Friday, September 28, 2012

Hotels in FLorida

When you plan on going for a grand escapade with family or friends along the beach in east coast of Florida, Consider and I will recommend you to stay on a luxurious skyscraper hotels in Daytona, Florida! These hotels are located at the oceanfront you can see the beautiful and stunning sunrise in the morning and dramatic sunset at night! Experience the get away of a lifetime in Daytona Beach, Florida guys! I heard a lot of nice stories in this place so when we got the chance to go to Florida for a visit to parent in laws, i asked the husband to drove me around downtown Daytona before heading home. I was amazed by the city and i told him we will definitely going back there when we're residing in the state soon. I love the buildings mostly hotels, they're all tall and gorgeous looking, i assured you that it's worth the stay! They have amusement parks across those hotels. I checked the hotel rates and i found out they are not bad at all, they're cheap knowing they're high ends hotels, well i guess because competition are left and right so they need to be smart enough! By the pictures alone you wanna feel like going there huh? lol.

Oh by the way, the first on the top left photo, that hotel is the venue of Florida's huge annual spring break event. Twas featured also in the travel channel the top 10's Florida's best hotel to stay! 

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