Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Genoa Italy

Isn't it beautiful? I was stunned upon checking my emails sissy sent some of the most amazing pictures you could ever seen in your life and one of those are this one the "colorful city" as what described! I got so intrigue by it so without a doubt i further my research to find where this colorful city situated, was kinda thought pretty sure somewhere in Europe and i was positively right! The location is in the Mediterranean’s Gulf of Genoa, Italy! Accordingly, in the early days the city is known for its historic character and its wines that produced by the town's vineyards. The place has a small yet gorgeous beach and wharf framed by tower of houses. And when you are here numerous of amazing amenities this place has to offer from fine dining restaurants, scenic views to bars & shops all over the streets.

So if you love to travel and wanted to see an amazing full of life and colorful destination, this must be your next place to visit along with your family or friends! Now, i am dreaming of going there, i don't know how and when though, lol!

Have a wonderful day ahead!


Sam D. said...

Indeed a pretty colorful and pretty place. :-)

Balut said...

breath taking! I pinned it in my Pinterest Board :)

You may want to visit me back and join the fun here by granting my request:

Thanks & see ya around ;)

simply kim said...

it is very beautiful! thanks for sharing.. wish i could go there someday, lol!

Shela said...

Thank you guys for liking my article! Yea, indeed was a fantastic one! :)