Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Got a back pain

How's everyone doing today? As for me, well as always- BUSY! If I'm not in the office then expect that am in my housekeeping routine and lately been in the mode of gardening. We have been planting lots of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. I also did some mowing the other day using the manual pull mower since am not allowed to drive the tractor. Dang I was tired! LOL! Told the husband, maybe I should be attending one of those Back pain seminar. A local spa has it once in a while. Their conducting seminars for the elderly and teaching different exercises that will help alleviate back pain and sores. Or maybe I should just watch health videos which are generously shared by fitness experts. Better yet I might get a massage as a prize for mowing the yard big time. Anyway, busy days are sure tiring yet fulfilling as well.

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