Monday, May 28, 2012

On getting wireless

I like it when gadgets nowadays had gone wireless. It's just so neat and hassle-free to use when there's no wires attached to your phone, microphones, mouse, and so on. The husband is about to get wireless speakers before our trip, I don't know for what though. I guess it's for the car, since we're off for a long travel, we're suppose to be loaded with stuff that will entertain us, and the kids most especially. I mean music and DVD material to keep them from fussing. I'm so excited with this trip, packing our bags and we're all set. Winks!

Countryside hopping

Since t'was holiday today and they're celebrating memorial day we thought of taking a joy ride because apparently husband is off at work! We headed up in the countryside where one of husband's client own a big land near at the firing range. Her house is so beautiful and lots of nicest things to see outside!

That little tiny way over there, is the firing range that i am talking about her brother owns the property and she said we are always welcome to go there! I honestly wanted to try how shot riffles or guns and see how it will goes to the target, lol!

Anyway, I'm so busy taking pictures of the scenic views of the site it is indeed amazing! I would love to live in the countryside if given us a chance but we preferred close to the city though who knows maybe in the future when he get retired! For now, i'm content to just go explore have a fun ride to the countryside! Wink!

In search for a job

It's not quite easy looking for a job. I guess it's normal because of so many applicants and candidates, and though there are vacancies, the matching would be the hard thing. To land on your desired job, what are you supposed to do? For instance if you want to apply at Kroger, it would help if you can get a copy of their employment application form, which is available online. You will have to fill it up, stating what's necessary and required by the employer. It's like a guide towards making a great resume, and as we all know, to land on your dream job, begin by making a standout resume. It might help you get a good shot at Kroger so might as well give it a try.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


So thrilled i'm pretty excited for us in the coming days! All i can smell right now is the ocean and sands i so missing the beach and knowing about Florida makes me smile and happy everyday! Ohh just can't wait!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Huge yardsale once again

Talking of 98degree weather on Friday but here we are having a huge yardsale of this time of the year, whew! So freaking hot but it was fun though i help somehow to my sister & mom in-laws to watch but for my behalf i didn't really bother to put lots for mine because i am so lazy to carries them in and out the house same as we did last year i was exhausted! Anyhow, we still gonna have it tomorrow and i maybe put few more stuff well most baby gears/stuff their bikes that they haven't use anymore and kids clothing! But mine? uh uh it never gonna be out this time, might drop off to goodwill when we move to Florida soon because no more space for balik bayan box too full already!

Anyway, gotta go will fix supper now! Ciao!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hopping at Guimaras

A picture paints a thousand words. Oh well what more can you say, Amazing isn't it? The pictures below were taken at Guimaras Island, Philippines. My sister, brother, cousins and their friends went there like three weeks ago. It was part of their excursion after attending a wedding. Yeah, they went island hopping together with the newly-weds, invading the honeymoon. LOL! So they really had a blast and  accordingly, they paid like 3bucks each of them for 2days 1 night at the said resort. Pretty cool huh? That's because the owner is a friend as well. And that means if we would have to visit Guimaras someday, spending much is a No, No!  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our new Beginning

My husband and I just recently built a new website that really fits to everybody's needs. No more searching where to find the best deals ever, it's just a click away for you to see everything it's like mall on your local cities however we make it a little bit hightech you  don't need to commute or fall in line all you gotta do is seat and click at your best comfortable situation, where? at you home! Check our hundreds of stores nationwide and worldwide with great special deals everyday only at Vero Plaza Mall y'll! It easy to navigate just go to sidebar and all of the desired categories of your choice is all there! It very convenient one stop shopping store you know! So check them out and check our facebook fan page and Like us! See you there! Wink!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012



Like what I've mentioned in my previous entry, my sister and cousins just came home from their 2 weeks vacation. The pictures above is one of my favorite shots. (they have a whole lot of bunch!) That's by the way my cousin, isn't she fearless? Did a rock/waterfall climbing at Malabo Falls, Valencia. They said it wasn't like this before, it used to be surrounded with lots of trees and the rocks aren't that eroded. But it got hit by a typhoon last December it this is how it looks like now. Knowing my dear cousin, I just know she had a blast on this, she's so silly who loves adventure such as this. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On getting tanned

I don’t like getting tanned, but since we’re heading off to the beach anytime soon, the idea of grabbing a sunless spray tan is on the back of my mind. It’s like getting that sun-kissed-skin complexion, the perfect look for summer time without staying under the heat of the sun. I saw in the add the other day about airbrush tanning solutions and it’s nicer because it looks more natural with a bronzer, sexier look. But I’ve always been fair all my life and I don’t know how I would look like if I become tanned. Better give it a try and see if it works for me. Winks!

A lot to share!

I am looking forward for me and sissy to chat she just got off from her 2 weeks vacation with friends and big bro somewhere in visayas and sorrounded cities, i tell yah they have a lot of fun moments together for that 2weeks get away and she said she'll share bunch of amazing photos with places and anything specially beaches and all kind of stuff! @-@. So here i am waiting for the cool pictures of places! LOL. That's all for now! Wink!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Island hopping

My sissy was gone for a week, they attended a wedding and went island hopping. That’s the reason why she haven’t been online all this time because accordingly there’s no available signal in the places they’ve been. The nice thing is that the resort where they’ve stayed was owned by a sister-in-faith and gave them huge discounts for their stay. They also had souvenirs like keychains, custom t-shirt and lots and lots of memories. I think it’s really cool spending a dollar for an island hopping, it’s like a great deal and steal. I told her she better send me some of the stuff she bought because i deserved to have some gifts you know! Wink!

Vero Beach


Brother in law took this awesome beach and its waves! Isn't it so cool? to go to this beach! I am going gaga when i get to see some nice beaches around all i can think of is go swimming or walk along the sea shores!! The feeling is awesome always! I really wish soon we could visit this fantastic place in Florida and just enjoy our days over there. I got the feeling it's going to be great soon... yay! Just keep you in touch and share you more beaches photos! Wink!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead y'll coz tomorrow will be TGIF!