Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Am willing...

To study this massage therapy program online for the sake of my husband! He had a passed injury that bothers him once and awhile and his doctors said one thing can help and ease the soreness is to go under massage therapy every now and then. at least when i know how to massage like a professional we don't need to go as much as often and we can save a lot of money knowing the medical thing here US is way over the top. Like i said, there's no time to get sick here! lol. But seriously am still thinking to forward my studies in the future. We'll see!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #114



My entry for MYM meme. These are my collection of photos and you can see the rest of Kurdapyaz Photography @ my other blog. Wink!

scrubs for the guys

I only see lady nurses before but nowadays men are joining them too. I find it so manly, and heroic seeing guys working in such field. It's a whole lot of devotion, patience, and a big heart to actually care for other people especially when they are sick. So anyway, do you know someone whose a nurse, a doctor, or perhaps that one is you? Most definitely you have a dress code for your job and for that matter Blue Sky is the top choice for you. They have a complete selection of medical uniforms, scrubs sets, men lab coats, nursing scrub pants, accessories, hats and so much more.

What's makes their scrubs different is that, for example, their men line is more savvy than your typical set scrubs. They have turned the classic top into a slimming shirt that is cut just enough to look good either tuck in or wear out. The pants feature a low-rise design made of great fabric perfect for that modern, fashionable men. And to have a complete head turner look, have those scrub hats, I like the urban collection in particular. There's definitely fashion in the medical field nowadays.


I love to eat and discover new recipes. Most of the time I found myself browsing and surfing, and explore what's the specialty of a particular place. Then last night, sissy and I were chatting and she mentioned about Silvanas, Dumaguete City(Philippines) famous delicacy. Soon enough, they will go there and she promised to send me that creamy, nutty, and caramelly treat to-die-for, as what she said. How on earth will it reach me without spoiling? Well it's so possible and I can't wait till the month of May comes. Now I'm drooling! Reading other people blog about Silvanna and looking at the pictures, gosh I'm just so looking forward to it. LOL!

(photo from PinoyFood)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I love Mangoes

One of the favorite fruit that Kurdapya love is mangoes specially the carabao mango that the only producer is Philippines. I wish we have that kinda of mango here in US but usually i can only get in the market or grocery stores are from Mexico right! They are ok but not as great as Philippine mangoes i think everyone agree with me! Anyway, the fruit have so many usage it is very nutritious and i believed eating mango everyday makes your skin glow and radiant they said it makes you ten or twenty years younger in appearance. The african mango extract will help you losing weight even. I learned in some studies they use the extract for dieting ingredient. And i really believed that eating mangoes will help your body thinner and slimmer no wonder i used to be slim because my Dad keep buying it whenever mango season in Philippines! lol. Now am craving some! ughh.

The first bloom


I love taking pictures of different flowers so yesterday i never miss bringing my camera outside with us! Got the opportunity to take some nice shots of the flowers in my backyard. These two i took are one of so many beautiful flowers that first bloomed when spring started. Ain't they pretty? I will go picture more of the flowers we have around as well my parent in-laws yard oh i tell you they have some gorgeous and lovely plants also! You will be amazed by its flowers! Won't miss that chance to shoot em'. Wink!


Yesterday we got the chance to fix our yards, we have so much things to do in the property before the big move is coming! Husband and I planned to beautify our yard double time before we put the house in the market. So yesterday is the first day to start we had move couple of big plants to the back because i wanted to plant those cute colorful small flowers and green plant at front along with our decorative bird feeder we got last year and we was gonna check some decorative birdhouses sometime soon. Kiddos love to see those birds roaming around our yards and i guess a birdhouse would be a nice idea so they can just come and go anytime! Oh I'm so glad winter is over now and welcome the breezes of the spring! Loving it!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I smell spring

Which means one thing- gardening. I'm not that fond of but I'm learning to enjoy it. How bout you? You could be deriving more than pleasure from your hobby. Researchers have found evidence that gardening is good for your health, reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure and even helping you live longer. After a busy, long day it’s a great escape to come home and potter about in your garden. Not only is it rewarding and absorbing but gardening may even provide better exercise than going to the gym. How so? Accordingly,“activities such as digging and raking are good steady exercise, which burns more calories than cycling. It is especially good to the elderly for gardens provides a cure to the pain and frustration. Those who are suffering from health problems too can cope with the help of gardening. They'd feel relaxed, at peace, and the greenery environment reduces stress and aids to faster recovery. Well, it's sure fun but I guess I should yet discover my green thumb, if I have one, which I doubt.. hehe! Anyway, thank goodness we had a beautiful weather the other day and I can truly say spring is in the air.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

As always

I'm busy with a lot of stuff nowadays. One thing is the mini-contest I'm hosting now. Please keep on joining, I'm so excited as much as the participants. I'm looking forward to give the pretty little pursey to that one lucky person. Anyway, I'm also busy cleaning the kids room. The toys are all over the place and clothes too. I guess Josh went curious with his closet and throw stuff outside including his ties! As always, these are the things that keeps a mommy occupied. Well, time to go for now have to make dinner while the beloved not yet home. See you in a bit!

contest update

Wow, I'm so glad you guys like the pretty-pink-pursey I'm giving away and so joined the contest I'm hosting. Thank you to everyone who already made their entries, and to those who still haven't, come on and join us.

The number of your raffle entries are based on your posting and liking Kurdapya in FB right? Plus linking my 2 other babies(blogs) too. So for a 3-point shot, you need to do all three. In the event that one, or two would be lacking, that doesn't mean you're not in. Your entry is still counted, just that with a lesser number of points or raffle entry. Oh and please, please include the url of the post you made in your comments below. So I can right away check it and put you in the 'watch list.'

Thank you so much! I'm so excited to find out whose the big time winner on March 31... You will love the purse, I promize!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For the First Time


Who wants this pretty, adorable purse? Raise your hands! I'll give it to you. All you have to do is join my "For the First Time" giveaway contest. Which I've been wanting to host for the longest time already. But for some reasons, I just couldn't launch it. Not until today.

Yes! Finally, with a happy heart and generous spirit, Kurdapya is inviting everyone to come and join. It's so easy, for I myself isn't fond of a lot of technicalities, complications and codes, lol! Kidding aside, all you need to do is follow the simple steps below...

* I love exposure, so please blog about my "For the First Time" giveaway contest in your blogs. Atleast 60 words n up, lol. If you have multiple blogs the better for one post is equals to one raffle entry.

* See you in Facebook. Just click the 'Like' on Facebook button in my right sidebar and let's be friends there. Giving you one additional raffle entry for this.

* By including it in your post, link back to this blog and so as my other babies. They love to see your footprints there! (additional one raffle entry for this one too)

* Lastly, please leave me a comment stating you joined. I'll then be putting you in my watch list. I will use Random.org to draw the lucky winner.

Contest ends on March 31, 2011 and will be announcing the winner a week thereafter. You love that purse don't you? I tell you she's gorgeous. She smiled at me the first time I saw her and fell in love right then and there. You can have her too, she's so waiting for you! Winks!

PS. International bloggers can join.

Saturday, March 12, 2011



Yes, the best things in life are absolutely free. For that am thinking of giving everyone a little treat I'm sure they're gonna LOVE. Please, make sure to drop by my blogs on March 15, 2011. I have something very pretty and wonderful that will make you drool and enjoy. Wink!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Favor to make

Haha... Just asking you guys to visit my online store kurdapyaz collection i have few sales going on there and maybe u find something you like! Please check it out am asking and begging... waaaahaha kidding aside! But if you get a chance feel free to browse around and like i said u might buy something for your self, haha! I have sales on shoes and handbags are just in reasonable prices starts at $29.99 and up! Don't miss it friends, visitors, countrymen and everyone! See you there! Thank you in advance! Wink!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Florida Villas & our getaway!

I don't know how many times I blabbed about our visit to Florida here, but you see it's different now because I already know the date of the said trip. Haha! It's so soon, am counting the days and can't wait. Was surprised when the husband told me the other day, I can't help but smile. As usual, am the super excited one and the busy bee. Our main purpose actually is to check the house we've been eying and to make sure we'll have a smooth transfer there. But we can't miss the opportunity since we are already in Florida, why not roam around and explore the place right? So here I am, looking for a nice and affordable Florida Villas. It's not hard to find one. I have a friend who recently traveled there and she told me about vacation rentals and packages. It's more practical than staying in a hotel, lets you feel more at home.

My friend and her family stayed in one of those beautiful holiday cottages in the beach area. After comparing several options at Owners Direct website, they found the right place to be. Also according to her, the owners were very friendly and accommodating. The place was well maintained and has complete amenities too. Well it's what I'm doing right now, checking the website too. It's nice because the transactions and deals are straight from the owners, no middle-man whatsoever. Meaning we can save more right? Hmmm.. as for us, we'll be staying there for just several days. After checking the houses, that's the time we can roam around and relax a bit. Hope we can drop by Disneyland, who knows LOL!

Anyway, we need to get ready. I'm just so excited to meet Florida soon and take a look at our future house. It's my dream house actually. Hope we will have a great deal and a pleasant time there.

What kind of Shoe am I?


You Are Bold

You have an incredibly strong personality and sense of self. You know who you are and embrace it.

You are stubborn and opinionated. You speak your mind, and you're reluctant to meet someone halfway when you know you're right.

You are energetic to the point of being impatient. You don't like to wait for what you want.

You enjoy a good challenge or competition. You like to put yourself to the test.

Sounds really really true! Lol! Have a good evening everyone!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

French Diet Secrets

I've long been wondering how the French people maintain their physic? Though they love to eat, French are known for being fit and slim. I'm into a diet program right now and am happy with the results. But I know, eventually I'm gonna have to stick with something that works for a long run. A healthy diet that is and I guess that would have to be a French diet or whatever you may call it. Anyway, I found the article below so timely. Their secrets now revealed. Winks!

“The French eat a lot of saturated fat,” says the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter. “Yet they are leaner than Americans and far less likely to be obese. Their mortality rate from heart disease is half that of Americans and lower than any other country in the [European Union].” Why the paradox? The answer may be that the French “consume fewer calories,” says the Wellness Letter. Research conducted in restaurants in Paris and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., showed that the French portions were considerably smaller. Cookbooks differed also. Suitable servings of meat, for example, were smaller in the French cookbooks. “Perhaps the most impressive finding was that the French take a lot longer to eat their smaller portions,” the article states. “The average French person spends nearly 100 minutes daily just eating, while Americans swallow their daily bread (and whatever else) in only 60 minutes.” The conclusion? Watch your calories. Eat sensible amounts of nourishing food. Take time to enjoy the food. If you are served large portions, share with a companion or take half of it home. And “make home meals a pleasant experience.”