Monday, May 30, 2011

Blue Monday

Smiling Sally

Last Saturday we drove around and we went to a small town called Bell Buckle there you can see and find all kinds of antiques and such and they have this trolley display, B&B's, old building and music destination and it caught my eyes on this wall painted with the trolley thingy so i thought of BMM the sky blue in it! It is pretty good historical place to visit actually.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Looking for?

whistler radar detector? Or outdoor gears, sports optics, tactical gears, and stuff like these? You maybe among those whose fond of these super cool items, like the ones we see on TV. My brother loves to collect binoculars before, but I I dunno what about now. LOL! I think it's really for the boys, stuff like these but girls too who like adventures and the outdoors. Anyway, if you want a good deal, just hop by Optic Sale, cause they have a huge selection and great offers. Winks!

Danger's of polluted water

A feature from 'Watching the World"]
According to a United Nations report, 'more people now die from contaminated and polluted water than from all forms of violence including wars.' The UN reports that two million tons of waste-agricultural, as well as sewage and so on are discharged every day into rivers and seas, spreading illness and damaging eco-systems. Moreover, every 20 seconds, a child under the age of five dies from water-related diseases. A director of the UN environment programme was quoted in saying, 'If the world is to thrive,..we need to get collectively smarter and more intelligent about how we manage waste.

Dream House

We had a good joy ride yesterday afternoon. One of the pit stop was on a pretty subs we can't resist to turn left just to see all those beautiful estate houses inside that village and one i spotted is that one i said to him that i want that,haha kidding aside but honestly that's the house i kinda dreaming about! Actually It was unexpected long joy ride but It feels really good to just get on the move and see nice views. Then feel the air on your face and enjoy a pleasant time with our family. Well just thought of driving around town and go to the historical place close by but when we're there and supposedly have some nice lunch the bad thing was we have to wait for almost 30minutes to just get seats because that cafe was so packed! Sigh... so since both our patience strikes badly we just ended up headed to Murfree and had our wonderful lunch. And Since we are there the husband went to check out some Polaris Ranger Accessories. His friend's just asking where to find a good deal and since he's good at it, he's searching for a good shop that has it out there or maybe we can still find it online.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend guys! Hugs!

Just browsing

For san diego jobs right now. My closest relative here in the U.S lives in SD, a friend too so if there's one place that I really wanna do and perhaps would be very interesting to settle down CA. But of course it's not easy and the first move would be to look for a job. Just checking out some possibilities here. If there's really online postings on opportunities and livelihood. Got this link and maybe you'd like to visit it too for queries.

Yummy Sunday 91: Chili

Yummy homemade chili freshly made from my kitchen i know eating chili is fulfilling an ultimate American dish. There are different kinds of cooking this fella a traditional style or put a lil twist in it just like that one i cooked couple days ago. Thus the 3rd time i had and i tell you that i really really like it courtesy by my SIL she taught me how to enjoy a yummy and satisfying chili is to have it with sour cream and fritos on top and of course the melted cheese for garnish! Delish!

Note: To see more of my recipe just visit my other BLOG. wink!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Helping my sister

My sister was bugging me the other day. To join a survey kinda thingy that will allow her to accumulate points in exchange for freebies. Alright, so I thought it's cool! But to be honest, I had a hard time answering all those questions. It's about business printing services, printing machines, and all about printers. And not to mention it's way too long! The good thing though is I get to check out some friendly sites that offer some of the nicest deals in town. Might need it someday for my own business card who knows? Anyway, I hope my sissy got her freebies. Winks!

Tennessee Aquarium- A memory lane

This place is awesome we always have good memories here the best time of our life i may say! I've miss visiting here and so i ask the husband to bring us back up there so hoping this weekend we gonna go and have some fun am excited to see what my boy's reaction because te last time we went there was been so long like 2 years ago was pregnant with my lil girl (3mo.) imagine that he is still a baby back then and now he is so observant and such too many question here and there i bet he will definitely enjoy the place! Ohhh i can't wait to bring my kiddos in Tennessee Aquarium! Wink. This is one of he best place in Tennessee to visit with family or friends!

Monday, May 23, 2011

on hair loss

Our crowning glory- our hair, true right?. It says a lot, reveals a lot, and definitely matters a lot. That's why we take care of it, as good as we can. But for some reason, hair loss can happen to all of us. For me, it happened after I gave birth to my daughter. Good thing it wasn't that serious or that would be scary! Anyway, there are safe and effective hair loss treatment nowadays and to those who wants to regrow their hair need not fret for help are very much available for them.

Gardening mode

So we started gardening. We planted a variety of seeds this time. I'm looking forward to see it sprout and eventually we'll have a good harvest. Well, that would be several months from now though but as usual, I'm the one whose excited. We're not finish yet, the front yard needs more flowering plants which I adore when I see them bloom. So for now, I'll be busy as a bee. Got to go, see ya in a bit!

Mellow Yellow Monday #122



Kids was calling at me and saying they saw a rainbow that was in our dining room wall the yellow shade was really step up so i hastily grabbed my camera saving for my MYM meme entry. Wink!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Yard Cleaning

Today and tomorrow is gonna be our schedules for beautifying our yard it is really nice outside already the sun is rising and we thought it's nice to start gardening and do yard stuff. So while the husband is getting the things like mulch and stuff i go ahead planning how we gonna do our yard concept i want it like really clean and well organized planting wise! Although it's not very fun thing to do the gardening but am kinda looking forward so we have the yard we want. Will be a long days for us but i think it is worth the effort don't yah? wink!

Have a blissful weekend ahead to all of us!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good buy

Is there someone you know who wants to buy gold coins? We know for a fact that investing in gold is sure business for its value increases over time. No wonder, the trade has been successful for so long already and more and more people venture into it. So if you wanna get into something like it, look for trustworthy companies. Browse their pages and see how they can help you invest into something as gold, silver, and other precious metals.

me & my busy day

Alright just a quick update here. So far, am still so busy. We're doing a lot of tiling in the house, some repairs too. Although it's been postponed, our trip to FL is definitely gonna push through. And before that we need to fix and finished everything. It's a big move after all. But we need to relax a bit too. All work without play drives me crazy, lol! We have somewhere in mind, been a while we haven't hop to that place now. Will be posting pictures then.

Gotta go peeps. Be right back. Happy blogging!

Monday, May 16, 2011

RV's are cool!

I really think that having a recreational vehicle or RV is something cool. It's kinda like your home on the road! Celebrities I guess owns most of it for that's what they use on shooting, taping and all that. But off-course, it's not just a big car. So that means rv insurance are different from other auto insurance too isn't it? By the way, there's a website that specialized in RV insurance plans. You might find it helpful and informative, especially to those who have that kind of vehicle. Just click the links and it will lead you there.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red Rock waterfalls

OMG! This past few days has been so hectic for us. Doing and attending to a lot of things, these and that. I like it though than to have an idle time and get bored. Just that it's tiring and the least I can do is update my blogs. So sad! Anyway, What makes me happy too is seeing all the pictures back home. My B-I-L just went there to visit her fiance and my family was with them and they had a wonderful time! Gosh I want to go there now, so unfair! LOL!

That's Malabo eco tourism park at Pulang Bato, Valencia (Dumaguete Phil) Look at the waterfalls, so inviting! The stones are red because of rust, cool! Will go there someday, I swear. LOL!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

They're engaged now.

I'm talking about my brother in-law which he is now in Philippines asking the girl of his dream to be his fiance/fiancee. Exactly 3days already when the engagement was set, we're viewing their pictures that he just uploaded in fb and they look so happy together! We all can't wait to see her here soon as long my BIL get back he will apply for her visa and of course get married. So excited for that to come because we all love weddings as a matter of fact me and my sister in law is kinda looking for wedding dress f0r her and ofcourse bridesmaid dresses also for us! LOL. It's been more than 5years that no body get married in the family so it is their time now and we're just here for them. Sure enough my lil boy will be the ring bearer and the lil girl is one of the flower girls! Ohh it's gonna be Exciting!!!

You've got to be kidding me!


What did i get myself into? I found myself buying 2 purses for me! What a heck man if the husband knows it I'll be in bad spot, LOL! I know if i don't feel good or stressed out the urge of wanting something is really over the top i don't know why if i spend no matter how small the worth is i feel relax and ease after awhile. So to give my point across i just bought these two cute purses good thing these isn't original though because as we all know those stuff are expensive!! Anyway, i guess i deserved to treat myself because me not feeling really good "woman thing" and am homesick also right now so the better way to do is to go get something for me self! Quite honestly been wanting for purses in this kinda style in quite awhile now and i guess this is just the right timing! Wink.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just blow it!

Hey guys you looking for leaf blowers? Spring is here and it means time to start gardening. I'm kinda enjoying it already unlike before for I'm totally not used to gardening. Maybe because of my photography too where my subjects are mostly flowers. Anyway back to my title, leaf blower is one of the tool we need to have an easier way of cleaning the yard. So if you're planning to start some gardening, it's nice to have one of those redmax leaf blower. It works good and very handy. Happy gardening everyone!

On the second note it's getting late now so i have to park my keyboard soon after chatting with family got to get my beauty rest for another wonderful day ahead tomorrow. Have a goodnight ya'll!


I super want to eat some mrs fields cookies right now lol! Most of the time I'm baking homemade cookies cause the kiddos are so addicted to it, especially the baby girl. Always munching, 24 hours a day. But right now, mrs. fields bites basket seemed so tempting. Besides it affordable for a treat as good as it is. Hope I can convince the husband to give in to my cookie cravings, lol! Anyway, how's your weekend? Been a nice one for us. Movie night tonight and it really feels good to just sit and laze around with the family. Oh, wish I'm munching cookies right now, lol!