Friday, February 17, 2012

Spanish Bread for Breakfast

Yours truly woke up so early just to bake fresh breads for our breakfast accompanied with hot chocolate great for cold morning this time of the year. And as well bread for the office where i work and my husband as what they have said(office mates) i have the best bread they ever have which makes me proud of being a Filipino! Every day we all assigned to bring or make something for our meals because of hectic time schedule out there we don't have much time to grab something so decidedly to cook since office have a good kitchen to use. Anyway, Each week i am assigned to bake the yummy Filipino bread certainly the pandesal and today for a little bit change am baking Spanish bread as well. They've taste some good bread actually such as, coconut bread, the pandesal as i mentioned and Spanish bread also some fried donuts and so on so fort!

Almost done baking everything and kiddos is ready take their breakfast and soon taking all the baked bread at the work, so got to go! TTYL!

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