Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The reason why travel is FUN!

This is the reason why i always ask my better half to drive us around and have the best time of our joy rides, seeing those colorful trees and taking pictures here and there. I love the vibrant colors of the trees specially in the early fall, oh! Just so breath taking! I want to go for a ride here! haha.
I must admit I'm a city girl! I rather be in a place like this where traffics and honking are going on than in a quite and silent country side, :). I used to live on a small city yet very crowded and busy place you could imagined. Although this scenario is way beyond but as long you have a good gas mileage and a full tank of fuel plus an extra in the back of the trunk why not? lol. For me it doesn't matter i just love to be on the roads 24/7 if possible! lol

I consider sailing is fun too! Just feeling the breeze and seeing those awesome waves I'm pretty sure you will have the good time of your life!
Just some of the nicest photos you could have in the right place at the right time and with your camera!!

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