Thursday, June 30, 2011

Movie "Salt"

We just watched the movie of Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp the "Salt" i tell you it was good than i expected. The one thing it caught my attention was he is always smoking on the scene but actually he is not smoking. Just as if he is but the truth he is using the Ecig. The husband said it is popular now a days, the electronic cigarette wholesale is pushing up to the top for those who wants to quit in smoking but hard to do so i guess the Ecig is the way to help them control their urge to smokes. Well Ecig is an electrical device that attempts to simulate the act of smoking by producing an inhaled mist bearing the physical sensation of nicotine but you are not a smoker. So as if you are ashing but nothing to ash really. Oh well, back to the movie, highly recommended to watch, it is action, romance and comedy also. You will like it!

Had Fun in Huntsville,AL


We went to Huntsville, Alabama on our weekend for 3days attended our District Convention. It was so refreshing and encouraging to see all brothers and sisters all over the states. We definitely had fun. And of course we never miss to go wander around, i honestly couldn't imagine how nice this place to go no wonder Huntsville called the racket city because they have the Center for space exploration. We did roamed around and took some pictures! Can't wait to go back there for this purpose only we have plan to visit Huntsville again sometime soon.

Friday, June 24, 2011

If I were a nurse

It would be so cool If am a nurse. I mean, their job is one of the most demanding job in the world. It requires much patience, dedication, and self-sacrifice. Working at shifts and taking care of the ill isn't easy. But oh my, why do those nurses looks so neat and pretty? Haha! It has to do with their dress code isn't it? Was browsing for some scrubs at, and found their nursing uniforms, accessories, hats, especially the colorful pony collection, jackets, and so forth very nice and trendy.

They have this 100 cotton scrubs which are very comfortable and it's available in different colors. So if you're a nurse or someone who works in the field of medicine, you can grab your uniforms at Blue Sky Scrubs today. As for me well, guess I would just wait for my son or daughter, they could be a nurse in the future. LOL!

just tongue tied

Feeling a little bit bored and lazy to think of any post and update here. Then remembered my younger years when everything seemed to be so easy and uncomplicated, lol! Pretty random thoughts huh? Anyway, to make my life simple here, might as well do what I've enjoyed doing ever since then, reading tongue twisters. It's so much fun. Though some of it are really designed to twist and tie our tongue, it's also a good way to enhance our speech, diction, and pronunciation.

Here are some of what I came across. Have fun!

A tree toad loved a she-toad
Who lived up in a tree.
He was a two-toed tree toad
But a three-toed toad was she

Fat frogs flying past fast.

Flee from fog to fight flu fast!

Tim, the thin twin tinsmith.

We surely shall see the sun shine soon.

Six short slow shepherds.

Which witch wished which wicked wish?

Shelter for six sick scenic sightseers.

Listen to the local yokel yodel.

Are our oars oak?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Swimming pool

Whenever we move to Florida one of the things my mom and dad in-laws consider is to have a swimming pool on the house they will be buying. Who doesn't love that! of course we wanted to have a private pool you know, so everybody is excited specially the kids i bet they will enjoy swimming! Even the great granny is excited too but they said that it should have some kinda swimming pool lifts for her to be able to use the swimming pool, I've learned also that it is mandatory by law to have a pool lift specially in the public swimming pools. Private pools also is not excluded because better safe than never to those oldies that needed this stuff. But one way or another i am pretty sure they will have a big swimming pool on the house they are buying in Florida. can't wait for it!


We just came home from the lolo and lolas house had a great dinner down there along with the bayaws and nieces! Food was delicious because it's BBQ and potato salad you know, nothing beats my mother in-law's BBQ and PS. Anyway we had fun and enjoyed eating with them, they always does it but lately they haven't because of busy time so when they invited us for dinner awhile ago we're eagerly went to spent a supper with the family.

On the second note i was so happy to received my new shoes that husband bought, am so excited to open the box when mailman rang the doorbell i knew it was him because i waited him to deliver my shoes... lol! One thing it is exactly what i expected! It is gorgeously pretty and it fits comfortably to my feet, i will post a photo as soon i wear it!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fahrenheit 9/11

Guest post written by my buddy Angelo Cooper

"Fahrenheit 9/11" is a documentary by Michael Moore that I watched on The film explores the events of 9/11 in depth and offers alternative explanations for what happened that day. Moore criticizes the Bush administration for how it handled the aftermath of the tragedy. He also makes implications about relationships between Bin Laden and the administration that may not have been televised. The documentary features interviews with individuals that were directly affected by the event as well as congress members.

I enjoyed the documentary because it prompted me to do more research on the events that surround the 9/11 tragedy. It made me realize that certain truths might be held from the public and that as individuals, we have to seek out the truth for ourselves. The documentary is highly recommended for history or political courses; it is an extremely enlightening and educational film. For many people, "Fahrenheit 9/11" is the beginning of a search for alternative explanations for 9/11. Since the release of the film, several political movements have been created in an effort to seek answers for unanswered questions in regards to the tragedy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ruby Tuesday


So Ruby the hummingbird feeder that mom-in-law have in her front porch! Hummingbird is her favorite bird of all she even collect them so every year when it's season time she always got this colorful and cutest feeder you can get! She loves to see them visiting in her yard so better be hospitable you know. haha!

I want one!

I want this to replace the husband mp4 player i use it at night for my songs. I just couldn't sleep if without music on. Anyway before i mess up his, he said he's gonna get me one so since he said he will so i want this 8g ipod nano so sweet! it's really cool in red i can listen music all night long. Not just music i can also restore pictures which i am into it right now every move of my kiddos has to be capture and recorded! They are growing like weeds so better catch up with them that's the reason why am not really online lately because momi is so busy with her children. Anyway, still thinking to get this nano thingy. Wink!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

PhotoHunt 269: Triangle


PhotoHunt them for this week is all about TRIANGLE. While we are driving around last weekend it caught my attention the flock of birds on the top of a power tower. I am not sure what kind of birds they were maybe black birds who knows. Well, i hastily grabbed my camera thinking of the them for the week ahead and triangles as you can see! Nice try huh! Wink.

Bell Buckle A Historic Town


Although you may see a very small town but this town is a historic place in middle Tennessee state. According to 2000 census the population was only 391 but right now it's growing because of the unique place out there! We've been there twice and i can tell that this small town has plenty of things to offer to visitors and residence. They have this very small town square and only one cafe but people are always pack. If you are looking for antique stores they have it from left to right and also they have this famous railways in the center of the town it self! So while cruising and chilling at downtown squares you can as well see trains coming here and there! They have plenty of aircraft shows each year, their historic buildings, country music and B&b's. It is really a wonderful place to visit and wander around.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hays somewhere out there!

These are hays somewhere down the lake i got to take some snap shots while we're cruising there last Friday. Tennessee is one one of the manufacturer of hays i don't know if other states does them but am sure they do. Actually it's kinda fun watching farmers doing hays and stuff. If you don't know what hays are- it is food for horses and cows and they stuck them for cold season ahead. My Mellow Yellow Monday #124.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Watching the world.

Starting from now, once a month, I'll feature short reports and articles about what's happening to some parts of the world. Kinda like a newspaper thing about what's going on around the planet.

Some are good, others not so nice. But it pays to be aware, and thus care.

Here it goes..

'In the first year and a half a crackdown on human trafficking, "Chinese police freed 10,621 women and 5,896 children who had been abducted.' Some 15,673 suspects were detained.
-China Daily

'According to one study, people who have used tanning beds have 75% greater risk of developing melanoma than those who have never used them. Those who have used tanning devices for more than 50 hours are 2.5 to 3.0 times more likely to develop melanoma.
-Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, U.S.A

''Women living in poor countries are 300 times more likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth than they lived in rich countries.'
-Businessworld, Philippines

'According to a survey in Germany, 40% of 11-15-year-olds there do not know that the sun rises in the east; 60 percent do not know that the period between successive moons is four weeks.
Welt Online, Germany