!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Meet Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country famous for its strikingly beautiful beaches, one of which is Jaco beach. It charms visitors with its mighty waves, nature and wildlife. It is a haven for surfers, fun lovers and thrill seekers. Do you see yourself visiting Costa Rica? If you do, you might want to check out Best in Jaco. A website that allows you to find the best Jaco Costa Rica travel packages and everything related to your dream vacation in this beautiful country. They've got a lot of year round special offers from different hotels, condos, and resorts available for you. And if you stay in any of their accommodations for 7 nights, you get 1 night absolutely for free! Those thinking which part of the planet to explore next, Jaco beach could be one perfect place to be. Browse the web site to know more of what they have to offer if you're interested.

Oh well, I haven't seen really big waves all my life yet. It's my dream to watch people surfing up close, you know the beach and its awesome waves, that would be so cool! In Florida maybe, it's the nearest beach destination for us and can't wait to be there someday.

Mellow Yellow Monday #142


I like this car saw it at the airport last Saturday, having an air show over there and it so happened this cute yellow car is parking in front of me! So thought of MYM is perfect for it! Wink!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Your home in Edmonton

For someone whose looking for a place to stay in Edmonton Canada, you can visit and search for numerous Edmonton rentals. You see, I like posting articles which could be helpful to my readers and information on home rentals are one of those. Thanks to the Internet, you can find your future home online with less hassle and more options. For example you're looking for a house to rent in Edmonton, you can click the preferred area you want to move to, view pictures, descriptions, and prices of prospective homes, condos, and apartments. Then you can sort it by price, bedrooms, and property type to make the search a lot easier. Really a big help for those who want to find good deals on home rentals isn't it?

I remember my mom told me that my father was offered a job to work in Canada before. But since we were still very young, he turned down and refused the offer. What could life be if it happened?


These are the few purses i collected some i sent it to Philippines already, i must say i am purseaholic because i super love collecting purses and shoes not to mention i guess that's a women thing! I know i owned quite numbered already but i still wanted to get more, in timely manner though haha! This purses and shoe craze has led me to have my own buy and sell business! I am so happy about the decision i made I've been serving my clientele for more than 2 years already. Not just i get to shop purses to another people as well I'm enjoying it! Wink.

Being Home Again

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

Gosh it’s nice to be home again! I really missed Texas while I was away and it didn’t make things easier that all my family was here. I had a great time living it up in NYC right after college but what I really needed was some time with my family, to be honest. Now I’m back and I’m actually starting my own salon with my sister, of course, and I’m so pumped to be in this new phase of life! My mom’s been helping us a lot by doing things like calling our accountant and going to to look into credit card processing for the store and my sister and I have been staying busy and catching up by looking at stuff for the shop itself. It’s much harder than you’d think to decorate a salon and there aren’t that many places that sell the kinds of furniture we need for less than an arm and a leg! I love being back here and I can’t wait to get started doing big hair!

Car Show...

In our place later this afternoon. Tennessee has always this event all year round around the state and the husband wanted to come and see the event as he is a cars lover! He enjoys cars and everything about trucks and cars as well our 4year old son he is fascinated with them right now so the best way to spend our weekend is going and see all the vintage and awesome colorful cars out here. Am not that fun of it but for the love of fun will go for it! Will definitely bring my camera won't never miss a thing! Wink!

Have a happy weekend ahead!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shop for less

Shopping doesn't mean spending much, you just gotta learn some few tricks and get to spend less. On my part, couponing does wonders. My mother in-law taught me about it, she's a certified coupon lady and now am following her footsteps. Believe me, lots of our grabs are from marked down price! Right now I'm looking for apple store coupons because am planning to get an iPad soon. I need to have a computer that fits in my purse so I can carry it wherever. Hope to find a really good bargain with the help of coupons. Winks!

Where the breathing is easy

What I like most not living in a big city is the breath of fresh air. We don't have much pollution here, and still lots of green scenery. You see, The American Lung Association has a list on the best and worst places to live based on pollution levels. To those who live in those cities included in the list of the 'best,' consider yourselves blessed. Literally, breathing is easy for ya!

1. Converse County, Wyoming


2. Elbert County, Colorado


3. Lake County, California

Clearlake City

4. Billings County, North Dakota


5. Laramie County, Wyoming


6. San Miguel County, Colorado


7. Santa Fe County, New Mexico


8. Inyo County, California

Lone Pine

9. Maui County, Hawaii

10. McKenzie County, North Dakota
Watford City

Source: AP

Get new scrubs

For nurses who puts on nursing uniforms, doctors who wears lab coats, and other medical personnel who wants to replenish or change their scrubs, feel free to visit Blue Sky Scrubs is the leading choice for scrubs clothing and other medical uniforms because of its quality, affordability, and style. If you want to wear a fashionable scrub style along with really trendy and flattering accessories, they're the shop to visit. Their hats collection are really cute I must say. It changes the look of the hospital or clinic when a nurse wears it. We brought Josh to the clinic the other day to see his doctor and some of the staff there had it, looks really cute.

Anyway, just hop by the links above if you want to check out nursing uniforms and scrubs sets. Some good deals are up for grabs so hurry! Well got to go for now taking the kiddos to their grandparents been missing them badly! Have a wonderful rest of the day everyone!

Who needs a vacation?

We all do that's for sure. Once in a while it's nice to go someplace where we can relax, recharged, and have a good time. It would be best if we get to spend it with our friends or loved ones. Bottom line is, we all need a vacation, big or small. What's a nice place to be? Many! The choices are limitless, for now though let's consider Cape Cod.

A very famous tourist destination here in America, Cape Cod has all the good things every guest wants to experience. If you love fishing, they have the best Cape Cod fishing charters there. Aboard a fishing boat together with your family and spend an entire day catching fish and other seafood! By the way, they said it wouldn't be a complete vacation without trying the island's favorite lobster and clam bake. Now that's so cool! For me anything seafood is the best. That's how much I miss living near the sea, the food and the beach. Anyway, for those who wants to have a vacation, why not Cape Cod? Indeed a nice place to be!

World’s Tallest/Largest Treehouse


Believe it or not The world's largest tree house is in Tennessee another proud fact of our state! Just now i discover about it if i knew before then we could have visit there already! It is very interesting to look the largest tree house in the world. It is located somewhere near Crossville Tennessee and stands over 97-feet tall, It has 11 floors, somewhere in the neighborhood of 8,000 to 10,000 square feet, a miniature basketball court and is held together by roughly 258,000 nails! How wow is that? I can't wait to take a tour inside and discover more stuff! So another destination for us to go if it happens you don't know about this yet! Wink!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All about America

I like reading about travel destinations around the world and especially those wonderful places here in America. Good thing that a lot of these information are readily available online, we just need to flip through the virtual pages and browse websites. So glad I've bumped to American Profile web page, an online magazine celebrating the American spirit. Here you can find out and learn all about the latest travel destinations across America, people, food, traditions, entertainment, and so much more. It's kinda like getting to know America even more with all these interesting features and articles. Since I've been craving for crawfish lately, it's pretty cool to know that Louisiana town has a yearly celebration of this freshwater crustacean. I heard nothing beats a good hot plate of crawfish with a glass of cold beer huh! And these recipes they've got here, I'll better try em one of these days. Oh well, now I'm starving even more! Anyway, just visit this online magazine too and find really nice stuff just like me.

The week just started for us here, it'll be a busy one. Hoping all the best for everyone, be happy and stay safe all the time.

World"s Longest Yardsale

Yard selling are very common here in the US as long it is hot and warm day you can find from house to house displaying outside their yards and sells their personal and unused stuff to people who loves great deal and cheap stuff! I personally like to shop on a yardsale because you never know maybe it's somebody's trash but someone's treasure... right? There's plenty of nice stuff you could find on a yardsale you know! And also my in-laws and I has doing 2 years in a row of yard selling! Can't wait to do it again next year.

Anyway speaking of such, I just found out the world's longest yardsale event! Also known as the 127 Corridor Sale. The headquarters are located at the Fentress County Chamber of Commerce in Jamestown, TN on the beautiful Cumberland Plateau. It's 675 miles from Hudson, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama! How cool is that? The sale always start at the first Thursday of August through the following Sunday. So next year they have it again on August the 2-5 2012! I wonder how it looks like with the long lines from Michigan to Alabama, for sure that would be a lot of fun and major major displays! Wink!