Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm supposed to read emails

This is the first time I did this, I mean visiting different websites through my email. If you've been using Gmail, you might know of this feature already but since I'm a late bloomer, it so happened I learned about it just now. Anyway I'm looking at Google Plus Page for Personal Creations and the products they have. If you're looking for personalized gifts for any occasions, they're the place to be. My brother-in-law is to walk down the aisle soon and I think a "heart in sand framed print" is such a nice thing to give on his wedding. He loves the beach and so as his bride-to-be. I'm pretty sure they'll love this because it has an imprint of the couple's name along with memories a walk in the beach brings. There's actually a lot of amazing treats and deals here. Anyway, now I'm just not reading emails but surf the net all at the same time!

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