Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My uncle just came from his tour in Taiwan 2 weeks ago or so and here is the place he went to visit! Stunning place isn't it? This is the park that he's been talking to us that he'll be there whenever he's back to Taiwan. Known as Geopark as you can see the formation is very geological forces by nature did it, when it's high tide you can only see the top of it! And so the cape transforming to this beautiful hoodoo stones with dots on the surface as times went by. Yehliu is the name of the cape on the north coastal area of Taiwan. He mentioned that you can imagined as much of rock formations with names according to their shapes. There's a bee hive, sea candle, the fairy shoe, the ginger rocks and the most popular is the queen's head. How neat aren't they? Happy to my uncle that he can travel around the world and discover the spectacular attractions around.   

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