Saturday, September 29, 2012

Poses at Ledford Mill Creek

Twas nothing much to do today, house chores done, got a clean house so what else could i think of.. was going for a ride before heading up to food shopping. Had a fun ride with kids behind the passenger seats hoping they could at least nap for a bit, but to no avail! lol. So we decided to stopped over to this beautiful small town at Ledford Mill. It's a small town yet it has a beautiful creek over there, with an antique store and a bed and breakfast log cabin. And the nice thing could happened was taking another beautiful pictures of course i can't help to posed you know, haha!

I love this old log cabin near the creek and water falls that where i took some poses. Cool stairways going down to the river bed. is just neat. It is located on the top of the hill. Cabin was large at front, we thought there's an under ground that is developed by the look of it, we're pretty much sure. I am tempted to go closer than close but the husband don't want me to be because we saw two guard dogs when we first drove by, lol. Yikes! Nevermind.


Kim said...

Best time of year! I love being outside and hiking too!

Kim said...

Great time of year to be outside!!!!