Sunday, August 12, 2012

@ Nashville Zoo

The main entrance of the ZOO, before getting the ticket, never miss to take a pose!

Going in the flamingo lagoon, been longing to see this beautiful birds up close and personal! Have to walk over the wobbly bridge before you get there, lol. They're so freaking gorgeous! The color-stunning! Happy me!
I learned they came from San Diego Zoo.

Went to alligator cove and these are just the 3 member of the good looking crocs, thought of their skin... nice to make some purses! kidding aside, lol. Be kind to animals! Wink!

Now, this smarty elephant impresses the audience, she knows we're watching at here i bet she's used of people that's why she make some poses for us! Her feet crosses, bend her knees and make some side view angles, really funny watching her! :))

We had a long fun day at Nashville Zoo yesterday. I know i keep planning it yet always has the unforeseen circumstances here and there. Anyhow, hubs surprised me and the kids, i thought we just gonna go get fuel, lol. He keep driving until i asked where he'll take us and he got the look of "you'll see". I read his mind though.

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