Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Breaks Abroad on a Budget: All Inclusive Packages

Children aren’t cheap. In between the general tasks of togging them up, seasonal Father Christmas duties and amidst sports and music classes, it’s time to find the funds for your family holiday. As well as making the most of cheap holiday offers , getting the cost down can seem like a tedious task. Alas, it can be done. Every little helps, and that’s the motto for cost efficient family fun in the sun. Are you a brood of three, four or more? Self catering is sadly a thing of the past. Children may only ask for small snacks during pool hours and top ups of soft drinks, but add that up over the period of seven to fourteen days and you’re easily hitting a ton of cash. Check out all inclusive packages . Although they carry a more expensive price tag, all inclusive does what it says on the tin – ensures that your children, and you, are fully fed and watered three times day. In addition to this, expect unlimited child friendly snacks (read: ice-cream galore) as well as bottomless soft drinks. Keeping the youngsters entertained can also be costly. Look at all inclusive packages at a family friendly resort. Here you can expect splash pools, sometimes slides, as well as kids clubs and evening discos for the little ones. Depending on the age of your children, it may be possible to travel outside of peak season. Make the most of getting away in term time should your children be of preschool age. Jetting off to foreign shores outside of the more popular months of travel will guarantee a relaxing respite as the crowds calm down. Not only this, you will notice a significant drop in the cost of your holidays – a win/win sojourn scenario.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Only in America...


Yea exactly! who would have thought those computers and all kinds of sizes of television can be seen in the dumping site just only! lol. Twas Monday we usually dump garbage and upon driving to the dumping station i  saw lots of refrigerators in the other corner of the lot meanwhile on the other side you can see those monitors and TVs were scattered and smothered like burritos haha well was rainy that day. One thing i realized that only in America you can fine such things! In other countries i bet these stuff are still in good use or whatever people can fix it! I honestly was freaking out for sec because i thought of checking them if they're working kidding aside:)) plus the husband said "don't even think about it girl"! and so i said OK HANDS OFF meh then, but actually i won't go that far just curious so i went closer and took a quick shot! LOL. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

FL, a Sneak Peak


I can’t believe we are still here in FL up till now. I mean this is supposed to be a weekend visit to the in-laws but obviously we are still here. But you know what, it’s perfectly fine. We are getting familiar with the place we’d consider home in the coming of days. So anyway how are things going on so far here? I actually have nothing much to say except for fun and anticipation. The whole family looks forward to finally settle here and make a brand new start. Oh and by the way, talking about the beach we have been to one. But since there is a typhoon warning towards the other side of the state, the waves are huge and yes it’s windy. Mr. Sun is shining though, and yes I’m so tanned. I guess the picture above speak for itself.

Guys how about ya? How's your weekend went so far? Here’s wishing a blessed and fruitful week ahead to all of us, see ya!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On hearing aids

My sister is a ‘signer,’ the term called for them who knows sign language. She learned it with my cousin to be able to communicate with the deaf/mute individuals and help them as well. I remember they had this deaf friend who doesn’t know how to read and write, they were basically teaching her the basic like ABC’s and counting number. On a second note, do you know someone who is hearing impaired? for hearing aids has everything you need when it comes to hearing device. My sister said that when a deaf person uses a hearing aid, he/she can actually speak because apparently, deaf ones may not necessarily be mute ones as well, they just stop talking because they don’t hear anything.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meet Merloquet!


Where on earth this beautiful, breathtaking waterfalls' located? Surprise I am, the photos above is Merloquet falls situated in Sibulao, Zamboanga City, my hometown. Believe me, I never heard of this place before, I don't remember anyone mentioned about this beautiful gem. Maybe because it wasn't discovered until just several years ago, and since then it was only opened to the public. As you can see in the pictures, Merloquet is different, quite mysterious and alluring. The waterfalls stand tall between two mountains and cascades cool, crystal clear waters.My cousin went there the other day with her office mates, her first time to visit the place and said it's worth visiting. I would love to go there as soon as we visit my hometown, Kurdapya surely wants to meet Merloquet! :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Baby Gifts

What better way to welcome a new baby than to throw a party? I remember when our first child was born, friends and family were excited as much as we are. It was so sweet of them to organize a baby shower and made things ready for us. Speaking of, my sister is asking for a nice baby gift because her friend is 2 months pregnant. She asked my opinion what could be nice and I told her that a diaper bag should really be in handy. But a crib mattress, particularly the one called naturepedic quilted baby mattress is very good too. It’s water proof and comfy, ensuring a baby’s sound sleep. But I have no idea if they have this product back home. Well, sissy told me a rattle would be fine anyway, lol!

Last two minute packing!

This is my problem when going out for a trip i always pack our stuff to the last minute! It just my hobby of doing it i guess, i can't change it ever since i could remember! It's stressing i know, lol! But for me i wanted to get things ready the day we leave the house, so that it won't ruin my excitement because i hate when there's unforeseen circumstances happens and you are so ready for everything and there you go the trip is cancelled, bummer huh! Moving on, am still not quite of finish on  packing the things needs to bring for our weekend trip to FL. I'm getting excited again, i always have this feelings when going on trips, well who doesn't! DUH! haha.

Anyway, have a fantastic weekend ahead y'all, have fun wherever, whatever & whenever! wink!

Required to wear helmets

Gone are the days when drivers in the Philippines can just drive without using helmets. Now they’re required to or else they have to pay a fine. Well it’s about time because here in the states, motorbike drivers cannot ride on their bikes without proper gears and helmets of course. I know my brother hates wearing helmets because accordingly, it ruins his hair. So I told him to opt for Shoei Qwest helmets because they are not just sturdy but comfortable to wear as well. But helmets here are way to expensive, I have no idea how much do they cost back home though. Will ask my brother for that, i learned he deals helmet righ now!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Floating Restaurant in Hongkong


One of the Hongkong's tourist attraction the Jumbo Floating Restaurant! I've learned that the restaurant is so unique, it consisted of high ends decors, dragon statue, and surrounded by hundreds or thousands of colorful lights! So i think it would be nice to dined out there during the night so that you have the lightning experience of your life huh! lol. If given a chance i would love to visit Hongkong with family for weeks and definitely go to eat at this resto. Wishful thinking, if the money is abundant, why not! :)) 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Awww.... Mondays #141


A cute Meerkat captured by my cam at the zoo last Saturday! They are so adorable and tiny looking animals! She poses to by passers for a good camera shots, haha!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

@ Nashville Zoo


The main entrance of the ZOO, before getting the ticket, never miss to take a pose!

Going in the flamingo lagoon, been longing to see this beautiful birds up close and personal! Have to walk over the wobbly bridge before you get there, lol. They're so freaking gorgeous! The color-stunning! Happy me!
I learned they came from San Diego Zoo.

Went to alligator cove and these are just the 3 member of the good looking crocs, thought of their skin... nice to make some purses! kidding aside, lol. Be kind to animals! Wink!

Now, this smarty elephant impresses the audience, she knows we're watching at here i bet she's used of people that's why she make some poses for us! Her feet crosses, bend her knees and make some side view angles, really funny watching her! :))

We had a long fun day at Nashville Zoo yesterday. I know i keep planning it yet always has the unforeseen circumstances here and there. Anyhow, hubs surprised me and the kids, i thought we just gonna go get fuel, lol. He keep driving until i asked where he'll take us and he got the look of "you'll see". I read his mind though.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012



My uncle just came from his tour in Taiwan 2 weeks ago or so and here is the place he went to visit! Stunning place isn't it? This is the park that he's been talking to us that he'll be there whenever he's back to Taiwan. Known as Geopark as you can see the formation is very geological forces by nature did it, when it's high tide you can only see the top of it! And so the cape transforming to this beautiful hoodoo stones with dots on the surface as times went by. Yehliu is the name of the cape on the north coastal area of Taiwan. He mentioned that you can imagined as much of rock formations with names according to their shapes. There's a bee hive, sea candle, the fairy shoe, the ginger rocks and the most popular is the queen's head. How neat aren't they? Happy to my uncle that he can travel around the world and discover the spectacular attractions around.   

Would you like to meet Orlando?

Absolutely! There’s Disney World, plus of course Universal Studios and Sea World as well. But I know very well that planning a trip is easier said than done, in fact you can end up frustrated when you’re supposed to be happy trip turns out stressful. Planning in advance pays off especially if you can ask for assistance from the experts. What I mean is, to make a vacation hassle-free, it’s best to book ahead and avail one of those vacation packages. Speaking of, I just have to share with you about Orlando Escape, it’s a website that offers the best vacation packages in Orlando. In just one click, everything you want to know from hotels, accommodations, attractions, etc will be right in front of your eyes. Sheraton suits & resorts for instance, they have the best room accommodations you could ask for! Swimming pools right down to your windows and close to the airport! On top of that, they also have lots of tempting deals for families and group outings. I literally went drooling upon seeing Orlando escape on Pinterest. Those pictures speaks volume, I can’t imagine how fun it is to be there.

Well, visiting Orlando is really included in our to-do list. Not just that, a long time friend lives there so it will only double the fun. It’s really something the entire family looks forward to. We just have to wait!

Monday, August 6, 2012

My China


Ever since i love the look of China cabinets, i drooled over friends and family who has their own. Then i got married i ask hubs to make me a custom one because he is my personal handyman, lol. But now, doesn't need anymore, my MIL just handed me her beautiful china cabinets and can not wait to stock this up with my collectibles. i have a tiny mini China right where i can put my stuff that i collect for years i am here but the thing is full already and there's no else to insert, so that's why am happy she passed me hers and i already have plans in my mind when to start filling them up and lots of nicest things out there! Thanks Mom. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kurdapya just wanna have fun!

Yea really! One thing comes in my mind right now is going somewhere on the weekend, specially tomorrow! Since we have an open house tomorrow might as well go to Nashville Zoo, which its been a while that really planning to visit there. We just keep postponing it lately because of stuff come after another. But! My feet are so itchy and wanting to go and have some fun with kids and hubs. Of course i would love to do my photography like a safari kinda way! LOL.

Have a great weekend y'all!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


My sister is packing her bags and leaving again soon. She’s going to accompany someone in a trip that would last for 10 days the least. She’s not looking forward for the said trip I know, because it’s definitely not a vacation. LOL! Anyhow, what she’s excited about is the dakine handbags , the treats they’ll get once the appointment is over and everything is fine and settled. I’m also excited too because of so many things, and one of them has to do with a coming wedding. I wish I can share it here. Well, later as soon as the details are clear and fix. Wink!

Meet Taipei 101


The picture above was taken by my uncle who's a Math coach on one of his travels. This time around he went to Taipei to accompany students who were participating in a math Olympiad something. Anyway, that building is Taipei 101 located in Xinyi District. Accordingly, it is the World's tallest building since 2004 until the rise of the now record-holder Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The said building houses hundreds of offices, libraries, observatories, restaurants, fitness centers and other establishments. Its height is 1667ft and weighs 703,130 tons.

 Geezz I'm not afraid of heights but I guess this building is an exception. Imagine yourself at the roof top, no doubt your knees and every inch of your being will go wobbly and the whole world is shaking!

At the grocery

I just love going to the grocery store ever since before. It’s like a therapy for me and I guess you know why. I love to pick and select anything for the pantry! Anyway, the other day I came across a quick milk goody and gave it a try. The kids, especially the little man is addicted to milk with Oreo on the side. That’s good for milk is I guess the healthiest food/drink on earth. What I like about this Quick Milk we got is they come in many flavors with very cute packaging. Kids like it so much! Then I learned they can also be purchase online, which is great!