Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Real Barbie

Back when we were kids, us girls were fan of one thing- Barbie! Well-loved and adored by many all across the world, this beautiful doll captured our hearts. I'm pretty sure the number of girls who dreamt of having Barbie eyes, hair, waistline and legs are to numerous to count. LOL! Sure we are all fascinated by Barbie but did you there's actually a living Barbie? I was like wow! Her name is Valeria Lukyanova, a 21-year old Russian girl who takes her fondness with Barbie to the next level. She has been an internet sensation because people are just so amazed with how she looks, which is very unreal. Humor has it she went through plastic surgeries to achieve a Barbie-look but the lady hasn't disclosed anything about it yet. Anyway here's a couple of her pictures. She really looks like a doll, OMG!


Anonymous said...

that is sooooo creepy

Anonymous said...

that is sooo creepy