Thursday, July 19, 2012

Coolest Garage in America

 ~The 4 doors garages~

I just wanna give a round of applause the man behind all this! I don't know him in person but i am so amazed by his passion. I saw his story in a car enthusiast website. Man like him who loves cars and passionate about building extravagant garages and etc! (actually hubs is one of the member on that forums, he just like to get ideas and stuff like that to use for his own as well.) Anyway, this would be the coolest garage I've seen ever build so far! As you can see the 3 door garages plus the long one garage for his Semi-truck. I learned he design this on his own since the man loves to build and do costume stuff! 

~The mansion~

Meanwhile, that's only the garage the real thing is his big mansion upfront! This man is rich and famous I'm sure! Just saying the owner obviously has unlimited resources. Everything is impressively creative! Give it A++++++++ on that! Wink!

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