Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trouble-free Traveling with your Family and Friends

Traveling around to different countries and places are often dreams for a person (just like me!^_^) who likes to have break getaways from all those stressful work. However, sometimes there are people who only want a short travel experience that serve as antidotes from all the stressful activities they are facing everyday. Somehow, it is difficult to choose a perfect destination for a short travel vacation but planning ahead of time such as checking how much it will cost and everything should be very important.

So before hand you must look for some ideas in which you can have a short and worth while vacation experience budget wise. You have plenty to choose from, perhaps a cities with nearby camping spot, or the other option maybe is to go to a near by island where there are adventure resorts by indulging yourself and your family with the nice scenery beaches around, favorite cocktails, sun bathing and other exhilarating activities you can do. All of those are only few to mention when you prefer a short travel vacation. It depends on what destination you desires to go. Either you’ll have a short travel time or maybe the lengthy one. Nevertheless, planning in advance is important in order not to spoil your getaway during the time of traveling.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Favorite baby blankets

Are you an expectant parent? The joy of welcoming your new baby is indeed incomparable. Much more if our loved ones join us in welcoming them, it’s just priceless. It’s so sweet when friends throw baby showers, it’s like everyone around has a piece of themselves that embraces the baby. I remember receiving baby blankets for new parents gift set from a good friend and it was one of my favorites. The cashmere and bear cuddling mat was so cute and up to now, the boy still uses it though he’s outgrown it already. Those are sweet remembrance of those wonderful moments in our lives.

Traveling Along with Your Security Gadgets

For us, personal protection is very important nowadays especially while traveling anywhere. Before reaching our destination, it is important to know the different stuff you’ll have to bring along with you especially our basic needs, right? Not only that, it is also essential to identify what we are missing! Those packed clothes and other belongings are necessary, but we have to think also of our own security and safety from time to time to ensure not only us but our companion too.

Now we have to know what these things are. If you guys want a fussy yet very handy security on your own, it would be better to carry with you some keychain security alarms. Surprisingly, in times of emergency this will be your ideal pal. Traveling is great however; you need some protection in order to distinguish if you guys are in trouble or in an emergency area. Just be cautious you know because it's better safe than sorry! So if you think those handy sleek things can actually be in your pocket or in your purse or where ever that is not visible. As long as it is with you, there’s no need to worry for you can be assure from any danger situations. Just always remember that risks are everywhere and anywhere that is the reason we have to be prepared especially while traveling.

I need to call

Mom and dad in the Philippines. I’m just so excited to tell them about something. They’ll be so happy with the news for we’ve been waiting for this forever. So timely I got this at&t coupons that allows me to save some bucks. I’m pretty sure an hour won’t be enough to talk and catch up with things. Though we chat regularly but it’s been awhile I haven’t called them. I also missed talking to my grandmamma. The reason is because every time I hear her voice, I just can’t help getting teary-eyed. Gotta talk to you soon guys!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Traveling with Kiddos' is a Success

ome parents decided not to travel anymore since they consider it a halt in life for they will have to spend their time soothing and entertaining their kiddos all the time during the trip. You bet they dreamt of going anywhere like they do when they are still single, right?

Why stop yourself from doing so? Discovering all the possibilities and strategies that would be available for you and your kiddos are the best way to start. Get up and start packing after you already have plans of where to go. A lot of distilled advises like the medication, the travel gears, and all the stuff that your child will be amused during the short or either a long trip with you. You guys must have a checklist of your own to avoid running into a whole lot of trouble. After reaching your destination, it is your strategy to make that place a home away from home so they won’t be bored all along the vacation. In that event they will never always say “they wanna go home” even in a long period of time. Never make your trip complicated and stressful; make it an enjoyable experience for you and your kids.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Romantic Travel in Europe's Fascinating City


Anywhere in this world have its own superb and outstanding scenery. These places are normally the center of tourist’s attraction. Traveling to a destination that has an amazing panorama makes us feel relaxed and loosen up. Of course, we might plan of what place we are going to go during our vacation trip, right? Expecting something unique that would capture our eyes during that time could be the beautiful surroundings and most especially its startling view.

Well, you’ve all got number of choices but for lovers, there is one place in Europe that is called the Romantic City where love is in the air. This is the city where lots of lovers find it very fascinating and alluring to stay during their vacation. There famous Eiffel Tower is the most wished-for location for a relationship proposal. Some chooses to propose below the Eiffel Tower, others prefer also at the top, and some like better in front of several restaurants which is very remarkable. Every place on the spot, no matter what location you desire has its own ideal beauty for everyone especially for those who are in love. The mystique and the romance that you guys feel in the air, makes you more attracted to travel on this romantic city. Wishing to go there one day with my beloved! Wink!

Experience the Amazing Panoramic View in the Philippines

During summer season, lots of people would like to travel on places where they can be relaxed, experienced stressed-free and feel the summer breeze along with friends and family. That is the reason why some desires to travel outside the country for a vacation just to obtain the kind of break they would like to have from all those work and activities they’ve been through.

Without a doubt a lot of foreigners like to travel in my homeland, Philippines, Why? because Philippines is one of the most amazing country that have lots to offer, from stunning scenic views to white sand beaches that's one reason why people keeps revisiting there from time to time. Don't miss the great and well-known beach called Puerto Galera in Palawan. This can be your choice to visit where you can experience a cozy atmosphere and fine dining experienced. Getting there is easy!
Once you got to Metro Manila, you can travel to Batangas City where there are ferry boats who are waiting going to Mindoro, the place where the Puerto Galera is located. This very popular resort has a marine reservoir that is perfect for snorkeling and diving. No worries since we Filipinos are known to be nice and hospitable to assist during your travel so you will be perfectly safe anytime and anywhere.

Have a wonderful travelling everyone!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tallest Tower in the World

~by night~

The top and number one on the list is BURJ KHALIFA in Dubai, by far this is the tallest building/tower in the world right now. We watched mission impossible 4 the other day and this building is where mostly the action scenes going on so while watching my mind was telling me to blog it because it really caught my freakin interest! So i did! lol, Just so really cool i never seen such high end and very futuristic structure. Never thought that the tallest man made structure in the world could be in Dubai. Accordingly from, the building has returned the location of Earth's tallest freestanding structure to the Middle East where the Great Pyramid of Giza claimed this achievement for almost four millennia before being surpassed in 1311 by Lincoln Cathedral in England. Link!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Struggling to walk

My sister is struggling to walk. As our latest conversation, she said her hips down her left leg are in pain and she has difficulty moving around. I’m pretty sure it’ not that serious like she has to use a knee walker or anything such. But she really has to do something with it, go get a massage, apply hot compresses or take pain relievers. If am not mistaken, it was due to a fall from the motorbike years ago and since then been experiencing occasional soreness and pain. She’s an accident prone lady, too clumsy I guess.



I just got to steal this picture and pin it here. The colors are beautiful, the one who captured this shots is surely proud. I have no idea where is this place all I can say is it's one of the most splendid I've seen so far. Imagine walking down that scene. Same thing on the second photo the mountain blanketed with fogs and red sky above how lovely indeed. They're just captivating! Have a sweet and sound sleep tonight everyone and a beautiful tomorrow! Winks!

Light up your home

Lightning can greatly change the appearance of your home, both inside and out. Choosing the right lightning and positioning it carefully in the right areas of the house is not quite an easy task. Thankfully, we can now read a lot of available information, tips and advice on home lights via the internet. Through it we can learn about the basic interior designs especially on choosing the right lightning fixture. I have a current fancy over pendant lights nowadays, they look so simple yet very classy. Chandeliers are also a perfect accent to any living room isn’t it? Indeed, the right lightning can beautify a house.

Now watching


I was supposed to watch it earlier but totally forgot about it. The Binibining Pilipinas 2012 pageant. (Ms. Philippines 2012) Years ago, when I was still in the Philippines, mom, sissy and me can't afford to missed shows such as this. It's like a bonding time for us watching a parade of beautiful women. Mom would often times has the silliest reaction, and our most favorite part is the question and answer portion. Anyway, as for this years winners, I'll find out myself after am done watching the delayed telecast alright. But here's the picture of the winners in case I'll feel sleepy and not finish it. LOL!

Musician’s friend

A musician’s life could be one of the most colorful lives to live. Making beautiful music and writing songs that can inspire and uplift. He/she can’t do the job all alone though. There are stuffs a musician just can’t do without. The instrument he plays could be guitar, piano, drums, to name a few. How about those who has their own band or group? They might need more advance equipments like Avalon amplifiers, stereos and microphones. Those are the partners they can’t do without so as to play beautiful melodies and songs for us, the listeners.

Mowing mode

Been 2 weeks in a row i feel like mowing our yard specially the whole front yard not to mention i use the push mower instead of the one you can just drive on it. Husband does our mowing but the rides on mower however i insisted to do it because first of all i want to lose some weight faster before summer time is here and thought this is my last shot to losing my belly fats! LOL. I kinda enjoy it actually because i sweats so much in such short while. I determined to do this work and at the same time i consider it as my exercise routine. I rather not think this as a bog of a deal because everyone is having their violent reaction why i do the mowing job well all i can say is i just love doing it so back off... haha kidding aside but seriously it's a peace of pie for me! I can do this again and again! Feeling great after all the sweats coming out...Phew!

Quality boots

Shoes are not just shoes, it protects us from everything our feet lands on from dust, mud, glass, and the list goes on. Shoes are also our great partner to wherever we want to wander. How about for those more exciting adventures? You need not only shoes but boots. There’s one kind that’s been getting good remarks from the public and that’s Vasque boots. You can Buy Vasque boots from the local malls yet for more options, you can take a look at online stores. Lots of great deals and discounts are also up for grabs if you shop online. I must say those kind of boots are really well-fitting and is made from high quality.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ariel's Point

As was randomly browsing my sister's album in FB. Feeling nostalgic and looking back at memories down the lane. Anyway, these shots were taken February of last year. Where was this? The island of Boracay. A super duper famous tourist spot in the Philippines. Sissy spent 3 days there for an excursion. The pics below shows Ariel's Point. It's an hour of pump boat ride from Bora. It's a cliff with massive stones where people can jump off from 100 feet high and scream like crazy. She said twas a different kind of thrill going there and could have tried the fall if she was with the right people. Hmmm... visiting this place will surely be included in my bucket list. Winks!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Got a back pain

How's everyone doing today? As for me, well as always- BUSY! If I'm not in the office then expect that am in my housekeeping routine and lately been in the mode of gardening. We have been planting lots of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. I also did some mowing the other day using the manual pull mower since am not allowed to drive the tractor. Dang I was tired! LOL! Told the husband, maybe I should be attending one of those Back pain seminar. A local spa has it once in a while. Their conducting seminars for the elderly and teaching different exercises that will help alleviate back pain and sores. Or maybe I should just watch health videos which are generously shared by fitness experts. Better yet I might get a massage as a prize for mowing the yard big time. Anyway, busy days are sure tiring yet fulfilling as well.

Stay Active, Stay Healthy

Prolonged physical inactivity at work, at school, or in front of the TV is linked to chronic diseases, say researchers. As you sit, the activity of lipoprotein lipase, the enzyme that allows muscles to draw fat circulating in the blood and burn it off, drops precipitously. According to studies, we need more than heart-pounding bouts of cardiovascular exercise to stay healthy. We need regular, constant light to moderate activity in order to keep the metabolism functioning.

So everybody, let's get physical! Winks!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Hilton Suite Brentwood, TN

~ @ Night~
~ @ Day~
That's where we spent our weekend to attend the convention, we had fun on a short stayed in this hotel got the chance to roamed around and take some good pictures here and there. I love the hotel as you can see on the pictures above, they have the indoor garden where you can just chill and relax all day, i told my husband i wanna come back here and stay a lil bit longer than we had. So far the overall ratings i should say is 4.5 star. So if you are in Nashville area for a getaway or business purposes, the Hilton suite Brentwood is a place to book that coming from me! Wink!