Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mowing mode

Been 2 weeks in a row i feel like mowing our yard specially the whole front yard not to mention i use the push mower instead of the one you can just drive on it. Husband does our mowing but the rides on mower however i insisted to do it because first of all i want to lose some weight faster before summer time is here and thought this is my last shot to losing my belly fats! LOL. I kinda enjoy it actually because i sweats so much in such short while. I determined to do this work and at the same time i consider it as my exercise routine. I rather not think this as a bog of a deal because everyone is having their violent reaction why i do the mowing job well all i can say is i just love doing it so back off... haha kidding aside but seriously it's a peace of pie for me! I can do this again and again! Feeling great after all the sweats coming out...Phew!

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