Friday, May 25, 2012

Huge yardsale once again

Talking of 98degree weather on Friday but here we are having a huge yardsale of this time of the year, whew! So freaking hot but it was fun though i help somehow to my sister & mom in-laws to watch but for my behalf i didn't really bother to put lots for mine because i am so lazy to carries them in and out the house same as we did last year i was exhausted! Anyhow, we still gonna have it tomorrow and i maybe put few more stuff well most baby gears/stuff their bikes that they haven't use anymore and kids clothing! But mine? uh uh it never gonna be out this time, might drop off to goodwill when we move to Florida soon because no more space for balik bayan box too full already!

Anyway, gotta go will fix supper now! Ciao!

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