Thursday, February 23, 2012

World's Largest Cruise ship

~Over looking boardwalk~

Oasis of the seas is the largest and innovative cruise ship ever build! If you are thinking of going on a great cruise vacation you must go on board to this massive and very futuristic ship and spend the best time of your life with your family or friends. I swear if we get the chance to go someday i absolutely positively put this number one in my list i really want this to experience! lol. This cruise ship has it all from rock climbing, amusement park, central park, to zipline experience! Over 5,400+ guests capacity and the rooms is looks like a town house or a condominium style facing each other as you can see on the pictures. I so love this ship and the worth the cruise vacation kinda thing. Lets take a tour pipz :-)

Image by: random yahoo image


Love Always said...

wow..really wanted to experience this

Yannie said...

Ang ganda. Want to experience it too

anney said...

Ganda namn! Yung top view kala mong nasa mall ka.

Shela said...

Thanks for all the comments!