Saturday, April 30, 2011

PhotoHunt 263: Square


Am joining the PhotoHunt this week and the theme is SQUARE i honestly having a hard time to find a picture that fits on the theme but good thing i found this wood hut photo with an information box for travelers.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

nice one!

What's the nice thing about my work is that I get to be updated with the latest trend nowadays. I mean, with my online business, I need to know what's in and what's not. So I found myself constantly browsing for the newest, hottest items in the planet. The biggest deals too! Speaking of there's a huge bargain for dereon womens shirts, tops, and jeans right now, more than half the original price actually. It's really cool! Good way to do some shopping for spring LOL! I just like the tees and pretty maxi dresses I must say.

Busy is an Understatement

Wasn't able to updates my bloggy thingy lately as much as i wanted to because my time and schedule won't permits me to do so! Thought after tax season is over our days would be a lil slow but opposite to that now we are as busy as can be specially weekdays. Although today we supposed to go to the aquarium at Chattanooga as planned unfortunately we cancelled it for a reason but on Monday though kids GP's wants us to go with them and have fun while the husband tiling our kitchen and dining rooms. Either we move or not at least it's done. So even no fun today yet looking forward on Monday we gonna go to our favorite shopping store and gonna eat and enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead and thank you all for your visits and comments! Will turn back at you sooner than soon. Wink!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Less Sleep, More Colds

“People who sleep fewer than seven hours a night are nearly three times as likely to get a cold than people who average eight or more hours of sleep,” says a report from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. And those who stay awake “as little as 8 percent of the time they [are lying] in bed [are] five-and-a-half times more likely” to catch a cold than those who sleep more soundly. “Although sleep’s relationship with the immune system is well-documented, this is the first evidence that even relatively minor sleep disturbances can influence the body’s reaction to cold viruses,” said Sheldon Cohen, the study’s lead author. “It provides yet another reason why people should make time in their schedules to get a complete night of rest.

Source: Awake

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nothing much

Working online for the last 4 years has been an adventure for me. I can't even imagine how many websites I've already visited and how many write-ups I've read. From all sorts of things like food, fashion, travel, health, silly jokes, testosterone boosterweb pages, mortgages, and even those scams, lol! Through it all I still feel blessed for it has given me an opportunity to discover the world and know people. If really we know how to use the internet in a good way, sure there are lots of benefits more than the not so nice ones. Would you agree?

PhotoHunt 260: Trees


This is my entry for PhotoHunt this week the theme is TREES. So got a nice view of our backyard taken this last summer.

Friday, April 8, 2011

What time is it?

Haha as you can see there's bunch of silicone watches... where is gonna go? We'll be sending this to family in Philippines really soon my brother in law will going back to see his girlfriend so i thought these are nice presents for them my sissy pretty much wanting them you know silicone watches are the fashion and trends right now. Am almost done packing all the gifts for family and hoping they all enjoy it!

Hmmm, was thinking this would be nice to giveaway on my upcoming second giveaway thingy! Watch out for it! winks.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead! Ciao!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What about gold?

Lots of individuals today are investing into something, hoping that their business would grow and flourish. But you know what, there's a particular investment that guarantees success- gold. For the last 10 years, the gold market which includes bullion, gold bullion such as the famous Australian gold nugget, American buffalo, African Krugerrand, and so forth, has outperformed any other investment. Because, as what we all know, this most precious metal in the world is so valuable and very important. People acquire gold for so many different use, jewelries, cosmetics, and now even for food.

Sure it's no easy task venturing into it, and needs a lot of money too. But for those who can and is willing, why not study and get seriously into the business? Gold Coins Gain is a website dedicated to provide all that you need for such matters. They also have the world gold coins and other precious metals such as silver and platinum. When planning to buy bullion, their assistance and expertise is what one needs to make it. Just visit them for more.

The purse is yours!

Tentenenentenen...(Drum-roll) And the winner is CHUCHIE's HIDEAWAY. After gathering all of the participants entries and points, finally choses the winner of Kurdapya's "For the First Time" giveaway contest. She's no other than the super fab Chuchie Wilks. Congratulations sissy! (Applause)

Again, a big thank you to everyone who spared time and joined my first contest.

I appreciate it sooo much girlfriends. Makes me want to host more giveaways in the future, with even better and prettier price at stake. Hope to have your support again and again and again. To Chie, here's your purse.. Winks! Just pm me missy your info or we can chat. Looking forward to hear you!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

HGH power

What comes to mind when you hear about human growth hormone? A supplement that helps one reach its full potential and in the case of athletes, it enhances their performance. But to my cousin, it's the only hope for her to maybe add more height. I mean, she's a very petite girl and it's been her dream for so long to find a supplement that produces growth hormones. What do you think? Is there really such a thing? Is it possible to grow taller with the help of supplements? I'd love to give her a bottle if I can find one.

Love to have this!

I so love to have you! First time i glanced my eyes on this chunky corky shoes i suddenly fall for! I been looking for this kind of heels for a long time and i just couldn't find a descent price that won't damaged my wallet. Then last week while surfing I've finally found it! So i asked the husband to purchase it for me even though i can get this by myself but still i want him to buy me that heels! I can't sleep until i get it. And he keep forgetting got to remind him again before it runs out of my size and too late! Wink!

What if?

What if I'd apply for cash advance loans one of these days? I need it for my business and some personal matters, it will surely help a lot. But I dunno, need to think it over first. As much as possible, I don't wanna have a loan, those from credit cards are more than enough LOL! Anyway, it just crossed my mind because I'm checking out online cash advance website. Their quotes here are better and more flexible and they got plenty of options too choose depending on ones need. Better keep this link in handy. Winks!

Maritime lawyers

I have a relative whose a seaman and according to him, his job is one of the most dangerous jobs in the planet. Being exposed to a lot of changing conditions like the weather, accidents in the work place, and not to mention the bad guys in the sea, the pirates. So as a seaman, they really need to be aware of those maritime laws and of course have access to a lawyer. In case some things doesn't go smoothly, they have someone to turn to and ask for help. Well I must say that life at the ocean is indeed risky but sure it's exciting too.

Dangerous Occupation

“A total of 110 journalists were killed because of their work in 2009, making last year the most lethal in the past decade” for this profession, says the International Press Institute, based in Vienna, Austria. In conflict areas, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Somalia, there has been a “deliberate targeting of journalists” in recent years, says the report. This has led to less press coverage and a “worrying vacuum in the understanding of . . . complex events” in these areas. Iraq was the most dangerous country for journalists over the past decade, followed by the Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, and Russia in that order Source: Awake

Monday, April 4, 2011

Garlic knots for our appetizer

Guest post written by Wanda Morris

Every time that I invite people over to come and eat dinner with us, I like to have a little appetizer ready for them when they walk in the door. I just think that's a nice little gesture and it also makes them feel even more special! We're going to have a couple that are family friends over in a few days for dinner and I'm in the middle of planning the menu.

I've been going online and finding recipes for most of the menu because I want to be creative and try something that I've never cooked before. While I was online yesterday I came across the site and after I read through it a little bit, I decided to sign up for a new internet package through the site.

I decided on fixing some homemade garlic knots, which I've never made before, for the appetizers. They're bit sized and easy to eat, plus they'll go really well with the meal that I'm serving after appetizers. I thought about serving them as a side, but they're going to make great appetizers too.

Earthquakes—“The Deadliest Disasters”

Did you know? that “Earthquakes caused the deadliest disasters in the past decade,” says the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Of those who died because of disasters in this period, almost 60percent were killed by earthquakes. This “natural hazard” continues to pose a serious risk, given that 8 of the 10 cities with the largest populations worldwide lie on earthquake-prone fault lines. The last ten years have seen more than 780,000 people killed in 3,852 events classified as disasters.

Well, Japan speak for it self! the whole world was shock of what had happened to Japan. We all aware that this natural disaster is rampantly occurring from one place after another. Even one of the powerful country is not excluded. So the only thing we can do right now is be aware of whats happening and pray always!

Bonita Springs at Florida

Soon I will meet Florida and get to see its beauty and the good things it has to offer. Obviously, I'm so excited for the big move, the family has been planning for it quite some time now. God willing, things will work out as planned. On my part, just the thought of it gives me goosebumps. I'm excited at the same time anxious too. But anyway, might as well check out some nice place in FL, hoping to visit it soon. For instance, they said that all good things are found in Bonita Springs. The beauty of the sea, the beaches, nature and the sun. Plus the many activities, sites and food one can experience. Truly living up to its name, Bonita Springs is anything but ordinary. Imagine the many things you can do there with your family? I miss the beach so much and would love to go swimming, fishing, and site seeing.

And how about Miami beach? The world-famous and one of my dream place to visit. Oh well there's so much to look forward to I guess. By the way, you guys wanna meet Florida too? Check out for they have discount hotel reservations. Just browse and see their amazing deals on different hotels and accommodations around the globe.

quick update

Hola everyone! Been so busy lately, the past weekend has been so hectic, can barely find time to blog and give you guys a visit. The kids demand much of my time nowadays and so as other commitments. As you know we're going to Florida one of these days and kinda preparing for it. It's a long, over-due trip, suppose to be this month but we decided to move it after tax season which is only two weeks from now. But of course I can't left out my online duties especially now that am hosting a contest. Speaking of I'm so happy and thankful to everyone who joined and gave their support. For a first timer like me, it feels great to be able to share a little of myself through my blogs and now through a giveaway treat. To those who joined, please watch out on Thursday, am gonna announce the lucky one to bring home the price. Winks!

By the way, now I'm thinking for a part two. Hope to have your support the second time around alright friends? Thank you and have a great day ahead!

concert and events tickets

Hello! How's everyone? It's the start of the week again and I'm just glad to say that finally I'm seeing the sun again. Been missing the warm and sunny weather, thank goodness winter is over. Times like these makes us wanna go out and have some fun time, catch up with things and try something new. Speaking of, have you ever tried watching a concert or a sport event live? I haven't. It's one of my wishes though, to experience being inside a stadium or theater. I must be really cool! Anyway, you may want to check out for tickets to some of the most amazing concerts, sports event, shows, and things such. You can find cheap tickets actually at ACHEAPSEAT website which has access to many events across the country. Boston Celtics tickets, David Copperfield tickets, Adele tickets, Sesame street live tickets, Dane Cook tickets are just some of what they've got.

Feel free to browse if you're interested, for they can provide you with the hottest deals and cheapest seats for you and to those with you. I wonder if I can actually experience watching a concert? Celine Dion or Lady Antebellum would be so nice I bet.