Friday, November 25, 2011

Ranked # 55 for World's Top Hotels

The Platitos
View from the upper clusters
The Swimming Pool
The Beachbeds

I knew that Boracay will be part of the best tourist destination in the world. It ranked #55 on Travel+Leisure World best award 2011 but to top of it the Discovery Shore Boracay is very beautiful and luxurious place. My Dad, brother and sister had been to Bora-Bora and I'm the only one haven't get the chance to go there yet! Now i am so eager to visit there. Will put this into the consideration when our next travel plan to Philippines one day. Have to save plenty of bucks first because if am not mistaken the rate is way to expensive but surely it's worth the stay though! Just have to have the right amount of budget when planning to stay here! I am just proud that among the thousands or even million of awesome, stunning hotels all over the globe, Philippines is one of the TOP. Ain't so nice to hear that fellow?? Wink!

One of the World best Hotel


I was into my wanders around the web again looking for some best of the best stuff! And this time i bumped into the World's Best Hotels to stay. It's a nice surprised again that our state is one of them. Ranked #24 is the Blackberry Farm, Walland, Tennessee. A 25 minutes drive from the city of Knoxville. It's famous of the luxurious stay you ever imagined i honestly wouldn't know this if i didn't try to search about stuff that catches my mind. So if you want to spend your long weekend getaway on a luxury hotels that is unforgettable this place is perfect! Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Blackberry farms has the best to offer, the best gourmet food, hiking, fishing, awesome scenic views of the mountains and beautiful collection of rooms no wonder it is one of the top vacation destination in the country and the world. I was thinking now i know this place and since we are planning to visit Knoxville and the Great Smoky Mountains soon might as well have to check this place out for myself! Wink

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting Excited

Before checking out customized lapel pins, let me share you what happened to our weekend. We went shopping for the little girl's dress for the wedding. Yes, B-I-L's wedding is definitely fast-approaching! So we headed to the store, I was with the rest of the girls and found really lovely mini gowns. I got a very pretty purple bubble dress for the little Missy and she loves it. She looks so adorable and lady-like. As for the bridesmaids, we decided to wear black and have a purple accent on it. I think it would be more elegant and unique having that style. I finally have mine, I mean, I finally saw the dress am gonna be wearing. I'm so excited but definitely need to shed off some extra weight so to look good and give the dress justice. Wedding bells is so around the corner.

Missing these FISH


I insanely craving on those fish we called them Dilis and Tugnus in our local dialect in English they're called anchovies and silver fish. When i was with family in my hometown my father loves to go to the market every time specially on the weekend morning and buy plenty of fish in all kinds. He knows my favorites and one of those are the tugnus or silverfish we cook them the way we enjoy you know fish patties just eggs and flour then fried it , yum!

Well talking of these, I found a Filipino store that sells and i asked the husband before i lose my sanity kidding aside haha we will go get some otherwise i can't move on, i have to have those because I've never have them in a long long time! It's in Huntsville, Alabama so at the same time we'll go site seeing on the space center as well. Wink!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wandering in Williamsburg

Virtually though. Most of my time in the Internet is spent wandering around different travel destinations and tourist spots. Even if I can't be in those places literally but at least a glimpse of what it's like there will do. Just exactly what am doing right now. Drooling over indoor water parks in Virgina, the Great Wolf Lodge and Resort in Williamsburg in particular. The pictures speaks for themselves. I mean, as you browse their gallery and learn of their amenities and attractions, you'll definitely wish you could be there someday. Fort Mackenzie adventure for example, it has a 4-story tree house in the center of an 84 degree indoor water park. Fun is in the air as you go through slippery suspension bridges, swinging nets, treetop slides and so much more. But if I get to go there, I would love to experience the north and south hot springs. It's been my long time dream to relax a in a hot spring and take all the stress away. How I wish! Really looking forward for a vacation next year. How about you? Do you have wanderlust in your veins too?

On the other note though, husband promised us to take a break this Saturday and go for out of town get away wonder if we are going to space center in Huntsville, Alabama! I can't wait till the weekend comes because i so wanted to go somewhere but HOME! Wink!

Monday, November 14, 2011

a.k.a Leather Jacket

I so longing for a nice fashionable leather jacket for fall and winter to wear but i just keep missing every year not for long though because last Saturday i ordered this online along with the husband's winter stuff as well. First thing in my mind when i saw this one is..."I must have to have you", LOL. I love the details and stitches of this jacket and wanted black this is just the way i like it! I am into this jacket right now i am thinking to get other colors maybe the tan and a taupe/beige soon.. Depends on the husband's approval. I don't have a budget for it anyway! HAHA.

A whole new world

Wouldn't it be nice to visit a somewhere, a place that's more than the usual. When I think of diverse culture, rich heritage, interesting people and wonders like no other, I can only think of one place, the Middle East. Its colorful story dates back to ancient times and been a major center for worlds affairs. One of the most famous and prosperous city in the Middle East is Dubai and I heard a lot of beautiful comments about the place.

Some of my acquaintances are working there and they say that Dubai tourism is really doing great, providing lots of opportunities to many.Its lure for tourists is based mainly on shopping, no wonder one of the world's biggest mall is found there. It is also one of the planet's most visited city, giving visitors the experience of a lifetime they could possibly have. The Desert Safari tour that includes dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding, Arabian belly dancing, Arabic cuisine is just among the many amazing things you can do there. And they say a visit to the beautiful man-made island- Palm Jumeirah is something you cannot miss! Oh well, lucky for you if you can leave your footprints in the Middle East, a place definitely worth exploring!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Prince's Hot Chicken Shack

I was browsing the other day and i bumped into an article about the top 10 best fried chicken restaurants in the country! And it was a nice surprised that one those restaurants is at our state. The Prince's Hot Chicken Shack is on number 6 or 7 on the lists located in Nashville, Tennessee has the best spicy fried chicken. I got excited about it so i further my research as what eater says.. it is the best fried chicken on earth!! It's about spicy in there on top of that the hot wings is phenomenal it said you will completely changed the way you thought about typical fried chicken! Hmmm, for that i am so curious now! The husband and I always love to go to a certain restaurant from anyplace, i think it is worth driving when you know that they have the good food you ever have you know!

Great Smokey Mountain

My friend just sent me some massages asking how am i and family. She said they just had their vacation along with her sister from other state and guess where they headed up! It so happened the place that husband and I keep planning to visit is where they at we could join them huh! Anyway, she told me the place is magnificent now i truly believed it is because a fellow Filipina said so i only heard it by friends and in-laws that's why husband is so eager to take us up there. She added, that the scenic views on the top of the mountain are so beautiful!! Well, i guess next month we'll gonna proceed to go or when the man of the house is not hectic, right now he is just as busy as bee. I know he will definitely take us there but it's just a matter of WHEN! Sure though before the tax season ahead we will have a short get away somewhere! I will share the photos when i receive her email soon. Twink!

Have a great evening!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Skywatch Friday

Part of downtown Nashville, TN. We're heading up to our destination on a nice sunny day and clear blue sky. Wink!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Am back after 48years!

Hello visitors i am back in here after 48 years of missing blogging on this blog only though! I finally fixed the problem of this blog it's been like few days that i don't have any access because whenever i open the site i got virus alert with red flag and blah blah it stated a malware detected from such URL and may compromised by a hacker!! Say what??? i didn't take risk and just leave for few days until today i can not hold it anymore! It is so complicated at least am done and just solve the problem. You noticed i changed the layout it is because that's the problem. Wink!