Friday, October 26, 2012

Only in the Philippines

I happened to hop buy this place that supplies first-rate Amplifiers, makes me remember our neighborhood back in the Philippines. We all know that Filipinos loves music and they’ll sing their heart out, totally carefree and happy. We have this neighbor, I used to be so annoyed with them because every morning, when you’re supposed to be sleeping like a child, they’d turn on their radio so loud! I often got headaches because of them. But you know what, it only happens in the Philippines, and in fairness sake, I kinda miss those sort of things. LOL!

Chocolate Factory


I've been longing to see a chocolate factory while we were in Florida, fortunately we found one near the City we will be living. Absolutely it is not hard to find this place, why? because it has a land mark, the entire building is painted with pink color! The first thing you see is that huge building ahead, it's cotton candy pink shade as in pink pink pink, lol. If you have the sweet tooth, you will be ecstatic to come by here! Though, their chocolates are not that cheap either, for 1 pound of milk chocolate cost you $25.00... yikes huh? But hey it's  chocolates and they made it freshly! So for some it's worth the buy, for some it's too expensive! So just mainly up to you! Wink.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

On painting leather

What’s nice about my online job is that I get a bunch of ideas otherwise I wouldn’t know. For instance on painting leather and how it’s done. How will I know anything about it really? But there are people who needs this sort of things, maybe for business purposes and stuff like that. So anyway, there are leather dyes available depending on the materials. I think this works well for automotive business, furniture makers and those that need leather for their product. In case you find it handy, just go ahead with the link above and it’ll you there.

At Manchester Park, Tennessee


We had our farewell party at Manchester park weeks ago, kids are playing with their friends at the slides sets and stuff. Even it was cold that day they had a blast! I let them really take the opportunity to get dirty like kids does and just feeling the joy as kids! This park is so huge and really nice to have picnic specially during summer season ohh, they are packed always!

It’s not that easy

Finding a new house to settle is not that easy. Based on experience, we’ve been looking for a new place for a couple of months already and up until now, we haven’t decided yet. There are so many factors to consider and sometimes, you’ll get confused on which things to compromise and stuff like that. Speaking of, a friend has the same dilemma like mine, they’re also looking for a new place to stay in KY. So I told her about real estate louisville ky, I hope it works. Information like this are really helpful to us, we actually got some pretty good prospective houses through websites like this. Which makes deciding not easy too for there are many options to choose from.

Cologne for Him


Got my ever beloved banito a new scent of cologne, and he loved it as long he said i love it! Let's put it this way, he only have one favorite brand in the entire world, which is the ASPEN! But i wanted him to try new stuff and i found this nitro men spray that i thought has an awesome smell! It has the smell similar to HUGO. I gave it to him as a surprised lil something one Sunday night as i went to store i grab him a bottle. Am i a sweet wife or am i a sweet wife? haha.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The search is over

You looking for stuff related to bands and orchestra especially? The hunt is over, there are color guard equipment at wwbw and other accessories like gigbags, flag poles, straps and support, stage accessories and so much more. On a second note, one of the things I’m looking forward to in FL is that feisty feel you get to see on their streets and neighborhood. Seems like people are always ready to have a good time, a free-spirited kind of atmosphere which I think would be healthy to the soul. LOL! Can’t wait to be there but for now, I have so many things to do first, got to go!

Survivor Philippines Tonight!

I am excited again, you know what i always looking forward every Wednesday night because you know why? Yes! it's because of my favorite reality show again, haha! I loved when middle of the week is here that means survivor show baby, and to make more fun it shoot in the Philippines y'all, my hometown! How cool is that! I miss my country so just watching the show makes me feel i am there. I do watch it a day after in my computer so there is no interruption by the extra ads you know. It's thrilled now because teams got emerged now and it is individual challenge to the finish line! Oh i am so hooked to the show i don't even care what others has to say! Wink.

Old single ladies

My sister and her friends who are in their mid-20’s, yes still single but not ready to mingle has something in mind now. I don’t know what bug hit them but accordingly they want to learn to play musical instruments. Sissy for her dream ibanez guitar, our cousin for the drums, another girlfriend for the keyboard, and another one for violin. I’d say, you girls are just old, bored, single ladies LOL! But that would be cool actually. And if in time you’d learn, it’ll be a nice, funky band of old, single ladies. I know it’s just a silly thought but you know what, boredom definitely has the power to transform lives. Big grin!

Jungle Gym


Are you from Tennessee or planing to visit Nashville? if you have kids or wanted to have fun down that area,  you should visit Nashville Zoo then, they have the wide selection of animals and all that kinda stuff, from wild animals, reptiles, to butterflies! One thing also for the kids to enjoy even more, you can take them to this jungle gym for kids and of course adults too, lol. That big snake over the sign look so real! I definitely your family would enjoy strolls inside the zoo! Just roaming the entire zoo is tiring but hey it's fun! They have all kinds of drinks in every station if you get thirsty you know, and the cafeterias are every where too! Check it out!

I missed singing

Wow it’s been years since I held that karaoke in my hand and sing my heart out though out of tune. In the Philippines, gatherings, big or small can never be complete without karaoke. The microphone will be passed along to everyone present and each will give his/her own number. I used to love singing in a family friend’s house because my voice seems to be a whole lot acceptable, lol! Or maybe it was because of their cool bass amps that makes the sound nicer. Or maybe because my used-to-be crush lives in that house so I was inspired. LOL! Oh well, those were the good old days always worth remembering. Wink!

Zip Line Mania


I swear my sister got this dare devil character, I couldn't imagine she managed to had her zip line experienced with her bff! That's her and bff on the photos! See how long and deep the entire thing? I'll puking out guts if i am, haha. But when she shared me this, i kinda thought hmmm cool, why not! She really had the best time of her life there! I am curious how people react during the moment i bet lots of screaming and freaking out galore going on. Btw, this was from Dumaguete City, Philippines. Cool huh? Indeed an extreme experience!!

Proud of my Faith

If there’s one thing I’m proud of the most, that would have to be me and my family’s beliefs, the worldwide brotherhood where we belong and the God we worship. I will never trade it for the world! I’m also proud with how the organization keeps up with things, I just hope our circumstances will allow us to have a full share in them. One of which is the construction projects and renovations being done around the world. We have countless volunteers helping to build our house of worship. It’ll be a wonderful privilege being able to volunteer one day.

On a second note, I happened to bumped into this church stacking chairs website and realized this is where all those kind of furniture came from. Cool! I've seen those chairs in one of the kingdom hall we been too last summer! I love the style specially the meridian style, the wood just stunning!

Florida: So close yet so far!

I am ecstatic just the thought any moment from now we are really moving to Florida! My PIL are already there and because of them my dream and my family's happiness to live in that state would be in reality! I thank so much that i have a very wonderful family circle here in states. I can not wait to see my second parents any time soon. Florida, i can not even put words how excited i am to see you. So much things to do there. Just thrilled what that beautiful sun shine state has to offer for all of us. Wink!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wow Time!

When I am busy and quite stressed, I just think of food and I’m all good. I also think about vacations, spending time with the family in a beautiful faraway place. Now feeling nostalgic, I remember our Philippine vacation last 2010. It’s been 2 years but it’s still so vivid. The family went to this resort, a 9-hour car drive, quite long and tiring but worth it. On our first night, there was this local band that played beautiful country and folk music. The musicians were simply talented or maybe they just have an amazing effects pedals and great instruments! Everyone around were having a great time, they made all their guest want to sing along and dance. Moments like that are what I missed and looks forward to the most. Sigh.

Bulwang Caves in the Philippines


Isn't it amazing? Bulwang cave is indeed a breathtaking tourist spot to visit! My sis and bro with his wife along with the gang went to explore this cave last summer. Sis said it was the best experienced ever of their lives, oh i am pretty sure it was, as their photo speaks of course it was awesome time. This cave is located in Mabinay Negros Oriental, Philippines. It is 2 hours drive away from Dumaguete city. You can see the all kinds of rocks transformation and relics. It is known as the crystal cave. This is one proud of Filipinos! We have lots of beautiful places to explores. I can not wait whenever we go back to my country because i will bring my family here and enjoy!

On lockers

Back in the Philippines when lockers are not typical at schools, I thought it would be so cool to have one, just like in the movies. But that was such a young mind’s thinking, a grade-schooler with her wishes and childish ideas. But things are different here in the States, lockers are all over the place, in fact they’re essentials. My boy is home-schooled now and maybe the little will be too but the idea of putting them to a regular school later on is a very welcome idea. I’m pretty sure they’ll love all the ups and downs of the school years they are about to experience yet. By the way, there are lockers for sale at A Plus Warehouse, in case you’re interested. They have the widest selection with different style and colors you like. Husband would love to shop there one day for his handyman's stuff. Winks!

With my Filipina sister in-law


Having a fellow pinay around is so much fun much more if she's your family right? Well, i am so glad that my BIL made a decision to marry a Filipina! Not just a fellow pinay but a very close family friend of my family there in my hometown she lives with my parents actually for 6 years until they met last 2010 when we had our family vacation to attend my brothers wedding. Anyway, I am so excited of her being with us here in the states, she's a funny and silly missy too like me so we get along very well in so many levels. The photo above was before during her wedding, MIL, niece and I took her to JCPenny and took her for shopping, we had fun that day! Trying those furry hats and stuff that made us so goofy! I look forward for our fun days ahead as a sister in-law, sure we have so many sillies things to do! LOL.

When their past is your future

I’m talking about personal background check being conducted by companies before hiring employers. I think it’s great because to know someone’s past will give you an idea of who they are. It’s not like you are judging but if you’re a company and you let them in, transparency is an advantage to the both parties. I was talking about this thing with my brother since he is on his way towards a post in a bigger company. Actually, today is his final interview, I don’t have any updates yet. But I really do hope he’ll land the job. If the bosses go check my brother’s background as a part of their protocol, no worries, they’ll be quite amaze in fact. LOL!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Chinese Style Hairdo idea


My hair is insanely long (waist level) however i have to remain that length for now, as the husband's requested he preferred me to have this Rapunzel looking hair, lol kidding aside. I don't know why most likely a man like his woman to have longer hair! Anyway, long hair is so hard to manage especially when you have kids! First thing in the morning i do the routinely manners to tie up with a hair clipper. And so i get tired of it, glad to discover this Chinese style hairdo right now! The procedure is so easy as long you have this wonder hair piece here! They called it sponge elastic hair bond, whatever twisting, grabbing you do your hair would become fabulous and gorgeously manageable! Definitely I'm loving it right now! As you can see it's as easy as 123 and there you go! Besides to that, you can do whatever designs as you want! One thing i admired Chinese ladies, they know how to be pretty in any ways! Hair up like this is always classy and ageless! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Closet Must-Have! Apparel Review

I remember the first time I saw this geometric stripe long dress at Lavishville, I fell in love right away! The mesh details, black & white color combination and its chic design, yeah, I just couldn’t resist getting one. So fortunately my wish was granted, I was all smiles when the postman arrived and hand the package unto me. Excited much, I grabbed my camera and donned right away. Yay!

I love the fit of this dress, and the design hides my extra bulges. I bet I can pull off this dress on any occasion and this goes well with cool accessories. I have a look in mind already, black-dangling earrings, panel cardigan and sassy boots to shake things up! Just like on the photos from left had it today in the meetings and i loved it!  I’m just so glad I have this dress in my closet now. You see, I am the kind of girl that is all smiles when adding things to my closet. They’re as if my babies and they make me happy. Winks! You can get this dress and other lavish outfits at Lavishville, i tell you they have all kinds of fabulous dresses and stuff, you guys will love it there!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Florida, Ft Pierce City Marina


Picture taken 3 months ago my first ever visit. Somehow I've miss Florida, maybe because we are experiencing cold days in our state. So i kind of wanting to have warmer weather so far! I am not into cold winter days kind of person! I must say that i can not wait when we move very soon. I really miss this place at ft Pierce a 3 minutes drive from the city we are moving. The marina city square is one of the best and super cool to hang out with family and friends. They have this brick street across downtown and seafood restaurant by the bay. I learned that Fr Pierce is one f the oldest community in east coastal area of Florida. Pretty much the town has a very wonderful history behind. I just can't wait to move to the beautiful sunshine state... Florida baby!

Work Overload

My sister just buzzed, asking if I know something about defragmentation. Said her computer is overworked and overloaded with different programs. She can’t uninstall them though because they’re necessary for her job. So I asked the husband what’s the cure? Disk defrag will prove helpful especially on sorting multiple files in the computer. There’s one built in each computer but you can also download software to fix the matter. Sissy seems to be stressed with her new task now, making outbound calls is no easy thing to do I bet!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

As Healthy Chocolate as Mayesa: Mayesa Review And Giveaway

What I like about my job is that I get to thank merchants for making products that makes living a lot happier and I must say more delicious. Take for instance Mayesa chocolate drink, the healthy way to indulge yourself with chocolate. Mayesa is been patronize to be the world’s finest chocolate drink and for years they’ve been spoiling us with healthy chocolate and uplifting cocoa drinks that screams nothing but goodness. All their choco drinks are made from all natural premium cacao, dairy free, gluten free and soy free. We all know that chocolates are best stressed relievers, energy boosters and a secret to be happy. Wouldn’t it be great to keep this delicious twist to our all-time favorite chocolates in our fridge and have it anytime we like to?

I guess I won’t have a problem in the coming of days, I got some from Mayesa and yes I love it! I love the company of a cold glass of Mint Dark Chocolate Drink while doing my online duties, it keeps me full, relax and chilled. My kiddos enjoy their chocolate flavors also! If you love chocolates, all kinds, then you should definitely go grab your Mayesa. By the way, be sure to SHAKE the drink very well before tasting it. Since it is all natural and contains no additives (such as emulsifiers), much of the flavor sinks to the bottom. Again thank you Mayesa for these treats, I super like! So that's why i am hosting a giveaway about this healthy chocolaty drinks of MAYESA, the winner get six-pack of Mayesa, containing 3 of each flavor. I'm inviting you to join and have some taste of healthy chocolate drinks for you and for your family. 

 The giveaway starts today October 16th and ends on October 31st 2012.
a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: Kurdapya Meets World is not responsible for any damage or loss of item and not liable to replace the item once the shipping carrier receives it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

TGIF Again!

Weekend plan is just simple, hubs will take us to Nashville and see my friend as well to deliver her purses she got from me! And to make our drive worth most, we planning to go visit again the beautiful park The Parthenon Place! I am ecstatic because i super love that place and kids too! In a addition of the visit, my boy can use it to his school hours for his extra curricular activities, adds to his history subject, lol. So to all have a wonderful weekend ahead and enjoy with your family!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pinecone Cracker Basket Review and Giveaway

I’ve always love collecting stuff ever since forever. When I was in my teen years I remember having pens and stationeries of different kinds, my favorite were the scented ones. Then shoes, my love for them started in college, a lot of times I would opt out snacks just to save. Another thing that am so interested with now are silverwares, I guess it comes with aging, lol! Kidding aside, I think it has to do with now having a family of my own, a home of my own. Glasses of different sizes, shapes, and colors are my thing love placing them in the China. Speaking of as an addition to my silverware collection, I would like to share you my super  super cute, lovely-looking Pinecone Cracker Basket servingware, just had it last week! I feel in love with the designs and just perfect with my kitchen tropical theme. The cracker basket has many usage actually, I've tried using them for my biscuits dish and we love pasta so i cooked last night and used it for husband's serving dish for a changed of plating presentation, i just love playing with my kitchenware like a kid, haha! By the way you can use my coupon code: 9865 at checkout and It is good for 20% off any order over $25 through 11/11/12. 

For Biscuits Basket
For Pasta Dish (Serving size)

As we all know, Emerson Creek Pottery tops the list in pottery-making since all their products, such as dinnerware, kitchenware, ceramic vases, servingware, lamps, etc are all handmade and handpainted, making sure every detail is at its finest. What’s even better is that each piece is microwave and dishwasher safe, totally lead free and oven-proof!

So I got their Pinecone Cracker Basket, it reminds me a lot of Florida, our new home soon. This cracker basket is perfect also for serving crackers, nuts, chips, fruit slices, chocolates and candies, it makes the presentation more nice and special. So one reason why i thought of having a giveaway to all who enjoy cooking and mommies out there, as well this is great gift to give for special  love ones you have. So, I am inviting you all US residents and bloggers to come and join this exciting giveaway i am throwing! Who knows you might win this elegant pinecone cracker basket here!

The giveaway starts today October 9th and ends on October 16th 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Kurdapya Meets World is not responsible for any damage or loss of item and not liable to replace the item once the shipping carrier receives it.

Despedida de Familia


Last Sunday we had an emotional break through! I am talking about close family friends and our brother and sister in faith threw us a farewell party for our big move soon out the state. They gave us a despedida de familia or family party. They want us to remember every happy moments we all shared together in our congregation and all. Food was prepared by families and we enjoyed everyone's company. Had the best moments that Sunday afternoon just chatting, had games going on, just chilling out in the cool park at Manchester, TN. That moment will be treasured forever and It's gonna be the highlight of our day! Sure we all gonna miss our friends here but happy to welcome new ones up there where we move! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Before we leave

Days are swift when you have a lot of things to do and finish. This is it, we are moving out for good and I want to cry because I am so gonna missed this place. But no drama because we are just too excited and looking forward for better things ahead. Anyway, before moving out, we got to fix things here to make the life of the new owner easier and happier, lol! So am making a list and I think we need new mr16 light bulbs, several locks for the garage, new faucet and yes, I think that’s it, all is set! Busy as bee we are now, but definitely taking a break cause it’s weekend! See you around friends, I’ll keep you posted. LOL!

A day at Centennial Park, Nashville, TN


We had a blast visiting the centennial park at Nashville, Tennessee! Why? because the place is where located the great Parthenon of Athens! Where the gods and goddesses and of course the famous Athena. This is an exact replica of the Parthenon building in Athens. Was built hundred years ago. I was just amazed and proud that our state has this tourist destination and historical spot for visitors in different places to come and see these cool artifacts! The experienced seems like we are at Greece kind of way, lol. One movie featured this place, in a scene fight! 2010 movie Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Right now, i am thinking to go back there again for a second round of sight seeing, i tell you this park is always packed everyday! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

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