Friday, October 26, 2012

Chocolate Factory


I've been longing to see a chocolate factory while we were in Florida, fortunately we found one near the City we will be living. Absolutely it is not hard to find this place, why? because it has a land mark, the entire building is painted with pink color! The first thing you see is that huge building ahead, it's cotton candy pink shade as in pink pink pink, lol. If you have the sweet tooth, you will be ecstatic to come by here! Though, their chocolates are not that cheap either, for 1 pound of milk chocolate cost you $25.00... yikes huh? But hey it's  chocolates and they made it freshly! So for some it's worth the buy, for some it's too expensive! So just mainly up to you! Wink.

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Vivian said...

wow@ $25 is indeed kinda high..but it's fresh and maybe it's delish too. Need to try that if I am ever in the area.