Friday, December 30, 2011

Filipino Restaurant in Tennessee

I was wondering if our state has a Filipino restaurant as in just catered Filipino food at all. In my nice surprised yes there is actually, so glad we have although it is quite far driving from us! At least i know for sure that if i am really craving for authentic cuisine i will just ask the husband to drive me over there anyway we both love to go out and dined and enjoy Filipino food after all. The restaurant is in Clarksville, Tn so if you are close to that area now you know where to go to find real pinoy food, huh! The named is Kabayan Philippine Cuisine this a new Philippine cuisine restaurant they offer traditional dishes prepared and served by madam Jackie and Mr. Billy Caisip and their awesome staff. I haven't been there yet but looking forward to go there one of this days, accordingly it feels like you are in the Philippines it is cozy little eatery and feels like home and taste like home. When i go i definitely take some home with me! Well, let us know when you visit this place already and what you think of it! Wink!.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nothing Much

To do. Well I've been busy and multi-tasking lately actually so I feel like it's perfectly fine to seek solace and hibernate even for just a bit. Reading is a good therapy for me, it serves like an escape and sort of like that. Reading articles of different kinds like travel, food, fashion, even those am not familiar of and can't relate. One time, I got curious about structured settlement broker. It was because a friend was into it a couple of years ago and I wanted to know what it's all about. It has something to do on finding a competitive bidding system that gives the most cash for client's settlement payments. Thanks to the internet, in just a few clicks, we can right away find the needed info on whatever we want, isn't it? How about you? What are the things you get into when you have nothing much to do?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Before the year...

The husband and I had same thing in mind that before the year end we should take a short vacation. We only have 4days to plan on where exactly we are gonna go! Thinking of scenic views of the great smokey mountains or at a historic place at Chattanooga geeezz both are great place to spend the time with though can't make up our mind but i have to decide which is which coz days flying by really freaking fast! I'll be updating our get away later for now will just take some research before the final destination. LOL.

Friday, December 23, 2011

SWF : Purplish Sky

I've never seen such beautiful sunset in awhile until 2 weeks ago on a weekend our trip that day was just go for a joy ride on a late late afternoon never would have thought we can captured this stunning look of a sunset! It has more of a purplish reddish combined. Worth the joy ride huh! More of the sunset at my Photography blog check it out! Wink!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Great Gift for Him

Are you looking for great gifts to give to your man? Well, me i am really looking right now, haha because our 6th wedding anniversary is very much fast approaching! Excited for that day of course! Anyway, thinking of getting him a trendy jacket. Found at for carhartt coats/jackets i likes and one those is this manly jacket! Perfect for my handsome husband, LOL. There's a safari look on it, simple yet stylish i don't know i just like the design and the color is  fab because military green color is the shades now a days. Got to dress my man good too! Just bought her a really nice leather one so thought of surprise him in our day with another one! Wink. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Survivor Finale

December 18 was the live aired of survivor finale and reunion and so i missed the show but fortunately i get to follow them at their official website despite am late still i am a goer of my all time favorite reality show in television. I am happy Coach didn't get the prize and Sophie did! She deserved more than the 3 of them :-) anyway that's my own opinion though! Well, i can not wait for the next Survivor One World season 24 on February of 2012, am thrilled because it's another exciting and anticipated show of survivor again! Am just one of those survivor fanatic Wink!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

At your service

Marcus Evans is the world's leading providers and producers of global summits, conferences, business to business congresses, corporate marketing, online research and the like. Not just that, there's Marcus Evans Complaints division and solution available as well. It deals with a wide range of strategies on customer complaints. I think this company works well in helping organizations and firms that needs assistance, learning and training. Customer complaints is probably one of those hard to handle area so to succeed, expert's advice are needed. By the way, they are also behind some of those successful Hollywood films and entertainment, which makes them very famous and reliable through out the world. If there's someone out there interested of what they have to offer, just visit them online and learn more of their extensive range of services. Moving on, I was so tired  tonight. It was been a long, busy yet happy day for me today. And another busy day tomorrow! Looking forward to the weekend again but that's couple of days from now. Am so gonna treat myself, lol!


I really want to build a house in the Philippines soon. I have no idea when though, but provided the means I want it now, right at this very moment LOL! One of the things to consider is the house insurance also. I wonder if they have like home insurance providers there that's the same like what we have here. Will discuss it with my father soon, serious matters such as a new house needs a serious planning too. We can't just cross bridges ain't sure of what's waiting for us on the other side. But of course it's good to think positive and hope for the best. On a second note, am watching news channel online now. I can't help but feel sorry to everyone affected by the latest typhoon that hit the Philippines. So many houses were destroyed and many more lives are lost. I have a friend who lives in the severely stricken area, they are now one of the evacuees. I'm glad they're safe. Praying for their wellness.

Pick n Pull


I think this place is cool, it's like you shop for your automobile parts in bargains. Well this is how it goes, they deal use junk cars, wrecked cars, or old cars and all auto salvage in short, lol. They let their costumers pick and if you see some useful and in pretty good shape parts or what so ever you just pull it! Better have your drill or tools on hands because you are the one will take charge to take parts away! That's why the store named itself PICK n PULL.

Out of town

Just checking this personal possessions insurance at Coniston Local, it's about protecting your belongings while your gone and even those important stuff you carry along like jewelries, designer bags and shoes. It's really for those people whose traveling constantly, they'll have the peace of mind that their stuff are secured and insured. As we know, ordinary insurance provides protection what's inside the house. From being stolen, damage, lost or things like that. But how about the items we bring along? In case it got lost while we're traveling? That's the nice thing they offer, check them online and see more of what they have. Anyway, speaking of out of town, my younger sister is. She went traveling again. I thought her schedule was move because of the recent typhoon that hit our country but there she go together with her girl friend. Well who doesn't want to wander around? Anyway, have fun girls! Stay safe.

The Package(s)

To my nice surprised I had 2 boxes from the Filipino store i got the goodies at first i asked myself before i open it "did I order this much??" lol. Was really shocked but then i realized they just doing their job to satisfied their valued costumer. The white box was where the frozen seafood and the box on the right was my dry goods. They make sure that it will arrived to my door step with all my satisfaction and whole. T'was my first time to doing business on this store and i think am gonna stick to them for awhile. By the way the name of the store is Phil-am Filipino store just googled it and you will be happy with their excellent service! Wink!

A friend from up north

I have this mutual friend met her at social network site and we kind get along very well since then. We chat just about everything and anything under the sun, she also have 2 kiddos like me. She one time invited us to go visit them at winter time because they are close where the hard snow hits every year and there's a place up there that we can spend our ultimate ski get away! How's that? Cool huh! I really do love to experience that ever since i could remember!how's that? Been thinking of it once in awhile that someday  husband and I with our kiddos can take a break and go to the mountains and skiing! Just a matter of WHEN though, lol.

Speaking of such thing, I bumped into a site that they have the best holidays deals around. Very affordable that won't hurt your wallet wherever ski destination you wanna go. You can plan your travel ahead either this year or for next 2012 vacation. Hmmmm, might tell this to the husband. Who knows, LOL.

Meet Pinoy Goodies


Oh yes! These are the goodies that i just purchased at Filipino store online. I've missed salt water fresh in a long time and one of those are galunggung and matambaka they're just not so big of fishes but sure they taste so good and i know fellow Filipino here will agree with me! Don't you guys? I got the frozen seafood a day after and i was really impressed with their handling and shipping they met my high expectation too. So happy with my order.

These are rest of the goodies that i have purchased along with the fishes although they were packed separately but they came in me at the same time! Just missing this stuff and can't wait to wait another time to get it! Glad husband is always there for me. Wink!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My today

Before checking about an article, a friend was asking for some queries, let me first share with you what happened to my day. I had an appointment with my doctor. Feeling sick this past few days and not wanting to prolong it, asked for his advice and findings. Well, it's a self-inflicted sickness I guess. Am not taking enough fluids and the result is am too dehydrated. Bad me! I'm learning my lesson very well now. It's not good to take for granted what seems to be ordinary things, like drinking water. Anyway, hoping to feel better soon. The medicine should hit hard on me cause I just hate feeling sick! Who wouldn't be?

Postcard Inspired

I really like this photograph i took last Sunday. It looks like a postcard shoot in my opinion and it was late afternoon when the husband took us for a drive and of course nevertheless never miss to bring my digital cam. While driving we saw this beautiful sunset ahead of us and so we chase it until we found some nice angle her and there. :-)

Rarotonga hotels and resorts- Ideal for family holidays

What could be any nicer than to spend a weekend full of fun and memories in a place like a beautiful resort? It certainly spells a wonderful adventure. Now that the holidays is just around the corner, people might be planning a getaway wherein they can end a year with a blast. Confused of where to go? How about Cook Islands? It's the secret of the Pacific, found halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. Composed of 15 islands of the Cook, that's boasting a rare beauty, warm people, breathe of fresh air, crystal clear waters, blue lagoons, and so much more! The main island is Raratonga, and travelers around the globe can't help but fall in love with the place. There are amazing Raratonga hotels and accommodations, located at the beach front. Just imagine the ambiance, scene and pampering such place has to offer. You could just walk all day by the seashore, take pictures here and there, eat and sleep as much as you like. Once in a while, it's healthy to treat ourselves and our loves ones too. For me, nothing can beat a beach holiday, wherever that might be! Now I'm day dreaming again. LOL!

I think...

... I can't wear you this coming weekend, tsk tsk! I've been so excited to attend to our special day convention this weekend at Cookville, TN. It's our privilege to meet and mingle our brothers and sisters in faith across the states, encouraging each and everyone! But then I guess we can't go now because i am sick and the dress i am supposed to wear i mean this is a formal event so i make sure that my family is well dressed and so on so fort. I hope by then my meds is kicking me and i am feeling better so we can still attend and wear this beautiful dress that i bought just for that occasion! Wink.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Something unique

The woman that husband works for the cabinets job wanted him to get something unique stuff to complete her kitchen look. Some of those are the labels the holders i mean of the drawers and doors she want something fancy and outside the box kinda stuff. The other thing is she prefers the metal switch plates to match her silver expensive appliances such as the refrigerator, washers and stoves. I think it would look so elegant when everything are set up in its places because i learned she will put granite on her counter top. I definitely go with the husband to go see and take pictures of it! Wink!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bling-blings & blah-blah's

My sister was all smiles when she found out I already got her the leather jacket she was raving about! The make ups too, and the chocolates, and the shoes, lol! Before the year ends, I'll be sending them the box full of goodies. Here's the twist, am also expecting a box from her/them! She's into bling-bling business right now. Accessories like cocktail rings, vintage necklaces, feather earrings, etc. and I like all of those. The photos above are what am talking about. I know we have it in the mall here as well but you see nothing compares to the fashion sense in the Philippines. I totally believe in that!

Dream house


We all have our dream house. Either for ourselves or for our loved ones. What comes to your mind when you think about it? I have my ideas. I'd like it to have a grand veranda for bbq nights, a wide kitchen for my cooking, glass windows for a perfect cozy afternoon, I can go on with my lists. It's not suppose to be a mansion though, I just want it to be simple yet beautiful. I had a glimpse of my dream house upon looking at Dennis Family Homes, a top choice for reliable home builders in Australia. They have a strong reputation of building quality, great value, and modern homes in the land down under, I must say their displays are fantastic! Am having a hard time choosing which one's the nicest. Well as of now it's still a dream but isn't it dreams are made of glimpse of the future? I got a strong feeling it has to be soon!

Anyway, if you're in Australia and looking for a house and lot, you can also view their portfolio and see what am talking about.


My head really hurts right now. After a long day of writing and reading, I feel like my brain is so exhausted and knocked down. But am not done yet! I still need to figure out what is flexible PCB all about. You see, my husband is a handy man and he's currently doing a big project that is to remodel an entire kitchen. He changed everything, from the flooring to the tiles, cabinets and the appliances. He's still not done with the installation and sometimes I go to his studio and help him in ways I can. He told me to find a good deal of flexible circuits for the wiring I guess. So here I am, browsing and checking for options. Oh boy, my eyes are popping out already! Need to treat myself after this very busy day. What could be a nice reward for a busy wife/mommy like me huh?

New legal problems

Practices in reproductive medicine, which were once considered science fiction, are creating new legal dilemmas. "Every year, more babies are born stemming from sperm or embryos that have been stored for months or years," explains The Wall Street Journal. "In some cases, one parent has already died, usually the father. In the U.S, some orphans receive monthly payments from the Social Security System. But the laws of different states vary as to whether such payments ought to be made if the child is conceived after the death of one of the parents. 'Technology has gone far beyond where the law ever dreamed it would,' says a lawyer from Minnesota.

source: Awake!

What's on my mind?

Time passes by so fast, the year is almost to end and another one is about to begin. I look forward to the following year with all smiles. Things are going smoothly, I hope that we can stick to our plans and everything will be well. Anyway, one of my plans next year is to get a car. Seriously, I still don't know how to drive but if I have my own wheels, then I would be more inspired to learn how to. I know it's a big responsibility, like the proper driving skills, car maintenance and of course a Cheap Car Insurance is a must. According to studies, the best way to save money on car insurance is to compare quotes for you to have the best insurance terms and policy according to your needs. That's basically what I do now, browsing for TN auto insurance minimums. Gotta keep this link in handy so that if time comes I need it, all I gotta do is click it. Winks!

Oh Uh!

I learned that my cousin and my soon to be sis-in-law are out of town for a couple of days. According to my sissy, they went to Basilan, OMG!( Google it) They're there for a good cause though. To volunteer and willingly give their support to a construction project. I myself love to volunteer, if only am there. But Basilan is the place I hate the most. Not because of the so many negative news but because of one heartbreaking reason. My best friend died in that place. A victim of bad elements and political strife there. It's been a long 4 years since she passed away but until now I still get teary eyes and choke every time I think of her. Anyway, am sure the group of volunteers are safe now, praying for the success of their endeavor.

Australia Outlook

I think one of the greatest country paradise for me is Australia. Always have fascination that one day i can visit this wonderful place. One of our family friend married an Aussie woman and he once invited my parents to come visit to them. He even mentioned to find my dad a job up there and maybe living for good that was then before i get here though. He said there's plenty of opportunities this country has to offer, great food, beautiful structural buildings, nice paying job and wonderful place to live. One of the place he mentioned was the city of Werribee in Melbourne. This is one of the greater city and very well developed when it comes to real estate business. If you want to build a life and family you can start it in this city, build your dream home as low as you can afford because land for sale werribee is very affordable. Not to mention it's close to busy locations such as shopping, schools, parks and restaurants. To make more easier manor lake is here to help for further information about the said place. Until now my dad and him still in good relationship and they sometimes still talking about moving there! He'll help the best he can to get started but he's aware too that am getting my parents to be with me. So it's just a thought you know maybe we'll visit Australia someday. Wink!

The all time Beauty Secret :-)

Do not freak out guys! Just me... lol! Just having my avocado mask earlier to rejuvenate my face. It is made of mash avocado, let it cool in the fridge then stick it to your face for at least 30 minutes to an hour. I used to do this a lot! We all know that avocados are good source of vitamin E and it is good for your skin to prevent wrinkles and such. Since then this is the old all time beauty secrets and it really works actually, and you gonna have this glowing and younger skin feeling a lot younger! Trust me! Funny though because my girl was afraid to go closer to me she might thought that their a MUMU in the house, HAHA! Meanwhile my boy, sad: "what happened to your face mama? sure it's yucky! twing! But still i don't care we all just laughed i just told them "for the love of beauty kids..." still they don't understand though, LOL.

Just to let you know

Besides collecting purses, shoes and coupons, i am also a collector of stones and Glass Gems particularly the bold color ones. I don't know i just love looking at them specially when you put different sizes and colors altogether in a clear glass vase or in an aquarium. It just an eye catching decorative and it is truly bring a classy look in your house. I have several vases here that i filled with glass gems from red, blue to white. But i tell you they're not that cheap actually mine mostly i got it from friends and family who knows that i enjoy collecting that kind of stuff. Fortunately though, i found a wholesale store that sells in cheap price!! They have wide selections and varieties of colors, sizes and designs that you can really work your imaginations on how to create beautiful things with them! They also have the things for my hobbies! I kinda like the idea of customizing them in several ways to add my decors in my house. Will absolutely buy some in this store later on. I will check of their stuff for now. How about you? don't miss to check it out! Ciao!

Who loves to travel?

What question is that? of course everybody loves to travel who doesn't! Actually i really wanted to go somewhere but here, just enjoy the weekend or a week of vacation to relax our over worked minds. My husband really need a nice relaxation days before the busy time ahead. We are always have this wild imagination on where to go in our next get away one of those is going to a cruise ship. Ever since he keeps wanting to experience that great vacation. So i am thinking right now why not! will help me that! They just have relaunched their new website and of course to top of that they are having wide selection of great deals on vacation packages, holidays, luxury hotels and accommodation plus a lot more. So if you are planning to spend your winter getaway somewhere warmer try to check out their website i am sure you will find the best deals ever. I'll definitely check their cruise deals later on i might find something exciting. Twink!

I let her pick

When my sister found out i purchased these two fashion jacket recently he was jealous, lol (in a good way though). All she asking is to have either one of those but the big sister can't let go of these two! So i asked her to choose just one and i will buy her, lol sweet sister huh! Anyway at first she had a hard time but it ended up to the decision that she picked the one she really loved, the left jacket, haha! I agree it is more cuter than the right side. Is just that i need a black leather jacket so i got them both. So here you go sis, got yours too! Wink!

Goodbye Car

I am talking about my brother in-law's favorite sports car he had. Unfortunately he needs to sell it fairly soon because it could help him to finance his upcoming wedding and in order to get her fiance abroad. Anyway, i learned he listed it in eBay motors and some got interested on it but a guy in Chicago got the the deal. Brother in-law is kinda mix emotion both sad and happy sad because he got rid of his beloved car and at the same time happy for the profit, lol. Anyway last Sunday he supposed to meet the guy and talked about their transaction but then he didn't make it and since he is from Chicago they both decided to just use Car Shipping agency. This company will help and responsible on moving your vehicle from the seller's place to the buyer's home. For sure it is less hassle on both parties. I feel bad for my brother in law but if this will help him to reunite his fiance so be it! I'm pretty sure he'll get by it.

Coupons coupons alright!

Ever since, my mother in law collects coupons and she share me so many times and it give me more spirit to collect coupons when i watched the show of extreme couponings in TLC. In addition i have a virtual friend in a social network site that she is really gaining lots of stuff already! So wanted to to it as well because i can see how she saved money on her coupons thingy. Imagine that you can have free stuff by collecting coupons... how good is that?? That's why i started it last week, and i have few coupons here and there and from groceries to electronics, got some from best buy, vista prints one of my favorite online store for my business stuff, also at overstock coupons which i really enjoyed shopping there and lots of electronic stuff. The husband is telling me if i want to have a new laptop or an ipad which i really want it but still looking the best deal around, a friend suggested me why not check geekalerts the coupons provider. If i want an ipad or macbook i can easily find the Mac Computer Store Deals in the market today. So here i am right now surfing and hoping to find the great deal for a my new PC soon.

It was snowing...

Yesterday it was the first hard snow ever for this winter season. We all looking forward for hard snow actually just like last year we had a blast! We got like 7-8 inches of snow and i took my kiddos outside to experienced and played the white and pretty snow. I personally had enjoyed it my first time to really felt it. I always love the look of the powdered snow how it blanket in the top of everything. So funny yesterday, son asked if he can go out and make a snow man but too bad it wasn't that much to make a snow man yet and i just told him lets wait in several more weeks because winter is haven't get started yet! Excited about that, wink!

Opportunity in Australia

I have this friend that helping fellow Filipinos to find a job in Australia and right now she is recruiting particular people specialized in the field of engineering and architectures. She said it is really in demand the mining job in Australia right now and pays great! I was telling this about to my brother and let him apply if he wanted to because the benefits is quite good. They give to their employees the best offer ever because mining is kinda a risky job. They have free accommodation, bonuses and of course insurance. If i am not mistaken CGU is one of the insurance provider of the said company they provide such as commercial vehicle insurance, life insurance, home insurance, car and etc. I learned that this is one of the larger insurance company in Australia and they offer high quality insurance policy to their member for years of experienced. They offer the best covered that you need. So i think it is really nice job offer. Hope my brother will take his application and we'll see.

I love you already

I was doing my thing and just bumped in this beautiful shoes i feel in love with it right away and i am so freaking tempted to get it!! My urged to shop is kicking me again. Well for me this is a great buy because they are free shipping and to think it's all the way from Korea huh! I'll probably meditate for a moment and will decide later if i will get it or not!! We'll see about my mood lat on, haha!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in real life!

Guest post written by Sam Brandon

Ever since I can remember, my family and I have always sat down and watched the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV. It just wouldn't be the holiday without seeing it with my family. So I decided that maybe we would do something a little special this year and go and see the thing in person! At first my wife thought that the idea was too crazy, but after a little convincing we decided to go for it!

When I was online looking up hotels to book for our stay there, I saw some info on Invisible Hearing Aids. As I looked through it a little bit I decided to go and get fitted with some hearing aids. The better to enjoy all of the things that we're going to experience!

The kids are even more excited about all of this than I am, if that's even possible. I just hope that they feel that way when it's super cold outside when we're standing up to see the parade. IÕm sure there will be a little complaining when it comes to that part, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Meet the Bored!


Hello everyone, am so bored today! The picture above changed my mood though. I found this very cool apps that you can uploads photos and edit it as whatever as you like and so i gave it a try. So from being beyond bored to super laugh out loud! Enjoy! :D

Cruising at Galapagos islands

Galapagos islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands in the Pacific ocean. It is also a national park and biological marine reserve. Many scientist, especially the famous evolutionist Charles Darwin spent their time in Galapagos to study the vast number of species residing in the islands. Today, travelers around the world visit the place to experience their once in a lifetime vacation. I think the place really appeals to those who loves nature and adventure. However, the best way to explore it and so as its surrounding waters is through Galapagos cruises. Such Galapagos cruise allows tourists to discover all of the islands natural beauty, marine reserves, wildlife encounters, and everything extraordinary. On board one of those Galapagos cruise ship, travelers can choose their itinerary and together with their friendly guides, be able to experience what Galapagos islands has to offer.

Well, I haven't been on a cruise ship ever. It's one of my many wishes though to know how does it feels like being pampered and just relax, enjoying the beauty of the mighty sea. How about you? When you feel like going on a cruise, why not the islands of Galapagos?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My 2012 Collection


I am getting super excited for 2012 not just another year added but by that time i'll be started working part time and still be with my kids and husband. The F-I-L hiring me to do work for his firm during tax time and what else could i ask for? I'm thrilled! Anyway, second thing is happening to me right now is i am launching my 2012 Calendar creation i just had them customized by my collection of photographs. I first made the flower calendar and they are so great i love how i made the calendars. Just sharing some of them and maybe someone wanted to grab a copy of it! Feel free you might like my calendar with beautiful quotes! I have here randomly selected pages. Enjoy viewing tell me what you think? Ciao!

Moment for teens

If you're in your teen years right now, probably the most exciting thing for you is attending a prom night. It's not just an ordinary event especially for teenage girls, it's special. To be at your best, you might wanna start by finding a pretty, awesome dress. There are lots of beautiful and fabulous prom dresses 2012 collection at TJFormal for you to check out. Don't think it's still too early to start preparing for that one special night. Girls who wants to have a memorable prom night makes sure they wont settle for less. I don't remember attending a prom night though, did I? Lol! I tell you, I had a weird high school days. Winks!

Remembering the days

Listening to music now, makes me remember the days when I used to hate it so much! Not because I hate music but because my brother puts the volume too high and it's so annoying, lol! I guess it wasn't that loud though but because of the wall speakers he sets up, the volume became more defined and crystal clear. I think I was just bitter then, not appreciative of songs and melodies. Looking back now, I missed those days. Anyway, am not gonna start emoting here. Listening to songs now serves like a sleeping pill to me. So to have a good night sleep, I listen to melodies. People change really, I can't believe am becoming sweet like a baby nowadays, LOL!

It is really nice...

To think about of the possibilities that my parents could come to visit me mid next year. I always have butterflies in my stomach and can't help to get excite whenever we talk about it! Well, i guess some plans changes who knows and we will see what we will do in the next few months. The idea of getting them here is one of my biggest wish that one day my mom and dad will come to the US and see what's life awaits for them the fun, the excitements, the places they never been, the American food and all that kinda of stuff, lol! I am checking the processing time and requirements of the visa they're applying and hope will works well. So so so looking forward!!!

Just saw

I was searching friends via facebook search and i bumped into Triangle Direct Media. I like their page so i clicked liked it is open to public which allows everyone online see it that make sense right duh! haha. Anyway, I like it for they provide insights on the latest deals like The Black Friday and other updates about what's happening in the world wide web, you know when it comes to shopping and such am number one in line, lol. Well, on a second thought i am glad as well that i found my long lost friend in facebook and we get to chat this day and onward. Wink!