Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh weekend!

It's almost Sunday, in two days though. But if am on my tippy-toes, I can see it from here! Oh what's for the weekend that gets me so excited? Nothing much, just going to the salon with my pretty niece, yahoo! After busy working weeks, I think it's fair enough to treat ourselves for some girl thing. I want to have a trim and dye my hair, something reddish purple, lol! Haven't done this for decades, seems my long hair, jet-balck hair is getting bored and needs a new look. Aside, am drooling for some manicure and pedicure too. See the pic above? I want one! Winks! Have a good rainy morning fellas!


Sam D. said...

Awww so cute nail work design :-)

my world said...

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